The Countdown Begins

For those of you who have been working diligently toward the integration of your full-human potential I am sure that by now you wholeheartedly agree that the path of ascension is not all rainbows and butterflies.

The sobering reality of the choice to activate our divine blueprint, and integrate it fully into our physical lives, duly requires a sufficient amount of naivete, more energy than we have to expend, deliberate sacrifice, a dash of sadism, relentless determination, a mammoth sense of humor, isolating solitude, freakish patience, and above all else, the super-human will to trust in something we can't see.

Most times this boils down to feeling like your being dragged feet-first across a rocky terrain...face down.

Now, I know that shortly after publishing such an austere post I will get a stack of those annoying emails from the cloud-jumpers out there who say that it is very unspiritual of me to talk about reality... and that I am not, of all things, "thinking with my heart"...but before you're tempted to wax all woo-woo on me, let's keep in perspective here that spirituality is just one stop on the way to grounding in REALity.

And for those of you who get it, I am just as tired as you are of the UNreal and all those glazed over messages of how amazing and beautiful ascension is while so many are REALly feeling completely "emotionally and spiritually depleted" one brave woman so candidly put it.

Certainly, and according to energetic law, there are and will be the magical rewards of all the hard work that we put forth, otherwise we could not sustain the level of intensity that is required to endure. But the REALity of the process borders on farcical for so many, that surely it warrants validation.

So for those of you out there begging for a mega-dose of REALity, this one's for you.

Where are we?

Well, first of all, make no mistake about it, the past four weeks (since the vernal equinox) have been nothing short of grueling on so many levels. The letters and emails coming from each of you confirmed what I already knew to be an extraordinary universal ass-kicking, hand delivered by those potent equinotical energies. Yet, it took me at least 2 weeks to find enough clarity to make cognitive sense of all that was going on while simultaneously trying to keep my head bobbing above the rising sea levels of discord.

We were basically being barraged with copious amounts of balancing energy put forth to help us strip away any remaining soul goo that was keeping us stuck to our shadows. That coupled with a long and challenging Venus retrograde in Aries made it nearly impossible to escape the fundamental and core truths animating our desires for physical pleasure...most notably, relationships and money.

The Venus retrograde began on the 6th of March and just went direct on April 17th and could really be felt in the conflicting energies of wanting to move forward with our new beginnings (Aries) coupled with having to go back (again) over old situations (retrograde) to reclaim the parts of ourselves that we unconsciously gave away in power struggles related to money, sex, relationships and love. Aries is the sign of the Independent Self so we were really being urged to get centered in our power as we prepare to live our new lives from a place of complete self-acceptance & love.

In other words... will the REAL YOU please stand up?

When Venus was out of town, things really slowed down by way of manifesting since she rules over our values and the power of attraction. There was just no movement to be had in this money flow, no real contact or communication with family and friends, no business productivity, projects were put on hold, pleasure was hard to come by..AND... if you were lucky, you may have dodged the many heated arguments wanting to be had through the process of reclaiming so much of ourselves that we once gave away to others. I, for one, was not so lucky ; ))

I know for many, this was a messy time and it seemed to go on forever and a day. But luckily now that Venus is direct we should feel some relief from the pressure on our personal relationships that will make it easier to move forward again in many areas of our lives.

So what now?

Good question. One that I have been reluctant to answer, but I am finally at the point of detachment where sharing is possible.

On April seventh I had an unplanned "meeting" with the Pleiadian elders, also known as the Pleiadian High Council. During what seemed like a personal intervention, I was surrounded by a powerful group of souls and given these words to share...The Countdown Has Begun.

Now... after haplessly wading through four weeks or more of complete disconnect from the higher realms, cynicism won me over leaving me way too cranky to accept this message...I just was not in vibrational alignment with it, so I chose to ignore it.

But as spirit would have it, these types of messages don't just "go away", so with the starbeings' patience and persistence (and after a few tantrums and some pointless raging at my future self), I conceded.

Here's what they had to say:

"We are overjoyed at the opportunity to share with you that the Countdown has officially commenced. The window of completion is so near to the end that you are literally able to count the days until you are free to be.

From our perspective, the most exciting aspect of this relates to your new ability to alter your genetics, for it is now time to rejuvenate your human biology to match your angelic DNA and divine template to experience the splendor of all components coming together to create a completely new paradigm of experience and behaviors that will lift you permanently out of the mire.

As this resurrection period draws nigh, the physical changes in your biology will have great implications for the future of planet earth. You will be capable to realize the many gifts of God's grace through such purified vessels of divine love. This is one prime example of what will come to be for the planet, for the many and for the masses who choose the way and the path of physical resurrection & freedom from dis-ease.

We are especially thrilled for the achievements of so many who walked the path alone and in blind faith, and we are even more delighted to see the ripening fruits of your sacred labors. This completion awards you your divine fortune and each of you will be blessed beyond measure. When the tide fully turns in your direction, there will be no stopping the flow of heaven. Brace yourselves to receive thy bounty.

A much anticipated time awaits those preparing to consciously launch into the new and true. We are on standby to share in your joys."


So apparently this countdown began on April 7th and as I understand it, will continue on until the June solstice, the time when we will be "exalted to higher ground"...a time when those who have been leading the brigade and the planet to her destiny will be fully and completely connected to the new realms of creation.

On a physical level we are still reeling from so many downloads and according to the Pleiadians, we will be integrating this energy for the rest of April. This has been especially challenging this time around, personally I haven't felt such intense ascension symptoms...or as others call it, ascensionitis, or Global Acceleration Syndrome (G.A.S.)... for many years.

These symptoms vary per person, but the most notable this time around seemed to be sinus related...congestion, sinus headaches/pressure/soreness, spinning/vertigo/dizziness, etc.

During this bump-up, one of the things high on the to-do list was the re-calibration of our psychic centers to access new levels of inter-dimensional communication. If you have noticed that suddenly you are able to experience the subtle realms more definitively...i.e., seeing/hearing/feeling more energy or beings than ever before, this is a result of the pituitary activation and the ensuing discomfort.

This, in addition to the usual symptoms of a fried nervous system... debilitating fatigue, apathy, joylessness, insomnia/deep-sleeps, anxiety, spaceyness/fogginess, sore muscles/joints, nausea, tingling sensations, muscle spasms, back pain, sciatica symptoms (grounding), chest pain & heart palpitations (thymus/heart opening), irritability, anger, weight gain, bloating, intestinal discomfort, the need to eat all the time followed by a loss of appetite, etc.

Another thing you may be experiencing are some far-out and downright strange dreams since we have been in this most recent void. If you are bothered by disturbing dreams or nightmares, try not to pay any attention to them, even if they linger with you all day. These energies are just passing through and if you can detach completely from them, you will have a much easier time moving on and letting go.

Based on what is being shown to me, May will be a time of physically setting up new systems for the implementation of new streams of abundance by way of new connections, relationships, careers, ideas and opportunities that will create a higher level opening for the flow of all good things to come into our lives. Right now we are still largely without support (minus those cute little manifestations that keep popping up), and it hurts to be without, but our days are literally numbered here. Our ship is barely visible through the clearing smog, but slowly coming into the harbor and bringing with it all the joys we ever dreamed of.

There is so much goodness on its way to us and very soon we will be able to look back at how far we've come... and we will release years of astonishing resilience as we weep in joy and rejoice in celebration of the birth of our well-deserved creations. But for just a moment longer... and exactly when we're ready to give-up... we must stay fiercely fastened to our focus as all the pieces continue to find their perfect place in our new lives.

So if you are feeling like you are 150 years old and can barely muster up the energy to switch a load of laundry... or if you are tired of watching your life go by without being able to actively participate in it... know that perfect timing was protecting you, this cycle is finally drawing to a close, rejuvenation is at hand, and within mere moments we will rise like the proverbial phoenix to embrace life the way it was always meant to be the continual flow of all good things!

Here's to never giving up...

With deepest respect for your journey home,

Comments 24th April 2009 5:26 am

Bravo for your honesty and clarity. We are in a magnificent time where when we accept reality, feel our emotions and are grounded in our spirituality we become whole again. This is where our point of power is. I celebrate our collective courage, in those who have chosen to step out of spiritual by-pass.

It is time to feel and heal all that has held you back. It is like sitting in the steam room, first it is unbearable, but as you begin to sweat, to release you become relaxed and renewed.

By this declaration of our intention to be healthy we find a path to fully integrate spirituality, physicality, intelligence and emotions. In this space we are fully connected to God with our feet firmly grounded to the earth. Then we are able to embrace and accept that we are open and receptive to recieve all that is good.

May you be blessed as you bless others with your amazing insights and gift.

Love and light,

Debbie Milam :angel: 24th April 2009 6:58 am

I have to say how much I adore your words. My work is about bringing the cellular or unknown information to the surface (the light) and your words are so appropriate for the time we are in. I was reading them yelling "yes". My heart lifted because sometimes when you are in the "muck" you think that it is just you and that something is wrong. And as you so humorously stated what we are all experiencing it is actually funny. So "thank you" for this awesome message and your bravery to put it all out there. Much love and laughter. Teresa Newell - Making Peace with Stress.:)

Liliana 24th April 2009 7:58 am

Lauren: Thank, and blessing be with you for your sharing... al what you feel i´m felling too... It has been a very hard way...
Coundown has begin... so let put on our seatbelts and keep walking, liven, and loving with Fait in God...
God bless you...

Kirin Sprong 24th April 2009 8:36 am

Dear Lauren.

Thank you for your 'down to earth' way of sharing what is happening .......
I did/do have a lot of the symptoms you discribe and do SOOOOOOOOOOOO understand that you sometimes state that our friends are somewhat of sadists........(I do now receive a very gentle smile from Home, as I call them......) Messages like yours prevented me from believing I did everything very wrong.....I do BLESS you for that. Pure encouragement.
But it is and has been a very rewarding journey and I must say I always felt very much LOVE in and around me......
Still human enough to bless your message about 'countdown'...........
Thanks again for bringing truth to us all!!!!!!

Blessed Be...

k 24th April 2009 11:55 am

How well I know about the tantrums, my Aries rising has been giving me fits. I have spent much of my spare time reading about the ancient mysteries. The cycles of giving up parts of our ego, is like the pheonix crashing and burning, but as we accept and let go of that part of ourselves we rise again and fly until we encounter another life event that causes to crash and burn. Resigning from a job I just could not bring myself to do anymore and looking for a new purpose (as well as income source), I have had to face again the prosess of surrender. This is a process the ancient mystics had to go through. Manley Hall writes about the crucifixion which was also acted out in the pyrimid temple in ancient times, the figure nailed to the cross represented death and surrender of the self will and that the individual "should not attempt to accomplish anything by his own power, but merely serve as an instrument where in the Divine will is executed." It is hard to not let our actions, thoughts and will be motivated by our own personal desires. To submit totally to God's will, a big crash, but...

Mano 24th April 2009 12:13 pm

Thank you so much for posting this - it is such a relief to know that there WILL be light at the end of the tunnel!
Love, Mano

Cathyomn 24th April 2009 12:36 pm

Thank you for your honest and down to earth message. Our experiences can be so intense and confusing as times, it is good to know that others are feeling the same way. This is not an easy path we are walking, but we press on knowing that we are fully supported in the higher realms. And in these times we are called to support eachother even more. Thank you for sharing your gifts!!

Love, Cathy

k 24th April 2009 3:10 pm

I will add what I just messaged to a frind: Part of this, is understanding what bases a person will consider himself to be a success. I see so many supposed spiritual leaders selling their "knowledge" and becoming rich, but do they ever consider the consequences, of their temporary success to their soul? Our soul's time here on earth is so short in comparison to our souls total existance. Do we strive for the temporary glory, gratification and success that we think will satisfy us, or work on our true purpose for having this human experience? Working on overcoming the darkness in us is not easy, but putting this life as it is, in perspective of our total soul's journey, the goal of working through the ego and becoming truly a Divine being becomes easier. This life time is just a drop in the bucket, soon it will pass, but the consequences of what we do in this life time will go on. What we have done as far as soul work while in this experience will stay with us after we die and the ego gratification we may strive for now will not mean very much then. To become a master of ourselves.

angelk 24th April 2009 3:19 pm

Yes, Like so many others here, I want to thank you for your insights and candidness. It is so overwhelming at times to feel the crash and burn and feel so alone. The light and love this message exudes is so much more comforting and uplifting knowing the reality of it all that we are feeling, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel ahead.
In gratitude for sharing your wisdom,

bodhisattva 24th April 2009 7:08 pm

It's so reassuring to read your grounded and wise posts. Your words always ring true with the clarity of authenticity. This post helps me to put the past couple of months into a perspective that I had sensed was true. It has felt once again like the cosmic forces have picked up the four corners of the rug I'm sitting on and thrown everything (including me) up in the air. Parts of it have been fun and exhilarating, and much has been very uncomfortable and unpleasant. So glad it's almost over. Whew!

netdragon 25th April 2009 12:48 am

Not to diminish the message, but I believe this is a personal message to you. We will all cross over at different times, but when we arrive on the "other side", it will be together. Basically, if looking for physical signs of it coming, you won't find it. It is within.

Plus, the other side isn't without challenge. It is just a matter of guiding thought, not the grueling tasks we have to achieve now (unless you still want it). Even if you choose to experience a grueling task, it won't feel as real.

ken 25th April 2009 4:26 am

Hi Lauren

I really enjoyed this wonderful message, I must say those Beings in Spirit, have a wonderful sence of fun?.....I feel so much Joy and Laughter having read this message.

Love and Light to All

Mariù 27th April 2009 4:17 am
Thank You Lauren...It's nice to have a good recap on things...I resonate with your message :smitten:
yewwisdom 27th April 2009 4:25 am

Hey Lauren, I always really enjoy your posts-and this one in particular accurately describes what I've been feeling and going through. I thank you for your honesty, humour and for giving me a sense of solidarity-knowing that I am not alone in my struggles and travails is a real comfort. And even more of a comfort and a pillar of strength is the message you channel to all of us-that THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN! Not much further, Not much longer, Nearly there! Your message encourages and inspires me.
Beannachtaí (Blessings) from Ireland :thumbs: