You are Love

When you are present, you are love, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You radiate love in the same way that a candle flame radiates light and it has nothing to do with who or what you love. Humanity has become hopelessly lost in love. We lose ourselves in the object of our love and in the process, we lose ourselves. We disconnect from the source of the love, which exists at the very center of our Being.

Then we feel a certain kind of emptiness, because we have moved away from the center. We are afraid of the emptiness, and so we relentlessly pursue love outside of ourselves. We want to be loved. We fall in love. We lose ourselves in the object of the love, which takes us further from the center. Eventually, we become so lost in the pursuit of love and all the hope, pain, fear and attachments associated with it, that we can no longer be present. And if we cannot be present, we cannot find our way back to the source of the love, which is at the very center within us.

The truth is that if you love anyone or anything, it simply means that you are love. The one you are loving in the moment might be lovable, but the source of the love is always within you. If another loves you, do not take it too personally. It simply means that the other is love. If I am present and I am love, and you are present and you are love, then why do I need you to love me? Why do you need me to love you? The truth is that we do not need to be loved, for if we are present, we are love. So let us hold hands, and gaze together upon this wondrous world with love.

Love everything. Love the dogs. Love the children. Love the trees. Love your wife or husband. But remember it is because you are love.

Leonard Jacobson


MoonStar 23rd March 2010 3:31 pm

Society and the media tell us to look outside ourselves for love, but as we extend it to others or to the world around us, we ARE love. It's such a relief knowing this to be true. We can never not BE what we already are... though we can easily forget.

Thanks for such an important message.

angelika 24th March 2010 10:36 am

I've oddly enough only recently really learnt to understand this, I mean reallllly understand it. Not just intellectually but deep within.
I discovered that each time I'm thinking about someone/thing else, worrying, wondering etc - that a part of myself, of my energy - is not with me, it's gone to the person or thing that I'm focusing on. Even though my thoughts are still 'taking over', having finally understood the signifance of the process helps me to change the direction of my thoughts more easily.
And I just love this article and others like it, they keep me on track ;)


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