November 2010 Energy Forecast: Wave Of Change

The world is dividing into two camps - those under the wave of change and those riding it. This month will see you falling very strongly into one or the other, and this will be a relief for you whichever side you land on.

Those of you choosing to go under the wave will drop a lot of baggage from the past more quickly and effortlessly than before, although some unexpected catalysts may be part of the experience. Those of you riding the wave will continue to feel the gratitude you have been accessing recently, simply for the gift of life, especially when seeing the struggles in the world and for your loved ones. Your compassion and heart energy will amplify for others and you will find yourselves helping out, being a shoulder or lending an ear. This will feel very good to many of you to offer that role, especially for those of you who have been hermit-like in recent years. This is your time to help those in the trenches and it will feel good to do so.

If you recognise yourself this month as being one 'under' the wave (having difficulties, dealing with challenging situations or relationships) then choose to focus your energy on letting go of whatever you are holding onto that is troubling you. That will be the way forward and back to centre and out of the 'frenzy' now rising in people and tempting to get caught up in.

You may say, “I don't know how to do that.” Remember, you are never too old to change an ingrained pattern. The power of your intention is far stronger than you were ever led to believe in times past. So let your intention start the work. Just hold an intention for release and the means and ways in which to facilitate that release can and will appear. Many times I have not known the 'how' but have just put a message out there inside myself (or said aloud to the universe) to bring about the change I seek, and it usually works fairly fast. So try it this month. Keep affirming your intention with openness to what will come and see what happens.

With strong internal energies running in people right now, this month will be a month of division. Dividing will be a big theme in relationships, inside the self for some, and noticing a division of experience between you and the person standing next to you. Those you are closely connected with (family and friends) may go through very different experiences of reality than you, and you will be in the orbit of their big changes.

This is a month of 'big news' and shock, not necessarily for most of you reading this, but for some around you.

This is serving as a continuing pressure on us to continue 'Letting Go'. Those riding the wave of change this month will be those of you who have gotten good at (or were always good at) the art of Letting Go. And it is an art. Letting go at deep levels is challenging and tricky for human beings unless they were raised to live by this universal truth. With this being the over-riding energy, why not, in this moment, send love to the loved ones (passed over or just 'past') who taught you about letting go.

So again, this month you are asked to practise simplicity amid all these goings on. Focus on the important things like love, family, and life connections. And creativity is at an all time high this year as the energies need to be expressed, so pick up that canvas, write that poem or make that documentary. You will breathe easier if you do.

And for those of you working on 'bigger' visions in your work or personal life, remember one day and one task at a time is still generally the way to go. Big energies are still not greatly supported at this time, but the details are. The need for this step-by-step process will continue until the end of the year, certainly until Mid- December.



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