The Final Push: we're crowning!

Uranus in Aries

So here we are again on the cusp of the astrological new year (when the sun enters the first degrees of Aries), the spring equinox in the north (the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere), the ascension of christ (consciousness) celebration...aka Easter.. but more poignantly, we are on the astrological cusp of Uranus' re-entry into Aries. For those of you wondering why that matters, the unseens are sharing that this transition is THE fiery (shift of the ages) energy we have been waiting for to provide us with the new celestial backdrop (playground) to transform our lives and this planet into our inspired visions of new earth.  This energy has the potential to set any remains of our old lives ablaze, and to release our new lives from our internal combustion chambers that have been churning the flames of creativity and building the pressure within us since the first Uranian visit in Aries back in June/July of 2010.

And we definitely got a taste of the powerful Uranus in Aries themes last year, both personally and collectively (think Gulf of Mexico oil spew).  In my own life, this manifested as an intense time (and summer) of deep grieving due to the sudden loss of my beloved soul mate and feline friend, Chloe, who was taken by coyotes on the July 25-6th full moon/Saturn opposition Uranus/cardinal t-square that proved to change my life in a nanosecond...the way only Uranus' influence can. Such a painful time of heartbreak for me that I was unable to even speak of it publicly until now, which is a clear indication of the many months of ancient heart-wound healing that many of us had to integrate since that very challenging time.

This time around, the unseens assure us that IF(yep, that's a big if) we got the lessons and integrated their core essence...wrapped up all the loose ends and tidied up a decade or two of soul-searching while unlearning everything we've been taught, licking our wounds, reclaiming soul fragments to heal our perceived separation from Source…then we have the opportunity coming to (fully) align all levels of our being (spiritual, mental, emotional & physical) with our divine blueprint and break out into the social/physical world.  This will still take a bit of time/energy/perseverance, but the process is well underway and hopefully (on a personal level) we can make it thru this month without any more of those famous Uranus "brick in the face" wake-up calls.  The world stage, however…well, that's just a whole different article.

Underneath the remnants of our remaining physical upgrades (read: pain) we can already feel this transformative energy bubbling up.  It can feel in many ways, passionate & creative, yet the intensity of it can also make us feel like a live wire...chaotic, wild and unstable... if not grounded properly.  This energy can easily be interpreted as ANXIETY, especially with all the geomagnetic fluctuations playing us like a bad video game.  Not easy to keep our center here…but so important to stay neutral and firmly grounded thru all the fluctuations caused by such magnanimous forces of transition.

The Final Push

For some, it is high time to get moving and though this racy feeling of chomping-at-the-bit can conflict with our physical well-being (or lack thereof), change is here... plain and simple.  We are in a new dimensional space with a new set of potentials, and with the coming j-o-b of applying our hard earned skills in a physical way...a way that will (dare I say)pay the bills. This can be a confusing time because on one hand nothing feels different, and things around us can even look the same…but on the other, we have a deep unshakable knowing that something monumental is shifting and that our lives will never be the same again.  (the ol' foot in both worlds scenario, except the gap is much smaller now)

Meanwhile, our heads are in the new, our hearts are coming in and out of the new, and our physical bodies are still slowly integrating/adjusting to the new. We can feel the fiery energy rushing in, but can't do a damn thing about it.  Great ideas abound, but nothing is grounding until we come into complete alignment, which amounts to a bunch of unfinished projects.  It can definitely feel like we are being tested aaaagain…but my take is that this is just the final push from polarity to neutrality, and thru it, we can readily notice…in each moment... which end of the polar spectrum we are visiting... which ultimately determines whether or not we are standing in our power or standing in doubt.

When in doubt, we can look to our outward life to show us where we really stand, as sort of an external gauge of our internal growth.  In most ways, we are still backed-up against the wall with an inability to move freely in any direction… yet, deeply we know that we absolutely have to and that endings and new beginnings happen simultaneously.  There is no where else to go but up as we have already been to the bottom, back and round again…this will be obvious in your life if you have run out of "parallel" moves, exhausted all karmic potentials and lived thru all your core wounds and self-created nightmares.

I know for myself, I have had the "gift" of foreclosure and bankruptcy to sustain my survival thru nearly 3 years of living mortgage-free...and like many of you, I still struggled.  But as of yesterday, my final court hearing, "mortgage-free" is longer my realit-y.   Like everyone on this timeline, I am absolutely suspended in limbo to the point where things have not shifted enuf in my external world to completely sustain me, yet, enuf has shifted in my internal world to know that all is well and that the support needed for our fresh start is finally entering our physical domain.

So many of us are waiting for endings…the perfect alignment of closure to completely crack open the vault of our new beginnings.  We are waiting to move to a new home/geographic location, waiting to finalize a sale, waiting for legal matters, waiting for a major financial breakthru, waiting for a divorce or for our true soul companions,waiting for the physical transition of a loved one, the birth of a new baby/project/job/partnership/business, etc.  As we shift ourselves to align with the new energies here to take us to our proverbial kingdom, we are all waiting for something to complete our puzzle, take us full circle, and bump us up to the next spiral of our personal and global evolution. In best cases, everything is lined up and ready, just waiting for go-time.

Behind the Scenes

One of the things we wish to speak of is the way in which  the forerunners of new-human consciousness are adapting to the increasing energies that are permeating the planet.  There is so much information being transmitted to you that it is nearly remarkable that each of you can even stand on your own two feet, nevermind exist and function in a relatively normal way. -Pleiadians

The Pleiadians want to continually bring our attention the our increasing capability to stay in the null zone, or what they often refer to as zero-point.  Our ability to stay neutralized thru all the cosmic, celestial, and solar activity that is now officially pummeling our planet, is due to our (e)merging into the fields of oneness.  The merging process has mutated our biological genetics to align with our soulular genetics to the point that we are beginning to notice in positive ways….and by which there is also so much ridiculous discomfort in and around the spinal cord.

"Be at peace with this process for there is a magnificent opportunity opening to each of you on the planet, an opening that will allow the christed energies to flood the material plane, and make for a wellspring of change…both physical and ethereal."

Over the next six weeks, I am hearing that there will be quite an astonishing impact on our consciousness.  The most identifiable aspect of this will apparently be with regard to a new level of clarity and understanding that is beginning to wipe the sleep from our eyes so that we can see and more fully understand what the hell has "happened to us" over the last 10 years.  This new-level clarity is what will help us shift beyond the pain-body and into the light-body.

 "As the mind, body & soul come into complete alignment, thinking becomes clear and sharp and the rest of your long and short term problems, absolvable. "

This new level of clarity will be akin to waking from a dream by which all those things that we imagined were real were really only figments of our imagination.  The dream served us well, but now it's time to step out of the dream of complications, strife, illusion, loss and lack, and into the "reality" of our true nature as empowered cocreators. 

A Clarion Call

The unseens say that Uranus’ re-entry into Aries will not only be the defining energy of 2011 (especially with regard to scientific & technological advancements), but THE transformational period of the 21st century.  In my own words, this year is when all you powerhouse Indigos and Blue Rays out there step into your more public roles as the architects and builders of the new earth here...those of you here to inspire and create an extreme makeover: planet edition.

If you find yourself panting and pacing like a caged lion in the remaining stillness of transformation, most likely you are one of these blue folks preparing to be shot out of cannon…the energy within is building up and shifting us from the receptive state of vulnerability required for our inward metamorphosis, to the power, confidence, self-reliance and assertiveness needed to break free and motivate change in the outer world by standing openly in our truth and sharing our ideas.

What that will actually look like… NO idea.  Will this changeover hurt?  Probably.  But for all you pioneering souls out there…this is the thrilling adventure we have been waiting for.

For all who are stepping forth into the field of oneness, there is a clarion call sounding.  This call is of the heart, a wave of inspiration set forth to reverberate thru the new planetary grid structure and one that will give us the green light to create new openings, opportunities and connections with others of like-mind and heart.  I am told that this group of wayshowers are those who will "bring forth the blueprints of the celestial kingdom for the creation of a new planet, a new way of being and a new system of stewardship."
Many of this group have been initiating new projects, new ideas and new concepts that began to birth in the physical world last summer (in the north), yet were held up or blocked from their full manifestation while the planet integrated and readjusted to align with more of its divine template.  Now, these new endeavors will be brought to fruition and the plans and projects that we have been nurturing for so long will have the ability to take hold, to find their footing in the new world.  Its not as if these plans were unable to be implemented in the past, its that these plans will be better-implemented in the now.

The Building Phase

This is the year that we have the opportunity to co-create anew…to physically build something better, more sustainable and with the intention of the highest good for all. This is the moment where we apply our VISIONary leadership skills and share our inspired ideas with others.

The Pleiadians would also like to introduce us to a concept that many will be working with (especially Indigos/BlueRays) as we begin the building phase of ascension. They are calling this concept "peaceful cooperation" which will reintroduce the understanding that working with the highest intentions for a group collective ensures that each and every person has the ability to express and create their portion of the soul-galactic plan.  The wayshowers, now acting as planetary overseers, will be teaching these concepts in various applicable ways.

This idea was birthed in ancient times and is honored in some folklore, native traditions and by the our indigenous cultures, but will now take root in the westernized parts of the world as well.  I am hearing that this will be a grassroots-type global organization that will teach, inspire and remind humanity of the inner-wisdoms that are accessible to each of us.

The global effort to redesign the structures of the earth and maintain/promote the forward-thinking ideas of true sustainability begins with peaceful cooperation…the fundamental idea that each of us is an aspect of the God-head, and as such, each of us is to be respected and honored for our contributions to the planet and her people.

As these new foundations are laid and the fundamental requirement for true sustainability takes hold, those who have come to structure the plans will step in to implement the physical designs needed to align with earths sacred blueprint.

There are those already well-versed in these new creations... which will be guided heavily by sacred geometry and the electro-magnetic vortices which align all major power-centers to create the ascendant grid structure for the physical planet... and those with this sacred knowledge will be stepping forth to offer their knowledge to those who require it.

"We are so looking forward to seeing your physical creations take form, the building of a new world based on the needs of the people & the planetary body as a whole."

Physical Happenings

Everything still hurts.

To crowning!



maniktwin 3rd March 2011 12:10 am

This is positive. I am an aries with an aquarius moon, and somehow this poured more fuel on the fire I've been feeling. This message somehow gave me permission to MOVE! Thank you(s).

Vision Hawk 3rd March 2011 7:43 am

Go flowly :)))

(as if we have a choice) .....

karenirogers 3rd March 2011 8:47 am

"Neutrality' is a key energy I am witnessing right now with my own transition from my pain-body to my light-body. Old ways of focusing on the polarities/symptoms I can literally feel myself from 'underneath' and isolated away from this beautiful energy afforded us in these new times - as Lauren says, it does come in floods and now through today's Pleidian quote it explains the times I have literally felt myself wobbling on my feet. We are in amazingly good hands on divine course. Lauren - LOVE the humour, 'cause you gotta laugh. Sorry about you cat. I live in the Rockie mountains and lost both my cats to the cyotes - heart wrenching. Keep up your good work.

COBALT 3rd March 2011 10:10 am


Wind of Grace 3rd March 2011 12:39 pm

Thank you so much for your uplifting message Lauren :) The wave of change is truly beginning to slowly sweep across the globe.

Staying centered within The Peaceful Essence that is each of us will smooth the transition throughout this increasingly active time.

Gradually the clouds of unrest will lift, and the brightness of the new dawn will light the promised land of our making.

Being peaceful implements peace, and the rest will rest in history.

Sending you a very warm heartfelt hug for your loss of Chloe... I really understand how you feel... I still miss my cat named Mayo. His gentle spirit was a priceless presence in my life, such a kind soul was he...

FutureNow 3rd March 2011 1:17 pm

I am moving again today---it all happened fast 3 days. But i will be with people who are on the same path. I am assisting others to free themselves of meds aka stress ;)
--funny though they are self sufficient and thriving and dont need me I show them how to do it for themselves, thats all and it is easy and fun! LOL I out myself of work fast :) but that is the point.
so I am going with the flow, unafraid this time, no idea where the finances ill come from but i know all of it will be awesome and well.
here I go into?
here we go...

Satya 3rd March 2011 2:39 pm

"Extreme makeover - planetary edition", ahahha, LOVE IT!!! : )

Angelika Lina 4th March 2011 5:38 am

Hi Lauren,

I'll add my love and blessings to the moving on of Chloe. My cat Tanya is bringing in so much joy as she's helped open up my heart centre over the past 2 years - no wonder she sleeps so much - it was hard work :angel:

As always your messages are encouraging and explain what's going on in my own life as well. The incoming of the energies can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Especially the grounding waves knock me for sixes, oddly enough no one else I spoke to is aware of it, so it was good to read your article this week. Phew.

Warm Hugs,

hopeakuu 6th March 2011 8:30 am

new to this forum, but not to its ideas. loved reading this. so much resonated. thank you for your insight and for sharing.

laughlight 6th March 2011 5:25 pm

Blue Ray! I'm here! Another New Architect of the
rocking readying NEW EARTH!!! Count me prep'd & ready.
This was an excellent recap of so much that's been
happening for me...and my sincerest thanks to you,
with a big hug for you regarding the loss of your Beloved. Surely we all understand your period of essential silence, of grieving and change--thank you for writing now.
Makes a GREAT BIG DIFFERENCE in this one life.
THANK YOU enormously!

Winnie 8th March 2011 9:36 pm

Thank you, Lauren, for expressing exactly what has been happening with me...glad to know that I am not going crazy and that its the final push to the end...a relief...I know something is coming but not sure when or how...its all internal and its slowly becoming clear...its for the best but I have never experienced so much pain and agony before...I always look forward to your insights and comments. Thank you again!

Tzaddi 12th March 2011 2:03 pm

I keep forgetting to ask:

If physical symptoms, like Buddha bellies & bloating, achy bodies, feeling tired, etc. are all part of ascension, and if everyone is going through it whether or not they are aware of it, then why are there still skinny people who report nothing unusual?