Deep Contact - Activating the Clan of Beauty

From Steve:

Barbara and I are very fortunate to have many very beautiful people in our lives. Funny thing is that most the really beautiful people have no idea that they are beautiful. I have worked with many in seminars and private sessions where I help them see the patterns they have formed, many times subconsciously, to hide their own beauty due to the unwanted attention it often draws. Is it safe to let all of our own real beauty be openly seen now? The group says not only is it possible, but it will become important for us to be on purpose, especially those who came from the Clan of Beauty. Yes it is safe, and there are safe spaces where you can shine all of your light and share all of your beauty. There are even safe places where you can enjoy healthy sexual energy without fear. Finding and creating those safe spaces will become very important as humanity takes this next quantum leap in the road directly ahead. It will begin to activate the Sacred Contracts of those from the Clan of Beauty.

The second topic of message was about a new level of communication that was now possible to achieve for all of us. They called it "Deep Contact" and although it is based on verbal and sensory communication, it is a very deep level of trust and understanding of another human. They likened this level of communication to the achievement of "Timeless Love" which they say can now be achieved with many people in your daily life. They say that people who achieve Deep Contact are so much in love that they do not "need" each other.

When there are no restrictions to your own energy field you are free to let another person all the way inside your heart. That is the most intimate two souls can get in physical form. Particularly for those from the Clan of Beauty, this has been very difficult in the past. To achieve Deep Contact there must be no fear or restrictive energy. Even the fear of judgment or the fear of what others think of you can block the attainment of Deep Contact. All of your energy must be focused outwardly to fearlessly shine your own light (beauty) so that you may see an accurate reflection of yourself in the soul of your partner. It is now possible on much deeper levels than ever before. They say it is a level of deep communication we can attain with many people in our lives, not just lovers. From the groups perspective it means letting select other people openly see all of your soul and all of your beauty. Are you ready for Deep Contact?

Have a great month, Lightworkers!

Big Hugs and gentle nudges. .

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Greetings from Home

Dear Ones, you have traveled a long way throughout the cosmos to place yourself in these chairs at this moment.  This is a very sacred contract that you have set for yourselves, for one person can change this planet.  One person can set all of the energy necessary to make this happen. 

You are going to see some big changes on planet earth.  We have told you about these changes and have showed you the preparations underway to allow them to begin, and now it is underway.  Ready, set, go!

Your new lives are forming and the infrastructure is already starting to move to support that new you. The "new you" is the person that you have always known that was waiting to come out and to be free. It is who has been waiting to have whatever it is that you thought you needed, to do whatever it is that you came here to, and to bring your flavor of Light from Home. 

That is what has begun.  You have made a conscious step into that work, into your individual connection, and into what you came to do on this planet.   We wish to share with you some ideas and concepts that will help ease your transition and help you to understand that you are now looking at life and everyone here with different eyes. You now have a different perspective than ever before. 

What Time Is it Now?

One of the things that we wish to offer you this day is about time.  It is no coincidence that the keeper's keeper has just spoken about time.  We tell you now, as we have told you before, that time is simply an illusion.  Time does not exist throughout the universe; it is an illusion for the game of free choice.  And it is an illusion given to you to help you to understand that your concepts are actually finite. You have a beginning and an end. The time in between is what you are traveling with, what you are currently working with. 

Yet, look back at all the many experiences that you have had, thinking back on the timeline. Whether the experiences were positive or negative, supportive or degrading, it really makes no difference. Because when you look at those experiences, they are all related to a time line in the beginning. You remember them from years past, those formative events that happened in your life to help make you who you are, and you will understand that they do not fit into a time line any longer.  Carrying your Light, all of your Light, in your physical body means that you have already had an opportunity to start removing your experiences from the time line. 

Let us give you some specific examples and ideas that might help you to do this.  One of the most important pieces of your work in the time line is to realize that in the illusion of the time line of past present and future, only one of them is real..  The present is what we live in all the time; we are here in the present moment every second.  That is all that exists for us, because there is no future for us. There is no past on which we are relying, that has made us who we are, and pointed us in the direction of our choosing.  The reality is that now it is starting to move free form, and you are beginning to release those illusions.  As you do, you can start releasing the past and the future and begin living in the present. It is the circular time that we live in, that which you actually live in as spirits, as souls.  With that information come new concepts, so let us speak specifically about two which are very closely related.

The Clan of Beauty

First, we wish to tell you more about the seven clans.  We have spoken about them many times before, but one of the clans is starting to enact on this planet at this moment it is the Clan of Beauty.  The Clan of Beauty is a very difficult clan to be from, because it means that you have come from Home with nothing but beauty to see.  You are on a constant search for beauty, and for your expressions of beauty on this planet.  Some of you will take that in the form of physical beauty to reflect it back to other people.  Some will search for beauty behind a camera, where the most incredible moments of time are captured in pictures. When someone walks into a room and sees your version of beauty, your version of Home is expressed on planet earth. 

There are many who will reflect your beauty for you, because they are actually in the business of reflecting other people's beauty.  It is a very rewarding business to be spreading beauty throughout this planet.  However, beauty has had a challenge on this planet because it has been abused and misused.  Beauty has often been misunderstood for what it truly is. We wish to speak of that today, because there are many of you who are now standing up to take your place and in helping all of us see the beauty of Home reflected on planet earth.  Consequently, many of you who are from the Clan of Beauty will start to awaken to your true purpose and your passion. You will start to make more sense of why you have done certain things, and why you have experienced certain things in the way that you did.

Hiding the Light (Beauty)

Let us tell you the story of a young girl named Jane. She was considered to be very pretty even as a baby, with beauty shining in her eyes.  As she grows, she starts reflecting more of her physical beauty as the spirit anchors fully into the physical body.  Soon she gets more comfortable with it and even begins to use her beauty.  Jane begins to see her beauty as a gift that can be shared.  Of course, there are the many who see that beauty, that Light, and want to own it or control it.  Quite often that is where the challenges come from. In fact, many of those who are now standing up to take their places, but have scar tissue that must first be healed. 

Sometimes it is about abuse, but sometimes it is just that they are aware that their presence invokes a certain unwanted energy.. This happens with both men and women, and many times because of that those from the Clan of Beauty learn to hold back their energy a little bit.  They learn to hide some of what they are showing so that it is not misinterpreted, so that it is not abused, and so that it is not controlled in any way, shape or form.   Jane did exactly that.  She As a teenage girl with a tremendous amount of physical beauty, Jane learned to hide her beauty.  She learned to walk giving off a certain image, sharing only a certain amount of Light.  It is almost as if there was a filter in front of Jane's inner Light that allowed only a certain amount to be shared with and seen by others, because that is what felt safe to her. 

The collective vibration of humanity has reached a level at which your beauty is needed. Humanity needs your reflection of beauty. Those of you, like Jane, who grew up with these challenges in your heart and disappointment with humanity, have learned to use your incredible beauty on you own.  You have learned to express it in a totally different way, in a safe and comfortable way, finding that you can actually empower others. 

Learning to Shine Beauty

Jane grew up finding ways to show other people their own beauty.  She became a very powerful teacher, making a tremendous difference on this planet through owning her own inner beauty.   Re-member, this is not physical beauty alone.  Physical beauty varies greatly from person to person, so there is no one definition of physical beauty. Whenever you see a person, animal, plant, crystal or something that resonates of beauty within you, then you have a connection which helps you to re-member Home.  That is what you are doing right now. You are trying to stir up and revive all of your memories of Home so that you can bring it here, to create the new earth right here in the same place that the old one once was.  The new earth is a beautiful place; it carries much more of the beauty of Home. 

Much the same way that you are being physically re-wired to carry more of your own Light, properties, and energy through your physical body, the earth is being re-wired to reflect and to hold this place and beauty. It will be a place of beauty that cannot be controlled, abused or used. 

So we ask you to create your reality by your own expectations, because your point of perception is what creates your reality.  If you wish to change your reality, simply change your point of perception.  We will give you another view, another opportunity to see things differently.  Now is the time for you to find beauty in your world Dear Ones. Whether you come from the Clan of Beauty or not, this is what you are doing, you are re-building heaven here and beauty is what will come of that.  Many of you who had always thought you had no physical beauty will start to see yourself in a different way now. You will see your physical beauty, because it is an attitude and nothing more.  Confidence, soul confidence, is the only thing that allows you to bring the full beauty from Home here. 

We have tried to share with you concepts, ideas, thoughts and other ways of looking at yourself that would help you build that soul confidence, but only you can do that.. You are the only one who has the ability to work in that energy.  You are on the right path. That is what is coming up more than anything else at this time, an opportunity for you to find beauty on this earth. 

Deep Contact: A New Level of Communication

There is one other point that we wish to cover.  You have reached many levels of communication in your lifetimes.  You have ways of communicating with people on very superficial levels, on 'business' levels (which you love to call it), and on romantic levels. Yet your communication with your children can be quite deep and to-the-point, which is quite different from the normal interactions in your workplace, for instance. 

However, there are new levels of communication coming that are based on timeless love.  That is starting to happen on planet earth.  It was never, ever expected, but that is your latest human creation.  This is new and at this moment is very rare in the human experience.  Yet, due the rate of vibrational change on this planet right now this is now a possibility.  As with similar possibilities in the past you have quickly made them daily experiences.  With this new contact, now it is possible for one person to make a connection with another soul on the deepest possible soul level, while you are still in the human bodies.  That was never possible before.  In this way a major part of the veil will be removed over time.  

When you make that contact or connection with a person on that level, everything changes outwardly for you at that point.  It is easy to see how it has already begun.  Many of you will start to move into this area and start to work with your relationships to reach this new level.  Over time, you will find one or two of these connections that you can make, and you will develop them strongly.  You will work with them to make that deep contact, a point at which it does not require speaking to share what is in your heart. 

There is a level of connection that does not always require spoken words, but still their meanings will go right to the heart and energy that you are intending them to.  That is only possible once you reach a level of trust within yourselves to be able to reflect that beauty, and to be the Light that you are.  That is starting for each and every one of you at this point.  Look for those people that you can make this deep contact with, because once you start establishing this deep level of connection you will find that you have no time for those old connections.  You will find yourself getting very intolerant of superficial relationships wherever they are.  Many of you will actually leave your jobs as a result of the superficial connections and the inability to truly express what is in your heart. Only when you make these deep connections, these deep contacts, can you reflect someone else's beauty. 

That is the key and what we wish to ask you to do this day.  Do you like to see your own beauty?  Would you like to see who you really are?  Reflect someone else's beauty in your eyes.  Reflect someone else's beauty in that heart of yours that you have come in with, with that part of the Home you brought in.  If you are able to be the mirror and connect to others in that fashion, your life will have purpose and meaning beyond your understanding, for you are a creator.  Your creations are going to now begin to grow, because you no longer have the restrictions that you once had. You no longer have those difficulties and old belief systems that kept you from moving in that direction.  So, look for these people to make this deep level contact with and start practicing this concept that we have told you about -- timeless love -- and you will see an exciting change on this planet.  You will start to see your heart come alive, and see creativity in areas that you never thought you were creative in.  You will start to see magical things happen, and experience doors opening at just the right time.  Coincidences?  We love the word 'coincidence'.  We call them 'cosmic winks' because nothing is by accident.  You have brought something very beautiful from Home.  Find people to share it with.  Find people to make that deep level soul connection with, where you can be on the same path that they are even if it is only for five minutes.  Work with that on a daily basis and you will change the world from the inside out, Dear Ones.  You will start connecting in ways you never dreamed were possible.  That is what is happening; you are beginning to channel the Light from Home.  As it comes through your physical being, your eyes, your smile, your words, whatever it is that you do to express your beauty to planet earth becomes magical and very powerful. 

Own Your Beauty

Own your beauty.  It is time.  Look for those beautiful opportunities to make that deep level soul contact at every chance you can, for it will change this planet overnight.  We cannot wait to see what you do with that. 

Dear Ones, we can spend so much time with you here because your hearts are ready to take this next step.  Your experiences have placed you in a position where you are ready to jump off the cliff. You are ready to make the next step no matter where it leads you, because you know in your heart that there is a path that you have chosen and you are on it.  You cannot get off the path.  Isn't that wonderful?  Dare to play!  Dare to have a beautiful human experience, and above all do not fear that beauty which is yours.  It is directly from Home.  It is your gift to humanity.

We leave you with three little reminders to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity, and play well together. 


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