2001 - The Year of Action in Grace

From Steve:

This meditation is a very special one for me personally. This month marks the fifth anniversary of the Beacons of Light Meditations. It's hard for me to think that only five years ago I was in the construction business working with entirely different types of contracts. For this month's meditation portion, we will use the same meditation that was first presented in February of 1996. Thanks everyone for giving us the opportunity to play these wonderful parts in the Game!

Now that the dust has settled, we find that the energy has changed once again. We are now feeling a breath of fresh air. There's the excitement of possibilities everywhere. But where do we go from here? This Re-minder from Home is a timely message that addresses the next step now before us. Still, I know that even though it's focused on the road directly ahead, when this message is read years from now, it will still be important.

From the perspective of the Group, last year (2000) was the year of crystal intent. This was a time to crystallize our intent for the coming twelve years. These twelve years are extremely important from the cosmic point of view because they set the tone for the next 1000 years of human expression on planet Earth. Here we sit right in the middle of that special time. Is there any wonder there's excitement in the air?

The Group's message has always been about human empowerment. They say that we are the special ones and that our true power reaches far beyond our imagination. Their messages have been to help us re-member that power and to encourage us to use it to create Home right here on Earth. That's an exciting prospect and now is the time.

The challenge to all this, is that we are wearing the veils of forgetfulness to facilitate the Game we are playing. It's very difficult for us to see the true potential through these veils, even as these great events unfold before us. So here we are. . . we all know in our heads that we carry the greatness of our true heritage, but believing that message in our hearts is another story.

Here the Group offers us a glimpse of what we are now stepping into.

The Group:

Greetings from Home:

We hold you in our highest love, for you have moved the Universe! You are the purveyors of the Light and it is us who are honored to be in your presence. Celebrate your actions and fear not. You are fully on the path leading to the creation of Heaven on Earth.

Connecting the LightCircles

Many of you have physically gathered to hear this message from Home. We can not tell you the excitement that is felt as you gather to create in unison. When you hold hands and focus your intent, your power is amplified exponentially. But there is more to why we are excited. As we have said before "as below, so above." When you come together to reach for higher truths you literally pull us together in joyful re-union. The LightCircles that you connect when you come together, create ripples that are felt even on this side of the veil. That is when we too come together to support the vibrations you hold.

Some of you believe that you are reading this message in solitude. You are not. In truth we tell you that the members of your original spiritual family are receiving this message at the same time as you. Some on the other side of the veil, some in their sleep and some are reading it consciously as you are. Those that would not entertain messages in this form, will receive it in a manner to which they are open. As you read what we now present, please keep in mind that you are not alone. Reach out and you will draw on the strength of the collective.

Your original spiritual family are those special beings that were with you the very first time you played the game. You asked them to play important parts because you knew each other so well. Even with the veils firmly in place, these special beings re-membered who you were and held that vision for you, even when you could not re-member your magnificence. These beings are a part of the whole and very much a part of you. Over the lifetimes you have incarnated together at roughly the same time and space, in order to facilitate the score keeping system of karma. Over periods of time you worked through your karma with many of these beings and filtered into other circles to facilitate lesson. Now that you are stepping into the New Game it is very appropriate that you come back together for a Re-union to help you hold your power. As you move into these special times and script the New Game, all those who were present at the beginning will re-unite and together you will to take the Game to the next level.

Grounding Light

Planting the seeds of light is our work, and we do it well. Your work is to ground the energy in your daily reality, thus nurturing the seeds. We can tell you the secrets of the Universe and yet it would be nothing more than words on paper until you take those secrets and use them in your daily life. Can you now see that you hold power that even we do not? We do not ask you to follow us or to look to us for the answers you seek. Instead we ask you to work with us in collaboration, each one doing their part, to create the energy of Home where you now reside.

2001: A Year of Action in Grace

You have just completed the Year of Crystal Intent. Here your hearts have set into motion a declaration to the Universe for you to move forward. Now comes the Year of Action in Grace. Follow your intent with even the slightest of action and the real magic begins. Here is the base of your true power for this is the part that we can not accomplish from our side. This is the true grounding of Light that can only be accomplished from the Gameboard.

It is very humorous to us to see your resistance to action. This is the basic mistrust of yourselves that is a direct result of the veil of forgetfulness. If you could only see yourself for one moment the way that you really are, you would never fear the word "Action" again.

Understand that all action has reaction. Therefore it is a simple concept to see that if you do not like the reaction, then change the action. Most of the time only very slight adjustments of action are needed to make large changes in the results.

The Vibration of "Light"

We often use the word Light in our messages to you. When the word Light finds its way into your ears, it sets up a resonance that begins an inter-dimensional vibration. It is this vibration that is now weaving the dimensions together to act as one in a state of unity. You have created this vibration through your intent and your actions. This is the true vibration of Light. Say that word often for it will rejuvenate your biology and your spirit.

The higher meaning of Light is enlightenment or knowledge. When one carries inner knowledge, one carries the power of the Creator. This is what you came here to do. Light is a powerful energy that spans all of the dimensional levels simultaneously.

Graceful Action in Light

We re-mind you that there are two ways of spreading Light. One is to reflect the Light and one is to be the Light. Behind the veil it is much easier for you to reflect the light than it is for you to be the Light. Step with Grace and pride on this Earth as you walk forward. Grace is the movement that emulates the natural flow of Light. You have earned the right to walk fully in the Grace of God. Adopt it as your own and walk upon the Earth in Grace always.

You are moving into the Second Wave of empowerment and although it is appropriate to reflect Light from many sources, it is also time to step fully into being a source of Light. With balanced ego we ask you to dare to be the Light. Then you will also find it easier to reflect the Light. The way to be the light is through Grace. Allow all of your actions to be influenced with graceful, purposeful intent. Action with Grace emulates the movement of Light and creates space for the Light to shine. As you create more places for the Light to shine, there will be more Light for all. Re-member also that Light always travels faster than the speed of fear.

The View of the Road Ahead

We do not foretell the future. None can see the future for you have yet to write it. Still, we can see where you are heading and what contracts you have laid out both collectively and personally. We wish to tell you that there will be many who find great resistance to taking their power. Through no fault of their own they have made choices time and again to give their power to others. This is a primary life lesson that many of you are here to work on at this time. Up to now, this energy model appeared to have worked very successfully. However, you are entering a New Game. This is a Game that you will script yourselves and therefore it will be imperative that you carry your power within.

There is great confusion about this so we would like to address this further. Holding your own power does not mean that you are not to reflect through other people. There are many Master Healers on the Gameboard and many more are awakening every day. Holding your own power does not mean that you are all islands unto yourselves. The veil of forgetfulness is still firmly in place and therefore even the greatest of healers can not work on themselves as effectively as they work with other people. Use each other to reflect yourselves, yet hold your power of choice firmly within your being. Even when you have your own strong connection to spirit, we tell you that listening to other flavors of the truth enhances that very connection. We would not be speaking to you now if this were not true. The difference is that we ask you to use discernment in everything, including our messages, thus encouraging you to take responsibility for your own power. Take only that which resonates within you and leave the rest without judgment. For you, who are healers and teachers, we ask you to encourage this attitude of responsibility in those that come to you. Offer your flavor of the truth and find ways to empower those around you, be they patients or apprentices. Yet, if you find them becoming reliant on your energy, then realize that your usefulness to them has reached an end. This is the way of the new energy.

Only You Hold the Key

The New Energy will create opportunities for all to find their passion and be in that passion as you create Home on your side of the veil. This does not mean that you will awaken one day and everything will be different. You are the grounders of the Universal energy and there are certain things that only YOU can do. The action to set this New Energy into motion is only possible on the Gameboard of Free Choice. The New Energy brings new higher power. That power is balanced only with the responsibility of action.

Learning to Stand in You Own Energy.

We tell you that in the days directly ahead, some will have a more difficult time with this new energy. Those that have been accustomed to leaning on others for their energy will find opportunities for the greatest change. At first, they will have unusual openings to step into action and change their energy habits. In this situation a small amount of responsible action will start a chain reaction of synchronistic events that can change their lives. If at that point they continue the old energy patterns, things may seem to get worse. For those of you in their fields we ask that you lend loving support only and do not enable them. Please do not judge them; rather, hold a hand out to them for encouragement. Play the role of the human angel and support them with loving detachment. Do not support their weight, but steady them as they learn to walk on their own.

We also tell you that some will begin leaving soon. Again do not think that these are the unenlightened. Many of the higher vibrational beings will be called Home to take their place and engage new contracts on this side of the veil. There is much to do here and many contracts are now being triggered.

Facilitators of the New Energy.

In the days ahead there will be many New Energy teachers who will bring insight from higher perspectives. Understanding the New Energy and offering that perspective to others is work that many of you now reading this message will be stepping into. For you the most important part will be to offer empowerment without enabling unhealthy energy practices. As New Energy facilitators you will be very sensitive to those around you. If you find that your work is leaving you drained we ask you to see the ways that your clients are draining you of energy. Taking responsibility for another's energy drains the giver and enables the receiver to become more dependent. You will become more sensitive to these energy misdirections as your vibrations increase. Place first the responsibility of healing with your clients. Ask them how you can best support them to heal themselves. Do this and you will find yourself being fed by your work, rather than being drained.

Cosmic Infusions of Energy

You have recently experienced an infusion of cosmic energy into the planet. This was a special energy that has returned to the Earth. There are many more of these infusions that will be taking place over the next six years. These infusions are what we have referred to as the return of Merlia. Until you adjust to these infusions you may feel each and every one. We ask that you simply enjoy the ride. Utilize the incoming power but do not give your power to them. They are there to facilitate your movement and not to be worshiped by you. These energies are returning to the planet to facilitate your advancements and not to separate you from your power.

Many of you awaited the infusion of energy that was the Dawn of the New Light (May 5th 1999) only to find that it shook your entire world. In retrospect, you may now see that this was the beginning of a new era of energy. Even those of you who were shaken by this energy took responsibility and created the best outcomes. Accepting responsibility for this power and moving into action has changed the Game once again. Many of the potentials that were originally slated for release after the year 2012 are possible now. Accepting responsibility for the power by stepping into action holds the key.

Major Discoveries to Open the Door

Many of the aboriginal healers on the planet have been holding the energy and planting the seeds of Light. Many of these contracts have been playing out in the face of adversity. By standing firm in your truth you have planted some very important seeds. These seeds sometimes sprout and manifest in ways that you may not be expecting. One of the places you will soon see major shifting in your Game is in the area of science and particularly physics. This has a direct correlation to your spiritual growth and the rise of the collective vibration of Humanity. The study of the very small will soon reveal an understanding of energy that has thus far eluded you. These seeds are now sprouting in different areas of the planet at the same time. As with all important contracts, if one fails to bring this discovery to Light, there are several backup plans in place.

At first sight, these findings may seem small and unrelated to your everyday world but the implications of these findings over time will shift the human experience.

The New Game

The Game is changing and the New Game is now being scripted. You have made the difference by your willingness to reach for higher truths to support the higher vibrations you are now carrying. We are here with re-minders of your magnificence to help you move forward. Still, you are the only ones who can make the movements that are needed. You are the purveyors of the Light and we are very proud to be standing next to you as you fearlessly change your reality. You are the Human Angels that are creating Home on your side of the veil and we love you so. It is with great honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

the Group


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