The Incubation Space - Agartha

Blessings be, radiant ones! I am Agartha, lord of the lighted civilizations of inner earth.

We would like to share that many gifts and blessings are on the way to the lighted warriors of earth! All of your divine blessings are manifesting in the space of no space.

There is inside each of you a resting place, a zero point frequency which carries the signature vibration, the harmonic resonance of universal intelligence and that which requires no effort to sustain. This sacred space, though buried deeply beneath many layers of artificial beliefs, is now ready to be revealed, to be accessed in the daily lives of those who have driven the earth and her people to higher law.

This resting point, now activated within you, is the gateway to your dreams, to the manifestations of your hearts' desires and it will be for you alone to birth these new realities through the portal of heart-centered consciousness.

Dear ones, you have taken yourselves and the planet to the point of no return, to the dimensional border of a new earth based in unity and love.

Your role was vital, for each of you carry within you an encoded portion of DNA for the collective human experience. You have triumphed over adversity and you have mastered the craft of neutrality in service to the One and in preparation for your new roles as divine way-showers, divine stewards of new earth.

And now you sit in stillness.

It behooves you to embrace stillness for a yet a moment longer as you shed the remaining coat of armor once needed to live a life in duality. What for you may ask, and we will share that you have come to this resting place in final preparation for your new roles of active service.

Be at peace dear warriors, for this time is of benefit to you and will also serve to enhance the biological purification process of ascension. You are extracting and releasing eons of discord and strife from your cellular memories and once completed you will be free to experience the pure joy of higher creation. This purification process is a necessary component of advanced living, it is the release of density prior to the ascent into oneness.

Bless this space of incubation and allow yourself to simply be, to remain in peace and bask in the comfort of a recumbent pose, for soon activity will abound.

To resist this time is to deny yourself the space to heal, to prepare and to adjust to the new frequencies that will escort you to your heaven on earth. Resistance of what is will only serve to create great anger and frustration, depression and feelings of captivity within your personal and collective experiences.

Free yourself by surrendering fully and completely to this moment knowing that all is in perfect order and timing. You are fully supported by the heavenly realms but remember too that suffering is a choice. Resist nothing and you are free.

Beloved wayfarers, you are soon to realize why you endure, for indeed you have entered thy kingdom of glory. It was your plan, the gods and goddesses, the creators of new earth who came together to anchor and distribute the energy of Christ consciousness for all.

Many are choosing to leave this reality to serve from the other side and many have completed their missions and have moved on to greater soul experiences.

It will be for each of you to choose your destiny now for you are the creators of heaven on earth. Your soul's intentions shall lead the way.

On behalf of the Agarthean civilization, we bid you farewell and good tidings.

Many miracles abound!