March 2012 Energy Forecast – Lead, Nurture, Love

My aim for these energy forecasts is to publish them online by the 5th of each month. As I sat at my laptop over the last 3 days to see if it would come through me, “No. Rest” was the instruction I repeatedly heard. I was happy to follow that instruction, and yet another part of me noticed my awareness of those who might be waiting for this forecast, and felt a slight pull in your direction.

Hence one of the first big themes of March – Who comes first? You or those you are in relationship with and to? March will see you needing to ask yourself this question many times. Can you trust that what is right for you is also absolutely perfect for those around you?

March is about fostering self-leadership, self-love and self-nurture. The outcome of focusing on these areas in yourself will be offering better love, nurture and leadership to others. Can you allow yourself to lead, regardless of whether others follow?

We live as a tribe who are in response to each other as much as to our own inner impulses. We stop ourselves saying something because of fear of what others may feel in response to our words. We stop ourselves acting for fear our actions could cause upset, or draw the judgement of others.

So who is leading the transformation of our world if this is how we behave? Who is leading us into a new way of being if we and our friends are playing an old 'game of safety' in our relationships? This game of safety is quite different to having compassion for one another. You can still be in compassion for another even as you lead you and your partner out of this game and into new, more authentic words and actions. There are times when the 'game of safety' may work beautifully for you, and there are times where it will be too tight a fit for who you are becoming.

March is going to bring this 'game' strongly to your attention. March asks you to live and love boldly, rather than safely. The challenge will be to become aware of which mode you are in and when. This 'game of safety' works like a hidden script in us – it is strong within the human psyche, emotions and genetic body. We are being asked to now see and then let go of this programming, at deeper levels than before.

It takes energy to get used to first seeing, and then making these changes. It can bring shock when you have a revelation about yourself and/or your relationships. This shock then requires some emotional adjustment time before action can occur. This will be the dance of March, and as a result, a strong tiredness will come over you at times. This tiredness will have been a feature at times in recent weeks, like a sudden wave. This will continue to be a factor for many into early April, although with less of the viral and physical illnesses that have been a catalyst of that tiredness ('energy adjustment') these past 8 weeks.

These are demanding times energetically, even with all the highs and states of revelation you may be experiencing. So respect your needs to rest and if you suddenly feel tired, don't worry or try to speed yourself up, but instead listen to your body and slow down or stop in these moments. '2012 fatigue' will be mighty at times.

There are several other factors creating the tiredness – solar flare activity and our astrological position as a planet being a strong component. The Galactic alignment of 2012 only happens once every 26,000 years. So our bodies and their memory codes are going through a rapid shift, as it has been a long time on Earth since our ancestral genetic bodies have undergone such influences. The 'consciousness body' within each of us is waking up fast in order to greet the changes. This brings with it a collective lifting of denial and suppression in our world, and as a result, a great rise in power will follow, personally and collectively.

There are many aspects to this 'transformation of consciousness' (of which 2012 is the axis point), and we are being bombarded with information as a result. Where is your focus? Whether you have been focused on predictions around the end of the Mayan Calendar, alarmed by yet another war taking place, coming to terms with how many ecological crises there currently are, or dealing with the grief of your friend who has just lost her husband to cancer, the rising intensity can't be escaped by any of us.

Yet the truth is, the experience of such intensity can bring us back to greater peace, by rapidly waking us up, faster than ever before, and this is what is occurring now. We are reminded that all we truly have is the moment and this is the place our focus needs to be. This can be an annoying statement to those used to living in the mind or mostly in the past and the future, and a confusing concept to those of us who were trained not to live in the moment the older we became as children.

And yet the moment is the spine of life and the more you access it, the more it becomes the safest and truest place to be. How in the moment is your life allowing you to be right now? What would it take to stop you in your tracks and let you breathe the air, look at the trees, smile at a stranger, wonder at this physical body you have and this beautiful planet we are on? What would it take? If you have been running full speed for a while, expect it to take some weeks of gentle slowing down to ease you back into living more in the moment. But you will get there, if you start your journey now.

Whenever I speak about living in the moment, I often think of Mothers, and all that their daily lives involve. From my observation, mothers tend to be the busiest people on the planet. How do mothers live in the moment and take that time when they have so many dependants? (I’ve included some more detailed guidance for mothers at the end of the forecast)

Women and mothers are so important in this time of the emerging feminine on Earth. If our mothers are stressed and overtired, so too is our nurturing ability toward ourselves and the planet. We the people are a mirror of nature and currently, nature wants us to wake up and start treating her differently and nurturing her restoration. For she too is overworked, and straining for balance. She, our original mother.

We can address this imbalance in ourselves as humans, as well as directing our output toward positive solutions. Action and energetic focus combined are a beautiful combination and will give people the most 'alive' experience in the coming years. The grounded actions many of you will take in your work and your lives will move energy powerfully in our world, and create positive differences for people. The collective shift of the next 3- 4 years will be strong, fast, and it will feel good to be involved.

But there are many different human roles in this shift. There are those who will feel inclined to simply trust that 'all is well' and just to be in that space, meditating and holding that frequency for others and the planet purely through meditation and energy work. They have their role in the energy balancing, just as there are those of you who will have a more practical, action-based role to play. Trust where you find yourself to be on that spectrum and then work towards deepening and unfolding your strength and presence in that area.

After a period of lock down and an intense emotional clear out since mid January, the energy skies have opened up again for forward movement and calm, as of March 6th-8th. You will see experiences of 'charging ahead' and 'breaking loose' in the first 2 weeks, as a result of the space, so expect change to be happening, fast and more effortlessly than before. But a calm will be present, underlying the movement, felt by those of you attending to body balance.

Then after March 16th, a slowing down in changes will occur, in order for more intensity to be released from within, again creating space for change once more. This intensity will be emotionally felt within you, and many of you will go deep into your base chakra to clear out issues of either anger/frustration or primal fear. Power and dis-empowerment issues, and memory replay of dis-empowerment in relationships or power abuses will be a feature in this later part of the month.

Energy maintenance continues to be crucial for balance for all at these times - looking after your body with good nutrition and regular exercise/movement and getting regular alone/creative/meditative time. Tending to these needs will allow more joy and peace to be present for you than if you ignore these requirements of the soul and the body.

Regarding balance, a piece of advice I often give, is that if you are home and feeling off-centre but you don't know why, leave the house and take a brief walk around your block or surrounding areas. The illusion that the walls of our home create, is that we are 'alone' and disconnected from those living next door or around us. Yet this is not the truth, as energy is not held back by walls, so a lot of the time when off-centre, you are picking up on your neighbours and surrounding community energy. In these moments, taking a perimeter walk around your environment will give your body an 'energy sense' of what you are surrounded by. This can then alleviate the intensity you feel, through giving your senses the chance to walk through and thus better integrate the energy you are surrounded by.

Much love and peace to all of you


Affirmation for March:

I will love and nurture myself, body and soul.

I will honour and enjoy myself, body and soul.

I will love and remember those around me, for we are all brothers and sisters.

I will love and nurture my original mother, the Earth, just as she nurtures my life.

Message to Mothers:

Remember that as a mother, you can invite your kids to experience the moment with you. Do not separate your own spiritual awakening from them, even if they seem initially disinterested. Younger children will usually be keen to meditate, do yoga, sit in the garden, talk about feelings, intuition and the energy of things. Teenagers may seem less enthusiastic, but remember teenagers are also searching for deeper meaning, and dealing with the intensity of rising hormones. Offering them a chance to connect with these practises or discussions could seem initially less welcomed by them than by younger children, but you may be surprised how open they are.

So with your kids, let go of the usual routine for a while and look at life in a spiritual or intuitive way with them. Children are hungry for this right now and it will connect you more with them and yourself if you join with them in this.

I encourage you, as a possibly overworked mother, to find the balance for yourself amidst it all through delegation. If your family demands are too great for you to have space and time, then delegate and share the load with your partners, relatives, friends or your children. It need not all be on your shoulders, and if it is, then you need to allow more help.

Watch here Lee's video about this energy forecast.


COBALT 8th March 2012 3:01 pm

Love it!


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