December 2011 Energy Forecast: 2012 and Gratitude

As we enter the final month of 2011, the year of 2012 and all it symbolises edges closer to our reality. 2012 - a new beginning, and the centre year of a turning point in both consciousness and reality.

In tandem with the approach of 2012, an energy theme of beginnings and endings, death and birth is around us now more than ever. This is because a cleansing continues in our human psyches and emotions. This cleanse is in direct response to our planetary change and the Earth shifts we are in.

 So whether you are experiencing the death energy through the loss or serious illness of loved ones, or are meeting places in your relationships where you can't connect any more in the same way as you did, know that this is the wave we are dealing with right now. It's a wave we can surrender to, or resist. Surrender to the discomfort will move it through us faster every time, whereas resisting can make the emotions compact and twist in us.

 As part of this wave, in personal relationships, anger and un-met expectations are rising to the surface for many. You may be changing the way you see someone or how you see your relationships in general. This is all a natural growing process, but can cause some to want to fight over what is occurring rather than just allowing nature to run its course. Right and wrong is always a subjective discussion, and fighting is debilitating at the best of times. But December is not a month to rise to conflict with anything or anyone. Energies are chaotic and rationale is not high in people who are emotionally activated, so any fights you enter into could be messier than you expect. And there will be invitations to conflict, so be aware of your choices before you act or communicate.

Any fighting in relationships right now is a response to the stress and challenge of our current time, and speaks of difficult inner feelings being thrown around in an attempt to find resolution. Conflict is born of an impulse or idea that through fight, difficult feelings may go away. As a worldwide tsunami of old and past emotions continues to come up and out for many, the mind cannot make sense of this release process fast enough, which is why the words many say right now will not always be logical.

If you find yourself in a fight, being alone with your feelings when they are strong in you, or moving the body/breath is a way to allow the release to happen without ricocheting your emotions with and through others. This ricocheting is popular in fighting, although the initial release it gives doesn't last.

Spiritual and meditative practise, whatever that may be for you, will be the way to move beyond the growing noise and tension in humanity and those around you while this transition/cleanse continues to move through us as a people.

December, particularly from the 10th onwards, will see us blow through a great deal of this death energy (which intensified around the 11.11.11 date). In the 2nd half of the month, a focus on gratitude for life will begin for many of us, at all-new levels. And in counterbalance of the frictional energy in some personal relationships, a great deal of appreciation for and sharing with others will colour many of your lives

As and where you can, be grateful simply to be alive, or for the relationships you have known or now know. This is important for the next levels of ascension available in December. Communicating how much or why you love another person will be high on the agenda for many of you, and this wave of loving communication will ease anxiety for many and promote togetherness.

Many of you will have been experiencing this way of being for the past few years, but December brings a stronger energy to gratitude and appreciation, which will see us reaching new heights of it. This is also highlighted by struggles we are seeing around us, allowing us to be grateful for what we do have, while we observe what we used to have or be, in flux or change.

The energy of gratitude will be a powerful one to harness and play with if you choose to focus it, and will allow the greatest experiences of opening and possibility this month.

If you are not in a grateful place because you are struggling, then first focus on a daily practise of seeing what you are grateful for each day, however small, but also allow yourself to be in struggle if that's where you find yourself to be. Do not judge yourself for it, or deny any emotions or expressions that arise because of it. Be kinder and love yourself through it. Remember, these challenging times are happening for everyone in one way or another, and even those doing well in their own internal balance are adjusting and adapting constantly in order to stay centred.

We in the west, with our privileged life compared to so many, can sometimes forget the simple gratitude for having food and shelter when others around the world have none. We are in a time of waking up to a new world consciousness right now. The realisation is that our world of nature will not be endlessly plentiful without our tending to it and becoming more conscious of what it needs now and in the future. This outlook is occurring in and for everyone at different levels, and as a result, future years will involve more positive community action and support of each other.

As a result of our looming future, old memories and beliefs are currently getting melted down in us so we can create space for a new outlook. Within all these changes, we are attempting to balance ourselves in our everyday grounded reality and continue to 'keep going'. This takes a lot of energy and many of you will be finding your normal functioning or old ways difficult to keep up with at times. So don't worry about this - you are quite on track with what everyone else is experiencing.

So do as much as you are able and want to, but know your limits and the places where you need to rest and be clear about those places for yourself. You are as important as everyone else.

December will hold a strong energy of health change for many of you, where you will find it easier to desire and achieve a better health for yourself than in previous months. You will choose and want to listen to your body and it's needs for well being more than ever before and December will support that call, as a wave of universal agreement toward health evolution starts to grow among people. December begins many months of this focus on health.

The first few months of 2012 will be very strong months of both steady and sudden changes, and set us up for a few years on Earth that will be quite different in focus and experience.

So slowly but surely, and in preparation, the preciousness of life is being remembered and celebrated worldwide. You are a part of this movement and as old memories come up for release, give them their necessary moment. Give yourself the time to reflect and observe. 

Reflection and stepping back is important in these times of 'doing', and will create balance for you personally and universally.

Finally, be careful of over-stimulation this month. The chaotic nature of a worldwide emotional cleanse will not bode well for those of you who are running too fast to reconnect to centre at least daily. The momentum is there for you to either join or observe. Just know that joining it externally (interactions with others that are continually tense, for example) will prove too much for the sensitivity in most of you.

So if you have felt fast or over-stimulated for a while, try slowing and see which different views you get to see as a result. Taking a month like this to regularly find your centre, or slow down is very supported as December wants to bring nurture.

So if you can't easily slow down, take regular daily moments of observation of the world and people around you, for that is where the great gratitude, and the stillness, will be found. 

And it wants to be found, so seek...

In love and in gratitude to all of you.





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