June 2011 Energy Forecast: The Revolution Spark Marches Forth

How are you seeing your future?
What are you wanting to see in your future?
Are you visioning or feeling into your future possibilities as much as you are reviewing or remembering your past experiences?

This focus on forward intent is a good awareness to encourage in yourself during June, and not just because this month sees a lunar eclipse and the summer solstice (a great time and energy support to setting future intentions).
But due to all the release, change and shift that is continually going on in our world at accelerated levels, there are enormous spaces in which to create the 'new' in the now. And traditionally, looking to the future can help us to rebalance and reside in the now if a lot of time is spent looking at the past. This brings more balance to our very 'past' weighted societal minds.

Holding vision, desire and intention for your future is a very powerful act. Rather than being overly attached to how or when an outcome will arrive, if you are relaxed about it and see it as the game it is, your own personal magic will start to develop quickly through using intentions. And this month is the brightest of 2011 so far this year in terms of manifesting and using your personal magic to create what you want for yourself and for your world.

So, given all the release recently, how are you doing with your own personal shift?  Have you noticed how different you are now, to how you were a year ago?  Or even just a month ago?

I am told by the Z's (those that I channel and communicate with) that 2011 will come to be seen as divided in half energetically, and that the two halves will be markedly different.
June is the 6th month of the year and will energetically for us represent a closure on a specific phase of the year. July is when a whole new wave of energy begins for us personally and as a world society. And they say that if the first half of the year felt fast to you, prepare for the second half of the year to be fast, fast, fast!

If that seems impossible to imagine (as this year may have already felt like a speeding train to you), or if the idea of 'fast, fast, fast' just makes you feel exhausted, know that you are not resting enough and you need to focus on rest NOW. So take a day or a few off, build more hours into your day where you just get to sit and be with or by yourself (if taking days off are not possible) and look after yourself better. Feeling exhaustion as a response to that sentence is a sure sign you need to stop and rest to catch up with all that has happened to you recently. Remember that sitting and watching the speed of things can be as, and is often even more pleasurable, than diving in and swimming with it.

So as we approach the end of the first half of 2011, take a moment to sit with how you would like your world, your life and your feelings to be in 2011 'Part 2'. You may wish to intend aloud, or write a few sentences down here.

How would you like your spirit to feel in the second half of the year?
What would you like to see happen in your world?
What balance or changes would you like to see happen for the planet, you and its people?

This is a great month for intentions, every day, so give yourself the gift of that. Intentions, and the energy of stating them, creates new life and possibilities alongside generating gratitude for what you already have in life. So give yourself time to do this and it will also be a gift to our rapidly changing world if you choose to look ahead more.

In energy terms, June will be a month of recovery and consolidation for many. Any ongoing life themes/events of the last few months will start to resolve, change or draw to a close. This month will also put the pressure on you to change or finalise anything you've been resisting. Actions will happen around you to force your hand if there is a change for your highest good that needs to happen. So don't resist the flow and remember to keep adapting with the changes.

Some of you will have felt recently (or will soon feel) that these shifts are like experiencing a physical birth – a sudden or long labour process of rebirthing yourself. Many of you will already have felt this energy of birth and intensity these past couple of weeks, and those with higher sensitivities are currently having strong physical reactions to the heart opening/release catalyst energies around right now. Joy and Desire/Passion are the high-end experiences of this birthing, with the continuing 2011 themes of Anxiety, Worry and Exhaustion, being the labour pains along the way.

Physical symptoms are being experienced around the head, heart and stomach for those of you shifting your energy into a different or wider place around your heart, your visionary abilities and emotional relationships with others. So headaches, heart flutters/shifts, and digestive problems will be a common experience for a while as these physical shifts settle within you.

You will notice a circular energy at work too in June. You may find yourself having to repeat yourself to others, or retaking actions you thought you had already completed. This will be one of the ways you will know you're on track with all that's going on energetically as this is the resolution energy I spoke of earlier - tying up the past 6 months and prior. This circular energy may also show up in you via surprisingly compulsive or circular behaviours and thought patterns at times.

So if you find yourself obsessively worrying or repeatedly going over something in your head, breathe, let it go, focus on something else mentally or meditate on the emotion or on stillness for a while to shift the pattern.

Finally, the revolution spark will be strong in June. Revolutions are sparking around the world in individuals and communities, and this comes from an increase in fire and personal responsibility within people. Fire was a big theme in May, and with all of the burning and release it invoked energetically, now in June, your inner fires will be re-ignited.
So invite yourself to your own personal revolution in June. Go beyond what even you thought was possible. Invite a revolution around your creativity, your love-life, your consciousness, your relationship with your body. Wherever you focus intent on a revolutionary change this month, it will be supported. And don't be shy or limit what you feel you can achieve. This is an old human habit that this generation are slowly evolving.

We are capable of so much more than we dare to remember. Remember that, if nothing else. :-)
So this June, intend for your life and let that revolutionary spark take charge of you. The body knows exactly what we want and how to walk toward it. The gift of awakening is that once you clear through enough mental control and bodily fear, the body starts to move freely again, just as young kids do.

So, are you ready to play?
Because no one is stopping you.
Apart from yourself.

As you read my line 'are you ready to play' does your spirit lift and feel ready to play?
Or do emotions and thoughts come in that stop you from playing?
If so, these are the energies you are clearing out to create a space where your revolution spark can grow. It may help to investigate these energies by writing a few of them down so you can fully see and be clear on what you are moving through.

Awareness always speeds the process of transformation....and then you get to play again.

Life can bloom into a beautiful experience when we allow and encourage it to.

I wish you all bloom, and revolutionary sparks for this month.

In peace and in love to all



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