January Electrics

January will be a month of electricity, and those experiencing the blues right now will find them short-lived as the energy will be changing every two to three days if not faster.

January is about forward momentum. While some are poised to take their next big steps in life, others are still clearing their pathways, but keep in mind this lightning energy is very fast, and on practical levels, faster than we’ve been accustomed to.

If you find yourself resistant, or unwilling to increase your commitments, I suggest ‘committing gently and from a well-considered place’ rather than committing ‘strongly and often’. Allow yourself to slowly increase and rebalance your rate of output in love, work, strength, and in the leadership you offer yourself and others.

Some may literally experience trouble with electronics this month. As we reboot ourselves in preparation of 2010, our frequencies become more electric and it is possible our electronics might malfunction in reflection. If that is the case, leave it and do something else. Use the time to surrender to rather than fight technology. The next day you might be surprised to find your computer works fine.

So why is there an energy of lightning in January? Because we are hitting the ground running. 2009 brought many to their knees. Tough energies like deflation, depression, grief, apathy, hopelessness and exhaustion were the difficult experiences people circled in and out of last year. Each time an old pain or old heartbreak came up, it only felt worse because we are feeling more than ever before exactly because of the spiritual opening. Personal heartbreaks were at an all time high in 2009. These were simply by-products of a series of intense and lightning fast heart openings on Earth.

It was not a difficult year for everyone. For the minority, 2009 was a wonderful year. Major experiences took some to new levels while others became happy hermits and took time off from the world spending their time feeling, experiencing and being like never before - walking into new states of awakening, power, freedom, enlightenment and fearlessness as a result.
A few of you have been experiencing a nervousness and a sense that ‘something is coming’ in these first few days of January. Something feels very different to you. You are right. The energy of 2010 is highly strong and started to arrive with an energetic bang on December 31st. Lightning is in the air and you can feel it.

The end of December 2009 and the first one to two weeks of January will see many coughing up their last hairballs (!) Hairballs are aspects you have, until now, swallowed. This might be representative of words left unspoken, work or dues undertaken that no longer feel right for you, or just the final resolution of feelings to mark the end of the 2009 experience.

All will get released with lightning speed during these first two weeks either with a jolt from the sky (!), from someone in your life or from a physical impulse. It will be helpful to keep your feet on the ground, commit to physical exercise, spend time in nature, and enjoy laugher and fun with friends. This will help keep everything smooth and SUPPORTED as you make your way through January.

For those who are done clearing out 2009, roll up your ‘happy worker’ sleeves as it is time to get on with some new things! A large group reading this are so very ready for action. You are the ones who have been sitting in the metaphoric waiting room for months and years. You will be leading the relay race this month, forging ahead while a few brothers and sisters in the group rearrange or refine their action plans. It will scare you at times as you find your own inner leader in a new way. It is like being given an unlimited paint box and multiple canvases and not knowing where to start. But begin and you’ll surprise yourself at what you achieve.

If the previous paragraph speaks to you, stay focused on your joy as you work and the lightning energy will accelerate the speed of accomplishment, especially those of you in organisational roles. However, immediately let go of anything that feels blocked. Step back a day or two and do something where the energy ‘is’ flowing and working. Stay aware of the team you are working with as well, whether in work or life. You will have multiple networking opportunities in January and many will make new and powerful personal and work connections this month. In fact, some of these pivotal players will be present for the next six to twelve months of your journey.
January is the month many of you will start to see the hard work of the 2009 Boot Camp paying off!

So spiritually and practically, be ELECTRIC in your decision-making. Decide from the heart. You will surprise yourself quite how quickly you resolve the unresolved and commit to new things and relationships this month. This is the lightning energy at work.

So be aware of it, stay grounded, get out and have some fun and do not hold your golf club up to the sky. Trust me, the lightning will find you anyway!

Stay safe and happy people. We are on our way into 2010.....

Much love



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