February 2011 Energy Forecast: The Storms and the Gifts

This month will not be about whether or not change occurs in your life. That much is a given in these times. It will be about how you navigate the change that comes. This will be the key to forward rather than sideways movement in February.

We are driven by our 'societal mind' to be always moving forward, and yet the teachings of spirit remind us to slow down, be and smell the roses. So sideways movement holds its value at the right times in our life. Sideways movement can be a good rest from doing, or a chance to get sure about the steps you are taking.
But this month, sideways will feel tiring to many of you and like you are stuck in mud. Forward movement or being in stillness will be the best places to hang out in the month of February. So if you feel stuck, frustrated, or like you can't move forward, just stop completely for a while. That will be the way to regain momentum, clarity and peace.It will be VERY easy to be busy this month. Have you noticed how much more diligent you are needing to be about slowing down and taking time for you? The world is continuing to increase its speed, so we must continue to stay aware of that increase and not get swept up in the speed. As it is a collective phenomenon, and so it is subtle to see at times.

This month, if you find yourself being overly busy, recognise that a new wave of opportunity and options for you are hidden in that very busyness. So if you simply step back from your busyness a little, you will see ways to compress time and/or let go of some of your 'doings'. Leaving you working smarter rather than harder. Doing less, but more effectively. Smelling the roses along the way. In the January forecast I touched on the changes in personal relationships that you would be experiencing last month. This will continue in a more developed fashion in February.

And this makes logical sense. For when you remember that we are all being asked to change rapidly (inside or outside ourselves), it is natural that our relationships too will revolve, change, and grow. This is all perfect on the soul levels, but depending on how much human emotional or energetic 'clutter' people need to clear out, conflicts will arise for some of you, and often seemingly from nowhere. Be clear, this conflict will mostly be coming at you from outside and not inside you. However, if you are tired, over-busy and thus not fully conscious, you may find yourself reactive or defensive to your 'accusers' when they come at you with conflict.

Therefore, the key relationship challenges this month will be invitations to aggression and drama. So stay centred when tempted into the drama or the aggression you are invited to by others in your life. It will not be conscious in most cases. It is just that peoples 'stuff' (anger, resentment, exhaustion and confusion) is literally coming up and out of them. And whoever is standing in front of them at key moments of release will be the ones in the line of fire, so to speak. So it will help them and you to not get caught up in or feed the conflict by staying calm in the face of these eruptions. As I write this, I am told this is an important message for all of us. There will be moments where you may suddenly find yourself on the receiving end of someone's wrath. If that happens, breathe, don't take it personally, and remember silence is golden.

Remember that you do not need a storm this month. You need calm, clarity and awareness to keep you moving forward and staying centred, so nurture yourself in ways that support those states. Take nature walks, good conversation with soul friends, nurturing and moving the physical body will all help you stay clear. As a result of this stormy energy front in our collective, 'steadying forces' will be in high demand this month, and a great many of you will be that role for others.

But this will only be achievable and desirable for you as a role, if you take the time you need for you and your life in amidst being that support. For some of the rest of you, who feel your own life is a storm right now, you will need to just attend to sorting out your own details and staying as quiet as you can. And for those of you whose pattern is to give all your energy away to others and forget to look after yourself, you will manifest some almighty wake up calls in energies such as these, so be aware of the above and practise self-nurture.

So for all of us, commit to loving you FIRST this month and then the rest will all take care of itself.Many of you will literally have experiences of 'growing up' this month. Growing into your true authentic power as yourself, maintaining your focus on your purpose, and giving yourself to your desires. This shift will bring up some old mental thoughts to be cleared, plus family dynamics for some of you. As you will be shifting the balance of energy in your family relationships literally, or simply inside yourself without literal contact or communication with family. Whenever you shift a dynamic in yourself, those around you have an opportunity to also shift or resist. Hence the storm energy to stay mindful of – the storm is emotional release meeting with mental resistance.Storms aside, know too that February will be a very GIFTED month.

Many of you will experience new gifts in yourself, give gifts to others or be on the receiving end of gifts from people. The key energetic gifts of February will be a significant elevation of your trust in yourself. And your trust in what you are doing and choosing in your life right now. Enjoy and trust it, as this elevation will bring extraordinary movements forward in your work, personal relationships and your love of life. Recognise when these things are happening, and have gratitude and celebration for them, as that will add to the joy and strength of it all.There is as an enormous abundance of light hitting the planet now. Yes, the shadows will rise as a result as we know, but you know how to handle this now and how to keep your centre. And the tests will be small for those of you willing to trust your own inner knowing over the opinions of others.

In keeping with the 'gift' energy, this will be a very good month for focusing on your material needs. There is going to be an energy of abundance and receiving flooding in during February, which means that intentions focused on your material needs will be greatly powered. Remember that money is just a means to an end, and it is stronger to focus on what you want to bring to yourself rather than the money required to bring it to you. So for example, if you need a new computer, focus on bringing that to you rather than the money. As you may just receive it as a gift from a friend instead. Prepare to be surprised.....

If you want to practise working with this abundant energy, make a list right now of a few things you would like to bring to yourself in February. Material or otherwise. 3 items should be enough, to keep things clear and simple. Then leave the rest to your universal magic :-)Stay safe, self-loved and calm out there everyone.

Much love to all.

Affirmation for February

I am beyond words, beyond mind, beyond universal doubt and fear.
I am soul truth.
I am free. I am free in creation to be a creator and I choose to create love.
I choose to be love.
I choose to be kind to myself. Kinder to myself than I have ever been.
Kindness is life force energy. I give myself kindness.
I give myself to life.



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