5th Dimensional Hugs

I have always considered myself to be a professional hugger.  I have always said that you can tell a lot about a person from their hugs.  Perhaps one day I'll write a book detailing the many types of hugs I have had the pleasure to collect.  Now the Group has thrown me a curve with this one.  Sitting in Zeist, Holland over lunch at a seminar, a gathering of dear friends were joking about 5th dimensional hugs.  They were laughing so hard they couldn't eat.  I never thought much about it until recently when I received an e-mail from one of them.  She signed off with "5th Dimensional Hugs."   Here the Group picked up on that energy and presented a beautiful message to help us re-member what is really important. 

This month is very special for me in several ways.  The close of another year and the beginning of a new one.  We are very excited about the new possibilities ahead.  But I think most of all I am so very proud of my wife and partner stepping so much into her power.

Greetings from Home

We share with you the energy from Home this day, for you have created the space for this to happen. You have opened the door for this vibration to visit you once again. Now, what you do with this energy becomes your personal brand of magic. Some of you are unclear what you will do with the energy. You look around the room and see what others are doing with it and wonder how it will relate to you. Be that as it may, it is yours, your unique brand of magic.

We share with you the Practical Magic series, for it is important that you know that all of the information we share with you is only words. It is not until someone takes this information and uses it in some way to help them in their lives that it actually becomes magic. The transition of thoughts into reality is the practical application of the energy from Home. That is what creates Heaven on Earth. We share with you this day the practical applications and tools for working to bring this higher vibration into your daily lives on planet Earth. You already exist in the fifth dimension, you simply are not accustomed to using the fifth dimensional attributes in your daily life. Therefore, we will give you suggestions and new concepts that will help you see practical applications of the energy of Home.

Energy Drain . . . Tolerance

We tell you that there are many things changing at this time on your planet. As you continue to raise your vibration, it becomes much more important for you to live in Unity consciousness rather than in separatism. There is a tolerance challenge that you will all experience. As you move into higher vibrations, both individually and collectively, you will find that your tolerance to energy mismatches will diminish greatly. You simply will not be able to withstand many of the energy mismatches that you were successfully tolerating only a short time ago. This can be a real problem for you, as now these mismatches will seem to come out of nowhere and be staring you right in the face. If you fail to pay attention you will find yourself being drained by the very things that you were able to put up with only a short time ago. Let us give you an example. A person who goes to work everyday hating their work is experiencing a mismatch of energy. Although they may have believed that this is what they were intended to do, it will suddenly become intolerable for them to stay in that job any longer and they may never know why they now feel so differently about it. We tell you that it is your own advancement that is causing this quickening pace and it will grow stronger over the next three years.

The Quiet Smile of Spiritual Confidence

As the collective vibration of humanity rises, people in general will also experience an overall intolerance with misalignments of energy. The largest energy mismatch that you are all so accustomed to living with is a base that places you in segregation rather than being in unity. The next three years will be more of an opportunity for all of you to move back into the connection of one heart. That is the purpose for the practical magic series. That is the reason for the practical magic tools that we offer. It is simply the idea of reconnecting you to the magic of Home that will trigger your advancement. The Web of Love is a huge portal for this connection that contains many energy portals in multiple realities. It provides you with a practical tool that you can use to change your lives here today. All that we ask is that you use it and that you make space in your lives to utilize the energy of Home.

Know that this is a very personal gift to each one of you. Please do not be evangelical about your truth, and know that it is not your responsibility to change anyone's mind except your own, for that is not your task. Instead, see observe what happens when you put your heart energy on the web. Those who feel the pull will be attracted to it and will seek you out. And those not ready will not seek it answers. Your willingness to put your energy as a teacher on the web now becomes important. You can already see the difference. For instance, in the old energy you would go into the world with your truth, to sell your services, run ads, and create the perfect business cards. Now, more than ever before, comes a new tool with the art of standing in your own energy while drawing energy to you. Now it is for you to stand still and draw those who are interested to you. This is the way of the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. Place your intent on the Web of Love and watch the magic begin.

Which approach would you respond better to? To the person who stands on a pedestal on the street corner telling everyone who will listen what a great teacher they are and why people should listen to them, or to the person who is standing quietly on the other street corner just smiling with the knowingness of the love of Home, quietly drawing people to them? It is often that quiet smile of spiritual confidence that draws your students to you. It is often that quiet smile that summons all the energy of Home and makes all the connections. Now that you are using the 5 th -dimensional tools like the Web of Love and the Third Earth you will find that things work differently. These are the steps you can take to move into the 5 th dimension. These are the tools of the teachers of the future.

Each one of you has a unique story to tell. Each one of you carries a truth deep within and you will all begin that work soon. Some of you can feel it, but do not yet know how to speak it. Some of you have touched it, yet do not know how to share it. All of these gifts and more will be available as you intentionally create your reality as the creators that you are. In your own way, each and every one of you has a unique piece of the puzzle, much the same way that you all have a unique beauty. We tell you that just like your unique beauty, each one of you has a special ray of light that everyone else on your planet can see except for you. The same is true of your own truth. Others will see it in you and may even want it for themselves, but you will not see it clearly. That is the veil in action and that is where the quiet smile of spiritual confidence comes in. There is a place within each one where the seeds of God reside. We ask that you not analyze it or try to place it in a box, only feel it deep within. Even though you will be unable to quantify it or explain it, touching that seed will bring the smile of spiritual confidence that will then connect you to the Web of Love.

There are other things that are happening on this planet that you will understand clearly over the next three years. For as you move into a higher vibration and as your tolerances of energy mismatches diminishes, you will see certain events take place. We wish to forewarn you for the worst that can happen here is that you would all take these events too seriously. Please understand that it is a game you are playing and the whole idea of the game is to be having fun. Please do not take the weight of the world upon your shoulders, for we are not asking you to change the world. We are asking you to do something infinitely more difficult. We are asking you to change yourself. Change your own perceptions and let that shine outward, for a very slight shift in perception makes a huge change in your reality. That intentional shift will allow you to carry the smile of spiritual confidence.

The Power of ONE

Many of the wars on your planet were created by the energy mismatches that begin as frustration. Then the frustrations build into anger. It is when these small frustrations build and collect in the collective consciousness that you have mismatches on a global scale. Then a person, or a country, moves out of frustration and acts. Once such a course of action begins, it becomes very difficult to change. That inertia has begun now in several places in your world and it is very difficult to stop. You ask, why war? Why do we need to experience these atrocities and what can I do about them? What we ask you to understand is that you are in complete control of your own reality and how you perceive these events actually creates your world. What if we told you that each of you exists in a unique world of your own creation? What if we told you that what you allowed in that world determined what other worlds you would interact with and would determine your experience? Change the world in your own heart first and then you will know what to do on the outside. How many Lightworkers does it take to change the world? Just one. . . You.

Releasing Old Beliefs

Changing your perception leads to changing your reality. And if you understand that all change leads to something better, then it is easy to see that the act of change is the key to advancement. Now it will work more quickly than ever before unless. . . you hold tightly onto old beliefs. We tell you that the vast majority of war on your planet comes from people holding so tightly to their belief systems that they cannot see the new world that being created right before their eyes.

A Journey through the Spiritual Portal of Jerusalem

Recently the Keeper and the Keeper's Keeper went to Israel. One of the major spiritual portals of the world is centered there in Jerusalem. Walking through Jerusalem he found himself in a place he had always dreamed of visiting. He was raised as a Christian and studied the bible as a child. We will embarrass him here and tell you that his greatest desire at that time in his life was to become a minister. . . . Yes, we laugh about that one too. As a child he had always dreamed of seeing the places where the story took place and suddenly he found himself there. He was a bit confused for although he felt the energy of the largest spiritual portal on earth, he did not feel what he always thought he would feel. Wandering through the ancient city he found himself distracted and confused, for the energy was not aligned in the way he expected it to be. In fact, at one point he had experienced enough and wanted to leave. It was then that we shared with him that it was not the spiritual portal that caused his confusion, but the expectations of all the visitors that caused the energy mismatch. He relaxed a bit then and continued the journey.

Soon he found himself walking through the Church of the Holy Sepulcher that housed many of the historical Christian artifacts. He was seeing many of the places that he studied as a child and during this time we paid very close attention to the fact that he had taken his hat off. In fact, he was carrying his hat very uncomfortably under his arm the entire time he was in that church. At one point we asked him “Why do you carry your hat under your arm?” He replied that it was a tradition and it was customary to remove his hat while in a place of worship. And we asked, “What is the meaning of that custom?” He replied, “I don't know.” He then started searching within him for the reason that he was to take his hat off. Then we asked “Does it hold magic for you? Is it one of the tools that you have used to create something special in your life?” He replied with “No, not really. I just do it because it is expected and I don't want to offend other people around me.” The Keeper continued to carry his hat under his arm the rest of the time he was in the church. It was not long after that when he found himself at the Wailing Wall in the Jewish section of the city. Here it was custom that he put his hat on. As he walked up to the wall itself we asked him “ Why do you wear your hat?” He chuckled and said “It is custom and I do not want to offend anyone by not honoring the custom.” Once again we asked him “ Is there magic in the fact that you put your hat on here and take it off elsewhere? If there is magic in these actions we wish to pass them on to all of you, for you are the ones looking for tools at this time in your evolution.” He responded, “No, I am just doing this the way that people have always done so that I can experience the way in which they have traditionally reached God.” In that moment the Keeper became aware of how people everywhere can hold so tightly to their own truths and traditions that they became completely unaware that there are other people around them. In fact the city of Jerusalem, even as it is this day, is in a state of separation.

Dear ones, we have nothing against traditions. Traditions give meaning and richness to life. The challenge comes when traditions or beliefs are held so tightly held that they lose their meaning and sometimes even have the opposite effect. When belief systems such as these are built on the basis of the love of God, fellow man and unity, can you see why we have such difficulty even comprehending the meaning of the phrase ‘Holy War?' We tell you, in the days ahead, that separation will become more difficult to endure than it ever has before. These can be mismatches of energy on a grand scale never before seen on Earth. Enjoy traditions dear ones, create new ones and remember the magic they hold for you. If you have forgotten the meaning of a tradition that you love, then give it a new meaning of your own. Simply understand that as you evolve at your rapid rate, you will understand that truth is an evolutionary process. As you grow, so too will your truth grow. Belief systems that have no room for growth will experience great stress on Earth in the days ahead. Finding the ways to blend the magic from different beliefs, and being constantly aware of how that magic can be used to ease the human condition is the real task ahead of you as the Lightworkers of planet Earth. As you go through life and experience challenges and feel the energy mismatches the first question that we ask you to ask yourself is, “Am I hanging on too hard to something? Is there perhaps a belief within myself that I am holding on to so tightly that I cannot move forward?” That is the shift in perception that can most effectively bring unity and harmony into your reality. When each person is willing to release their belief systems long enough to objectively see other people around them, they will see that we are all struggling with the same human condition. Other people wear different costumes, speak different languages, and have different customs and traditions. But every one is really you. . . and you are them. The creation of the Web of Love will now make that more pronounced than ever before.

Because of the new energy, the differences between mankind will become more pronounced than ever before over the next three years. There will come a day when man begins to focus on the way in which you are the same rather then the way in which you are different. That day will be celebrated in Heaven more than you will ever know. We no longer ask you to write down the tools we offer for living in the higher vibration. We do not ask you to follow an edict to get to Heaven. Instead, we ask you to do something infinitely more difficult. We ask you to be happy and fulfilled. We ask you to dare to enjoy today. We ask you to find passion in your life and share it with others. Sound simple? Simple it is, but it is not easy. After all, if it were easy everybody would want to be human.

5 th -Dimensional Hugs

So here you are. Ahh, but what of the tools? If this is all about practical magic where is the magic that can help you focus on how you are a like rather then how you are different? We will not disappoint you, dear ones. You have the ability to change your own vibration and your perception in an instant. It can be done in many ways, but we will now share with you one way for you to shift everyone's perception and to resolve these energy mismatches very quickly. It may surprise you to find that this is a human attribute, not a spiritual one. Having the courage to take off your wings and put on the veil to come here and play the game in polarity is revered in all dimensions beyond your understanding. You are the courageous ones who have dared to come here and sit in front of the mirror and try to figure out who you are and why you are here. In that human condition you also have a gift. For even we, the angels in Heaven, cannot touch one another the way that you can. Your dance in density allows you to touch each other in a way that is magical. Now that you are moving into higher vibrations that magic is about to be amplified even more. So here is the tool. It is called 5 th dimensional hugs. We ask you to learn to use that magic touch on the Web of Love. That gift can be used more than you know.

Imagine that at the base of your head on the back of your neck you have an energetic connection to the Web of Love. The Web of Love connection is with you all of the time. The next time that you hug someone, consciously open that connection. The energy running through your body will be incredible and both you and the person you are hugging will feel it, be assured. That will move you both to a higher level and it will be a 5 th -dimensional hug. When you do this you will find the quiet smile of spiritual confidence is yours to keep. Practice these hugs. Practice flowing the energy of the Web of Love through you with each hug that you give. That practice will place you into higher levels and make it easier for you to change energy mismatches, for you to live in harmony, for you to be happy. In those times when you look around and ask who am I going to hug re-member to start with you. Beginning with self will help you to connect with others.

Understand that the gifts of home will be with you all of the time. You have only to lean against it and use it. Practice often and connect to the energy of Home which is your birthright. You are the greatest angels who have ever lived. You have the greatest ability to change this planet and all of your game by changing your heart. You carry the unique beauty that is the spark of God. Find uses for it whenever possible and when you have the opportunity share a 5 th dimensional hug. God bless you, dear ones. We are so very proud of you. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to proudly wear the quiet smile of spiritual confidence, treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


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