A Time for Peace - Planting Seeds of Light

From Steve:

In each of the last three years the month of May has been a pivotal point for the energy. The Group says that this May will be no exception. In the following Re-minder from Home the Group talks about the energy shift that will take place in mid May. This one will coincide with a release of the Crystal Energy entering from our sun. This will provide us with a powerful time of enhanced creation especially if we come together. In fact, it looks like this one may provide us with an opportunity to really shine our Light.

From the Group:

Greetings from Home

Dear ones, it is with the deepest honor that we address you this month. The first planet of Free Choice is now at a critical juncture of time and space. You, as intentional bearers of the Light, will have the opportunity to shift the collective consciousness and make space on Planet Earth for the empowered humans. We tell you that when you hold your light high and proud, there will be no shadows. Before you now, is an important time to hold your Light and use your powers of creation to help shift the collective vibration of humanity.

The veils you wear keep you from seeing your true selves. You have agreed to play the Grand Game of Hide and Seek with the veil of forgetfulness firmly in place. It keeps you from seeing that you are connected to each other. From the very beginning of these messages we have told you of the magic that takes place when you hold hands with combined intent. This is an exercise in connecting hearts and honoring the connection of all things. In this connection your own powers of creation are amplified exponentially. As you connect, one to one, heart to heart, you create energy in a vortex that becomes endless. Here is where you create the divine infinity within your own finite bubbles of biology.

The veils that you wear are impregnated with the attributes of polarity. It is here that in your honest attempts to define yourselves that you have effectively separated yourselves from each other. The times you are experiencing on your planet have divided you from yourselves and your power once again. The power you search for outside of yourself has been waiting patiently within the entire time. This constant search for finding your power outside of yourself has created divisions that you are now seeing reflected on a global level.

Even the concepts of Love that you have embodied within some religions of your world, have caused further division of the hearts of mankind. Some have placed power in brick and mortar as a testament to God. All the while God has been trying to show you the power that you hold within yourselves. More wars have been fought in the name of God and religion, than any other cause. Do you not see that this is a misdirection of energy and directly opposed to the precepts of the religions themselves? This is due to the fact that some of these religions have cut themselves off from the flow of Universal Energy by declaring that theirs is the only true way to God. We ask you to make room for the empowered humans around you. Holding your own power, while leaving room for others to be in their power, is the most important precept of the new Earth.

It is your ego in the form of pride that has separated you from your power even further. Even with all that you have learned, you still cling to the imaginary lines that you have placed on the Earth. You insist on drawing lines that separate one land from another yet you are all the same. You find differences in your appearances and your beliefs and use those to separate you from each other. We tell you that when you begin to see beings from other planets you will then know just how much alike you really are.

Now you stand in a global war against terrorism. Each side believes in their hearts that they are correct in their thinking, yet each side also calls each other evil. How long can you point to the darkness that is only a lack of Light and give it power it does not deserve? We ask you instead to shine your Light where there is none. Now is a time to move beyond the lines that separate the hearts of men. Now is a time to hold your Light high on planet Earth. In doing so, we ask that you hold your Light within for that is where you will find the unity of all things. Connect to each other as citizens of Planet Earth. Connect to each other as beings of Light and Lightworkers, all reaching for a higher truth in the love of Light. Here is where you will find an end to war on Planet Earth.

You have stepped into the 5th dimension. In the higher vibrations in which you now live there is much less tolerance for misdirections of energy. In the lower vibrations of your own history wars could be won by force. In the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth a war can no longer be won in that manner. In fact, a war can never be won again. The differences of war can only be settled by understanding. Education, communication and understanding is the only way to build in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. Take the energy to educate yourselves in the beliefs and customs of those who oppose you. Seek to find the points at which these beliefs connect and do not labor on the areas which differ. This is Unity thinking in action and emulates the flow of Universal Energy.

As we are speaking these words, many of you are saying that you wished that this leader or that leader understood what we are saying. We tell you that it is not important for your world leaders to grasp the higher truths of the New Planet Earth for the change to begin. If the truth be known, your world leaders lead you no longer. Treat them as the trusted servants that you have elected them to be. Please understand that you hold the power for peace in the world within your own heart. Just because you reside within imaginary lines that separate countries does not mean that you are defined by the attitude or the policies of that government. You hold responsibility for your own heart and no one can take that responsibility from you. That responsibility holds the key to your true power and as you claim responsibility for that power, you not only shift, but so will your governments.

The events that have unfolded on your planet recently have cleared the path for understanding. It has released fear in many hearts. It has shown you that when you pull together you can create miracles. Take those gifts and now move past the trauma that created them. Look for ways to practice communication, tolerance, understanding and love. Look for ways to hold your Light within.

Is it not interesting that you have come so far in your advancement, yet still experience war on your planet? War is the ultimate representation of segregation and is the most difficult lesson you have had to learn on the Gameboard. Moving past war on Earth will represent the final move into unity consciousness that you have been seeking. We tell you that there is no grand plan in place. As humans, you do have the ability to obliterate each other for the only rule you have placed on the Gameboard is free choice. You do have the possibilities to end the Game even though you have passed the marker. The months directly ahead of you will be an important time. The Indigo's and the Crystal Children will take your planet and build Home on your side of the veil if you leave them a planet to work with. The next few months are important.

May 19th of 2002 is a day of energetic shifts. Three years past, at this same time of year, similar energy shifts have taken place. There are at least two more years ahead with similar shifts. On May 19th you have another energetic release that will combine with this energy. The Crystal Energy entering from the Central Sun, through your own solar Sun, is being stored in the tectonic plates of the Earth. In the week around May 19th there will be a release of this energy into your reality. This will provide a truly magical time to send out your intentions into the grids and plant the seeds of Light on the planet. This will be a time for effective communication on the New Planet Earth.

We ask you to take responsibility only for what is held within your own heart and not for healing the world. Please do not take responsibility for leaders or events in your world as they are a reflection of the collective. It is only possible to heal the world one heart at a time, beginning with your own. This is now a magical time to hold hands and build the Light within. As you begin to see the Light shine in people and events around you, know that it is a reflection of the Light you hold within. We invite you to come together and hold hands as you sow the seeds of Light. Find ways of communicating and educating yourselves about the way others live. Become a proud citizen of the New Planet Earth.

May 19th is a special day when your inner Light will be reflected by the energetic shifts of your ascension process. Take this day to come together in intent and create the next reality for the new planet. As you come together, use the grids now in place to distribute the seeds of peace to the rest of the world. If you are not able to be with others then intend your energy to connect through the grids that are now in place. These grids will continue to grow and will connect the hearts of the planet as one. The energetic and physical grids and even the grids that you know to be your phone lines and internet can be used to distribute these seeds of Light. The new energy entering at this special juncture of time and space will carry these seeds of love and light to open hearts on the planet. A time of Peace is now possible on the New Earth. Let it begin now. . . one heart at a time.

It is with the greatest of love for you that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

And so it is. . .

the Group



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