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One of my favorite songs by the Canadian artist Jane Siberry is called ‘Love is Everything’. During the 15 years I have known the song, I have found it both melodically and tonally beautiful as well as healing. Plus, I always loved the title.
Recently however, I paid more attention to the lyrics and realized that she is singing about leaving a relationship where she no longer feels the love between the two people sharing their journey. And while she is resolved about that, she also acknowledges the loss and pain while choosing the separation.
This experience she shares made so much sense to me, as I know that journey well. Many times in choosing higher realities for myself in relationships or situations, I have had to walk through emotional loss or grief, to burn off a little more of what I needed to in order to lighten myself and let go. We often call this experience ‘heartbreak’.

The Healing of Heartbreak

I have worked professionally as a healer and channeler for the past 6 years, and I have observed that healing heartbreak is the key to healing all areas of life. The healing of heartbreak, whether in relationship, career, finance or spiritual pursuits, is one of the most powerful keys to realizing greater self-acceptance, self-love and maximum potential in people.

So the next few years on Earth will be very interesting to say the least. Why? Because the experience of heartbreak has been enormous on our planet in the recent past. Many have released the emotion of loss in a bigger way than ever before. Financial difficulties, natural disasters, relationship endings, illness and other grief catalysts have all increased over the past 2 to 3 years. This mass release has greatly affected us as a people and a planet. And after a great releasing, a great receiving can follow.

Energetically, for most awakened humans, 2010 marks a turning point in the energetic journey between 2007 and 2012. We are at a time where the energy of shock and of all the past release is slowly turning into gold, especially for those who have lived through it. It is now getting easier and easier to build and create new lives and new relationships, after a tumultuous few years where building was not as easy as detonation.

Letting go of the old is part of the journey of being a human living in the Now. We are here to love and to grow, and to experience more love and growth in ourselves and with each other. This is why healing heartbreak is key to surrendering to living in the Now.

We can break our own hearts when we are not kind enough to ourselves.
We can break the hearts of others when we are unkind to them.
We can help others feel heartbreak in themselves (often unintentionally) if we do not live up to their expectations or needs of us.
We can feel heartbreak in other people around us empathically.

If this is your story, and times have been difficult, you are now ready to reclaim your heart, your love, and your power. Feel this inside you, and know it, for it is the truth.

Acceptance - The Key to Mastery

Our recent history has helped many go deeper into their own awakening and mastery. When we reclaim the freedom of our own love, and our hearts after a period of great loss, we can experience a new level of peace with all that occurs around and for us. This is the journey of self-mastery.

A Master does not mind what occurs in life. For example, if the dishwasher breaks down, the Master will simply start washing the dishes by hand until the dishwasher is repaired, or she/he may decide to permanently wash the dishes by hand from now on. The Master does not mind this change. She or he understands that life is life, and it will throw you the occasional curve ball.
The over-stressed and under-supported ‘Mother’ however, is a different story to the Master. The day the dishwasher breaks down, so does she. Her whole world seemingly falls apart when this unexpected event occurs. She will blame the dishwasher for her emotional meltdown, her tears. But it has nothing to do with the dishwasher.

She has been an emotional volcano in waiting and the dishwasher was simply the facilitator of the ‘lid coming off’ her emotions and an eruption taking place. She has not taken enough space for herself or her emotions and she is tired. She has been trying to run her household with too little support from her spouse or partner (if she has one) and she never asks the kids to help (if they are old enough to help). So this ally in her kitchen breaking down on a Monday morning pushes her over the edge.
A change is needed indeed.

A change on Earth was needed, so around the world, lids have been coming off for people. This dishwasher story is just an example of the meltdowns occurring for so many due to the intensity we have walked through as a planet these past few years.

My experience of a Master has always been the support and love of my channels. For 12 years, they have been with me when I need them, and during that time, I have integrated their teachings and ways more and more in my own life, freeing myself from some of the old ‘controls’ and self-judgments I was carrying, becoming more of a Master in and for myself. It is a constant journey of learning for me.

The way I always knew my channel was pure when he first arrived (in the voice of Zachary), was that he never judged me, even if another voice in my own mind would and did at times.

The key to being a Master? They hold no judgment. They simply hold an energy of love.

Self-Judgment into Self-Love

It is so easy to judge yourself and we live in a society that encourages it, even within spiritual practices. Many times on my own spiritual journey, I have seen how people use spiritual roles or frameworks to allow themselves to practice self-judgment. For example, the idea that you create your own reality can at first be a revelation to those new to the concept. These ideas and ways of being, expressed in movies like ‘The Secret’ or in ‘The Law of Attraction’ can change your life overnight once you start working with the principles. But these principles, like any spiritual concept or framework, are not a magic pill that will miraculously heal you overnight. They will simply lead you deeper into ALL parts of yourself.

So if a newly awakening person has just started out on their journey, and they still have a strong energy of self-judgment in themselves, or a lack of self-belief, these principles can soon be misinterpreted in many ways – ways that can lead people to see themselves as failures when they don’t manifest something they want or desire in the time frame they wanted.

I have also heard some people judging themselves upon learning they have a serious illness, and a book or a teacher told them that they would not get ill unless they had an emotional issue. This way of being does not help your healing, and is a sad place to find yourself in. If you have a serious illness, then so be it. It is time to now love and support yourself at a higher level than before, and to accept the love and support of others while you do this.

So keeping your own awareness on self-judgment is highly important tool for mastery and getting back to your true nature – pure love for self and others.

All Ways Home

‘All ways home’ is a true statement, for there are many ‘ways’ to get home, yet only one final destination, and that is you and your heart. Your love.

When you begin to surrender to the moments in this reality, and can accept each one as a gift for your evolution, the inner fight stops. To reach this place, what so many of the spiritual books don’t always tell you, is that you may go through major releases and a sometimes almighty inner fight to ‘exorcise’ your past controls from the mind and emotional body. But once you stop fighting the process, and learn to trust, breathe and feel your way through it, with self-love and self-support, the whole process gets easier and faster.

So many people I have worked with recently are having great breakthroughs, and have been releasing tiny but powerful pieces of self-judgment as they are stepping deeper into peace and acceptance. I too have been experiencing this in myself in fine layers. This seems to be a theme right now, and hallelujah for that. After such a long period of loss and upheaval, the dust is settling and so many of us are now energetically and emotionally clearer than ever before. As a result, anything that is not self-love or self-support is rising to be released – bringing you back to greater love.

A mind powered by love will create world-changing ideas and actions.

Love is Real and Love is Everything.

Love is always the way home, and there are many practices and experiences that will get you there. But self-love is so key. When you love yourself, loving others and receiving love from others becomes so much better and easier.

So, how self-loving have you been recently on a scale of 1-10?
Ask yourself this and see what your immediate, intuitive response is, without analysis. Just ask for your answer. If the answer isn’t 9 or 10, then know you are open and very ready to receive. It is time for a much needed change in self-love.
Start by doing something wonderful for yourself today, even if just for a short amount of time.
A walk in nature, listening to your favorite music, dancing around your living room.
It can, and does, change everything.

Become a Master of your own love. You hold all of the keys.



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