A Special Gift from the Group to Celebrate the New Year

Greetings I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.

It does not take me that long to come in because I am here all the time. Once in a while he will step aside a little bit and I will sneak in whenever I can.  Greetings everybody. I am Elrah and you are not.

Love and Laughter Attract the Attention of Home

We are going to share about a special vibration on planet Earth—but it is not just planet Earth. It is all over the vibrations because there is a very unique part. You know, you have something on Earth you call Love and when you love somebody, it actually causes the attention from Home. Now many times you think, “My love is focused on this one person,” or “I am going to love this or that so much,” and your focus is so intense, that is all you see.

When you are vibrating like that, you are sending out a vibration which is vibrant and full of color and full of life and not only do people on Earth feel it, we feel it at Home. When you celebrate here on Earth, we come alive. We start to look and see where everything is and we harmonize with you and become the highest harmonic resonance we can be, because that is how we connect with you; that is how we work with your hearts.

It is easier to work with your hearts than your heads because your heads are always trying to think of something, always trying to validate yourselves and these strange human things. Well today, I am going to tell you more about it because you are starting to settle into a beautiful time of celebrations. This the end of your year and you have all your religious holidays and you have the new beginning of the next year and all of the celebrations of family coming together and all the rest of it.

What you do not know is that we celebrate you at Home. When you are lighting up and vibrating as high as you can vibrate, you are either in love or you are laughing—one of the two. When you laugh it is the language of angels so we all look so we can see exactly what they are doing because that is how we communicate with each other and that is the part you do not always see.

Circular Time: Grand Torus, all moving in Eleven Dimensions of Time

You see, you made it through the portal and we on this side of the veil celebrate that all the time because you were not originally supposed to make it. This was going to be the end of humanity. You ran your course, you have been here before, you know. This was not the first time humans have been on Earth, but this time, the bodies were perfected in a different way so that you could carry more of your own light.

This time, you worked in a different framework of the illusion of time and we put it into a circular time for you, so that you could see how things work. The fabric of time is always circular so wherever you imprint it on the line, it is always going to come around to you again and wherever it happens, you have an opportunity to perfect yourself. You say, “Oh, that slipped into the past. I had an opportunity to do something and now it is gone to the past.” No. You always have the opportunity because the time is circular. Your whole experience is wrapped up on the same fabric of time which keeps repeating itself.

That’s the reason you repeat things over and over again—especially energetic or emotional patterns that you are trying to work on. You will work on it, stamp the timeline as hard as you can with that emotion and then it will move around. If it is a wonderful emotion, it means that your path is clear for the future. It means you do not have anything to resolve and if you have a little problem or think there is something you cannot quite resolve, you still stamp the timeline with your confusion. What happens is that it starts to move into your past.

Now many of your healing modalities are meant to go back and clean up your past and clear some of those energies. A lot of what you can do can work to clear those energies on multiple levels so they clean up the stuff of the past. But what if you do not? What happens is that it simply comes around again and you end up repeating the same patterns hopefully making something different—making a little headway each time it comes around.

That is the basis of circular time, but it is much more than that, dear ones, because the whole thing is a grand torus, all moving at once in all eleven dimensions of time. The twelfth dimension is the higher self—the part that connects all of them together as one. Now you are starting to gain new relationships to your higher self because the veil is thinning and each of you are starting to see into the other dimensions of time and space. You are starting to feel things through the walls; you are starting to feel emotions. Now many of you have been challenged with this because you said, “Here we are moving into this new world that you keep telling us about and my world is junk. It is no good. It is terrible. I am all depressed and I cannot get anything done.

Time seems to be running away. What is my problem?” And you wonder because you thought you were going to step into heaven and everything was going to be perfect. No, dear ones. You wanted to step into another set of problems and that is exactly what you have done, but that is what gives you the basis because you are the ones that can solve the problems. By having this shift of energy, it is going to give you a whole new vision—a whole new view not only of your life but of your problems, of your circumstances and every other part of it.


Now there is something that every one of you can do every day that will gain all the energy of Home and that is to celebrate. That is all it takes. When you celebrate, you call the name of god. Anyway, it does not make any difference what you celebrate. You become the highest vibration that you can and these are the reasons that we tell you to celebrate.

Most of you have thought to honor your spirit you are going to have to get really quiet and go inside and pray and do all the things you do not know if you are doing right. Well, you never ask questions about celebrating, do you? You never ask if you are doing it right. You do not have to? You smile really big. That is the energy from Home implanted in the human and we are going to tell you something else, but I am going to let the Time Keeper come in because he keeps tapping me on the shoulder and I keep talking anyway.  But know that I love you and here is a really special Elrah smile. There you go.

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

Creating in a Harmonic Resonance

This day is so beautiful. Celebrate this day. Celebrate every day for that is the beauty of how you can set your energy in a brand new direction. Every moment is your creation. You keep looking for your path; you keep looking for the path of least resistance in all areas. “I know I set a path when I came here and all I am trying to do is find it. Can you tell me, am I on my path?” Those are the questions that we receive all the time, dear ones but no one can tell you if you are on your path because there is no path to follow.

That is a challenge for most of you because you have come into a world where you learned about the path and all you have to do is stay on the path and you will be wonderful. You will make it Home. Dear ones, the joke is on you. You have been creating the path just before your foot hits the ground. You are creators and you have been creating in a harmonic resonance. You have been creating as the collective of humanity and that creation is now going to get stronger for all of you.

You are seeing the collective wave of the energy of Earth. It will bring you many of the pieces that you have been missing whether they are in your scientific world, whether they are in your medicine world or whether they are in your heart or questions about your spirituality. Those questions that cannot be answered will certainly find answers within you. These will not be spoken out loud, but you will find your answers in your heart first and then you will look for the validation of them for that is what many of you do. 

Grounding the Light from Home

Dear ones, this is becoming incredibly beautiful from our side of the veil because what is happening is all of you are opening to your channels. Yes, we call them channels because the Keeper calls it a channel, but what if you do not channel in the way he does? All of you channel, dear ones, every one of you. You call it different things because you have different belief systems about it but we tell you, all creativity comes from the same place. The Keeper calls it a channel. The one over here calls it her song, one back here calls it another channel and let us see, one over here calls it her book. 

One over here is an artist that paints and one over here does it slightly differently through singing and music. It all comes from the same place. It is all energy from Home that you are channeling onto Earth and grounding into Earth. That will be the next challenge and the coming year will be all about grounding light. You will learn to ground your physical bodies in a different way because they need more of the physical grounding to hold that light and many of your systems that you have set up to understand and to treat each other and to work with each other will start to change ever-so-slightly. First, very smoothly because humans resist change. You must understand that. It is not wrong, it is simply that you move very slowly so that you do not have to take a step backward.

Dear ones, this is going to be a little different because it is going to be coming at you very quickly now and that is exactly what you all have asked for. You said, “Why do we have to wait any longer? Do we really need to slow down for everyone? Can we not change and all be in the light at the same time?” That is what is coming, dear ones, and you are all acclimating but not just in these rooms. Every human everywhere is changing and not just what you see because there are clearly eleven dimensions of time and space that are all shifting in all areas. Now, as you reach these levels if you will stop for just a moment and celebrate. It allows all of us on the other side of the veil to get behind you and to help you ground and carry that light of that celebration, whatever it is you are celebrating. We cannot because we have no judgment about you. We do not live in our heads—we live in our hearts the same way you are learning to do.

A Celebration of your Human Experience

It is a new energy and a brand new world and you are each learning to live in a different state of it. Grounding this energy and making it work for you in all the ways has been the biggest challenge. That is starting to change. So as you go through your holidays, as you call through them, these celebrations whether it is your birthday, whether you are celebrating a religious holiday or whether you are simply celebrating your life, know that every time you raise a glass, every time you raise your heart, we are there. We show up instantly because we love to party.

You have a party and we will be there and we party all the time at Home. We will show you that when you get here but let us also tell you of the beautiful day—the one thing that every human on Earth will experience when they go Home. There is a celebration at Home that is waiting for you. None of you are expecting it and all of you think you are just a human who has walked around with the rest and no big deal, really. You did not save the world, you did not do anything, but you are coming Home.

When you come Home, there is a celebration for you—for your greatness of what you have accomplished on Earth and that is the moment when many of you wrestle with your own internal egos because it is very difficult for you to receive that; very difficult for you to take credit for what you have done every day of your lives. We are not telling you that you have to, but the celebration is actually not for you—it is for them for they are the ones that had to stay Home and watch you on Earth.

They watched every part of your movements; they watched you at three years old and you tried to steal something. You had to learn, even at three, very interesting. They watched you when you had your heart broken in high school. You were sad and thought you were totally worthless and you could not ever smile again and they watched you…and they watched you…and they watched you without judgment, ever because there is no wrong. You were having a human experience on Earth.

Celebrating Beauty

We know that you are going to be very high sometimes and very low sometimes and we tell you that one is not better than the other from our perspective. Yes, one feels better to you and we encourage you to absolutely go for what makes your heart sing.  Absolutely, create your world to bring your highest but know that if you are feeling the opposite, it is not wrong. In fact, much of your beauty comes from the darkness.

Look at Edgar Allen Poe—a very dark poet. Look at some of the beautiful people who have brought beauty into the darkness. Look at some of your poets—very dark.  Look at some of the music have, even country-western music. Sometimes very dark because your heart is hurting and you expressed it and it came out as beauty, not darkness. So dear ones, there is beauty in the darkness. Please do not judge yourself of where you have spent your time on Earth because that is your choice and no one else’s and whatever you needed to have in the way of an experience, you created and we helped you. We helped you set up your path so you could experience exactly what you wanted to experience…and you have…and we ask you to celebrate.

Celebrate because the sun has come up this day. Celebrate that you are alive on Earth and that you have opportunities to do everything because the moment you celebrate, you get all this angelic presence around you. That is the energy for this month…to celebrate when you can, every moment because if you take a moment and you look at the world and say, “Okay. Here is this problem and here is this problem and here is this problem,” or you can take them out and say, I see the problems but I also see the beauty.”

I can feel the energy the way it is right now, just the beauty of it. Now I can solve the problems.” That is the celebration of light to look at your higher self. You have a new perspective if you walked into this world. This is a new world you are in and yes, we know. You are all wandering around trying to figure out what happened. You are all trying to swim and keep your head above water every moment. Many of you are in survival, but not really. You are just acclimating to the new energy.

Celebration Cleanses your Heart

Most humans are saying, “It has been a year since we have gone through the portal. When are things going to get better?” On this side of the veil, we are saying, “It has only been a year since you have gone through the portal, so please understand that you are doing better than you could ever imagine.” You were not originally to be here at this time. Not only are you here, but you are still doing the same things you were doing yesterday. You are somewhat still having the same experience of being human. All of it has risen.

You will find new capabilities now with each and every one of you who have not seen it before. If you open your mouth, put air against your vocal cords not knowing what comes out, you will probably start channeling. That is how most people do it. If you are able to disengage your brain long enough to let spirit come through and come through your brain unhampered, then it works.  Many of you will get it in different ways—some of you will get it in messages like the Keeper does, some of you will get ideas. Some of you will get motivated and some of you will see a very clear path and some of you will be brought into synchronicities with others in order to form collectives. But there is one other piece that I wish to mention about the celebration.

Every time you celebrate, it is actually every time you smile, but especially with the celebration. Celebration cleanses your heart; it cleanses your energy field. Imagine a person with very long hair that is all crinkled up or curled in some way. It has energy forms in it that do not look the way he wants. So he combs his hair and makes it everything straight and comfortable and then he comes out and presents himself.

Well, we do that with your energy. Your energy carries little wrinkles; little soft spots where it gets negative and you carry that in your energy, in your torus that is moving all the time. The beautiful part is when you celebrate, you release all those crinkles and you cleanse your own energy without needing any help from anyone. That gives us the opportunity to enter into your world and to hug you, to love you and to touch your heart for just a moment to let you know that you are never alone on Earth.

Be Patient

The magic lies before each of you. All of you brought a separate part from Home. It was unique to you only you could carry that ray of light and you have brought it. Many of you are wondering, “When is my ray of light going to be needed on Earth?” Many of you are sitting there saying, “I have a beautiful ray of light,” and nobody is listening. It is likely because you are sometimes ahead of yourself.

If you say I have a beautiful ray of light here, nobody will take your ray of light because they did not know they could take it. You just taught them that and sometimes they have to leave and process for a moment before they can come back to interact with you. Be patient, dear ones. It takes time for light to ground on planet Earth. Many of you get very frustrated because you feel like you have to slow down and wait for the rest of the planet. Be patient, dear ones. You are making more of a difference than you will ever know and we could not be prouder of you.

You are the Greatest Angels

We have told you many times that you are the greatest angels that have ever lived but we have never really described what that is. We will tell you that each and every one of you had reached the angelic realm at some point in your incarnations. You have reached levels of what you call mastery and then you did the most courageous thing ever. You took off your wings, put on a veil of forgetfulness and came into Earth to see if you could change this planet and start her anew with new life forms.

Celebrate the new life forms coming in—celebrate the comet coming in but not just this comet, all of them for they are coming in at an astounding rate right now. We are working very hard to send them in. They will not hurt you, dear ones. Not the way you think. It is time to re-seed the Earth and we are so excited we get to do it while the Masters of the Game Board stay. You have created magic beyond your understanding.

When you finally do come Home and we make you stand in front of those thousands and thousands of people that will applaud your job on Earth, know that you have earned it already. You have already won the game. Now we are simply going to reground you and make you comfortable.  Be patient, dear ones. You have created a new world and now you are stepping into it.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and hold the doors open for each other for you have created a new world. Play well together.


The group


Peter fox 1st January 2014 6:26 am

Wonderful message- thanks Steve and The Group!

kay 1st January 2014 12:46 pm

Thank you Steve and the Group. Your messages always touch my heart and leave me feeling larger when we connect in this way. Happy New Year.


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