August 2018 Energy Update

This is a transcript of the Lee's spoken August Energy Update video.

Self Soothing, Grounding And Sensitives Opening To Their Power In The World

Are You Managing Your Experience Of The Speed Of It All?

Welcome to the August Energy Update 2018.

So SPEED, the faster experience of everything these days - and perhaps your needing to take a breath - is coming up as a big theme for people right now. Trying to integrate and catch up with everything that is going on for you is a common experience, and has been present for a great many in the first half of this year.

But expect more RESPITE this month, as August is the beginning of a WHOLE NEW CHAPTER energetically. This chapter will begin slowly in August and then carry us through right until the end of 2018.

We are coming out of this May-July wave of intensity that had HIGH CONFLICT energy in it, and for many of us, brought a real REVERSAL around your normal experience and speed of life (including the ability to MANIFEST change).

So, many who are normally very good at manifesting, went through a slow down period, and those who aren’t used to running at high-speed, may have found a wealth of connections, friendships and opportunities popping up for you at a rate that was a surprise (but perhaps very joyous too).

Sensitives Are Beginning To Know Their Power In The World

For those of you who identify with being highly sensitive, perhaps a little more introvert and shy. You are about to come into a time where you will be beginning to find your power in the world.

The elevation of consciousness on the planet is really dividing people into two different camps; people who are leaning into being more aware, open and loving in the world and people who are closing down and pulling back from a greater sense of connection with others and themselves. For sensitives this can actually make it easier to see who you are resonating with and where to go/who to connect with.

So for those of you who feel that staying quiet in the world for the last decade or so has been your way to keep safe or balanced, don’t be surprised if you are now getting really strong urges to shake up the game in your life a little more - To get out, to connect, to be bolder than usual. Whether that is becoming more present, active and vocal in your personal relationships, or whether that is feeling the desire to stand for something in the world and to step into more of a leadership position - or both.

You will find your emotional fluency and your ability to have emotional leadership in a conversation is going to connect and magnetize you to the people and the places that are truly receptive to and appreciative of you. You and your language of emotion will be more understood, wanted and NEEDED at this time, as more and more people are trying to find balance and understanding about their own emerging sensitivity.

Psychic Elevation Turning Into Open Communication And Heart-Opening Meetings With Others

Many of you will identify with have a strong intuitive sense, but more and more people are going to be tapping into that sense around you.

There is a psychic elevation going on for many people right now, and it will most often show up in simple ways. For many of you, it will reveal itself as more confidence about what is underneath the story someone is telling you and what you feel they need, versus what they are saying. This can give you more confidence in communicating openly from your intuitive sense.

You will be surprised how quickly you feel to say what is in the air, but more importantly, how much relief the person who receives that communication from you will experience. Remember, you may be the emotional or intuitive leader of this conversation in that moment. Don’t be shy those of you who are feeling intuitive about something you want to say to another person. And of course, it goes without saying that those who DON’T want your information will tell you so, and you should trust them when they give you a clear ‘no’. But in general, more and more open, emotional and intuitive conversations will be taking place with those around you.

Self-Soothing (Due To The Speed Of Things) + Others Around You Needing To Be Soothed

Soothing and balancing ourselves whenever things feel too fast is going to become increasingly important in these intense energies.

If we don’t do this we may feel like we are walking into oncoming trucks, whether that manifests energetically as overwhelm, stress or a feeling of high-intensity in your body, or alternatively you may start manifesting physical stop signs, to shock you into the present. This can look like repetitive arguments, being in the wrong places at the wrong time, nothing flowing or things going wrong in your work or relationship endeavours. Step back, take a moment, catch up with yourself.

August is a good month to look at this need for soothing for yourself and develop a practice where you touch base with yourself and your feelings regularly, and track who you are and where you are on a daily basis. The more sensitive and open you are, the more this will be true for you.

Equally, if those around you aren’t self soothing they will be looking to others to soothe their emotional state and unconscious anxiety. So for the natural healers among you, be aware of how much of that you can take on from other people on a daily or weekly basis, and how much you need to look out for yourself and your own sense of balance and peace too.

The Spiritually Inclined Having More Trouble With Grounding During These Energies

The spiritually high among you and those more comfortable in the etheric might find the month of August really hard to ground into. The high frequency energies will be coming through in a very strong way. That can be wonderful when it is happening, it’s joyous and you are in the flow. Epiphanies, connections, creativity, opportunity, synchronicity and magical happenings are part of that wave. But it’s not as wonderful when the stop signs start happening, because you are higher than is best for your balance.

So if you are repetitively running into conflict energy that doesn’t make any sense, or people are pushing against you, or mad at you, just take a moment and go “Ok, maybe I am not quite in this grounded reality enough right now. I may need to go and be off by myself for a while and find a way to reset and ground myself on this plane some more.”

Energies are strong right now and as we begin this new chapter of the year from August through to 2019, it is really important to focus on how you take care of yourself, whether it’s self soothing or grounding into reality. If you do that, the rest of your visions will fall into place more effortlessly than you might realise is possible.

Take care everyone and see you next month!

Love Lee x



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