The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Did you know that this Saturday, February 14th... the celebrated day of LOVE... is also (synchronistically) the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

Well, according to Jude Currivan, this is the case.

"At dawn on 14th February the Cosmos actually embodies this perfect alignment to support our collective manifestation of love and peace and dawning of the Age of Aquarius."Jude Currivan

Wondering what this means?

Well, if you haven't realized by now that universal timing and the cycles of astrology are everything, in the coming age you will. I am hearing that the power behind this astrological alignment is the destined impetus that will catapult the intentions and heartfelt desires of every way shower on the planet working toward peace and shared love, thus finally enabling our visions and dreams to be made manifest in the material world. This magical celestial alignment will rewrite the cosmic codes for a New Age, an age of unity and divine love.

Presently (and for a while longer) there are two separate realities at play of hope & new beginnings and one of disparity, lack & fear. Because of this, there will be those who cling to the past in hopes of holding onto a failed system, and it will be for the lighted ones to show the way forward and to recreate anew. No longer will these failed systems hold true, for we are entering an entirely new time line where any support for an outworn paradigm will rapidly wane.

The new age before us will be centered around heartfelt intention. Those with pure heart and clarity of purpose will light the way, and those with the ability to stand tall against the sinking ship of adversity will prosper. It will be a time of failed outworn economic systems as well as the implementation of new designed to uplift humanity in harmony and as One.

As way showers walk forth into the summit of human experience precipitated by the upcoming celestial configurations, they will offer the world a divine example of grace and earthly fulfilment. This example will ignite the realization that the winds of change have begun to blow. It will be a time of laying down arms and reuniting with your brothers and sisters of divine heritage.

No longer will the days of shallow experience exist as integrity becomes the honored way. There is a short period of integration that is required to make this leap into greater consciousness and the way showers are experiencing this most acutely now. Hold steadfast to the light for it will seem as though realities are crumbling before your very eyes. In truth, the light has only increased to shine forth more brilliantly to expel more darkness. In your heart, the truth can always be found. -Pleiadian High Council

On a physical level, you may be experiencing challenges...we are still integrating the activation of the solar masculine codes brought forth from the solar eclipse in January and the lunar feminine codes brought forth from the lunar eclipse this past Monday. Most likely the intensity will continue until we are completely rewired to handle the new frequencies that will infiltrate the planet around the equinox in March.

On a physical level, the influx of these sacred masculine & feminine energies stimulate the pituitary/pineal glands in support of the birth of our multidimensional consciousness, thereby enabling us to experience more of our divine blueprints in cosmic union with Source.

This rewiring process can generate great discomfort, especially in the high heart (thymus) area as we open to greater love causing intense heart burn & indigestion; upper back and neck pain; sinus discomfort, sore throat, earaches; sensitivity to light and smells; sinus pressure and headaches; blurred vision; soreness on the top of the head (crown), and most significantly...fatigue. It is important that we avoid overexertion and nurture ourselves thru these changes, they are very real, and can increase in intensity if we ignore the body's call for rest.

Some helpful tips to bolster your immune system and nurture yourself during this time:

Light exercise and/or yoga to stimulate adrenals and expedite purification & detoxification, hearty meals for grounding, lots of pure water for cleansing, sea salt baths for clearing your biofield, and most importantly, rest when needed.

Wishing all of you a love-filled Valentine's day as together we step over the dimensional threshold into the new and true!

With love,