Surving the Void

As I lay awake at 4am enduring another mid-morning bout of insomnia, I could faintly hear and see the words that would become today's article about The Void.

And as the energy of these thoughts were swirling about my head in that usual humming tone (the one you wish wouldn't arrive until sunrise), I also couldn't help but to notice that familiar throbbing tension and soreness in my lower & mid-to-upper back, neck and shoulders.

Ahhh, I thought..."yet another day in the space of no space."

What is the Void exactly?

Exactly that...a space of nothingness, a stillness from which all creation is born. In this space there is no movement, no energy to support forward movement (just barely enough energy to get by), no real desires to do anything but BE... and sleep & sleep & sleep... like a newborn.

And as I always say, this is really the point... to BE still while our physical bodies catch up to our latest shift in consciousness and to integrate the new levels of light so we can actively switch to and participate in the upgraded electro-magnet-ic grids now ready to support us.

If you are experiencing similar pain/stiffness/soreness at the base of your neck and/or behind your heart (between the shoulder blades) know that these areas are massive biological portal entries by which our circuits are being rewired ( to crystalline form) to run on a new central (holographic) processor.

The occipital portal at the base of the neck is what creates our ability to have conscious control over our thoughts as we connect to this new mainframe. Interestingly, the occipital region contains the brain stem which governs the autonomic nervous system. This system controls and regulates blood circulation, heart beat, intestinal detoxification, lymph filtering, and the ability of all organ, bone, and tissue stem cells to to regenerate.

And because the heart center acts as a mediator between the upper level (spirit) dimensions and the lower level (physical) dimensions of manifest form, the portal behind the heart is constantly at work merging and balancing the ascended biological and spiritual form into one uniform expression of light.

Likewise, if you are experiencing lower back discomfort/stiffness/soreness, sciatica-like feelings, numbness, achy knees/hips/joints, etc... most likely this is due to another level of grounding these new light codes thru each lower energy center into form.

Each time this happens, we kick up new levels of unresolved emotional discordance, which may account for those vivid dreams you might be having that involve childhood scenarios or past unresolved issues around security in love, etc. As we rapidly incorporate more love into our lives, this base-level, first/second chakra clearing is being accomplished at warp speed ...and much of it is happening on the astral plane while we sleep.

The good news is that the result of all this rewiring will be the complete integration of our divine blueprints, the harmonization of spirit and matter ( sacred union, or merging of male/female energies) and will end in the cocreation of our heartfelt intentions in manifest form. This ultimately means that we will consciously experience new beginnings on every level from our health & vitality to building new communities and everything in between.

But after so many months/years of these vibrational bump-ups, the waiting & physical discomfort can feel more awful than ever because on a higher level we know we have graduated, completed the Council of Light so eloquently stated at the new year...we have been exonerated from our divine missions of service.

We are so ready to move on and the conflict between our higher level knowing and our physical experience of constant re-calibrations and tune-ups can be unbelievably frustrating...but as always, we must wait for this new energy to ground into physical form (thru our bodies) each time we ascend to a new level of consciousness.

And yes, we are played out. BUT, (depending on where you are on your journey into oneness) for many, this process is and has been a full time "j-o-b" for many years...and most likely, the hardest job we have ever had. When we look at it this way it is easier to swallow that giant (sleeping) pill that all but forced us to snooze our way thru the last three to five years of our lives.

But again, all biting sarcasm aside...the enigma in this puzzling paradox is that during all of the physical sleeping (or the overwhelming desire to sleep) over the last few years, we were actually in the process of waking up! It was when we thought we were awake... prior to our commitment to awaken... that we were unquestionably asleep. Ha! Quite a conundrum.

And while we are on the topic of irony, I will also add that each time we experience an ache or a growing pain, the spiritual realms applaud and dance in pure joy. Why? Well for obvious reasons...because they're sadists. No seriously, because they know where we are headed, and unlike our human (li)ability to waver in and out of trust, they are incessantly cheering us on, urging us to keep our focus on the finish line while sitting perfectly present in our goo.

And, yes, I will be the first to admit that while swimming in the sea of insomnia with a 4 year flu and aging twice as fast as the average human, the last thing I am interested in is watching the dancing light show of joyous spirits overhead.

But I do, we all do...mainly because it's written in our DNA that our j-o-b is to fully experience (& ground) the often-icky process of awakening while staying continually focused on the outcome. Focused on what we desire, and not how it will come to be. And deep down beneath all the misery of releasing a carbon-based vessel steeped in fear, illusion and lack... we know that our purified temple of divinity and life of grace awaits us.

So as we sit in this stillness for a bit longer and anticipate the balancing energies of the equinox soon to arrive on the 20th, and the fire of the Aries sun to propel us forward again, feel assured that we are completing some very old business in preparation for some very new experiences.

The new timeline is creating a crack in the code which will open many new doors and avail many new surprises. This coupled with our new-found ability to love limitlessly and express joy in consistent ways is already beginning to attract our new lives, the first foundational elements of our dreams that we are here to build, to create and to share with others of like-mind.

And if you are feeling as though you are at the end of your rope, its because you are! There is really nothing left to hold onto, only the ability to float, to receive, and to accept all that we have stored up in our vibrational bank accounts for this very time. And lucky for us this means that our flow of abundance will be directly proportional to the level of purified love in our lives.

So BE well, enjoy these days of nothingness, bask in the stillness of the void and bathe yourself in the light of nourishment knowing that our next j-o-b in service to the All will be to play with potentials of j-o-y!

In love,


Stefanie444 18th March 2009 9:37 am

Hi Lauren, Thanks for sharing. I totally relate to what you wrote. It has been so frustrating being ill for the past few months! I caught the flu at the end of Dec. it started going away and came back in Feb. as bronchitis, along with severe neck pain, discomfort and for over two weeks I could move my neck! It was horrible. I am not a person who usually gets sick and never have had such intense neck pain! Top it off with an UTI and a boil on my shoulder and I'm a goner! I am on my second round of antibiotics, which I'm not used to taking things. Trying to add some holistic stuff in there but it is making me nauseous. Throw in my constant exhaustion and fatigue followed by waking up in the middle of the night few times a night and people are wondering if I'm a 90+ year old lady!!!! I'm taking it in stride and resting. xoxo

Mariù 18th March 2009 9:55 am

Absolutely a great message!!
Thank you so much Lauren for sharing all this...perfect :smitten:

Ron Laswell 18th March 2009 10:23 am

I am so grateful for this forum. Last Nov '08 when I was waking up at 3:00 AM, I kept thinking it was just me. I've even called in "sick" to work on a few occasions because I was too tired to go to work after being up all night. The universe must be really trying to get me to slow down - especially at work - because I broke a rib at work, and ended up spending most of the month of Pisces at home. It was an upper rib on the right side - the male, yin energy; and I am right-handed - which connects to the sternum, and wraps around to right behind the heart chakra/center! I do feel the changes of personal awareness and social expression coming that you're alluding to. It will all be very interesting, I'm sure. In fact, it was a female friend that informed me about this web-site, and I feel very fortunate to have found this information. Blessing to you, Lauren, and all the other contributors to this wonderful website! Love, peace, and blessings. Ron

Rene Desjarlais 18th March 2009 11:54 am

Thank-you so much for your insite. Everytime I think Ive lost my mind with all these symptoms of some sort, I read something you wrote and understand its not just me. sleepness nights ,pain behind my heart and shoulder and neck tension WOW.Ihave something new now where I feel like I dont enjoy the same food I used to. Dont care for meat much anymore and dont enjoy coffee nearly as much as I used to. Interesting. With the changes is it possible that I would crave different food as well?

Rob 18th March 2009 5:36 pm

Right on.

This whole process of change integration etc, has felt like a full time job, seems the last few years ive only had time to rest and work through issues, feeling ready for something new for a long, long time now.

Its really been frustrating, im feeling more ready for something new though, less afraid of it.

Thanks for writing and sharing your experiences.

Nada 18th March 2009 6:55 pm

It's the journey to oneness. Symptoms may exist, but it's a wonderful journey!