11 Days of Miracles

A few months ago the Group gave us a message called "Do You Believe?" where they asked us if we believed in magic. The resounding answer was YES! When you read further it was obvious that when they really asked us in that message was if we believed in the magic is us. It’s easy to look outside of ourselves for magic but to claim our own powers is much more difficult. Almost as if they were setting us up by asking the question "Do You Believe?" this month the Group asks us to put our beliefs into action. In this message they suggest that we put aside an eleven day period where we can experience our own miracles. The Group says that when we pull aside the veil we will see wondrous beauty beyond description. They continue on to say that behind the veil we will see a grand mirror and to create Home on our side of the veil we should get comfortable with the image in that mirror.

Big GROUP hugs

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home.

We visit you this day with the joy of bringing you the vibrations of Home. Many of you have tried to thin the veil, to look past it and see where you came from. You have tried to look past your circumstances that you believe hold your fate, to re-mind yourselves of your true nature. Dear ones, we tell you that you are the sons and the daughters of the King. You hold the energy of a direct lineage of God Himself/Herself. You are part of the whole, and as a result, you are playing a game so that God can see Himself/Herself, for in an infinite state it is not possible to find definition; therefore, parts of God became finite in order to become self aware. Parts of God took a form for a brief period in a physical bubble of biology.

You have done so well. You walk around and bumping into each other, trying to figure out why you are here. You look at yourselves, thinking, “I know I am here to do something, but what is it?” Please understand that no matter what you feel at times, that you are here on purpose. There are times when you will find your direction and be able to put one foot in front of the other with a knowingness, and there are other times when you feel as if you have lost your sense of direction altogether. Please know that many contracts are completed without your direct knowledge. In fact, many contracts are completed by connecting with another as you pass them on the street: by sharing a smile, by an act of kindness, or through an act as a “human angel.” To move into the work of human angels, it will be helpful to have access to the magic you left at Home when you first came to play the game of being human.

Practical Magic

We wish to speak to you this day of the use of practical magic. You believe that you are physical bubbles of biology with a beginning and an end. It is that belief that makes you lose your magic. You lose the miracles in your life as you search for that one moment when you can validate yourself. You know in your innermost heart that you are a magical being, yet you cannot see it with your physical eyes. When you see something happen that cannot be explained through logic or the laws of science, you call it a miracle. Re-member that you are the miracle. To be able to take the infinite energy of God and to pretend to make it finite is a miracle beyond description.

All eyes are upon you now as you move this game to the next level. As you go through this evolutionary period, you cause a shift on all dimensional levels. You see, you are not the only ones moving. You have opened the door for all dimensional levels everywhere to evolve in concert with you. That evolution is underway, and that is happening now as a direct result of your choices. So let us share with you a little about miracles, for they have been elusive and mysterious for far too long.

Many books have been written about miracles. We are going to offer you a chance this day to create your own miracle. Ahh, yes; we see what you are thinking: “How does that creation process work again?” You may remember the eight steps of creation that we offered to help you re-member; yet we offer you something entirely different this day. Your energy has changed the earth, and all your surroundings have changed because of your willingness to step forward. The shift is well underway due to your willingness to step in as both the healer and the teacher. Because of that, you have gone through the most challenging times in your life. Yes, the Divine Discontent is still felt upon the Earth. Everyone is feeling the energy compress upon their lives. This may be a difficult time for some to endure, yet we tell you that it is during this magical time that you may more fully discover what you came here to do. It is here that many of you will connect with your passion.

Yes, we know. The moment we talk about finding your passion, you try to figure out how you are going to make a living at it. We love it when you think like humans. Let us explain that some of you will make a living at it and some of you will not. Yet, we do not ask you to think that far ahead. All we ask you to do is to move in the direction of your passion. Find ways of taking the small steps in that direction, and be of service in your passion. And when you have that energy within your own heart, we ask you to do something you are not accustomed to doing, and that is to keep it as your own, to accept it fully, and to allow it to be who you are.

As we offered last month, the “Keeper’s Secret” is very simple: in order to keep anything, you find ways of giving it away. But how do you give away that serenity? Sometimes it is with a smile; sometimes it is with an inner knowing; sometimes it is with your words; sometimes it is with your books; sometimes it is with your teaching. And sometimes it is simply by being, living and walking your daily lives with a knowingness of the soul that carries the vibrations and memories of Home.

Practical Miracles

Soul confidence is now available due to the pressure of the Divine Discontent. What is happening now is that you have an opportunity to reach a level of soul confidence that has not been carried in human form ever before. It is something that each one of you thinks about and searches for, so let us offer you an opportunity to experience it for yourselves. We now offer you an opportunity to create miracles in your life.

Miracles are easy when you understand them. Do not think too much about it, for humans think way too much as it is. We understand that you must complicate things long enough for you to bring them into your world, but miracles are not complicated. They are pure thought forms that manifest inter-dimensionally. Miracles are simply events that are unexpected and cannot be explained in your dimension of reality. What we will ask you to do is simple. In order to create a miracle, we ask you to first set a time period in which you will receive that miracle. State your willingness to receive the gift, and release the thought. What will happen is that on other dimensions, your alternate selves will manifest the creation for you and it will magically appear in your world.

You create miracles every day of your life. What happens is that as these miracles manifest, you do not know how to accept them. Following the path of least resistance, as all energy does, as this energy comes back to you, it meets that resistance and simply bounces off and goes to the next person who is open to receiving it. That is the reason why some people in your life appear to be lucky. There are times when you work really hard to get something and finally attain it, only to find that your neighbor got one for free with very little effort. Is that not frustrating? Yet, what is really happening here is that your neighbor is accustomed to receiving. In fact, they may be so good at it that they receive all the energy that bounces off of others. So we ask that in order for you to create miracles in your life, set aside a time frame at least fourteen days away, in which you will receive these miracles.

Ahh, we see. Many of you now are searching your thought patterns and trying to look in your daily life, asking, “What is it I am going to create?” We ask you to leave that alone. If you really wish to create, let your own higher self form the creation, because your own higher self knows much more of what can bring your joy and passion to you than you do. Let this be the creation of the higher self, for your higher self is that part of you that spans all dimensions of reality.

What we suggest is for you to create a time frame of eleven days in which you will receive this miracle. Set this time frame a minimum of fourteen days from now. During that eleven-day time frame, we are going to ask you to set that into motion and make a commitment to your own higher self that whatever comes your way you will receive with graceful acceptance. Your commitment is to accept the miracle with the honoring of your spirit, no matter where it comes from. We ask you to disconnect your brain long enough to simply receive the energy. There are many of you who are becoming good at this process. You will be the ones that others call lucky. We ask that you simply allow it to flow through you without attachment to the outcome.

We share this with you primarily so that you may validate your own power as creators hiding in a bubble of biology on planet Earth. You are part of Home, and Home is part of you. We know you go around every day trying to figure out how to thin the veil, how to poke a hole in the veil, so you can just look on the other side for a second—so you can re-member Home. We tell you that those of you who do successfully thin the veil, carry a deep sadness with you when you come to the realization that you are not there. We also tell you that Home has not been the same since you left, so we encourage you to step into the role of the human angel and create Home where you stand right now. Do not wait to come Home; create Home where you are at this moment. Know that you are there with purpose and that it is the highest purpose a human angel may have.

Now, how do you create heaven on Earth? How do you create the experience of Home in your daily life? Creation is easy; keeping the creation takes practice. For that we ask you to re-member the “Keeper’s Secret.” Finding ways of helping others to create Home in their own lives, being of service and stepping into the role of a Human Angel are the easiest ways for you to keep the creation yourself. To set this creation into motion, simply make a commitment to be placed at the right time and space where you can make a difference in someone else’s life. Request an opportunity where you can comfort someone, encourage someone, give them a gift, or help them to believe in themselves. That is where you stand, and that is your charge this day. When you set that eleven-day period and make a commitment to accept everything that comes your way, you will see real miracles happen in your life.

Releasing Polarity and Triality

Now, we offer you one other suggestion for your miracles. Please understand that you are the creators; we are simply offering you an exercise to help you to see the creations you make every day. All humans live, at least partially, within a field of polarity. You see things as up or down, right or wrong, good or bad, and love or fear. It is your natural state of walking around on this planet in finite form. Duality was actually a necessary part of the veil up to this point. Now you are evolving beyond the need for such an illusion. You are now beginning to step more into a field of “Triality” as you move out of the field of duality. Triality is a balance of the light, dark, and the higher self.

When you include your higher self in the perception of your reality, in that eleven-day process, you will understand the miracle process. We ask you to consider viewing everything that comes your way during the eleven days of miracles from a point of perception of the higher self. This will activate a field of Triality. As you do this, everything that comes into your life will be used for the highest purpose, whether it is positive or negative.

Ahh, but now you are thinking that we have changed the rules, as your beliefs are that all miracles must always be positive. No, that is not the case, for human beings in a field of polarity see things and actually learn more from the negative than from the positive. It is your nature. The positive is easy. The positive is Home. You came to work on Earth so that you would have the unique opportunity to have negative experiences. When you set up your own life lessons and you need a catalyst to come into your life to pull the rug out from under you so that you can learn the life lesson of Trust, generally you will find the negative catalyst does a better job than the positive catalyst. This is the perfect reason for attracting negatives into your lives.

So understanding the process of the miracles in the eleven-day period, we now ask you to look from the higher self, as from that perspective there is no positive or negative. Anyone who works with energy knows that negative energy is not bad and positive energy is not good. It is simply energy. In fact, we tell you the mastery process of what you are doing on this planet at this time is about being able to take all energy, including negative energy, and find positive uses for it in your life. Viewing life experiences from this perspective allows you to see the entire circle of energy that includes both positive and negative. This is releasing the need to see anything in a state of duality and effectively allows you to walk in a field of Triality. During the eleven-day period, as events enter your life, simply observe them from a state of non-judgment, always looking for the highest opportunities.

Intentional Miracles

Knowing this, we ask you to begin the intentional-miracle process by setting aside this eleven-day time frame and observing as eleven days of miracles flow into your life. Even if it appears that there is a negative that is happening during that time, you will find a positive use for it faster than you understand. The moment you change the negative to the positive, you have shifted your perception. The reality is a direct product of your own perceptions, and learning to move the perception to get the best camera angle on your own reality is what life is all about. This is not simply positive thinking. This is a process used here at Home by the greatest of all angels.

Now that you are reaching a heightened state of vibration, you will begin using direct tools such as these. You may even refer to it as “the angelic creation process.” That is the eleven days of miracles. Set an eleven day time frame that will begin at least two weeks away. Say to yourself: “Between this date and this date, I will receive all miracles in my life, and whatever gifts are brought to me, whether I would consider them positive or negative, I will make a profound change in my life from those gifts.” Your spirit will come alive, for you are creators. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived. For you to take off your own wings, put the veil on your face, and come down here and bump into each other trying to figure out what the game is all about took courage beyond your understanding. And we applaud you every day of your lives, for you are the greatest angels ever.

Now we ask you to bring that energy into your own life, for as you receive, life becomes more comfortable. As life becomes more comfortable, it becomes easier to start creating heaven on Earth. If you look around you at your friends, your family, at people in your life every day, you know that there is lack. You know that there are brick walls that people hit. It is so only because of their points of perception. Offer them another view when asked. In so doing heaven will begin on Earth here today. That is when we join you, for we, too, are in a process of evolution. As that happens, we will connect with you stronger every day of your lives. Make the space for it to happen and it will be so, for you are the greatest magicians and the angels of love.

Divine Abundance

Receive it well, hold it within your own hearts, for each one of you has the keys to heaven here on Earth, and as you allow yourselves to receive your full abundance, you will be emulating heaven. There is no lack in heaven, as energy knows no lack. Lack is an illusion of polarity. Let that polarity slight your vision no more. Understand that you have the divine abundance of Home. It is your birthright and will not be hidden from view in a field of Triality. Allow it to flow through you and you will create Home now. Practice and act “as if “ and you will create the space for miracles in your life. Prove it to yourselves. Do so in this simple eleven-days of miracles, and play with it freely, for that is practical magic. When you see your own creations, turn around and share with someone else how you created your own passion. Share how you have created your own dreams in your life, and heaven will be on the Earth before you know it.

The Third Earth

We have shared with you before, dear ones, about the Third Earth. We wish to mention something now, for there is a change in this entire process. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Third Earth, it is simply a thought pattern. It is a thought of God, for all things begin as a thought of God, and you, being part of God, have created the Third Earth. The Third Earth is a hologram of light. That is all it is. It is the same way the first Earth started—as a thought process.

Now we ask you to take your highest dreams of everything you want in your life, of everything you can see that you would like to have as an evolved human being, and send that image to the Third Earth. It will become a collector of dreams. It will become a collector of thoughts. It will become part of the Web of Love and connect to each one of your hearts. And as that grows, that hologram of light will come and visit the Earth and overshadow and re-program the original hologram that was called planet Earth, for it, too, began as a thought of God and a hologram of light. So, as you receive the miracles of this eleven-day process, if they make you smile in the slightest way, send that energy toward the Third Earth and wonder for just a moment what it would be like if you lived in this energy every day. You are closer than you think, and that will be the creation of the Third Earth that will bring heaven to Earth faster than you know.

Please know that as you walk around this place, as you pull aside the veil; as you look at each other’s hearts to make the connection, that you are never alone. You have so many angels and guides around you watching your every move that you could not fall if you tried; and yet, we know that some of you still try pretty hard. But know that as you feel that gentle guidance, that the angels and guides are not around you to keep you from having negative experiences. They are there to help you acclimate the negative into the positive. They are there to help you turn everything into a smile on your face and a miracle in your life. They are there to help you find the passion in your eyes of what you want to do and how you can create the energy of Home here today. Learning to listen to them and to trust them is the difficult part.

Your own channelings will now increase. Your own connections to your higher spirit will increase substantially over the next four years. We hope that even as we have been channeling through the Keeper, that someday he will find a better word, for we have never cared for that word “channeling.” It is way too mysterious a word for this simple process. The reality is, all of you have connections to your own higher self, to spirit, to the other world from which you came. Use them. Play with them. Experiment with them. Feel that connection and you will create heaven on Earth today.

It is with the greatest of honor that we are allowed to bring you these messages. That is our miracle that you have created, for that allows us to be in the place of our passion. We have been here for eons of time trying to spread our wings to reflect your magnificence, and it has only been a very short time in the scale of humanity that you have listened; and we are all a-flutter with the excitement of what is happening on planet Earth. Do not believe what you see on CNN. You are making a difference now, and it is with the greatest of honor that we sit with you today.

We leave you with three simple re-minders: to treat each other with respect; to nurture each other at every opportunity, for you are nurturing yourselves; re-member that it is a game and play well together.


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