The Purging of All False Realities - The Arcturians

Greetings benevolent one(s)! We are the Arcturians. We come forth this day, bearing your wings so you may once again fly. We warrant no expression of grandeur, only the ties that bind us together during this most magnificent time on planet earth.

Surely we are here to remind you of your power...your ancestral roots of such divine heritage. We come ever closer to you in your dealings as the energy of earth has recently supplied us with a major connecting point, the point of presence that makes this type of direct communication possible.

What currently plagues you is merely the planetary release of the final outworking of fear based in domination and control.

Fear...these thoughts that you mind, thoughts that you are less than or incapable of creating your reality as you so wish, are only the parts of you that are still tied to... connected to... the collective energies of... fear.

Have you not noticed that on some days you are quite certain of your outcome...certain that you have made the proper decisions to live out your souls intentions and in full support of your higher plans?

And have you not noticed that on other days you feel unsure, incapable to see clearly how you will supported to live out your dreams...the dreams by which you ascertain from a consciousness much greater than your own?

We say that this is due to the collective cleansing of unfit energies for a unified world, as they pervade your atmospheric density. These energies are not for your choosing, for surely you are always supported in your endeavors. But as well, those endeavors of grace, those endeavors by which you are connected to so faithfully are those by which you must now also set free.

Why, you ask?

We say this in an attempt for you to release yourself from the bondage of having to uphold your creations. We say you have done your part, and in this you are free.

You are free now to release even your most divine creations to the greater good, and should you release that which you are most afraid of losing, only then will have the ability take your creations to even greater heights. There is no fear.

We say...release your fears of holding and surely you will have it all. Release your fears of responsibility and burden for surely your role is only one. Those who join you on your journey into oneness join you with soul willingness, for how could it be any other way?

Do you remember when your decisions to follow the path of your soul were not nearly an option, for they called out to you in such a way that you could not deny? ....against all adversity, against all logic?

Now you are poised, at the final hour, to again remain true to that voice within that is clamoring to be heard. The choice that is being drowned out by the collective storms of chaos that surround you at this time.

Warrior soul(s), you have not let down those who believe in you, you have not relinquished your power as a cocreator, you are merely releasing the final vestiges of doubt that plague the full embodiment of your potential in mastery. The new masters of earth are now stepping fully into their roles as true wayshowers by example. The example of great, untold internal strength.

Internal strength is built upon the foundation of stillness, a stillness which permeates all knowing with the truth that you are free. That you must not waver from your center & remain true to your calling.

When you do, when you arrive at this knowing...truly you are free. When you cease to doubt your internal knowing based on external circumstance, you are free. When your internal voice drowns out all others, you are free.

When you release the final doubt of your purpose, your are living it.

Yes, there are great storms whirling about this way and that. Storms that beckon you to notice, to pay attention to the energy of powerlessness that begs to be fed. Yet, we say that this reality matters not, this reality can be no further from the truth, your truth.

As your light quotient increases within, so too does the darkness increase without. This, dear soul(s), is the purging of all false realities.

Your role in mastery is to effectuate change with your mind. Your power is determined by your ability to never waver from your still point.

The masters of earth are coming together now. The power in these groups will be the tie that binds each you to your true gifts, your calling as wayshowers of a new land.

As we portend of these great changes to come, we remind you that to implement the changes that you wish to see for all others and the earth, you must first become the change within yourself. You must first realize that your external reality is very quickly mirroring the internal workings of your powerful mind.

In knowing this, we remind you that the changes you seek rely not upon global, nor economic affairs, but on your ability to wholly detach from them.

As you create a new way you organically release all connection to the old. Attaching to any thought forms that tell you otherwise are to be nullified, for any thought that would lead you to believe that you have not the power to create your reality is a thoughtform based in illusion and fear.

Cleanse, purify and release all false realities now... this is the key to thine kingdom of grace.

You are tested along the way, yes, for you set these up for yourself to ensure that you stayed firmly planted on your narrow path to truth. Knowing this, look only ahead, for what is behind no longer serves and what calls to the left and to the right only serves to distract you from your power.

And there will be those around you who fear the outcome of your thinking, yes. But we say, be grateful for these mirrors that illuminate any lingering doubt within you... for they present you with the ability to choose.

The temptations to believe in less than your potential will be earmarked on your journey, yes. But these temptations are only reminders that you have the ability to choose again... to choose from a place of truth, of power.

So the question must always be...which reality do you choose as your own? For surely all choices are valid, but only one is the of the highest.

All is perfectly aligned. All is well.

Take these words with you everywhere you go, bathe each thought that arises in this truth. This is your only role now, to remain centered in the neutrality of your truth.

Be at peace with what surrounds you, be at peace with what falls. We assure you that what is aligned with truth can never falter. That which is divinely ordered will never leave you.

The divine grace bestowed upon those who walk forward into the new will shine the light on a new path for all to follow. We urge you onward and remind you of this power you hold.

We remind you as well that choice is the secret to mastery, for it has always been so. Yet, the secret lies not in making the choice, but in believing it to be true.

We leave you with one final thought before our farewell...

Be true to your internal knowing insomuch that you would be willing to lose everything to attain it. In this, you are poised to have it all.

We are your comrades in service, your friends from home and your future aspects of self. We remind you today that you are the creator(s) of your reality, in every moment.... and to a much greater degree do your thoughts influence this.

Each moment that you buy into a false reality, that you are less than, you quickly attract a scenario, a thought, a synchronicity to confirm that reality.

Your internal wealth will be the foundation of your security in the new world, and your abundance will come from a place of knowing, with certainty, that you are limited only by the thoughts you willingly entertain.

The world around you will continue to fall as it should, but your continued sustainability is assured each time you center yourself in this truth.

Stay consistently within the luminosity of your truth, and you will partake in the miracles you came to create.

Success is always yours...

Farewell divine architect(s) of the new earth. Keep well."

With Love,