Surviving the Labor of ReBirth

While the energies of the new & true are still teetering in, I am receiving some heartbreaking emails from people all over the world who are feeling the disconnect in very unsettling ways.

Though unfortunately I can't respond individually to all of you,
I will attempt to address the most common questions I receive later in this post with the hope that something I say here will ease your strain.

On a soul level you are already deeply in touch with what is happening energetically, but knowing that others are experiencing similar situations does serve to validate our intuitions and can even offer peace amidst so much uncertainty.

So what is happening?

Grounding, grounding, grounding.

We are currently grounding our new realities, the
divine templates, or blueprints of our soul's intentions. We are beginning to touch down for the first time in a very long time. In fact, for many, this may be the first time ever... that is, now that the world is finally ready for us.

All the waiting...and waiting...and more waiting...of the ascension process is mostly to do with waiting for others to catch up. As path-cutters we pave the way and create the safe-space for the next group of souls to follow suit. But now the waiting is over...

...which is why you may be feeling like a hot mess.

The frustration, anger & depression that is seemingly running rampant for sensitives this past week or so is due to two conflicting energies that we are experiencing concurrently. We are disconnected from our old holographic realities, but not quite reconnected to the new.

On a soul level we know that we are done, that we have graduated to the next phase of active creation while on a physical level we are still detoxing, assimilating, and integrating these new energies. The discordance is creating feelings of being boxed in, stuck, trapped, unable to move forward to "act out" our souls intentions which, as you can probably relate, is creating quite some tension and irritability.

Truth is, we are still in an incubation period, protected from outside energies and supported in all ways, yet our higher selves know that it is our time to shine. This conflict is so great inside of us that it is causing some very unpleasant experiences and even forcing us to reevaluate our truth.

But the truth remains... we are re-birthing...emerging from our metaphorical & metamorphic cocoons. Preparing on every level to connect with our new lives which means letting go (again) of our old ones. In walks bouts of uncontrollable weeping, sobbing & lamenting as we experience, yet again, the death of our past.

As a result we are being presented with some old thoughts, feelings, and even situations from our past that we thought were over, long gone... but suddenly pop up again for re-review.

Staying connected to truth during these times is paramount for when these past energies come up, they can create holographic reality systems that seem very very real.

But they are not real unless we get attached to them...they are simply remaining vestiges of old stuck cellular memories that are being expunged, not only from our emotional/mental bodies, but from the physical as well.
The trick is not to be-lie-ve in them, but to allow them to go. To be-lie-ve in them is to hold onto a reality that no longer serves.

In fact, each stuck memory has associated with it a physical counterpart which creates imbalance and toxicity in the body. We naturally release this emotional, mental and physical toxicity through the energetic excavation that the ascension process creates for us.

So know that if you are having an unusually difficult time right now, you are not alone and this too shall pass. During the disconnect phase it is easy to feel lost because we are essentially disconnected from our normal means of spiritual communication and so we may feel abandoned, left for dead.

But this is far from fact, our soul teams and spirit guides are especially close during these times to protect us from any harm...self-imposed or otherwise.

In fact, I awoke to THIS MESSAGE early this morning as a nice confirmation for today's energy reading and inner-knowing. Enjoy!


Am I alone in this, or are others still feeling all those symptoms you wrote about?

Regarding symptoms, yes they are still going on for a collective group of souls. On January 1st we downloaded another set of diagnostic (energy) codes that we are currently integrating and the symptoms are pretty similar to the last cycle in December.
Apparently, this download is restructuring our pineal and pituitary glands simultaneously allowing for more light to enter our physical bodies to ensure that we are well equipped to handle all of the incoming frequencies of the new year in a streamlined, efficient (and more effortless) way.

If you are suddenly experiencing any vertigo/dizziness/sinus pain or discomfort this could be why.

When is this going to end?

I am hearing that this particular upgrade will continue for about 6 weeks, but the symptoms will be abated shortly...once our physical selves are acclimated to the new level of light.
I am also hearing to continue to use this time to nurture ourselves and rest in preparation for a new and busy cycle of action.

What happens if for the last five years I knew exactly what my purpose was and all of a sudden, it just seemed to disappear and now I have no idea what I am supposed to do?

This is actually a very common phenomenon on the path to full truth. It occurs at certain energetic crux points. What is happening on a higher level when we suddenly lose sight of our path is we are being disconnected from a lower grid matrix and reconnected to a higher one. In the process we lose our feet...that is to say, we feel completely lost and severed from what we thought we were all about. This is a temporary realignment phase, but what you should notice is that when you are reconnected again, new ideas and inspiration will come forth to shine a light onto a new path. It may include pieces of new ideas in addition to what you always thought you'd be doing, or it may be something completely new and unexpected. Either way, it requires a bit of patience because the lingering in between realms can be grueling...but something better and more in tune with your current vibration ALWAYS comes along. Right now we are still integrating a major energetic push, so you may not feel any inspiration, desire or connection to anything in your life. This is completely normal and will pass. Soon you should have a clearer idea of whats on the horizon for you, and it may even surprise you in a beautiful way.

I don't feel connected to anything anymore, am I supposed to be here?

We are all exactly where we are supposed to be at all times. The disconnection phase is very real, and for good reconnects us to our greater potential.

In the meantime, a good way to "pass the time" is to nurture yourself, take a brine bath, do something creative that requires little effort, read a good book, etc. This is a time to bask in nothingness and to stay in your pajamas all day long. I find that cooking, baking and eating helps me to stay connected to this reality in a joyful way.

See you on the other side...