October 2010 Energy Forecast: Wild and Crazy Energies

The energies this October will be wild. Wild and crazy.
Many of the energies and symptoms you’ve been experiencing will continue, but they will ramp up a little bit. It will get a little wilder and a little crazier.

This is because everything is stabilizing. I mentioned this last month. We’re going into a period where things are going to stabilize a bit more after a constant period of things being uprooted. This won’t be the experience for everyone, but for most of you, that is going to be where you begin to find yourselves.

Now, things stabilizing do not necessarily mean instant joy because things need to stabilize for a while for your trust to come back. If you’ve been dragged through hell and back the last year or two in your experience, it can traumatize the body. It can traumatize the emotional state. And as human beings, we run on patterns. So until the new pattern you are in stabilizes and allows you to feel settled for a while, it can be tough for you to actually re-access joy.

So those of you who feel like you’re making headway and making progress, but you’re a little baffled as to why you can’t feel more joy or more peace, just give yourself time and be patient. What you’re doing and moving towards right now will bring more joy and October is a key month for that.

October will be the deliverer of everything you think and perceive in an instant. So for example, if you aren’t feeling good about something, you will very quickly start to see things not going well in you world. And that’s not just to say you as the creator will consciously create that experience. It's more that your world has become a lot wider than you thought, and you are now able and capable of experiencing the full spectrum of emotions and experiences in a far bigger way than you ever were before.

This is because of two things. Number one because you’ve been opening and accelerating yourself for such a long time. Number two because we as a world are more supporting of this width and breadth of experience now.

So, the Law of Attraction principle – Focus on it and it will appear in front of you. I know that many of the Law of Attraction followers can get a little stuck with themselves when they start creating something that isn’t so good because they start blaming themselves or beating themselves up or thinking, “What am I doing wrong.” Remember it’s a yo-yo journey and every magician creates some spells along the way that don’t go so well in order to keep getting better at creating the good spells.

It’s the same with the Law of Attraction. Sometimes you’ll improve your ability to manifest and you’ll have incredible results and then you’ll have a period where if you’re still trying to manifest or still trying to create your reality in a different way, you’ll have a few down days or a few days where it’s not working so well because you need to catch up.

The other thing that’s really important is the Law of Attraction and the idea of bringing things to yourself – we live in such a consumer-based world in terms of the advertising we’re shown and they way we’ve been taught to live, particularly in the last two to three decades, and so therefore there is this constancy on speed. There is this constancy to keep moving.

You know, shops are open on Sundays now. You can internet shop at any hour of the day. If you go back twenty or thirty years ago that just wasn’t the reality. Sundays were usually a quiet day, people could not internet shop in the evening, cell phones were not around. Remembering this gives you a measure of the speed of the time that we live in now. So don’t apply the speed of the time we live in to your expectations around your manifesting ability.

There’s no point in constantly trying to create and manifest if you’re not experiencing what you’re manifesting and creating in the present. This is one of the places that many people become unstuck (or stuck). They want to keep creating and manifesting all the time, but they’re not stopping to absorb what it is they are creating and manifesting. The reason we are here is to absorb and experience as much as create. The less we absorb and experience the more our life will give us stop signs to try and help us experience.

So October will be a wild and crazy month. For those of you who really, really want to have a spiritual journey this month, hold your focus on joy as much as possible. Do know that that this will be a challenge. It will be a tricky thing to maintain. And so I will suggest you keep a journal if you want to focus on this. If you’re trying to take a journey with something or really make a change in your life, keeping a daily journal will help you stay on top of that. It will help you to experience yourself going through this journey because you’ll be able to focus through writing down what you’re experiencing, but you’ll also be able to reflect on what you’ve been experiencing as you write each day and that’s important.

Those of you who really want to run with this, use October as a wonderful manifesting
month. But just as a guideline, let’s just say ten of thirty days this month you manage to create something wonderful, remember that is pretty good going in these current shift times. Don’t expect that you should be able to do it for twenty days of the month. Because for most people at the moment, if they are consciously creating something ten days of the month, and then two-thirds of the month experiencing, that is a nice balance at this time to be achieving. And certainly that will be a balance that will be applicable until about the end of this year, at which point we can review it.

So, enjoy October but hold your focus. Really hold your focus on what you want to create because it will be a huge mirror month for all of you. What you feel inside will manifest quickly in front of you. And for those of you who didn’t necessarily relate to what I said about revisiting the past and reconnections, and the energies grief, birth and death in this month’s radio broadcast (see LINK at top of this post), you are going to go through those experience in the next few weeks. It will be a wave that hits you, so just stay curious, practise gratitude for what you have and look after yourselves.

And as ever, be very, very good to yourself.

With love



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