October 2011 Energy Forecast: Winds of Calm, Winds of Chaos, Winds of Change

October is an 'entry month' in energetic terms. This month we enter the year of 2012 energetically and thus an energy of new beginning will exist strongly and support new beginnings for many.

We tend to look at dates and times in linear terms as 21st century humans, which for scientific and mental purposes is a useful and appropriate 'measure'. But in terms of energy, this month begins the cycle of 2012, and a 15/16 month cycle of cleansing, renewal, transformation and power. As a result, these four words will be experienced this month in ever growing ways. Winds of calm and winds of change will sweep the earth and our lives, and renewal and transformation will be high on the agenda.

Extreme energies will once more be present in October, and this will show up globally and personally, though you will have the choice to engage those extremes or not. As an experience, this duality will rarely be as chaotic or grief stricken as it was in earlier months of this year when the extremes come in. The shifts of 2011 are ingrained in us now, and we have adjusted to them. So little can surprise at this point, even if you are still dealing with sweeping up the debris in your lives or unhappy with your current life situations.

This is why there will be surprises in store for all of us in October, as the Earth will be shifting once more, and this will change the game for all. And we will be asked to see our lives, our world and ourselves differently once again.

This change will be constant for the next couple of years, which is why ultimately it does not pay to panic about any particular details of change you see in the now. We are shifting our lives and our world over a longer period of time than the news, for example, would like you to believe. In terms of the news, there are so many more elements to this than a struggling economy, so to focus on one thing as a perceived armageddon loses the bigger picture. The bigger picture will be revealed over a series of years, and we will live through and deal with each new change and shift in awareness as it comes. Again, this is both personal and global.

But fear is still being processed through those who need to awaken to real life some more, and this is very true right now for those in perceived 'power' roles. Roles that their minds have allowed them to believe protects them from potential challenges or their simple human vulnerability. That which we all carry within us, and that being the underlying truth of our births, lives and deaths as humans.

In human terms and how this October energy will affect us, these winds of calm and change will show up strongly.

Many of you will use this month to stop and reset as much as possible. By hanging out in the 'calm' that will be available and through recognising that despite your external world, calm can and must be created personally. Creating calm and space for yourself will be so powerful in you then making a few positive changes to how you are doing things. Reflection is vital for change. If you want to consciously change patterns, experiences or relationships in your life, reflect on them a while and see what your awareness shows you. For example, if you are consistently in unhappy relationships, ask yourself what's your pattern that you can't let go of? Not with judgment, but with curiosity. For we are the one consistent force in our repetitive experiences, so to change these, look at what you are doing to create what it is that you don't want anymore. See it fully, to allow yourself to release it fully.

Our fast 'outer' world can leave little time for reflection and awareness, yet without these practises in October, winds of change will manifest as winds of chaos for some of you. Chaotic events and happenings will get you to 'stop'. If chaos is appearing, step back and see it like a wildfire. You may choose to run at it and into it, in order to burn off some more of your own emotional anchors and past experiences, but you can also choose to step back from it. Either choice is possible with awareness. Neither is wrong, but if you feel overwhelmed by chaos, ask yourself to stop for a while and step back. When you are physically ill, you step back from your world to heal and everyone understands and things change. You can do the same when you are energetically overwhelmed. We are just less programmed to allow ourselves this, so be your own guardian where that is concerned.

 Finally, great hope will appear this month. It will not appear in or for everyone, but a series of you who are beginning to 'see' a new future, and ways we can move forward as a people while supporting our planet and it's needs, are feeling a new charge inside you. The creator spark for new energies and technologies will amplify, because of our entering this new and rapid phase.

Trust the perfection in the timing of your creations. Some babies are born early, some late. Nature has a way, and is not separate from energetics in our world. The energies for birthing innovation will now get faster and faster, but as with an awakening human, it takes time to ground things so that they are ready to be physically on the Earth.

Trust the timing of what you are creating, and trust your visions. Many of you are now strong in vision at an all new level. Just because you can see new roads, it doesn't mean you must immediately run at them. By observing a little longer before setting off, you may find more desirable paths, so allow the timing to come through you, rather than trying to control or rush at it.

The new and old energies in human beings are still shifting over – a 'changing of the guard'. So as this happens, you will likely hit moments of inner conflict. Walking rather than running will be preferable to many during this phase, and will mean the difference between calm or chaotic change.

Be patient with yourselves and be kind to yourselves. It starts with you.

In love and in peace to all of you.





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