Seven Commonly Asked Questions

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of magnetic service. It is not too difficult to come into this place, for in this energy we clearly feel all that has been and the potentials of what will be, in the very chairs that you sit. The intent for this particular structure (a church) was always one of learning about God. Built into the very fabric of the wood was the "Human consciousness intent" that built it for these reasons. And so there is an honoring that goes here, even before the message, even before the channel, even before the greeting, which says, "We recognize those who have had the epiphanies in the chairs, those who have had the miracles here." And there have been many.

It's Human intent that is the path of planetary change. It is what is going on in the Human Being that makes the difference-not the organizations, not the doctrines, not the books, not the structures, not the rules, not even the laws. For how are you with you? And how are you with those things associated with God? Indeed, there are those even now in disbelief of what they are seeing on this stage."This is simply a Human Being," they say, "speaking yet again, pretending that he is hooked up to the other side of the veil where some strange entity is coming in with an affected voice, giving a message for the day." Oh, and if that is you, and if that is your opinion, then nothing that I will do will change it. For, dear one, you have free choice to feel or not feel.

I know your thoughts, for you are part of what we call the quantum hologram-a oneness of thought that even Humans participate in, since Humans have interdimensional attributes in their DNA. It is how we know what you are thinking, what you are feeling and what you are doing. It is why we understand how much you need us. But free choice is the optimum of all of the energies, and so we do not disturb it.

We do not prove things when you ask for proof, if you've noticed. Instead, we ask you to turn inward and claim the mastery that we have put there by design, that you intuitively know is there and that you can claim in many ways if you wish to. It is a sweet moment here-a sweet moment.

The entourage of Kryon is present, along with others. We give freely of the energy of Spirit, that it may flow into you. All of those who have asked for this will have this energy flow into you now with answers and solutions to even the most perplexing of problems. This energy will flow in a way that will be accessed later. This is what happens in a group such as this, at a time such as this, in an event such as this. Even during the teaching, there is what we call a "third language" of intelligence that passes to you.


Many of you are wondering about the future. "Is this right?" "Is this not right?" "What should I do now?" "Am I doing the right thing?" I know who's here. "How can I get to the next step?" We are aware of the questions among you. You have given permission for Kryon to come here. For a moment of time in your third-dimensional (3D) existence, you have allowed this. Perhaps it's just so you may sit and listen. But again, we say, "You have no idea who came to see whom." For you opened the door with your permission, and by doing so, you gave us permission to sit before you and visit. It has always been that way-a two-way communication started by you.

Eons have gone by, and yet we have not been able to tell you the things that we now explain in this new energy. We couldn't explain these things since the Human experience would not understand them. Your personal expression of Humanity, which you call your current life, is unique, for it sits upon a grid system that is also new and unique. It speaks to your DNA in ways that allow it to come forward and do things you could never do before. You created this new energy when you gave permission for the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

It is a good time to answer questions that have been presented by Human Beings within their thoughts, especially alone at night. And so we'll call this message "Seven Questions," and I will answer seven of the most common that have been given to me by those just like you. These answers are for all o  you, even the current listener and reader. For there is a "time out of time" here that I often speak of but that you cannot comprehend. The group of Humans before me thinks this is for them, but at the same time, I am speaking to the ears and eyes of many. And to make things even more confusing, I am speaking to the ears of some who are here but listening again in another time (later). So what you think is a linear presentation for those seated
here is also something that will be heard and read in the future through transcription. It is something I see as happening all at once. Part of the quantum hologram attribute is a state of timelessness that we often speak of. We actually "see" those who have decided to read and listen at any time in that future linearity of yours. So we see the thousands who are with us Now.


We'll start with one that is asked and cried out in the middle of the night by so many in far away lands, as well as yours: "Dear God, will there ever be peace? Will we need something like a one-world government, for instance? Truly, what are the potentials?" It is a good question, for it is the question of the new energy, and I'm going to answer it the best I can: On the other side of the veil, which we're going to talk to you about in a moment, there are literally thousands of potentials for this planet. If you could be in this energy where they exist (not a place, for there is no such thing as a place on the other side of the veil) and you could feel them, the ones that vibrate the highest are the ones that are the most potentially accurate to be manifested. So it's not a grab bag of futures before you; instead, it's one that is there but waiting to match your vibration of creation. I'm going to tell you the ones that are at the top of this list and which are vibrating the highest at this moment.

The potential for this Earth, as it moves into 2012, is to plant the seeds of peace. It is before you right now. No matter what you have done, no matter what wars you have created, no matter the steps and the missteps that have delayed or advanced this, you still are on track. And this track we see is one for creating peace on this Earth. Now, it may not be as you often envision-a utopia where everyone is satisfied and where there is no hunger or pain-for that can't happen in an energy of free choice and duality. But it will be an Earth free of major war as a long-term future is possible. Also there will not be, and never will be, a one-world government. In the history of the planet, you've never had a one-world government. It cannot be that way, for the cultures that you support with the billions of you who are here must echo the leadership of those cultures. Different governments and leadership are needed for profoundly different ways of life, with rich heritages that span the ages.

Peace on Earth is defined as that time when you all agree to respect the others' principles of existence. Peace on Earth is defined as at that time when you do not take advantage of others by force. Peace on Earth is a time when there are no active wars. There will always be disagreements, hunger and situations where many need things that others already have. Peace on Earth is when neighbor trades with neighbor and when one needs the other. It will be an intertwining of governments, societies and countries in ways that are unique. It will be dynamic enough to shift not only the politics but the economics.

Look for a moment at an enemy of fifty years ago. I speak now to the Americans in the room where we are in the United States. I speak of the enemy whom you fought so strongly and that which ended in such horror in the Pacific. Many said, "How can we ever, ever have friendship with them?" Yet in 2007, your society and theirs are wrapped up in a way that can never be separated. You know that, don't you? Not that long ago, those you call the Japanese were your mortal enemies. They attacked you and your country, yet now they are profound
trading partners and friends. Only a half a century -two generations- was needed for that. Indeed, no matter what things may seem like now, all things can work together to create a peaceful existence-that's peace on Earth. An agreement to understand-that's peace on Earth. An agreement not to war-that's peace on Earth. And when that is achieved, it is a collective consciousness that sticks, for it also has an attribute that hate is no longer taught to the children-an important key to peace.

I will tell you, dear Human Being, when you have that, you'll know it. And that's the potential that we see for you. I've said that for eighteen years, yet there are so many who say, "Oh, when, Kryon, when will we create that?" You have a good start. Believe it or not, there is energy happening that is going to promote these things to begin to take place, potentially in 2008, to help start all of this. And we said that long ago when we were in Israel with my partner [in 2000].


Here is the second question: "Kryon, why do we have to have multiple religions on the planet? It doesn't seem to suit us, since it divides us. And which one of them is correct? Why is it there are so many who fight over whose God is real?"

Dear ones, look around you. See the great variety of beliefs? This actually proves what we have been teaching you. Let me review: The Human comes onto the planet and is born fresh without any knowledge of Spirit or the concept of God. Yet as the Human grows into an adult,
there is one driving question and a passion to find out: "Who am I? Who is it that I feel with me? Who is just out of reach that may very well have created me? When I look around the Earth and I see the beauty here and the creation here, who made them? Why do I feel incomplete?"

This is intuitive for the Human Being. You are driven to find the creator. From the smallest tribe in a faraway jungle to the biggest civilizations known to Humans, you all had this. And because of the duality within you, the last thing you might do is to look inside for the answer! The angels and the past masters will come into your reality and give you advice, but it's still free choice and your own intuition and logic that creates systems to explain it all.

The religions on your planet have all been created from those who had core questions about who they are and why they exist. It's not necessarily about the masters who created the religions, who were conveniently there to start them. No. It stems mostly from the Human Beings' drive to come together and find God. As I have said before, the different cultures create the diverse ideas of who and what God is, and all are respected.

Know this, dear Human Being, that no matter the name of the religion, God is there. For God, what you call Spirit, understands the call and understands the filters in which those Humans will accept the answers. Today, you sit here with divine knowledge about your DNA. You know, don't you, where God is? [Lee's teaching of the day.] You can't come onto this Earth as angels and not have a piece of divinity inside, crying out to get back home. In this day, it has even been explained to you that within your DNA is your angelic akash-your real interdimensional identity. El Shadie is in there; Almighty God is in the DNA.

So you might say that your search is about completion to find God. But to Human Beings it's also very confusing, because they have duality, divinity versus the shadow self, two competing energies that create a balance that is modified by individual free choice. This tempers their understanding, and the results are the best they can do to create the belief systems that would create completion with God.

The most profound truth that Human Beings have ever found about God is what you sit here learning today-that the strength of your divinity comes from inside, not from outside, and that you have a direct line to Spirit, and you always have. That's the core answer and one which all the masters of the planet have taught-no matter what you now have as their information.

Which religion is correct? Let me tell you. They all are correct, for they all search for God, which is the Creator of all things. In various stages of appropriateness and understanding, they all have released themselves into their doctrines to honor what they feel is their core spirituality. Know this: There are those who need structure. Know this: There are those who need to memorize. Know this: There are those who need to count the beads. Know this: There are many like you who have no structure, no prophet and seemingly no doctrine but who somehow have found consensus through your own cellular intuition about God. And God is with all of you, for you are all one family. Know this. You are all loved by God, and there is no judgment of your choices.


Question three is unanswerable, but we'll do it anyway [laughter]: "Dear Kryon, what is it like on the other side of the veil?"

It may seem insulting for me even to use this analogy, but it is accurate: Step into the room, lightly if you will, and on the pedestal you'll see a goldfish bowl. Make no sound, for it's important not to be discovered. In that bowl, you'll find a goldfish. Don't frighten it by moving. It doesn't understand what's on the other side of the glass, and you could kill it if you moved too fast. Now bend down and look into that bowl and talk to the fish from above, softly and with love. Explain to the fish the inner workings of interdimensionality. Do you think the fish can understand? Is the fish capable? Is it even listening?

The fish is the Human Being. You, the fish, can't really see through the glass. It distorts everything around you. Some don't care or even know that glass is there. Others try to understand it and realize that there is something there, so it must be God. And by the way, it must look like a fish, right? After all, you do! What else is there? So God becomes a fish, or more realistically, God is "Humanized" in all forms and thought. You see?

You make an agreement when you become Human to put all of the understanding of interdimensional things away and become simple and linear. It is only when you access the interdimensional self, the higher-self, that these things begin to clear up. For when you do that, you are participating in the quantum hologram. But when you're in 3D, you're just like the fish.

What is it like on the other side of the veil? There is no such thing as a place. In 3D, you want a place, don't you? You want mansions filled with gold, don't you? You want a heavenly clock that you canwatch. Everything is an extension of your simplicity, instead of the real profundity of what is actually there. Can a fish in a bowl understand the entire Pacific Ocean, or perhaps an ocean the size of your galaxy? Yet when you die, you imagine yourself in a rocking chair somewhere in heaven with a drink that has an umbrella in it. And, of course, none of those things are there.


Imagine for a moment, a ball of bright energy, eight meters wide. And it contains all the energy of creation called you. It's actually a piece of God, and that's who you are. For God is not singular, like you are or a fish is. Yet you see God as a single name, don't you? God is a collective, connected to everything in ways that you cannot even imagine now. Think of a ball of energy that has no Human eyes or ears or senses, yet has all of those multiplied thousands of times. It can see all, be all, hear all. What would it be like to hear light? There is music in light! But you don't know that while you are here. The colors are amazing-interdimensional colors outside the frequency and the spectrum of anything you can imagine. Beautiful beyond words, they are. And that music I mentioned? The most profound things that pass through the veil untouched that you have are laughter, joy, love and creative manifestation (the arts). Do you doubt this? Then why is it you cry when you hear certain kinds of music or see certain kinds of art? Think of this: You participate in music on your side of the veil in 3D the best you can, in a linear fashion, one note at a time-imagine the symphony when it all plays at once. All of the tunes of history at the same time, yet it's not discordant. Each one is heard in its entirety, felt in its entirety, and it's beautiful. That's what it's like on the other side of the veil. That's where God is.

There are no struggles there, no wars, but there are challenges of energy balance-and that is why there needs to be things like a free-choice Earth. There are unanswered questions about balance that can only be solved through what you are doing on this planet. There is balancing and universal creation. I don't expect you to understand any of this.

What you call the Big Bang, wasn't. Instead, you might say that it was a clash of interdimensional energies-of dimensionalities-that dissected and bisected to create an entire universe in a flash of an instant. It is difficult to explain why you're here and what you do for this universe, yet you've done it before and will do it again.

The other side of the veil? Oh, you'll know soon enough. You always do. Human, there's going to come a time when I see you again, and we'll talk about your time on Earth. We'll play the tapes, as it were, not for judgment, but for celebration. The day when you considered that God might be inside was a beautiful one. We'll play that tape, so to speak. All of these things are awaiting you on the other side of the veil. It's a workplace. That's what it's like. This entity is called Kryon, and I am part of a collective called by names you cannot speak. I am from the bigger family of the Archangel Michael, which is a name you gave for that energy. The Archangel Michael is not a man. It's not even a male, and Kryon is not a man or a woman. Kryon is part of the quantum hologram, the compassionate and sweet collective energy that is balanced in all ways-that includes you, dear one, when you are not on Earth-and is called the life force of the universe or God.


The fourth question: "Kryon, how can there be conflicting channels-information that one says and another says and still another says, yet they all conflict with one another? We believe they're fine Human Beings who have given us good things in the past, yet they are giving information that clashes one with another."

To the best I can, I will now take you to the other side of the veil and give you the answer. We did this one week ago, but in another way. We will not involve as many metaphors, but we will still give you the one or two that help you to fully understand.

Human Beings go to the other side of the veil, and they are presented with an interdimensional energy that does not make them feel good. It
takes practice to go there. For the few who do this on a regular basis, the first time they go, there is confusion, and around them, all they can see are many conflicting energies. Let's paint a picture. We'll call it "the highway of life." Here comes the Human onto the other side of the veil where he or she is looking at the highway of life. All the potentials of all the futures are there, and this person's job is to give you channeled information of what's going to happen on the planet. Much like the many futures we spoke about in question one, this person must sort out the many potentials and give you the best answer.

On this highway of life, he or she "sees" a horrible wreck. That's what's happening on the highway of life. Oh, the disappointment, the death, the destruction-the Human knows it represents the future, so he or she comes back and says, "Here's what's going to happen. The channeled information says there's going to be a wreck on the highway of life on Earth-doom for you all." Now this is a metaphor, but in real 3D, this person would then tell you what had been seen that was applicable to your situation on the planet, but it would be dramatic and negative, indicating something very bad was going to happen.

This first channel was newer at this "veil travel" and was steeped in 3D. Now that's what you all are-steeped in 3D-meaning that is your reality and also your bias. There is nothing wrong with that; you indeed are in 3D. But the whole answer that the first channel developed was based upon one person's bias in 3D and what he or she expected to see. What was most dramatic is what he or she was immediately attracted to-just like you and your culture and your news reporting, as an example-only bad news.

A second channel goes over. This individual is more experienced and has been there many times. This person sees the highway of life and also sees the wreck. But that's not going to fool her or him into stopping and returning right away. You see, in 3D, that would be the biggest and most dramatic thing and would normally hold the attention of a 3D Human. Instead, this second one sees what didn't happen! You see, it is also there as potential, and in this case, it vibrates higher than the wreck, because a change was made that changed the potential of the wreck, a second scenario: Someone swerved to the left or to the right and changed energies, made decisions and the wreck never happened. With training in interdimensional things, the 3D bias is voided and the individual sees that this potential future rings with a higher vibration. Therefore, this second channel is not sidetracked by inexperience and comes back to report that there is hope for peace on Earth-a reading that is valid for literally the moment it is given, changeable every day, every hour, but what Humans do.


Which one of those is right? The answer is they are both right, since both scenarios are actual potentials of the future. One of them, however, has the ring of truth and features a higher vibration. For example, I have given you the answer of two channelers, two psychics and two prophets going to the other side of the veil. Both of them are retrieving information that is actually there, bringing it forward and giving it to you. Which one is correct? As I say, they both are, but now it's up to you as to which one has the ring of truth, you see? Because the information is also known to every Human Being-but hidden. So therefore, Humans on this side of the veil can also discern if what they are told is accurate or not. Again, the quantum hologram comes into play where all information is known by all-but you have to get out of 3D to really see this.

There has been no trickery in this. It is the experience of the channels and what they've done with themselves internally that matters. How interdimensional are they to have removed the 3D bias completely? Can they see the things most apt to happen because the vibratory rate of the future is compared to the current vibration of the Earth? Are they tuned into the non-wreck as much as the wreck itself?

Let me tell you again that it's like a giant tarot reading of the planet where they see the potentials of the layout of the cards (the spread), instead of bein  biased by what the artist drew on the face of the cards. You get a lot of doom and gloom predictions, don't you? I know this. It must be frightening and fearful for you to trust the prophets and the channels when they go out and bring you information that is frightening and scary. I'll tell you, dear one, it's all there, for the frightening and scary things are indeed real potentials. But you've got to walk through that and get to the parts that are remarkable, that are filled with potentials of wisdom and non-frightening attributes as well. And I return to question one: Will there be peace on Earth? That is what we see. That is what the channel in front of you sees. That is what Kryon sees as a strong potential.


The questions have been asked, "Is there a time of death that has been appointed for Humans?" "Is there a time when we're going to die?" "Do we know about it," as the Human says, "when we come in?"

We've never spoken of this in this way before, and we're going to give you the answer as best we can. When you come in, there is a predisposition for each of you. This unique predisposition is a plan that you have set for yourself before you came. With free choice, you can follow it to the end if you want, and yes, it has a death date. And if you do nothing all of your life but follow that plan and stay in that groove of predisposition, that's when you're going to die. That's what you laid out for yourself, and that is the plan and your life lesson. Most of Humanity falls into this groove.

But Human Beings who understands that they are in control of their destiny move out of the groove and change everything. When this takes place, there is no predetermined time of death. So death is a variable and is something that happens when you are ready and it's appropriate, even though it may not look appropriate to others around you. And the time is not known, even by God.

I know who's here. I know the ones who read and hear this who've lost loved ones. I know the two who have lost a child here (in the room). I'll tell you about that in question seven, because you're going to want to know if they're still around you, aren't you? I'm going to answer that one too, in a moment. But I'll tell you right now what you do not know, Human Being, and something you do not recognize-again, it is the realization of the things that didn't happen. Some of you have passed the appointed death time in the old energy of the old you. Because you have moved out of the old ways, out of the groove and into another direction, you became a spiritual being-a lightworker perhaps. Perhaps you have become a prayer warrior or one who meditates often. Perhaps you have no spiritual label at all, but your efforts in prayer and meditation have extended your life; therefore, you went right past that pre-appointed place of death that was part of the old you.

When you understand the system, you understand that with free choice, you can take control of your future, voiding out the karmic energy you had at birth. We told you this eighteen years ago. So I'm going to ask you, did you celebrate it? How many of you here are ready to celebrate the things that did not happen? Oh, it's prevalent in this group. Prevalent! Life and death is fast and instant. So how many of you have walked through that? Did you recognize those times? So many of you have experienced the dark night of the soul, and you've walked through that, and here you are! Here you are in a meeting like this asking, "How can I do more?"

Oh, that's why we love you, dear Human Being. The love of God is here, and I'm giving you information that ought to make you celebrate who you are.


"How can we tell when something's right? Kryon, I've done many things and started many paths, and I can't tell which one is really for me. I listen to a number of channels, yet I can't decide which one is correct."

That's because you're doing it in 3D. Inside you, there is an innate sense-a compass-that will tell you when things are accurate or not, but you need to learn to go there. Maybe it's on your knees, or maybe it's just when you're quiet, and maybe it's when you're in distress, but you have to learn to go there. Even in distress, once you have done it and have felt what that is like and get answers when you need them, you'll be able to go back when you'r  not in distress.

Every day you can go to that place that is quiet and say, "Dear Spirit, it is well in my soul. Tell me what I need to know this day." We say, push on that interdimensional door with your pure intent, and Spirit will start to flow into you. And you might say, "Well, I've done that, yet and I don't feel anything." And I will say to you again, that's because in 3D you expected an answer right then. How 3D of you! No, you get the answer when you need it. Haven't you figured that out yet? Blessed are the Humans who go to that place in 3D, yet understand the multidimensional aspects of the answers within the energy of the way Spirit works with Humans and are touched when they need to be touched. They get the answers when they need to get the answers and often go right up to the last possible moment and then out comes the channeling of what they are to say, what they are to do. Each celebrates and knows: "I've got the answer."

Throw away those predisposed ideas in 3D of how things must work on the other side of the veil, because they are not correct, nor the way God must deal with Humans, because that's really not the way God works at all. When you meditate or pray, don't get off the floor thinking nothing happened. When you send light to a place on this planet, know it went there! You could sit down and say, "I'm sending light, and I have no idea where it should go. Dear Spirit, send it there." And the cosmic intelligence of the universe will do exactly that. It will put the energy upon those places that need it the most-in Israel, Somalia, Iraq. Celebrate the light and the things that are joyful on the planet.

The proof is within you and always has been. Start learning to understand this feature. You want to know who is right and who is not? You want to know which one of those prophets had the right or more appropriate answer for the potential of the future? All you need to do is go inside. It will ring; it will sing to you. Learn to feel this. That's the compass we speak of. You were born connected to Spirit.  Now start reconnecting in ways that will serve you with solutions and answers-not from another Human or a channeler-from within the source in you.


"Dear Spirit, I've lost loved ones in this life. Can they still see me? Do they know what I'm doing right now? Do they know I love them?" Moms and dads, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives-children. "Do they know what I'm doing? Do they know I think about them? Are they here?"

Oh, yes, dear ones, indeed they do. This is confusing, and we've given channels about this before. If it's true, dear Human Being, that there's no such thing as time on the other side of the veil, it gets very confusing to those left behind who are slaves to the 3D linear clock and the perception of linear time. For after a period of your time, they come back, and they incarnate yet again, which means many of them are back on the planet living Human live  in new bodies, younger than yours.

Then you might say, "Well, if they're doing that, that means they can't see me. If they're doing that, it means that I've lost them. They're already on to something else, something bigger." I want to tell you the truth: There is only one higher self for every and all lifetimes you have. In other words, there is one unique angel with your name on it. It is the same higher-self angel for every single one of the lifetimes you've had since the Lemurian days. And that particular higher self knows all about all of the lives. It is the focal point, the center of everything.

So the loved one who is still "seeing" you is the piece of God in the quantum hologram of the cosmos, not the Human Being that you lost. It's the higher self of that Human. That piece of God knows of what you did together when you were here as partners on the planet. And so the answer is yes. All of them are here, for that is part of the Kryon entourage, and that is what some of you feel when I come in. And the higher selves of the ones whom you've loved and lost sit beside you now and hold your hand during these times, saying, "I'm still here. I always will be until the day when you join me." And that is the truth.

But try to understand that it's not the former Human part. It's the wise, higher-self part. It's the God part. But that part knows all, especially about how much you loved them and how it makes you feel. Perhaps you might take a moment to celebrate it? Perhaps you might even think it's a good thing. "What a system," you might say. Perhaps you might just take a moment and say, "I see you, I accept you. Thank you for being part of my life." And then you'll let them walk out the door with you. It's a beautiful, interdimensional system that has been created for Human Beings to support them in love. That's what it is. That's what it always has been. That's what it's about.

And so those are seven questions. Oh, there'll be seven more, I'm sure. But not now. Spirit knows your name. Even those who have come here and didn't expect to hear this. For the love of God goes out to all Humanity, knows each of you and what you're about and loves each one. And that is the message of Kryon, and it always will be. That's what we told you when we arrived.

Don't waste this time you have. Spend two minutes a day. Send the light. Make it purposeful. Make it a time that's quiet and alone. Give intent to it, which is divine, and then celebrate it after you've done it. All of you-do that every day. What a difference it would make! We would not say these things if they were not so. I speak to you from the other side of the veil, that place where there's a lot of work being done by your family. And so it is.



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