The Grace of Living Inter-dimensionally

With the dawning of a new age comes great anticipation, requiring exceptional patience and measured restraint.

It is a time where those of you who have prepared to walk in the light of truth feel bound by your roles as guides and way-showers, yet we remind each of you that though you know not with certainty what lies ahead, your expectations shall be far exceeded.

Beloved warriors, your time of total illumination has arrived. Juxtaposed against the backdrop of a failing paradigm, your light shines forth brilliantly like the beacons of much-needed hope for many in a time of darkness and despair.

The collective call of humanity will wait for greed no longer, it will wait only for those who choose a better way. In this, opportunity will be bestowed among those with the courage to see thru the darkness to catch even if but mere glimpses of truth.

You, the modern-day seers and guides of the new way will offer reprieve for those who also choose to realize their ability to illuminate from within and cease to cast a shadow evermore.

Because of your travails, those who wander aimlessly into the dark night shall be lifted to greater heights as you serve as a reminder of truth, fortifying the answer to the call of the heart.

The time has come for great shifts and rapid change. Changes by which no other generation has seen nor experienced, changes that will delightfully outweigh the challenges placed upon each of you during these many months of distress.

Our role as a lighted council is to call to you time and again to remind you of your power to lift your sights to the place of truth. Currently, you may waver in and out of the ability to see truth, to harness your full potential as co-creators of God, and to that we say... waver no longer.

The ease by which you remain centered in your inner strength grows and soon you will but barely remember a time of suffering and lack. The curtain has been drawn, the truth is being revealed and now you begin to see with brighter eyes.

Stay wholly fastened to your inner knowing during times of discordance, for this voice will be the only truth available to you. It requires great courage to believe the voice of peacefulness, yes, but each time you emerge unscathed from the swelling temptations of fear, the temptations to believe in less than who you are and who you came to be, you will acutely realize that those times were only glimpses of an illusion that you once believed true.

You are all children of God, sources of divine potential and holy advocates of love. For this reason you rise, and you rise again in faith that the true essence of your eternal love shines through you and into the heart of each and every soul that you encounter.

For this is the way of the master.

This is the place where all your needs are duly met as you become pure channels of divine energy streaming into the planet and to her people. As you step into these new roles, you may doubt. You may wonder if this is too good to be true. You may wonder if this goodness is here to stay.

We say to that and to you... what goes up, must surely come down. What so ever you do unto others, surely you do unto yourselves. As you reap, so too do you sow.

All of these colloquialisms apply for they all reveal the universal truths that you live by.
Have you not forsaken an outworn life in search of greater abundance & joy? Have you not set into motion an ideal that, according to universal law, MUST be fulfilled?

Indeed you have! Each of you, individually and together have created and paved a path of new ideals. New belief structures now exist and seem possible because of your willingness to set into motion that which has not yet fully touched your earthly ground.

But it is touching down now dear ones.

The effect of your collective cause is settling in, coming to you and thru you in transcendental waves. Some of these will appear to be cosmic tidal waves of abundance and opportunity, some will be but ripples on a pond, but the continuous flow of universal support has arrived to take you beyond the limitations of yesterday and will cascade before you in effortless steps to freedom and grace.

For yes, this is the way of the master.

As each of you master your divine abilities to co-create a new earth, together you will rise up to experience the true joys and blessings of becoming ONE. One force for the greater good of all.

We remind you again that the cycles of creation before you will be different than anything you have ever experienced. It will be a time of miracles as you master the art of manifestation. Bewilderment and joy will become commonplace as you work with your spiritual gifts to create with your heart and your mind and the world will become your classroom.

The time has come to walk your talk and though you have no preconception of what that may mean, we assure you that you will remember well.
Your place in the creation of the new world has been written and finally you will feel the comforts of home again.

You will truly come to know the grace of living inter-dimensionally as you anchor your sacred place within. And you will know when you have arrived, for you will finally feel as though you belong.

You are the connected ones, the revered and the noble. As you physically become that which you've always felt to be, you will see anew. Playfully you will co-create magic with your peers just as children would make-believe in a finite world.

Friends and loved ones will marvel and wonder how they too can become one with the joys of creation. By which you will answer to their call..."you too are a beloved child of God."

Beloved masters and co-creators,
we are your comrades from home and again we call to you with great love and admiration for your service to the All.

Joyfully we walk with you into a new age and delight in each of your triumphs. There are but moments left to affirm your choice, your destiny in love. As the lunar eclipse draws nigh recount your blessings each day.
Each moment a choice arises... choose love!

There is no fear.

We are the Pleiadian High Council bidding you farewell and good tidings.