A Theory of Reality

Greetings from Home

Dear ones, we cannot tell you the honor we have for you. You hear our words and still cannot understand our perspective. You see us as the angels of heaven. We tell you that with all the might in heaven it has not been possible for us to do what you have done. Can you see why we honor you so? Can you see why we are so honored to be in your presence? We tell you we have missed you at Home, for you have been gone such a long time. You are such a part of us and we are such a part of you. that you know us. You are in our hearts where Home already exists. Hold that energy. Re-member who you are and you will honor the connection between all of us.

You have dared to step into the 5th dimension. You have dared to take your Game to the next level. There are no rules in the fifth dimension. Ahh, but that should not have been a secret for you, for there were no rules in the third. Oh, but you did a really good job of making some up, did you not? The field of polarity is so thick and so difficult to see around. We watch with such humor as you make your games more intricate than they need to be. We understand that complexity is a part of human nature and it is necessary for you to complicate things just enough for you to understand. We, and many like us, are here, not to tell you which way to turn, but to reflect the magnificence of humans. You have taken the step of becoming the Human Angels. You have taken an intentional step toward creating your highest reality and we are so honored to be here watching you. There are many coming in at different overtone levels to watch as you make the choices ahead. You see it is not just about you, it is about 'All That Is'.

5th Dimensional Attributes

We wish to speak this day of some of the attributes of the alternate realities which exist within your own time and space. For we tell you that the fifth dimension is no longer something that you are reaching for. You have stepped right into it. The time lag is very short in the 5th dimension. You hold a thought, and that thought is soon standing in front of you in your reality. There is no problem with this, for in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth all is possible and you are masters of your thoughts and your reality. Oh, but when you are confused by the veils, you reach outside of yourselves for answers. You look for things that are not there. You reach for the mysticism to surround you. Sometimes you do not give anything any power unless you surround it with mystique. That is no longer necessary, dear ones, for you are holding your power and taking charge of your realities. Fear not making mistakes, there is no such word on the New Planet Earth. We tell you there is no right or wrong. That is an illusion of polarity that has existed on your Gameboard. Find the passion of who you are and what feeds you. Dare to create a reality of your own choosing. Have the courage to go after that passion first for that is where you will find the essence of Home. That is where your greatest success will be on the New Planet Earth.

The fifth dimension that you have stepped into has a very short time lag. In the third dimension you would have a thought and it would hang out here forever teasing you as you awaited for it to manifest. Occasionally, it would check back with you and it would say, "Are you sure this is what you want?" And you would say, "Yes, that is what I want." And the time lag would continue to stall the creation, asking ever so often if this was what you really wanted. This was a necessary part of the game for you were not yet masters of your thoughts. Finally, when it reached the edge of creation, it would check one last time and say, "Are you sure?" And if you were the same vibration as you were when you originally set this creation in motion, it would manifest. The process was called co-creation for you would create together with spirit to manifest things in your world. We tell you even now you have moved past the process of co-creation for there has been an integration of spirit. You are no longer outside of yourself. You have come together as one. There is a merging of the higher self into the physical form that has never been possible before. You have created it, dear ones, and we stand back and applaud you. The thunderous applause that exists on this side of the veil for what you have created through your own choices is beyond your understanding for it is not about you; it is about All That Is.

A Theory of Reality

We will share with you this day an important definition of reality which will help you acclimate to life in the 5th dimension. Your problem with understanding reality . . . is that you think it is real. In the 5th dimension reality is only a theory. A theory of reality is a presumption one makes when attempting to define the infinite. You have been living quite a long time in a theory of reality that is shared by many. Because it has been supported by the collective, it became what you call reality. Now that you are creating the New Planet Earth in the 5th dimension that reality changes with your individual thoughts.

So much has happened on your planet even in recent days and months. For you now have opportunity to take power like you have never taken it before. We do not ask you to hold yourselves responsible for everything or everyone that happens on your planet. We ask you to hold responsibility, and therefore power, for who you are in each moment. This is what creates the new energy and the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. That is what you have come here to do and you are doing it well. Fear not making mistakes. Fear not the energy as you take the power, for it does not serve you to play less than the creators that you are. It does not serve the highest good of all to pretend that you still do not take your power. For now is the time to change that within you for that power of creation is where your responsibility lies. Take your power as creators. Create first within. You will be known throughout all of history. You will be known throughout all of time as those who sat in the front of the class, for you, dear ones, are the chosen ones.

The veil is so thick that you sit quietly in the dark and you feel the tears as you reminisce of Home. You ask, "Why am I here?" Ahh. . .if we could only raise the veil for but a moment to show you what you really came here for. You would be so incredibly proud to be who you are that you would never doubt yourself again.
As each and every one of you holds your torch high and claims your flame of truth, there will be no more shadows on Planet Earth and Home will be re-created.

Each and every one of you has a responsibility. Create the highest and best for yourselves first. Dare to create abundance in your life in all areas. This is the true vibration of Home. No one ever wants for anything at Home. If you are creating Home on your side of the veil it will be necessary for you to dare to accept all that is yours. Do so now with full connection and honor to all things around you. Understand that when one rises, all rise.

The Celestial Stream of Light Energy

The energies are increasing everyday as Planet Earth moves into a stream of celestial Light energy. This is the third year that the Earth will experience a substantial Light shift in May. This is due to a change in direction of the entire planetary system in which you reside. What you call your solar system is not yet fully defined. There is more than you know traveling around your solar sun. A few short years ago the Game took a turn. Three years ago the ascension process began to move your reality. This was the first time that you truly experienced the New Earth. To some of you, it felt like an invasion and a shift that you needed to protect yourselves from. At that time your entire system of planets began to shift its placement in the Universe. Three years ago your planetary solar system began to move toward a new resting place in the Universe.

You experienced this as your planet traveled through a cosmic stream of celestial Light energy in the month of May. Your planet has traveled through this same Light stream during the month of May for the last three years. The first year you felt it the strongest because it was new and different to you. You are feeling the effects of this energy shift less now because you are becoming accustomed to energy shifts in general. We tell you that this year you will experience the strongest energy shift from this source than in any year prior. You have a minimum of two more years before your solar system passes through this energy stream. The length of time it will take you to pass through this field will depend on how fast you assimilate and engage the new energy.

Those of you who feel the pulse of the Earth may feel the anticipation of this cosmic event even now. As you move into this stream, you will feel consciousness shifting all around you. Those of you who are empathically sensitive to the Earth, will feel this energy change before the others. Some may feel on edge or jittery for no apparent reason. Others may feel energized. The reactions will vary greatly, yet, all eventually will feel the shift in some manner. Some will, as they have in recent times, react in fear. You can hold the Light high by choosing thoughts that create a reality of your choosing. This is what we refer to when we ask you to hold your Light high.

Release of the Crystal Energy

In addition to the energy field that you are passing through, you will also experience a release of the Crystal Energy on May 19th 2002. This too, is an energy stream that bombards the Earth. This however, is the Crystal Energy originating from the Central Sun that is stored in the tectonic plates of your planet. The solar winds that you have experienced recently are the carriers of this energy as it is redirected through your own solar sun.

Dear ones, you have asked time and again "how can I make a difference?" We tell you that the opportunities are now directly in front of you. Part of the challenges that you are now facing is the difficulties assimilating the Crystal Energy. Parts of the globe are in turmoil and war as a direct result of this energy entering your world. The Crystal Energy brings with it a new level of human empowerment. Those who have spent lifetimes living with little personal power will take this as a call to action, and as you have seen, may easily overreact. They naturally think that they have been repressed and kept from their power by those around them. They see the actions of revolt as an expression of their own power. Please be patient dear ones. Know that they see what they are doing as an expression of their powers of creation. Be patient as they try to separate themselves. Do not allow yourself to be segregated even from them, for in truth you are not separate from each other. When you find ways to take responsibility for your own reality you set the energy for the many more than you know.

In these times you easily loose sight of the creation of Home. Instead, you think in terms of stopping all fighting and returning to the peaceful environment you were in only a few months ago. We tell you that it is not possible to return to those times. Your humanness would have you think that peace on the planet is simply a lack of war. It is not. Life on the New Planet Earth is much more than that and must be handled with the responsibility of understanding.

Connect with others and intentionally take responsibility for using this Light energy on a personal basis. May 19th will be a powerful day to set into motion a turning point. Yet, we ask you not to wait for that time. Start now. In the darkest of times, the most difficult situations, find ways of creating your highest reality. Choose a theory of reality that allows you to be in your passion, and you will be creating Home on your side of the veil.

Personal Darkness

Most of you reading this now have gone through periods of darkness. Some of you have had an experience known as the Phantom Death. It is the time that you were complete with your contracts. With the exception of long term commitments, most of you are finished with what you came here to do. Yet, here you are. You stayed even when you had a chance to go Home. You have gone through a period of darkness so that you can see the light, and here you are. We know the pull of Home is strong. The energy that you now feel is not the energy of 'the Group'. It is the energy of Home and that is what you feel at this very moment. Breathe it in, and accept what is rightfully yours. That is the re-minder of where you come from. That is the strong pull of Home that you have each of you have felt in the last several years. Re-member it well, dear ones, but do not long for it. Do not pine for it. We ask you to simply hold that energy and create it where you are. You do not need to pass beyond the veil to feel that energy. You now have the abilities to create it where you sit. Feel it often, dear ones. We will help you by touching you with the touch of an Angel until you learn to touch each other.

Dear ones, it is with the greatest honor that we thank you for your work. You have no idea what you have done , , , but you will. Make space in your heart for your own energy and you will open the door for the children of Indigo vibration and the children of Crystal vibration as your world begins to shift. Make space on the New Planet for empowered humans. Play with the realities, fear them not. Enjoy dabbling in the magic for it is magic indeed, and it is yours now. You have only to push the boundaries to find that they are no longer there. Hold your flame high. For then there will be no more shadows on Planet Earth. And it is time for you to hold your flame in your own energy. Fear it not. You are the creators. You are the chosen ones. You have done it before. Trust yourselves. If you cannot re-member who you are, reach out and take the hand of the one next you and they will help you re-member. It is with the greatest of honor that we re-mind you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together.

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