Christopher and the Box of Truth

From Steve:

In this message the Group revealed one more of the original Seven Clans. That makes four thus far. The told a story about Christopher who carried the box of truth throughout his life in constant search for ‘the truth.' The Group says that more people will surface in the next few years who will have very similar situations that will serve to help all of humanity shift their perception of what truth really is. If we look to our past we will see that it is always been the victors who have written history and therefore our collective truths. The Group says that collective truth is a matter of a enough people holding the same concept as truth. When a critical mass is reached, our history and our truth changes to support our needs. Any history book publisher will verify this. When the Group says, is that to be empowered humans, our history, and our truth will become more flexible than we have ever imagined. They used this story to help us see that the focused search for ‘the truth' may be a beautiful distraction.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges
Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

Magnetic Wave 

Dear ones, you have become more interdimensional every day with practice. Through your own awareness you are developing an ability to live in a world which includes many dimensions of time and space. The challenges you are experiencing have to do with the magnetic imprints that are sent out into the universe and create a vibrational pattern that you walk into. You are literally becoming the thoughts that you have placed in your timeline in front of you. Even as you venture into this new area of Light you have managed to create an environment which is neutral and ready for you to write upon. It is this same magnetic effect that has erased the slate in front of you and has caused the challenges with your microphones and electronics this day (Note from Steve: This channel was presented live as the last segment of the VirtualLight internet TV show. During the show we had a lot of technical oddities and all of our microphones died with the exception of the one I was using for the channel.)

There are more people on this planet than you can imagine who are expecting a miracle. Consequently, you are creating that very miracle. You are sending out a strong vibration now, almost as if you took a big boulder and threw it into a pond. The ripple from that boulder travels out into the water as a vibration and prepares the still water to accept the next reality. That is happening on multidimensional levels and although the Keeper is very frustrated with the lack of equipment that is working today, it is a beautiful thing to watch from this side of the veil because you are creating Home on this planet right now. This creation is something that we, on this side of the veil, have waited for with the highest anticipation for it was never planned.

The Cycles of Earth 

When the Game of Earth began, it was a very hot, gaseous ball drifting through space. Because of the intense heat, the vibrations of Earth at that time were very high. From the very beginning of Earth, spirits took that opportunity to live on the Earth. In those days you inhabited the Earth as ethereal beings without the physical dense bodies that you now inhabit. As the Earth cooled, you had to find ways of lowering your own vibrational status so that you could stay within a vibrational harmony to the Earth. The interesting part about that is that today you believe that a higher vibration is better than a lower vibration. In the early days of humanity evolution, any advancement was actually lowering your vibration. So here is the cycle we wish to show you. You began with a very high vibration when the Earth was hot and vibrating at a high rate. Then as the Earth cooled, you began to lower your vibration. When you reached a level of comfort there began a long period of sideways movement at the bottom of this cycle where your vibrations appeared to neither rise nor fall. During this time there was not much change between high and low vibration, so it seemed as if there were no evolution. Guess what? You have just turned the corner, and today you consider evolution as raising your vibration. This is the completion of a great vibrational cycle that started eons ago when the Earth first began. So what is happening this day? Is not the Earth getting warmer? Yes, you believe that much of this is due to pollution, the cars you drive, and the effects of global warming. We tell you that this is only partly true. It is very appropriate that you learn to walk in harmony with the Earth. But we also tell you that in reality the Earth is much more resilient than you know. You are actually in a natural energy cycle and what you call global warming is due in large part to a huge increase in radiation emanating from the central sun itself. And what about the ethereal bodies that you once inhabited? Are you not talking about going back into lightbody? In the beginning you were in lightbody when you inhabited the gaseous ball long, before you took physical form. You are returning there, dear ones. The cycle is one thing we wish to share with you. Even the Keeper believed we were going to talk about multidimensionality today up until a few moments ago. We will not. There is something that is happening here which is beyond description. We cannot wait to tell you about it, for you have already seen a glimpse of it. You have felt it, but not quite known how to describe it with words.

Evolution of Truth

We have said before that there are 12 primary life lessons that you work with as souls pretending to be human. Most of your life lessons and most of your major contracts point back to this one primary life lesson that you decided upon before you came into this lifetime. The first stage was the planning stage when you asked this person to be dad, this person to be mom, and this person to be your first lover in high school and to please love you enough to break your heart? And you asked this person to be your business partner and would he love you enough to steal all the money and run off to Mexico ? Oh, they play the Game so well. You put on the veil and forgot that you even set it up, but here you are, awakening from the dream in the midst of a Game. We are here to greet you with open arms as you take charge of your lives and as you move forward as spirits pretending to be human. One of the most important primary life lessons that many of you have worked with is about to activate on a global basis. Although these life lessons are personal experiences, you also work with them on a collective basis making certain life lessons seemingly ‘popular' within different societies. That is happening now with the primary life lesson of truth. Essentially, those individual souls working with the primary life lesson of truth will help all of humanity to redefine what truth is on the New Earth.

Truth is a very difficult life lesson. There are even some that the Keeper calls 'channel hoppers' in his world. Channel hoppers will go to different channels until they find the truth that they are looking for, when in fact they usually had that truth all along their search. Or, some have read every book written over the last 40 years in seeking their truth. What we tell you is that those people typically are not looking for truth in those books or looking for truth in those experiences when they go to other channels. What they are looking for is a reflection and validation of the truth they carry within.

So in the very beginning when you started to play the Game on the hot, gaseous ball called Earth, you took form as ethereal beings without physical form. At one point you adapted a form of biology you know today to be the apes, and started forming human bubbles of biology to house your spirit for the duration of the game. At that time there were only 500 of you that took physical form. The rest stayed behind to form what is now known as the angelic realm for guidance, which was needed on both sides of the veil. This day, every one of you is directly related to one of those 500 souls. Of course, the good news is that you only need to learn how to get along with 499 other people. If you understand that, you begin to understand the truth of life on Earth.

The Fourth Clan ~ Keepers of the Truth 

In the beginning, the original 500 humans lived in roughly the same place on the planet. You did not split up in all different parts of the world until later. During the early days you gathered in groups and formed what is known as clans, and those were clans of purpose. They were to help you bring the memories of Home to your Earth experience. We have spoken about some of them. There were seven clans in all. We have only spoken of the so far: The Clan of the Bright Eyes, the Reflectors of the Light and the Keepers of Beauty. Today we will speak of another clan, the Keepers of Truth. There are many of you who are awakening on the planet right now. This was the clan that was devoted to bringing the truth from Home to Earth. In order to do that, specific attributes had to be in place and you had to understand certain things. It became difficult in the beginning to find out what worked and what did not. We will tell you a story about one of these dedicated souls, for it illustrates very clearly who is a Keeper of Truth.

The Story of Christopher and the Box of Truth 

The Planning Stage 

Christopher is a being of light who will soon enter the Game of Free Choice as a Crystal Child, being born on the Earth as a high vibrational human. He will not have to go through the evolutionary process, but will be born into a high vibration from the beginning of his life. We first find Christopher sitting at the table in the great Hall of Records with all of his friends gathered around. As Christopher takes charge of the meeting, he explains to all those gathered what he wants to have in his experience on Earth and what he hopes to accomplish. As he speaks, the souls of those who are going to play a part in his game gather closer. Even as his mother and father are already incarnate on Earth, their higher selves are present at this important gathering. Christopher was proud that every one he wanted to be in his Game agreed to play a part. He was able to bring all the spirits of all these beings to sit around a grand table for the first stage of his life, the planning stage. One of the beings sitting on his right was his dear friend Elrah. He was a grand soul that never incarnated. Elrah was one of the higher beings that Over Lighted the first and final stages of life. Elrah was often there to help souls make effective plans and contracts for their lives on Earth and was usually there to greet souls as they returned Home and awakened from their dream. Having said that, it is helpful to remember that at Home, one person is never better or higher than another, so Christopher and Elrah were of equal importance in the process at hand. They were considered the same, for in fact they are simply different expressions of the one heart on the other side of the veil.

Elrah talked with Christopher and together with all those gathered laid out the greatest of contracts for Christopher's life. Elrah said, “Christopher, you have chosen to enter with the life lesson of truth. It is one of the most difficult life lessons that you could possibly choose on the planet of free choice, but it will also be one of the most helpful for all. Before you enter the Game I will give you some ideas and concepts that help you with this difficult lesson.” Just then Elrah pulls out this beautiful box and places it in the waiting hands of Christopher. It is a very ornate, small, jeweled box and Christopher looks at it and asks, “Is this for me? It is so beautiful, Elrah. I do not know what to think of it.” Elrah begins to tell Christopher about the box and the meaning it will have in the life he is about to enter. Elrah says, “Christopher when you incarnate into a bubble of biology, you will carry this box in an energy form very deep within your being at the high heart level.” Elrah points to a place on the body halfway between the throat and heart chakras. “You will not be able to see it with your eyes but in that box, Christopher, you will hold all the truths that you have gathered as a soul in all of your incarnations up to this point. Your soul's purpose in this lifetime is to open that box and to share your expression of truth. If you do Christopher, you will return home with the pearl that will advance us all.” Christopher said, “That is a wonderful purpose. I gladly accept the challenge.”

Christopher then began the task of planning the life that lay before him. He made contracts and back up plans just in case. He contracted positive experiences and negative ones. Many times souls learn better from negatives than they do from positives, so all possibilities were considered and planned out. Every contract was laid out and re-examined. And all of the major contracts in Christopher's life would point back to the box of Truth he would carry. If only he would remember that it was there. After everything was set up Christopher came face to face with Elrah one last time. “Dear Christopher we will all watch you from here at Home and cheer you on, but alas, you will not hear us for the veil is very thick. We will offer you guidance and help you to connect with the many contracts you have laid out for yourself, but most of the time you will consider it coincidence or luck. Above all Christopher, please keep in mind that all you need do to accomplish all of your tasks is to open the box and share the contents. Then you will return with the pearl, dear Christopher.”

A Child is Born

With the final instructions Christopher set his incarnation in motion and began the 27-month process preceding his birth. It was Christopher's first chance to pretend to take on the illusion of time; during that time he worked on the transition of an infinite being taking on a finite expression. It was here that he whispered in his mother's ear, “My name is Christopher. My name is Christopher.” Many times his mom woke up in the middle of the night with the name Christopher on her mind. At one point she said to her husband “I think we should name him Christopher.” But the moment she said the name out loud she remembered the boy in school who she did not like and then said “Although I really like this movie star, so maybe we should name our son Tom.” And Christopher shook his head and kept whispering in her ear every chance he got. Sometimes souls get to live with the vibration of a name similar to their spirit name, and sometimes not, depending on how well they communicate with the primary parental contract during those 27 months. Christopher was lucky and after his mother went back and fourth she finally settled on the name Christopher. Christopher was born three weeks early, as he could not wait to get in the Game. He was a very bright child. His eyes lit up the room when he smiled even as a baby, and he had a beautiful energy around him all the time.

Christopher's parents loved him dearly; he was their second born and had an older sister. Many times an older child will resent a younger child coming into a family, but that was not the case. Christopher's older sister took great pride in her younger brother and was a big support. His mother always encouraged him in everything but even so, Christopher did not speak until he was almost two years old. He held back for a very long time. When he did speak, he spoke few words and very quietly.

Young Christopher

As Christopher grew, his mother was worried about him because it became obvious that he was not a normal child. He was different and, of course, she believed that meant that there was something wrong with him. She did the best she could to encourage him at every opportunity and when he did speak, everyone applauded. But even if he did not speak, everyone understood him anyway. Christopher had a very magical smile that sent energies through his eyes and everyone felt comfortable with him. As Christopher began to grow, he started to experience something that he did not understand completely. Ever so often he would feel guided to hold his hand to his chest as he listened to people talk. Then one day he went to church. His mother and father did not really go to church, go but they wanted Christopher to have religious exposure so they took him to church.

He was taught many good lessons in church and enjoyed it. Then one Sunday Christopher had an experience that he never forgot. During his Sunday School class Christopher was given a pamphlet designed to teach children about God. The pamphlet told stories about the importance of being good and about the basic rules of being human. It was then that the teachers told the children that if they did not follow the rules, they would go to hell. At that very moment, Christopher felt a stabbing pain in his upper chest. Later he told his mother about his experience. She had Christopher checked out at the hospital and found out that there was nothing wrong. But every now and then, Christopher would experience a sharp pain in his upper chest.

It was not until much later that Christopher's guidance emerged. Even as a four-year old Christopher had an imaginary friend around him most of the time. His parents thought he was making up this imaginary friend, but since it seemed to help Christopher they played along. The only part they could not figure out was that the imaginary friend was named Earl. Not many children have an imaginary friend by the name of Earl. He talked to Earl with his hand touching his upper chest and as he became even older, he had a lot of help from Earl. Christopher shared incredible knowledge that he learned from Earl for many years until one day he just stopped talking about him.

Now we move forward to his late teen years when Christopher decided he wanted to learn how to speak. He took a class in speech and debate so he could learn to speak to people, for he considered this his greatest weakness. He did not feel that he could effectively talk with people and it bothered him. He explained that to his mother who had great healers and energy healers treat Christopher. Several worked with his throat chakra so he would be able to speak. One told him stories about a past life and told him he still had a sword stuck in his throat. Another told him that he was killed by being stabbed in the throat, and yet another said that he had been killed for teaching great works in a past lifetime. Almost all of them said that something was wrong and tried to remove the blockages he had. Christopher did not believe them because every time he was told something he did not quite believe, he had a pain in his upper chest. Christopher began to understand that he had guidance. And even though it did not tell him which path to be on or which turns to take, Christopher knew when what he was hearing ideas that did not match what he somehow knew within. Those are the first attributes with anyone working a life lesson of Truth. Your guidance may not tell you when you are on the path, but it will tell you when you are off the path.

Speaking Truth

It is not long before Christopher began to discover that he had inner knowing; he began learning how to speak and how to be heard. He started practicing with expressing this truth and he became quite an eloquent speaker. People naturally listened to him when he talked. They wanted to hear every word he had to say. They trusted him because they could see in his eyes who he was. Christopher learned and tried much working with this energy. He became a teacher and wrote books, working with his own words and helping people to become empowered. Christopher went through the rest of his life as a teacher. He was very well respected, for not only was he a teacher of truth but he lived his life in integrity with his inner truth. He has developed a habit of touching his upper chest when he spoke something really important. One day his aging mother asked him about this strange habit and he told her. “Mom it's my box of truth. It took many years to remember that it was there, but it holds all the truths I have ever gathered as a soul and this time I get to share it with others.” His mother did not know how to respond, but she learned a long time ago not to argue with Christopher when he was so passionate.

Christopher Returns Home with the Pearl

Now we come to the end of his life when he is taken Home again.

As he passed through the veil, guess who was there to greet him? His old friend, Elrah, who was the first beautiful vision on the other side that he saw. His friend was there to greet him as Christopher awakened from the dream. Christopher hugged Elrah tightly and said, “You did so well. Do you not understand what you have done? Do you understand how many lives you touched, how you changed the world with your truth?” Christopher said to Elrah, “I did not. I did not have that much success at this. It was very difficult for me. It was not what I expected at all, Elrah. Let me share some of my experiences.” And they talked for eons of time, for time does not exist on the other side of the veil.

In the conversations that went back and forth Christopher told Elrah of his experiences. One of those experiences was especially important to him because at one point, Christopher became aware that there was a truth he had to share and he uncovered the box. The interesting part about the box was that even though he could open it up and find the truth within, because of where it was, he could not see it himself. It was then that Christopher learned that his truth must be reflected through the eyes of other humans. “That is not what I was expecting, Elrah. I found out I could not find my truth and share it with people. I had to actually speak my truth, stand in my truth and live in my truth so it could be reflected through the eyes of other people and I could see it myself. I learned that a truth unexpressed is not yet a truth. Then I had to learn through a very difficult situation that truth is not a single stationary object. There is not ONE truth but instead real truth is an evolution, for as I grew my truth changed. I grew up being taught that there was one truth, one God, one way Home. But of course dear Elrah, there are many. There are so many I cannot even tell you.” Elrah said, “Yes, you got it. You understood. You brought back the pearl.” Christopher said, “What pearl?” And Elrah replied, “There was a pearl you were supposed to bring back from your experience. Do you remember it Christopher?” Christopher said, “I do not know quite what you are talking about, but I have to tell you that there also came a time when I opened this box and spoke my truth and people became fearful. They tried to find ways to negate my truth or put me down so they would not have to listen to my truth.” Elrah said, “Yes. That is fear, the opposite of love. Is it not interesting that it is only possible to be afraid of the unknown? Once you fill that void with any truth, it is no longer possible to be in fear and you did an excellent job, Christopher, of filling that void with knowledge.” Christopher replied, “Oh, I am not sure it was the right knowledge. I am not sure it was everything I could have given.” And Elrah said, “Was it not what was in your heart at the time?” He said, “Yes, but later in years I learned differently than I knew then.” “It does not make any difference,” Elrah said, “It is not important that you speak the perfect truth but only that the truth be your own and that you are in integrity with that that which you speak. Being in integrity with your truth is the only way that your truth can evolve. And because you did that dear Christopher, you brought back the pearl.”

“I am still confused, Elrah. I do not quite understand what you are talking about, but let me tell you of this other experience I had. At one point I became aware that some of the fear I had from opening the box came from the fact that other people had their truths, and they thought my truth would interfere with theirs in some way.” Elrah said, “Yes. Part of learning to live with real truth is making room for truth around you for no one person holds all of the truth. It is only possible for one being to come in with a small piece of God. All of you together hold the larger blueprint of God. That is why each one comes in with a small piece in his box and all we ask you to do is to find it and share it willingly not as the only truth, but as one that stands side by side with many others. You brought back the pearl, Christopher. Never forget that.”

Christopher said, “There is one other thing that happened that is fascinating to me. When I first opened the box, there were many people that got so wrapped up in the beauty of the box that they could not see the actual truth. They were so wrapped up in the jewels and the beauty of the box itself and the velvet lining inside that they could not comprehend the truth.” Elrah laughed. “Yes, that is a human attribute. Humans are so wonderfully funny. When they see light they get so attracted to it sometimes they are blind to everything else. Was it not a beautiful human experience you had?” Christopher said, “Yes, it was. I felt more energy then than I ever have before, and by the way Elrah, as thin as the veil was I knew that Earl was you!”

Christopher leaned back in his chair and looked at his dear friend Elrah and said, “So tell me, Elrah what is this pearl? Have I brought back the truth that you wanted me to bring? Is it the pearl of truth that you wanted me to return home with? Did I do what you asked me to do by opening the box of truth?” Elrah said, “Dear Christopher, it was never about the truth. Real truth is only a perception and fleeting at best. The pearl you so brilliantly brought home is the pearl of wisdom that you have gained by searching for your truth and by sharing that search with others. The pearl of wisdom can only be brought back home once your truth is released from the box and expressed. It is not the expression of truth that counts, but the search for it that bring home the pearl. It is not the destination but the journey that is honored. That is the pearl of wisdom and that is what you brought Home so successfully. We are all very proud of you, Christopher.”

The reason we told you this story, dear ones, is that as you evolve as humans, many of you have a box of truth and a pearl of wisdom waiting for you to bring Home again. Reach in your box, find your truth and express it in integrity. Do not worry if anyone understands it. Do not worry if you do not understand it, for we are not asking you to be in perfect truth. We are only asking you to be in harmony and integrity with what your truth. Remember that you too have a spot where the box of truth is buried deep within.

We leave you with that this day for as you become evolved humans, as you become empowered beings of light on Earth, your truth not only becomes important to all those around you, but important to the wisdom and the pearls that you will bring Home again.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Know that you are looking in the eyes of God when you are looking at each other. When you manage to open this box, play with it, and play well together.


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