Celebrate Light - The Year 2002

From Steve There is much ahead as we all take the next steps together. We have entered a stage of darkness in order to more clearly see and express the Light. Knowledge is the key in what lies ahead. Here the Group offers some interesting insights as to what is directly ahead in the year 2002. Many people attend the seminars to hear what the Group says is going to happen next. The funny part is that the Group says that we are the creators and they can't wait to see what we are going to do next!

Greetings from Home

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension dear ones.

We greet you with the greatest of love and anticipation as you take the first steps into your next realty. The very first of you have now begun to step off the bridge of the fourth dimension to find yourselves now standing firmly in the fifth dimension. You are the chosen ones who have asked to be the first off the bridge. You are the ones who have chosen to help the others get used to the new vibrations.

Enter The Children of Crystal Vibration

The next ten years will set the energy for what is to follow for the next thousand years as the Children of Crystal Vibration now prepare to enter. Scouts for this vibration of children are now beginning to incarnate carrying only a few of the magical attributes of the Crystal Children. You are raising the collective vibration of all of humanity through education and love. Even in the disputes that currently exist in your world, we ask that you see that now there is an opportunity for Light to reach areas of darkness that could not have been reached before. We tell you that it was necessary for this Light to be spread to clear the way for the Children of Crystal Vibration. As they enter your world, that which you call war will no longer exist. These special children have different energy structures than you are accustomed to. They are extremely powerful yet extremely vulnerable. At birth their auras may be only barely discernable as the pure energy emanating from their beings is clear. They have a basic understanding of energy that you do not. These special beings are the incarnation of humanity in a state of higher evolution that will allow them to fully utilize the attributes of the fifth dimension. Their capacity for love is beyond your current understanding. It is this same capacity for love that makes them vulnerable to the lack of love known as fear. Fear is their greatest foe and your role on the Gameboard, up to this point, has been to make the planet safe for them by eliminating fear. The fear that you call terror is now dissipating due to your recent movements. We tell you that you have been more successful than you know. The higher vibration of humanity we call the Crystal Children will bring an understanding of unity consciousness to your planet and the New Game. Understand that in the time ahead you will have ample opportunity to change your reality to make the planet safe for this higher breed of humanity. Take responsibility to eliminate fear within your own heart.

The Indigo children are now in the process of redefining the way you think of children as a whole. Prior to the entry of the Indigos you have always taught your children to share 'your' truth. In the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth truth is not a standard but rather an evolution. One must reach for higher truths to support the higher vibrations they are achieving. The Indigos have entered for the express purpose of helping you to change your systems to support your children. As you do they can grasp higher truths than even you held. Many of the Indigo children have entered with very difficult contracts. Some of these contracts have even been to create problems that you could then solve by implementing more advanced systems. Work with them now and challenge them to use all of their abilities. Then give them the freedom and responsibility to use those abilities so they will open the door for what is to come.

As the Crystal Children take their place and move into adulthood, you will not use names to identify that which is the norm and the words Crystal Children will fade from use. The Indigo Children are the ones that have selflessly agreed to fill an important gap and the title of Indigo Child will always remain in the honor of all.


We tell you that the year that lies ahead is one of potential. The energy entering the Earth is bringing with it a balance of the male-female energy. This has never before happened to this extent on planet Earth. There is great resistance to this energy and the old guard feels it is losing control. The overreactions to the balanced energy will subside in time as will the overreactions to the overreactions. Even though you have changed the outcome of your Game, the cosmic events set into motion at the beginning of the Game will still play out. What you are seeing now was what was originally foreseen as the Armageddon of your bible. The spiritual competition that triggered this event is a direct replay of Atlantis. This energy is now changed and therefore will have a different result and outcome. Watch the role of the Red Dragon in these events. If the Red Dragon lies dormant, humanity will have moved past the marker that could have triggered the last Great War. If the Red Dragon lies dormant, the events that have led you to war will fade quickly and all of humanity will have been educated. We will even tell you that this will not be the last of such overreactions as you step into the fifth dimension. Even so, the energy keeps infiltrating into your reality. The infusion of the Crystal Energy into your reality is allowing you to cross a line that has been predicted for eons.

Important Cosmic Dates

Your advancement on the Gameboard has made it very difficult to determine the course and direction of events. The events we now tell you about were originally not to have played out until the year 2012. Your step into the Fifth dimension has shortened the time lag of your creations and placed you in a state of enhanced creation. Therefore the collective vibration of humanity is moving very rapidly at this time Even as there are some difficult events directly ahead, we wish to point to a cosmic event that is now in motion. In the first part of the next year (2002) there are two primary dates that should be noted as they will set into motion triggers that will once again shift your reality.

The Crystal Energy entering from the Central Sun is about to complete its first cycle. This will allow the first portal to inter-dimensional realities to open between the dates of January 11th and January 18th 2002. This is a time of enhanced creation and a time to set your intent and welcome the higher connections. This will change the possibilities of all of humanity forever. As you learn to use these portals they will help you utilize the full attributes of the Fifth dimension. Set your intent and stand as pillars of calm during this special time and hold the energy for those who may fall into fear as this energy rises to new levels on Planet Earth. Humans typically do not handle change well. This energy may affect people differently and many will not be aware of the change at all.

The second special date is on February 2nd 2002. The 020202 is the first day of Celebration of Light. Your nature takes 21 days to acclimate to new energies and form the patterns that will accommodate these higher energies. The 020202 is the 22nd day from the first introduction of this energy. This is a day of relaxation, enjoyment and celebration. Come together to celebrate. You have always had a misconception that your reality is real and therefore you tend to take life way too seriously. The ohm vibration that was the word that began the entire Game, was actually a laugh. The 020202 is a day to celebrate for it marks a milestone in the evolution of all that is. This is not just about you. These portals connect the inter-dimensional realities of the ten dimensions of your Game. The celebrations that take place on Earth on this day will be tiny compared to the celebrations that will take place throughout the rest of the Universe. Join in the first Universal Celebration of Light on the 020202.

Living in the Fifth Dimension

The two dimensions that are added as you step into this new reality are Time and Space. Your relationships to these two areas will be changing rapidly in the days directly ahead. Celebrate the changes and welcome the chance to play in these new areas for they are the opening of the New Planet Earth and the creation of Home on your planet.

The change in dimensional relationship to Time and Space has been evidenced in part by a loop in time where you have met yourselves living in the middle ages. Even though you may have fond memories of these times, you must understand that these were very cruel and harsh times in human history. Some of those attributes have surfaced in mankind and are now at the very forefront of your attention. Be firm and compassionate as you educate yourselves to higher vibrational living. These loops will continue until you understand what they are and how to use them fully.

Many of your paradigms have changed in recent years and even months. The times ahead will be filled with possibilities. Imagine a time when the greatest potential for abundance flows freely. Imagine a time when each person can see inside each other's thoughts and feel inside each other's hearts. Dream of a time when you only have to hold a thought in your head to create the most wondrous creations in an instant. You are awakening from the dream, dear ones. That time is now and you are the creators that hold the power and the keys. Freely take responsibility for your own creations for that is the most effective way to increase your own powers of creation. Create for yourself first, for that aligns the energy for everything and everyone around you. Center your energy, take your power and Re-member to enjoy the Game. The year that lies ahead will be one of great joy as the creators awaken from the dream.

Please enjoy the Game as you treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

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