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From Steve

As Barbara and I travel, connecting to Lightworkers worldwide, we have noticed that there is a quiet movement underway on a global basis. A while back the Group mentioned forming Circles of Light. These are gatherings of like minded people who purposely make a difference with combined intention here on the planet. This was nothing new, as people have been forming these groups for years under different names. The Group mentioned Circles of Light as a reference to the circles of ever expanding light that is the true awakening now taking place on planet Earth. To our surprise when traveling we found that we were not the only ones who had been given this exact picture. On the east coast of the United States we found a rather large number of people who had been forming small groups in their homes for over four years. Their numbers are now very large as this continues to spread. They work under the name of “Circles of Light.” In the Netherlands many have come together to form a nationwide gathering similar to those on the east coast. They call themselves the Lightcircles and they are making a difference with their work. In the UK there is also another gathering of people who are making a difference under the name of Ring of Light. OK, so now I get the picture. The Group says to pay attention to the two prevailing factors here. The Circle and the Light.

Here they show us another view of what this is about and how we can use it.

The Group:

Greetings from Home:

In this time together we will reflect for you the vibrations of Home so that you may re-member. This is your true Home and the place that you left behind to play the Grand Game of Hide and Seek. You know this place well and many of your hearts ache to return Home once again. Yet we tell you that the work you are doing behind the veil is changing the entire Universe. The Game has been more successful than any imagined at the inception for you are truly re-membering your nature and taking your power while remaining in bubbles of biology. You are now beginning to use that power to create your own reality and move into your own intentional evolution. It is for this reason that we tell you it is we who are honored to be in the presence of the masters of the New Earth.

Activation of the New Energy

We will take this time together to speak of the important happenings of the Earth at this time. As we have spoken recently there is much energy being released to the Earth. Your sun has started a vortex of energy that will now be emulated on the first planet of free choice. Only hours after the vortex formed on the sun you began receiving the proton shower that began activating the vortexes of energy that have been in a state of awakening for the last four years. The Sun sent off several eruptions of energy into the Universe designed to activate the awakening vortexes of energy. These were not aimed directly at planet Earth and therefore had minimal effect on your daily life. These indirect energy infusions have been sending a new form of energy to you that even your scientists have yet to understand. These infusions will continue as needed until the activation on your planet is complete. The Earth has been gracefully accepting and storing this energy.

On a personal basis most of you have felt the energy as a relief of the stagnant and oppressive energy that many of you have felt. Some of the feelings of disconnection and being lost are being replaced now with a sense of excitement and a sense of expectation. There is an excitement in the air… breathe it in and use it for now there is work to do.

Reversing Polarities of the Sun ~ Setting the Stage

We have spoken of the magnetic polarities of the sun and the reversal that has taken place. What was once positive is now negative and this is now setting the stage for the great cosmic event. This reversal first had a cosmic effect by starting a vortex of energy on the sun that caused the eruptions that you have seen in recent days. The energy that is infiltrating into the Earth from the vortexes of the sun are setting up a similar energy within the Earth. In the original plan these were the vortexes that would cause the Earth’s polarity to reverse and end the first planet of free choice. A very special time has now been set into motion on Earth for the next reversal of the suns magnetic polarity is set for 2012. The next eleven years are a critical time for the time clock is now in motion. If the collective vibration of humanity is strong enough to anchor and utilize these vortexes now forming, you will easily create Home on the Earth.

There has been much work done within the Universe and with Humanity as a whole to prepare for what is now unfolding. The magnetic master of this family of Light known to you as Kryon has been working with the hearts of humankind and with the magnetic grids of the Earth to position them for this exact event. These grids are now in place and the next step is up to you. Many more from this family of Light are emerging from our side of the veil to help in anchoring the collective vibration. Watch for the cosmic winks as they attract your attention. These are the ones who will offer you reflections into your own power. These are the representatives of the Second Wave of Empowerment who will help to show you ways to take your own power and no longer give it to others. The expression of God known as ‘humankind’ is preparing to change the paradigm of all that is.

Into Action

The next eleven years will set into motion the creation of Heaven on Earth as you begin to call Home into your own experience. We wish to re-mind you that this is not just about humans. . .through your game and the choices that you have expressed, you are about to change the paradigms of all that is!

When you see yourself on the Gameboard of Free Choice you think that you are a very small part of cosmic events that are unfolding all around you. We tell you that these events are only unfolding because of who you are, the roles that you have played and the choices you have made thus far. We ask you once again to connect with others of like vibration and form intentional Circles of Light for the creation of Heaven on Earth. Find the practical applications of higher vibrational living and share them with those who are reaching for higher truths.

Anchoring Light

We have spoken much of the vortexes of energy that have been forming on the planet. These have been in your world since the beginning. These are the energy formations that have called masters of music and art to certain geographical locations on the planet. These are the energy formations that you see when you think of a place on the Earth as spiritual. We tell you that indeed these places do exist and they are very special. We also tell you that many more of these places are now forming on the surface of the planet. Many of you have felt there was something special happening where you live but were unable to define it. We tell you there are many vortexes now surfacing as a result of the energy being absorbed from the sun. These are the cosmic events that are taking place on Planet Earth and all eyes are upon you.

We ask you to take your power through intention and blend it with the vortexes now emerging to anchor the Light as you purposely step into your own evolution. A vortex of energy is nothing more than a swirling energy. As these emerge from the Earth, if they are joined with your own intentional vortex, they become permanent vortexes and will anchor the Light in that location of the planet.

In our times together we will offer more on the anchoring of light in groups and the enhancement of these natural vortexes. At this time let us offer you a practical exercise for working together in a Circle of Light.

Circles of Light in Action

Forming a Vortex with the Breath of Life

Take your hands from one to the next and if possible form a circle. The circle is the basis of the vortex. The Light is the energy that will circulate in the vortex and anchor the light into the Earth. The vortex you enhance is already there and it is important that you work with the energy and not against it. As a collective, connect to the Earth. Establish a connection and ask her to be a part of the work you are doing. In unison ask her in which direction she would like the vortex of energy to flow. Ask the gathering of lightworkers to form a consensus of which way the energy is to circulate. Please do not place your human ideas as to which way you think it should move. Simply ask the mother to tell you and she will.

If the energy is to move from left to right then start the energy flowing slowly at first in through each person’s left hand and out through the right (or opposite if that applies). As the energy moves in through your left hand move your face to your left shoulder and take in a breath as the energy enters your hand. Moving your face to the right, release the energy and the breath out together. Move the breath and energy together in the designated direction as you connect to the vortex already in the Earth. Work together for a time as you pass the energy of the vortex and the ‘breath of life’ in a circular motion. When the time is right speed up the movement of the energy and return to normal breathing. In passing the energy you can visualize that the energy is now forming a vortex similar to a funnel. At the base it is moving very slowly, yet as the energy extends upwards it gains speed and intensity. Play with this energy for a time with your Circle of Light and ask those there to speak what they are experiencing. When the time is right take the entire vortex and gently allow it to enter the Earth to anchor the energy of the Light into the grids of the Earth.

In this simple exercise you have intentionally enhanced an energy vortex that will anchor the light and attract others of like vibration. Do this and similar exercises often and connect intentionally for the express purpose of anchoring light. This one act alone will forever change the direction of all that is.

If it were possible for us to move the veil aside for even a brief moment we would gladly do so. For then you would re-member who you really are and the honored position that you hold in the larger scheme of all that is. There is more here than meets the eye for the work you are now doing is reaching beyond the dimensional realities that you know to be your daily world. In our times together in the future we will discuss the actual events that are taking place as these vortexes of Light are anchoring the dimensional realities as one. For now, trust that your heart is leading you well. Follow your heart first, for it knows the way Home.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

the Group



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The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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