August 2011 Energy Forecast: Rising Pressure, Rising Peace

There is no more 'trying' needed in you or in our world. In terms of the changes we are in, we have now reached the 'simply surrender' point of 2011.

Surrendering to 'what is' can be an almighty challenge if what is happening in and around you does not feel or seem good. So if you find yourself moving through emotions to do with the past, bring yourself to the present when you can, as best you can.

Focusing yourself on the power of positive intention and prayer for the now and the future, will also help lift you this month. Grief will wash through people in greater waves than we have yet seen in 2011. Much of this is karmic, with old memories of fear/destruction rising to the surface in peoples dreams, both at night and in daydreams. The old density of thought and feeling is leaving us. Just allow the release, recognise the intensity of our times, and nurture and soothe yourself as best you can through these moments.

Our world is shifting - literally, metaphorically, energetically. The pressure is rising and everyone can feel it. Many of you will have felt this rising emotional intensity since the middle of July, and as we move through August, it is expected to keep building until the 3rd or 4th week of the month. At that point there will be a release of the pressure. Until then, expect a continuance of certain 'death' symptoms of your old life as we and you move into the new one.

Confusion, boredom, anguish, worry, frustration, apathy. These are all symptoms moving through and they are moving through everyone at different times. When fear reaches a fever pitch in people, strange events will start to occur. Some will act out, at you or at others. For if they are not able to find peace in themselves, and they cannot or do not choose to transmute the emotion through themselves, it will ricochet.

In the 2011 Year of Illumination message and video, delivered in January, August was mentioned as the second of 3 gateway months this year (March being the first, November the third).

I have been feeling an energy rising around August for a while now. I have gone through many wide and varied emotions in myself for myself, feeling the energy of our world and the shifting ground beneath our feet. In every scenario, surrender is the only place to come back to, to find peace.

So surrender this month. Life is changing faster than many can keep up with, and challenges are rising and will continue to do so.

Remember we are a waking planet, and sometimes when you wake up, you do not feel prepared for the day ahead of you. As souls in the human body having a human experience, this was the period we signed up for. The key is breathing your way through your release moments, and allowing yourself to keep rebalancing in your spirit. Focusing on this will clear you faster than focusing on the fear.

Humans on their deathbed are only concerned with love. Resolving love with those they maybe had conflict with, or resolving inside themselves places where they didn't allow their hearts to open.

There has never been a more potent month than August for us to open our hearts and minds to others, and surrender to what is. Life is not promised to us, and at any moment, we can go.

Enjoy every moment, and hold an intention for a bright universal future.

This is the time.

One people. One heart. One love.

In peace and love to all




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