2007 - The Year Ahead

In presenting these forecasts it is always important to remember that we are in charge of our reality. The group says they cannot tell the future, as we have yet to write it. Still, they can see down the road in the direction we are heading at this time and that is what we offer here.

In the year 2000 the group predicted that an energy stream, which they referred to as the Crystal energy, would soon begin to enter our Earth The Crystal energy began entering our planet in 2001 and has since caused great changes and upheavals on Earth as we assimilated this new energy. Originally designed by us to emanate from the Central sun, this Crystal energy would then travel through our solar sun and enter our planet over a period of time. The Crystal energy was designed to put the final touches on planet Earth and help to facilitate the end times. Since we have altered our outcome and extended the game of free choice, the Crystal energy has been reassigned. Now the group says it will enter our planet over many years instead of the final crippling blow that was to send our planet into a rotational polar shift, effectively ending the game. This powerful energy will now be used to help humanity balance male/female energy and move into higher vibrational status as empowered humans.

The Crystal energy began with the largest solar flare on record in April 2001; the flare measured X20. When the sun erupts into a solar flare it sends magnetic energy to the Earth, changing our magnetic structure slightly with each wave of energy. The group says this energy is needed for us to shift into our next evolution as empowered humans. The group predicted in 2001 that the cycle of solar flares would last until the year 2006. Scientists disagreed with the group’s predictions, however,saying the cycle would gradually decrease over the next three years and end in 2004. It turns out that the group was correct in their assessment, as the solar flares continued to peak for four more years. The largest solar flare ever recorded in history was on November 28, 2005, measuring X28. After that the solar activity settled down to anormal cycle, which we are experiencing at the time of this writing. The previous solar cycle was outside of the range of what is considered normal by NASA and ESA standards; “Cycle 23” should have begun in mid 2000 and ended in 2004. It did begin in 2000 but peaked repeatedly between 2001 and late 2005. Never before has such activity been seen with our sun. Scientists and astronomers all over the world were quietly wondering if our sun was about to die. The group explained that the sun was not actually the body rotating in space, but instead was a dimensional portal for energy that served our planetary system.

The group’s current prediction for the Crystal energy and the solar flares is that they will begin again soon. We needed a calm period to assimilate this energy and we have had that now most of 2006. The solar flares will begin again in 2007 and will complete the full charging of planet Earth with Crystal energy for our next step in evolution.

According to the group, global warming has increased drastically due to the solar flares over this period of time. They also say that with very little effort on our part to reduce greenhouse gasses, we can actually make tremendous progress in helping to heal the Earth. Now is the time to take a personal interest in global warming. Even so, we are in for significant Earth changes. The group said the Earth’s water level is rising. Only a short time ago the water level was to increase to 22-feet globally, from the polar ice caps melting. This has already been reduced to less than eight feet through human awareness and consciousness. We do have control over all of these outcomes. Based on the effects already in motion, the water level (or sea level) is expected to continue to rise over the next six years. A higher sea level will affect not only coastal communities but ecosystems, resulting in further changes for our planet. Many governments and private companies are already thinking ahead. As usual, the Netherlands is way ahead of the game in learning to live in harmony with water and has already been working on solutions that may help to make this an adjustment easier for all.

If we stay on the path that we are currently on, the group said to expect a mini ice age to begin in the next 20 years. This does need not be as drastic as we think of when we envision an ice age. In fact, the last one on record occurred in the 13th century when temperatures in northern Europe dropped between 5 –and 15 degrees Celsius. Another mini ice age affected us only150 to 200 years ago; it was shorter but with similar results. These temperature changes are due to changes in the ocean’s currents and result in the distribution of less warm water to areas around the globe. The group says to watch for temperature changes in Northern Europe, Canada and even the Untied States. The group says to not think of this as something we did wrong, but rather as a natural series of events in the evolution of Earth. As we changed the magnetic patterns of Earth with the Crystal energy (Solar Flares), increased radiation has also helped to achieve global warming. The greenhouse gas pollution has not caused global warming, according to the group, but it has sped up the process much more than was needed. Again, consciousness and action at this time will greatly decrease the changes that we will experience in the future. Additionally, the Crystal energy entering the Earth is already imprinting a new path for the warm water to follow.

The group has been asking a question for the last five years: When will love speak louder than fear? Currently on Earth fear speaks much louder than love. However, 2007 may begin that shift as people everywhere reach an end to their tolerance of being manipulated by fear. This will be fueled by a public unveiling of how politicians have intentionally manipulated their citizens through fear tactics. This will be especially evident in the USA and the UK, but will send out a wave of empowerment to all people everywhere. People in all walks of life will begin to search for the ways in which they are alike instead of the ways that they are different. An age of separation will come to a close, as the fear brokers start to lose power. As a result of this advancement, 2007 will bring about the first real potential of a woman president in the United States.

The diamond industry will soon feel shock waves as the process of manmade diamonds reaches a breakthrough in development. For years now, the diamond cartel has seen this coming and tried to avoid the inevitable by spending billions on diamond engraving equipment. This is to help the experts tell the difference between natural and manmade diamonds, according to the group. The man-made diamond industry is currently more focused on the technological than electronic applications of their products, although they will find their way into both markets eventually. Their problem in producing diamonds for the jewelry industry is that these diamonds can be made so perfectly that they will need to find a way to introduce random imperfections. (See the channel the Perfect Imperfection http://lightworker.com/beacons/2006/2006_08-PerfectImperfection.php) For this reason the first of these man-made products will be used in electronics as semiconductors, and will not even be called diamonds. In 2007, the technology breakthrough in growing and producing these diamonds will unfold. In the years ahead these advances will take hold and technology will boom as a result. Not since the days of the introduction of computers on Earth has humanity seen such change as the one that is directly ahead. This advancement will actually take humans much closer to the point at which information technology will not require outside apparatus to be able to access the communication and information. (This is a bit confusing for me as a non-techie type ;-) ... will there be more wire-free products as a result of this?)

The Atlantean Crystals have been activated by the Crystal energy that was causing the great hurricanes in the US in 2005. Meteorologists predicted that 2006 would be the worst hurricane season in history. Your connection and use of this energy over the Web of Love has greatly reduced the number and intensity of hurricanes experienced in 2006. As the group predicted, in contrast to what the scientists theorized, the 2006 hurricane season was practically non-existent. As long as we continue to use this energy to connect hearts globally, the 2007 hurricane season will be similarly tame.

The group also explains that we are just now beginning a re-wiring of humanity. (Re-wire, like re-member?) (See the Rewire http://lightworker.com/beacons/2006/2006_10-Rewire.php) This rewiring will stretch over the next six years and will change much of how we interact with our world. This is a natural process that will help our physical bodies to use the Crystal energy. As this rewiring continues, humans will begin to understand much more about being multi-dimensional. Many new modalities will appear to help people make this shift.

The instances of premature babies will continue to greatly increase, as souls wish to be in place before the next shift.

Similarly, the incidences of Autism will continue to increase over 2007 as the rewiring process continues. Yet, for the first time we will begin to understand that this condition is really multi-dimensional. Scientists will begin to understand the multi-dimensional attributes of those with Autism and clearer communication will be possible within the next five years.

The internet will begin to incorporate levels of responsibility, as spam decreases with new identification rules that will be built into the internet system itself. This may help to save a form of communication that has been plagued with irresponsibility and has become less useful as a result. Watch for these changes coming late in 2007.

In world economics the current trends will continue through 2007 as the Euro continues to steadily climb against all currencies. This is due to the alignment of the European Union with the principals of unity rather than separation. The group calls this alignment the Universal Energy. Watch the Russian ruble toward the end of 2007. If Russian leaders begin to embrace the rest of the world and move toward unity rather than separation, Russia will soon become a strong economic power. The United States (elsewhere just “US”) dollar will hold steady, but fall slightly over time as a huge debt from war will be realized and passed down for generations.

Nations gaining nuclear weapons may cause fear in the 2007 as they flex their newfound power. Talks between nations can avert the inevitable yet brute force; sanctions will not work. The people of North Korea will eventually revolt, but have little motivation at this point to do so. We are moving into a time of No More Secrets as the group predicted, and this includes nuclear secrets. Global talks can open the doors for lasting change and promote responsibility in all areas.

In 2007 we all have a choice to move away from separation and take a huge step toward unity. This is done on an individual basis first and then filters into our corporations and governments. In truth we are in charge of our reality and we can change this planet one heart at a time. Let’s make that commitment for 2007.


Steve Rother
Spokesman for the group.



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