December 2010 Energy Forecast: Riding the Ascension Waves

December will be a month of serious energy surfing.

There are multiple energies now hitting the earth. This means enormous waves of light are running through humanity, and as touched on in the November Energy Forecast, this can have a few effects. It creates fast divisions in the self, where shadows or limits quickly rise to the surface for effortless release. Breathe and feel through these and they will move quickly, resist or fear them and the opposite happens.

Some of you this month will experience yourselves being suddenly 'stopped' while in mid-stream. At those moments, surrender to the ‘stop’ and take in the view. It won't last long; it will ALWAYS be happening for beneficial reasons to your path and you will soon be back on your way.

This new energy of light will also strongly affect relationships this month. It can create temporary divisions or fractures as people are being pushed back inside their own feelings and/or their own wounds very quickly when they come off centre. This allows an almighty release of pain and struggle in some and means communication breakdowns or misunderstandings will be common. Some may take sudden yet temporary breaks in friendships or partnerships that will quickly resolve, in some cases overnight.

The big release themes this month will be Internal Struggle and Self-Judgment. Judgment will be big in world consciousness as much as the personal. So, political judgments, community and cultural judgments will rise to the surface. As a result many of you will have moments of fear activated by others. Stay centered in your vibration without getting drawn into the fight of others. In most cases, you will quickly realize that there is no 'outer' judge, only an inner one, and that all is calm however it might look in the moment.

And if you get caught-up in believing the judgment someone else seems to be aiming or throwing at you, ask yourself why on earth you believe them? What part of you believes the supposed judgment? To get activated, a part of you has to agree to what you are being accused of. This release of your inner judge is the opportunity for emotional healing. Be aware of the associated side affects including regret, remorse and guilt. If you feel any of those, again, just breathe them through and out for they are leaving you.

Why is the energy so strong this month? Because we’re standing at the gateway of 2012. The highly sensitive among you will notice the air and energy of our sky has changed in frequency. It is paper thin in terms of energetics, and wider consciousness is available to us as a result. Therefore, this will be a GREAT month for channeling and energetic work for those of you who feel steady in yourselves and less in 'release' mode.

March of 2011 will be en enormous turning point on the journey to 2012, and a mass awakening will occur in that month at a whole new level. The energy is already heating up as we get closer and December gives us the first glimmers of that energy, especially between the 15th and 21st.

During this period many of you will notice, if not sooner, a sudden ease in how much you can accomplish with new levels of seemingly endless energy. But caution - all wise surfers take breaks! If you ride the waves for 72 hours non-stop you soon fall with no energy to swim or stay afloat.

Stay conscious of how you want to use this energy running through you. There will be some incredible opportunities coming your way in December and a great freedom of choice not present in recent years. Remember to ask if you’re getting caught up in the current collective busyness of doing instead of consciously experiencing your own soul? It is an important differentiation and not always easy to see.

If you find yourself 'flying' this month with energy and adrenalin surges, take short breaks here and there. They need only be short, but breaks are vital for grounding this new and continuous flow of energy many of you are now stabilizing and to avoid an unnecessary crash. That was the old way.

Enjoy yourself and each other this month as everything no longer matching your energetic vibration gets pushed aside and flushed out so you can continue to access more of your greater self which is peace and harmony - two qualities that will come in great waves for those who surf wisely.

Have a wonderful month everyone!

In love and peace



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