Awakening the Crystal Children

From Steve

The Group was the first to identify and label the Children of Crystal Vibration in a channel in May of 1997. Here they spoke of their attributes and said "if you can make the planet safe for them, they will come". In November of 1998 the Group spoke further about the Crystal Children in a live channel at Sudbury, Ontario.This information later appeared in the chapter, 'The Children of Crystal Vibration' in our first book 'Re-member ~ a handbook for human evolution', which was published in October 2000. On that occasion, the Group provided more details about them, and said that they would be entering soon. I must say that when the Group first spoke of the Crystal Children I thought they were talking about the Indigo children. However, they quickly corrected me and said these children have different attributes and identified them separately. They also said that the Crystal Children will only be identified as such in the beginning. When the majority of children carry these attributes we will simply call them 'children'.

Lee Carroll and Jan Tober are the authors of the Indigo Children books and are wonderful people and personal friends. Lee and I have discussed this point. He and Jan say that the Crystal Children are a sub-set of the Indigo children, whereas the Group says they are markedly different. The word Indigo comes from Nancy Tappe who sees energy fields in a very unusual way. They use this word to talk about all the new children entering the Earth including Star children, Psychic children and more. This seeming discrepancy has caused confusion among many people - as we can attest to by the number of e-mails we receive regularly. In any event, there is the only important point we need to bear in mind; this is that none of the labels are important. This is not about labels or semantics; it is about the children, and about how we can make this planet safe for the evolving human race. So please understand: if you hear opposing views or different definitions, within just a few short years, none of it will make any difference.

Many authors will soon be bringing in even more information about the new children. Let us be careful not to allow ourselves to fall into the trap of spiritual competition. By the same token, let us also not forget that there also are many children currently on the Earth that are neither Indigo nor Crystal. We can only do them, and ourselves, a great injustice by getting side-tracked by labels.

We hope that the information provided below helps you to see what the Group says is directly ahead in the evolution of mankind. We offer the following with love.

Greetings from Home:


Many of you have felt the recent shift of energy. Like a breath of fresh air, the energy has recently reset. You may feel a relief in the air as you prepare to move forward on your paths. This energetic shift will continue and be complete early next year. This is an evolutionary step to integrating the crystal energy. Have you ever wondered why you have such attraction to crystals? It is no co-incidence as the crystals themselves have been communicating with you on an energetic level for hundreds of years. More than that, your own evolution is changing your own biology to a crystalline form. That is the reason crystals call to you so. In fact, we tell you that all of what you call nature and all things upon Earth are now in the process of shifting to crystalline form. You are beginning to discover these changes as you find that most of the Earth is crystalline in nature. You are currently carbon based beings. Yet, we tell you that the base of the carbon atom is only a slight shift to a silicon atom which is the crystal element. Even your own scientific periodic tables show only a slight difference between the two. The effect of Earth's pressure on carbon is what causes the evolution of that material into the crystals you know to be diamonds. From our perspective, we are watching as you, and all around you, turn into the most beautiful diamonds. We are honored to be even a small part of this process.

A History of the Information

You will soon begin to see the effects of the Children of Crystal Vibration as the scouts who are carrying some of the advanced attributes are now making themselves known. The process of OverLight will allow those of you already here to raise your vibrational bodies to the higher attributes of the Crystal Children. This process will stretch over the next 50 years or more and will help you to carry more of the crystalline form in your biology. Light interacts with crystal in very unusual ways. As a result, you love to watch light dance within the facets of a diamond. It is this same interaction with light on your crystalline form that will bring the higher attributes of humanity to the Earth. We are watching this development with the greatest expectation.

Several years ago we presented information on the return of the Children of Crystal Vibration. At that time humanity was only beginning to embrace the concept of evolutionary children entering with higher attributes. At the origin of the messages we spoke of the Crystal Children returning, carrying a new vibration that would appear to have magical abilities compared to present day human attributes. At that time we described these children as the next stage of human evolution, embodying an important link between the physical bubbles of biology that you now inhabit, and your ultimate return to what you now call 'lightbody'. The Crystal Children have two primary attributes. Firstly, they are extremely powerful, with abilities that you would often see as magical. Secondly, they are extremely vulnerable with exceptional sensitivity to lower vibrational energies.

Much to the dismay of those of you searching for details, we described their attributes to you in somewhat vague terms. This indistinctness was intentional as we foresaw a potential problem associated with introducing this information. One of the lower vibrational human characteristics that you often wrestle with is that of spiritual competition. Since spiritual competition is a lower vibrational concept based on the illusion of polarity, it can be challenging to the Children of Crystal Vibration as they enter. Therefore, we simply planted seeds in the beginning. Now, however, the need for information about your own evolution outweighs any potential challenges. The last several months have brought a new energy shift to all of humanity and the attributes of the Crystal Children now need further definition.

Crystalline Attributes -Psychokinetic Abilities

The Children of Crystal Vibration have the ability of multi-level communication. They not only know what is in your thoughts, but, importantly, they will know what is in your heart. When their numbers grow on the Earth you will see instantaneous communications between them. Their own understanding of energy and the way they refract light within their being will give them psychokinetic abilities. They will be able to move things with their minds. More importantly, they will be able to rearrange matter with their thoughts with little or no time lag. To us, this is quite amusing, as it was not that long ago that you invented stories for your own entertainment of outer space beings with great powers of the mind that would take over your world. Now you will find that this is true, but that they are in fact your own children.

Potential Challenges

As we have mentioned, the Children of Crystal Vibration have a crystalline structure that allows them to carry more light within their physical being. It is this crystalline structure that causes them to reflect back those things for which they have no reference. Being as powerful as they are, they not only reflect back energies for which they have no reference, but in the process they will amplify that energy as well. In as little as 150 years these attributes will be commonplace, yet those who are the first to carry these in physical form may experience considerable challenges.

Autism or Crystal?

Let us explain some of the immediate challenges these higher vibrational beings may encounter. Having a base of crystal form they have what you would consider to be loose ethereal bodies. This is what you will first see as hypersensitivity. This is the second attribute that we described as extreme vulnerability. Once mastered, this sensitivity allows them to travel inter-dimensionally. Ultimately this will lead to inter-dimensional movement and what you currently envision as time travel. At present, however, those entering with even small amounts of crystal energy may find themselves unwittingly being pushed into other dimensions. There are currently instances of what you call autism. These are actually Crystal Children who have been pushed into other dimensions and are unable to recover. These gentle beings are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and to outside stimuli that are not in harmony with the higher vibration they themselves hold. This actually gives them the appearance of being weak, when in reality they are advanced, powerful human beings. We ask that you begin to observe and to question all outside stimuli, even those that may have been previously used to promote health.

Vibrational Hypersensitivity

You will also find that the Children of Crystal Vibration are sensitive to all vibrational input. Vibration in all forms such as sound, color, ambient electromagnetic fields and environmental pollutants can have unsettling effects on the of Crystal Children. Their hypersensitivity to vibration can be felt on many levels including magnetic, electromagnetic, environmental, aroma, sound, color, and various other forms of vibrational energy. These Children are hypersensitive to their environment and are particularly vulnerable to pollutants. Even today you are finding that certain color combinations are having strange effects of some Crystal Children. We tell you that even what you have referred to as 'gang colors' was an unconscious attempt to control this input to lower levels of vibration. It is these lower levels of vibration to which the Crystal Children are ultra sensitive.

One form of vibrational energy that the Crystal Children are having difficulty with is electricity. Electricity is a form of energy that occurs naturally in nature, yet your adaptation of it, and particularly your use of alternating current, will take some time for the Crystal Children to adjust to. This is humorous, as this form of electricity was actually developed by one carrying a tremendous amount of Crystal energy [Nicolai Tesla]. The Crystal Children must learn to adapt to this form of vibrational energy. In the interim, if they come into contact with an electrical device when they are off center, angry or confused, it is highly possible that they will not only reflect back the energy, but also amplify it as they do so. This will effectively melt most electrical devices in use today. With practice, the Crystal Children will adapt to this man-made waveform of energy. In the meantime typical home life may be rather interesting.

Crystalline Connection to Earth

The Earth, as a living sentient being, is also undergoing transformation to crystalline form. You have recently discovered the crystalline nature of water. What we share with you now is that this is not simply a recent discovery; rather, it is a recent evolutionary step. The magnetic grid adjustments of the planet are almost complete. The work of Kryon with the preparation of the magnetic grids on Earth will be complete within the next few months. This will make it easier for the Earth to resonate at a higher frequency and help all humans hold their true power in physical form. Additionally, it will allow the Crystal Children to take their place. This cosmic event alone will set the energy and open the door for the Children of Crystal Vibration to take the next step in human evolution.

Emotional Empaths

The largest area of adjustment the Crystals will need to make is with their hypersensitivity to human emotions. Much the way that the Indigo children have no reference for the human emotion of guilt, you will find that the Children of Crystal Vibration have no reference for the human emotion of fear. Fear was an important emotion for humans in the early stages of development. Along with the ego, it has helped to ensure your survival. Fear has served you well. However, its usefulness is now reaching an end. The emotion of fear is rampant within the hearts of humans. This is the very reason you are facing so many fears as a collective at this time in your history. Even that which you see in your world as terrorism is an opportunity for you to move beyond fear as a collective.

'Allergic' to Fear

Those of Crystal Vibration will easily feel the fear within the hearts of those around them. The challenge comes when they feel the fear and unconsciously reflect it back as amplified emotions. This causes strange reactions to lower vibrational humans. For this reason, those of Crystal Vibration walk lightly, choosing not to invoke fear. When this fear is reflected back it can cause reactions detrimental to all humanity, as it simply brings out the very worst in humans. For this reason, the early Crystal Children will often take refuge in hiding. They will assume low profiles and not generally show their abilities publicly. At first glance this will make them seem meek and mild. Do not misinterpret this to mean that they are not powerful. Parents of the first Crystal Children will seek to hide them and keep them safe at all costs. This will change as humans release their need for fear. This was the original message we gave to you many years ago when we first spoke of these children. We said "If you can make the planet safe for them they will come." You have listened. . . they are coming now.

Crystal Walk-Ins, Crystal Elders and You

The awakening of the Crystal Vibration within your own physical bubbles of biology is causing changes within each of you that will need your attention. Even though the first Crystal Children will not enter your world for several years, there are many now on Earth carrying varying degrees of the Crystal attributes. These are the bravest of souls who agreed to enter first and test the waters. Working with them to find the greatest possibilities is something that many of you immediately feel drawn to. Yet there is much more still to do.

The next several years will also bring Crystal Walk-ins who will incarnate quietly as adults carrying the Crystal Vibration. As we speak of the Crystal Children, there are many of you that are now identifying yourselves as the Crystal Elders who have been holding these attributes all along. Those who choose to do so will now come out of hiding and share their stories with the world. Also, due to the changes in energy that you have recently moved through, many of you have begun developing some of these attributes to which you are unaccustomed. We see this as an awakening of the Crystal Child within each one of you. As these adults and children continue to enter and use their power, it will awaken these attributes in all of humanity. You are becoming crystalline.

The energy shifts on the Earth at this time are preparing you for further connection to the crystalline vibration. In the days directly ahead many of youwill notice a form of clearing that you did not expect. There will be further pulls into polarity that may seem like separation, rather than unity. Fear this not, and walk forward knowing that you are on the path. You will also find that your physiology is changing rapidly during this time, with changes in your eating habits, sleeping patterns and general likes and dislikes. Your own internal connections will grow stronger, although most of you have yet to learn to trust those intuitive connections. Relationships may be stretched and re-stretched. Some will break beneath the strain and some will find new levels of communication and love. Those carrying repressed anger may find it surfacing at inappropriate times. During the next few months please give yourselves and those around you the latitude and room to grow. There will be times when you feel your world is upside down, and times when you equally feel that all is right with the world. During your centered times please take the role of Human Angel and reach out to others to lend them a steady hand. When you yourself are feeling off center, have the courage to reach out and take the hand that is offered to you. You are becoming crystalline and when you hold hands together the process becomes magical.

As we watch your evolution unfold the excitement on this side of the veil is beyond description. You are creating Home on your side of the veil. There are no words to describe the love we have for you. You do not understand the magnificence of who you really are. We ask you simply to feel it within, and hold that truth. That will bring you Home again. It is with the greatest honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


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