March 2011 Energy Forecast: Triumph born of Surrender

The strongest energy in March will be breakthrough.

If you are ready for a breakthrough, or you have been waiting for a break in life for a long time, be open for one this month. Even as you read this, declare aloud that you are open for your breakthrough if you feel the need for one.

And the breaks will come in different ways. Those of you who have been working away developing plans and/or yourselves, will have the miraculous simply come and find you this month. Effortless gifts will arrive that will feel easy to receive, which in itself will be a new thing for many of you. Others will have major breakthroughs to do with your freedom (relationships and home/locations) and abundance (increased finances or a new appreciation for how good you already have it in your life).

Those of you who have felt sluggish since the new year began, prepare to drive forward and go for it now, as March will bring the energy to walk towards your desires. So whatever you choose to do in March that feels bold or different for you, do it with confidence and trust as there will be enormous support for your efforts if you do.

Triumph born of surrender was the title that came through for this forecast and I now understand why. The energy of triumph will be strong in March, and many of you will experience triumph in your lives at least once, if not multiple times this month. The triumph may come through physical events and happenings. It may be internal - a new sense of knowing and feeling your place in the world after a long period of feeling uncertain or drifting. Whichever way that this sense of triumph comes to you, know that it will be a strong wave among many people.

March will also see an energy of Celebration moving through people and it will be contagious if you allow yourself to open to it. If you catch yourselves feeling envious of a celebration close to you, or feel that you can't join in with it because it is not ‘yours’, remember that this belief is just a myth. If celebration is happening for the person next to you, then that energy is NEXT to you. That's how close it is in your life.

So embrace it and celebrate with your friend or colleague. You will feel better for doing so, it will be a great energy to share with others, and the world greatly needs this amplified feeling at the moment. It will help fuel a brighter future and balance so much of what is going on in the more troubled areas of the world and peoples' lives.

The trouble we are witnessing is to be expected. The first big portal of greater energetic light coming to our planet this year (of 3 we will see in 2011) will occur this month, and will be felt most strongly between March the 15th and 22nd. This light wave will nourish many, hence the celebration and triumph. But as with the suns rays, it will have the ability to burn some others. This is the way on our planet of polarity.

Those who are burnt by this light will find themselves first in surrender to dissolution in their physical lives. You will see some around you (or may find yourselves) dissolving and burning through parts of their/your present selves/lives so that they/you can move into what is needed next. The burning will involve letting go of the past, certain people, and old beliefs in order to reach your triumph in the new (and next) place you will arrive in soon.

So memories from the past will feature heavily for some of you during March. This letting go of physical belongings and places allows you to move further out of the old illusion of belonging to places and things. And deeper into the self-knowing of belonging to you, and that life is an energy journey. This is a truth we have lost our connection to in society, yet it is a truth that is now returning at great speed.

The more you can surrender to this burning (if you find yourself in this place), the faster triumph will follow, so breathe through it, get support if you feel a need and be good to yourself. Or if those around you are going through it, holding a knowing for them that they will be ok and come through the other side will help them to stabilize faster.

As a result of these extremes of triumph and dissolution moving through people, it won't always be an easy month for sensitives or empaths (those who feel the emotions of others strongly). Energies in people will be extreme, and emotions will often be explosive, the most explosive we have seen so far this year. As mentioned in February, most people in this mode of explosive release won’t be conscious of what is coming off and out of them.

So, good boundaries, self-nurture and well chosen people and places will need to be employed for the highly sensitive among you. And these practises will build your boundaries for the future as much as the present, so are practises well employed in general. Those of you with pets will notice they will be particularly unsettled this month, and behave erratically in response to the polar-shift energies flying around. As they are free of language and the complications of the human mind, they are far more empathic than most humans where energy is concerned, so this is also why they will be more unsettled than usual. 

For around 30% of you, sudden and sharp changes to your plans will happen in March. As and when they happen, they will seem to greatly alter the course of things and in the worst cases, drastically disturb your plans. And they shall do this for good reason. For you will later realise that your plans for the next 3-6 months needed to be readdressed and 'upgraded', and it will only be hindsight that will help you see why. So trust that whatever curve balls come your way, they are leading you to better and easier options for you and your life.

Don't doubt yourselves, your plan making abilities or your future lives if this happens for you. Remember that the ground beneath our feet as a planet is literally shifting, and as below, so above. So in response to the Earth shift, things on the surface are in fast change mode. You only need to look at what is occurring around the world to see evidence of this.

So any plans made too far in advance during the first half of this year will have trouble sticking. And the long term planners among you will have many rearrangements to make if you book yourselves up too far in advance. As a general rule, working on the next 3 months ahead as a maximum will make for the easiest way of living right now.

Unless things are really the perfect fit for you and your life, they will drop away, and this is a theme that will only get stronger as we go through the year. Some of you will be in the early stages of this new experience in March, and so may find yourselves feeling empty, frustrated, and disorientated for a few days as each of these changes/dropping away moments occur. But trust, as it really will be for your benefit that these seeming losses or changes are happening.

Around us we will continue to see turmoil in society (as we have been this month). This is the breakdown required for the breakthrough at collective levels, although as humans going through this journey it can be frightening and sad to observe and intense for the whole world to experience. Things will slightly worsen during March but not dramatically so, and in April an energy of new beginning will start to occur in the areas that have been most recently hit by destruction. It will pass, so send thoughts and feelings for peace and resolution.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that we who are fortunate enough not to be in the middle of a war zone right now, do what we feel we can to help (if that is your path of choice), but also keep on focusing on positive thoughts, feelings and creations as much as possible. It will be the remedy for the waves of change moving through us as a world and will also be the key to helping vibrationally ground the shift being experienced by our planet and its people right now.

So remember to laugh, love and live to the fullest wherever you can. I often say to clients and seminar attendees, if we all had 3 weeks left to live, we would do things very differently in the now. Initially, that makes people laugh (a good release, and it's funny because it's true), but it's a powerful way to bring yourself back to what is truly important.

So hold that idea in you for a few seconds this month if you feel there ‘isn’t time’ or you cannot feel gratitude for what you have. Ask yourself what you need to do differently to feel different about your life, and then one day at a time, step by step, make those changes. As one of my gorgeous nieces so wisely says, ‘You can’t rewind your life’.

You can’t rewind your life OR your day, so make sure you experience some love and some good within it. That after all, is why we're here. 
Love is contagious, and you can help spread it by being in it yourself and sharing it as you choose to.

Triumph born of surrender.
Love born of focus.

In peace and in love to all of you



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