Divine Discontent

A new year has just begun.  The potenital is enormous for what can unfold.  You would think that everyone would be ready to jump into action.  But thats not the general feeling right now with Lightworkers.  There is a strange feeling in the air.  Self doubt, money trouble, hopelessness and a general confusion seem to hang in the air all around us.  There is a heavy energy that many are feeling right now.  The Group says it is actually the precussor to big change.  They call it the
Divine Discontent.

Big GROUP hugs

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home.

We are Home again, for you have created all the energy that is now before you. You experience the different energy spikes—the ups, the downs, the hills, the valleys that you have created and set into motion for yourselves. We tell you there is a time on Earth right now when tension is being felt. We tell you there is a time when many Lightworkers are feeling an energy boiling up inside and not knowing what to do with it, not knowing how to interpret it. You have traditionally understood that if you have aligned the energy properly within yourself, you feel the downhill slope and the wind at your back. Some of you feel like you are still trudging up a hill. Many of you have found that there is a tension in the air; there is a sense of urgency that was not there only a short time ago.

Dear ones, we are here to help explain this for you, for this time on Earth is like none before. You will see a different energy emerge on the other side of this hill that you are on. You will see a change in dimension that is starting. The process has begun. You have had the courage to step into it and to create it. That is something that can only be done on the human side. It is only through your own toil, struggles, and definition of who you are and who you are becoming that you are changing the paradigms of All That Is. You are changing the paradigms in all dimensions unilaterally. That is only possible by wearing the veil. It is only possible by having the courage to step forward into the work that you came to do—into your life and into your passion. You are here on purpose.

Beyond Expectations

Now let us explain some events happening on a global basis that might help you to understand. Firstly, know that you are not alone. Secondly, know that you are here on purpose. Part of what you have felt recently is an energy that is necessary to help you take the small steps. Humans have no difficulty whatsoever taking the big steps, going to school, then on to college, to prepare for a distant future. Many of you have taken healing courses in anticipation of moving into your passion. Ahh, but when it comes time to take that last small step into action, it often becomes more difficult. That last little step off the cliff—that last little step into doing your passion, instead of preparing—is the most difficult.

We tell you that there is time and there is an energy on planet Earth right now that can help you with that small step more than you know, and you have created it, not us. You have set it into motion for yourselves, for you have planned All That Is up to this point. You are working with your own creative energy, creating the path beneath your feet as you step forward. And we are so very proud of you. You have gone far beyond what you originally set out to do.

The Game was to end by now. Everybody would have gone home, pat ted each other on the back for a job well done and reminisced about all the times you could not re-member who you were as you bumped into each other. You thoughts would have recalled the time you played the victim and someone played the mugger, the thief, the rapist. Here you are. With the veil still in place, you are asking, “What can I do now? What can I do next? How can I step into my passion? How can I make a difference?” But the energy is tight, and many of you are feeling it as a restriction. We tell you that this restriction is by your own design. When you understand simple physics, you will understand kinetic energy. We will now share with you some of the basis around that, then you will understand the rest of the story.

The Divine Discontent

When an object is in motion, it tends to stay in motion. Likewise, when an object is not in motion, it tends to stay motionless until another force interacts with it that is strong enough to change its course. That force is the energy that you are feeling as restriction on your Earth right now. That force is something that you have set up yourselves, to ensure that you would be on the path you wished to be on. We call that force the “divine discontent.”

Some of you have been so comfortable in your lack of movement, but it is now becoming uncomfortable NOT to move. Even though some have found your passion, if you are not making the forward movement into your passion, you will feel that divine discontent grow over the next several months. That is the energy that is building up right now that many of the Lightworkers on planet Earth are beginning to feel as restriction. This is what you are calling “difficult” energy. You may know something is not right, but you may not know quite the reason why.

You have gone over the hurdle and now you are at the top of the precipice. You have every opportunity to have the wind at your back as you move forward, or to find resistance. Either way, please know that you do have the choice. You can pause at the top as long as you like. You may decide not to move any farther. Yet, once paused, a new force is needed to gain momentum again; that is the reason for the divine discontent. The divine discontent is growing stronger every day for people who are simply too comfortable to move forward. That is the energy that will greet you as you walk into this year. It prompts you into direct action.

Please know that it is not we who are doing this. You are the ones that are setting this into motion; we are simply making comment on it. You have done so to make sure that you are stepping into your purpose and your passion. Now is the time to do so more than ever before.

Tool of the Masters

The light on planet Earth is about to change, for as you are shifting these dimensions you are incorporating more of the fifth-dimensional reality in which you live your daily lives, and that new light becomes incredibly important. Let us give you a very simple tool. A tool used by the Masters for this is the Practical Magic Series. We tell you that everything in this series must be realistic with practical applications in your daily life or it is useless. All the books we have given the Keeper to write, all the Beacons of Light that he has sent out, all the seminars that he gives and the broadcasts he does are simply ideas set into motion in the air. There is nothing magical about any of them until you take something from them and use it in some way in your own life. That is practical magic. That is what you are here to do.

What you are seeing now are the tools of the Masters, for shifting into the fifth dimension is the easy part. You are already there. You wake up every morning in the fifth dimension. You are in a heightened state of creation. The challenge is that you still believe you are in the third dimension and therefore, you continually create a third dimensional reality even as you exist within the fifth dimension. We ask you to use the tools and to find the things that work that are fifth-dimensional so that you can bring into your daily life that which brings you passion and joy. These are the tools that help you to acclimate to the fifth dimension. These are the gifts that help you to understand where you are and what you are doing here.

Triality Shift

There are three tools of the Masters . . . we use threes a lot. You have recently moved from a field of duality into a field of triality. There is now a stronger connection between the higher self, the lower self, and the spiritual self, for they are all parts of the whole: the light, the dark, and the grays in between are all combining to be one expression. You move from the field of unity consciousness, which was the one energy, into the field of duality— in which you play this wonderful Game. You now move to the next level, that of triality. The triality becomes the challenge, for nobody knows what that looks like otherwise, you would already be writing the books. Everyone is guessing what triality looks like, but we tell you that you are closer than you know. You have only to acclimate the energy of Home into your daily lives to realize triality.

We will give you a very simple tool in triality, which is the tool of the Masters. Each person who has walked in mastery levels of any life lesson uses these three shifts at some point in their lives. First is to shift the perception. If you learn to look at something differently, you will change it in an instant. The point of perception from which you view any situation determines your entire reality. So the first part is that you shift your perception, the second part is that you shift your reality, and the third part is that you shift dimensions. Those are the triality tools of the Masters.

It is actually your perception that determines your reality. That knowledge alone will shift you into fifth dimensional status where you have determination over your own reality. If you have a difficulty, i.e., something that you constantly run up against time and time again, and you just cannot seem to break out of it. You may wonder if you have some sort of karma that keeps you bashing your head against the same wall. Dear ones, sometimes that is true, for you set that up just so you can learn these exact lessons. But there are other times that you have set up circumstances just so you can shift your reality and learn to look from a different perspective. The moment you stop what you are doing, step out of your reality and your perception, and look at it from a different angle, you instantly change the reality itself. Then there is only to step back into the reality and bring that perception with you, for that is the tool of shifting reality.

So the first is to shift your perception, the second is to shift your reality, and the third is to shift dimensions. Those three tools of triality will become more important as you continue to experience the divine discontent, for that is what is pushing you into the need for this action.

The New Paradigm of the Human Angels

You have come with incredible memories of Home. You have come to re-connect this family, to help others connect and change their reality in any way that you can. You have come to help awaken the rest of the planet. You have been having the grand dream. You put on the veil keeping you from re-membering who you are and from re-membering your own magnificence. It has been our honor to be there as you begin to awaken from the dream, and now it will become your honor. As you shift dimensions, you move into the realm of the Human Angel. It will be your honor from that point to help others awaken from the dream. It will be your task to be there when the opportunity arises.

Being evangelical does not work in the higher vibrations. You do not need to push your thoughts onto other people. Rather simply be there with that beautiful smile on your face, and when they ask, have your information ready. That smile of spiritual confidence spreads throughout everything that you do. It is a sure sign that you have something of value. That is the signpost that says that you have something special that others will want. That is the part that will help you move, not only into fifth dimensional reality for yourselves, but to help open it for everyone you come into contact with. Welcome Home, dear ones. Welcome Home.

You are here on purpose. There are no accidents on planet Earth. In the days ahead and over the next few months, many of you will see yourselves more clearly than you ever have before. Many of you will find that beautiful comfort that you have placed all around you, and many of you will grow into the divine discontent. Let that energy motivate you. Let it be the force behind you. Let it be the wind at your back as you begin your trek down the mountain effortlessly. Know that as you are steering your life, it becomes easier to steer as it picks up momentum. You want to know exactly, “Where am I going? What does it look like? What am I here to do? You asked us to tell you “go down this street and turn right and knock on that door, then you will be Home.” If we told you to do exactly that, you would come close, and then you would go a different direction, for the reality is, to express as creators you must create your own path.

All Doors Lead Home ~ All Change Leads to Advancement

We ask, as you head down this street, to watch both sides for there are many side doors that go off in different directions. Finding those side doors becomes imperative. Finding those side doors is what can help you to find your way Home. The interesting part is, all doors lead to heaven. All doors lead Home. All doors lead to your passion in some fashion or another. Yes, we told you before, and you did not want to hear it: all change leads to something better, even though you do not necessarily think that when you are in the midst of the change.

You have set the energy that will push you into the divine discontent. You will find that the memories of Home will now motivate you to move farther. The force that will come along and help to change your path will be your own, for it is how you deal with this and how you move into this energy that will determine your outcome. So first, have the courage to look at all points, and before you re-act to something, look for the highest point of perception. You only have a split second sometimes, but before you re-act, before you posture on any subject, look at all the possibilities: “Where can I see the highest outcome? From what other perspectives can I see this same event?” Then determine which one of those you will choose first. In the event that that does not feed you or does not support you fully, dare to choose again. You have the choice, the ability, the right, and you have the duty to choose your highest possibility.

We Challenge You to be Happy

We challenge you to be happy. We dare you to be in your joy, for it is within your reach. It is your choice. It is your opportunity to be in the highest energy that you can. It is your opportunity to have everything that you want in this life in the physical world as well as what you want in the heart. For when you step into that full abundance and accept it, the energy flows through you and you very quickly move into the fifth dimension. The energy of Home knows full abundance. It is your illusion of polarity on the game board that causes you to even use the word “abundance,” for we do not use that word at Home. We do not see lack the same way you do. Energy knows no lack. Understand that your perception up to this point included the illusion of lack. Now we invite you to see through the eyes of Heaven. Welcome Home. You are creating it today.

The gift of Home is before each and every one of you. You have started and connected to the Web of Love. You have created the Third Earth. The Third Earth is a thought pattern that collects all your hopes and dreams. At one point, when that thought pattern reaches the highest point that it can and reaches the level to where it has collected all the thought forms of Earth, it overlays the original thought form which created Earth. At that point you will have re-programmed Earth.

That is before you sooner than you think, so dare to hold your highest visions. Dare to send that through the Web of Love to the Third Earth. The Web of Love is a connection of a human nature, for you have created this web. It is a man-made grid that is connected all over the Earth, connecting every heart everywhere. Use that energy to draw, as well as to give, to ebb and to flow. When you have extra energy, send it to the Web of Love and let it go out into the grid without restriction. When you feel that love of Home, allow it to come back to you for that is the connection to the Web of Love that each one of you has. Know that you are feeling the heart energy for that is what is connecting the energy of Home. Know that you are connecting directly to our hearts.

Do you know who you are? We do. We will hold that vision of our love for you and your magnificence until the day comes when you can hold it yourself. Even within the bubbles of biology that you inhabit, you cannot perceive the magnificence of who you really are, but we do. That is our job. That is the reason that we present these concepts to you at this time. You are ready for it.

Very soon you will find yourselves being pulled up to the next dimension for first you learn to perceive. You shift your perception then you learn to accept that into your reality and shift your reality. Those actions causes you shift your dimensional level. When you shift your dimensional level, the first thing you will do is to help other people to see their magnificence. Many of you are now asking, “Why not do that right now?” That is the very question we ask of you.

Finding Unique Beauty

Each one of you has a unique beauty that is incredible. Each one of you is different from the rest. When you find that beauty within each person, you can share it and reflect it back to help others stand in their own energy. Even though it is not possible to pull aside the veil to show you who you really are, it is possible to give you reminders. It is possible to have a glimpse of your true essence and your true beauty. We tell you that you also have the possibility of giving that gift to other people. Those are acts of the Human Angel. Those are acts which will quickly pull you into the fifth dimension and the magic that sets everything into motion.

From that point on when you are having difficult times, when you feel the divine discontent, when you wonder whether you are on the right path, ask yourself, “Is there a way to shift my perception? If so, is there a way to shift my reality?” Then you may find that as you shift dimensions, a problem really is not a problem after all. It may go away all by itself or transform into something wondrous. The tools of the Masters work well. Shift your perception. Allow it to become your reality. That will cause you to shift into the higher dimensions of the New Planet Earth.

The days ahead will be warm on Planet Earth. The days ahead will warm the hearts of all who open to the new energy. You can find turmoil—you can find difficulties in the compressed energies that are on your planet right now—or you can find a reason to move forward into new possibilities. Bless the negative energy and change that perspective. You put it here for a reason. Find the positive uses for all negative energy and you will walk in mastery every day.

Welcome Home, welcome Home, welcome Home. We share with you the wonderful tools, the ideas, the practical magic, and the concepts of Home because you are in training, dear ones. You are at the point in your evolution where you are stepping into higher vibrations, and as such, you are becoming the Human Angels who will eventually take our job. It is no longer ours to intercede in your world with angelic intervention. Now it is your task to be there for each other when asked. You are there to begin working with each other, and it will not be long before you take the angelic role and become the angels of the second planet of free choice.

As you sit atop the summit feeling the increased energy, the divine discontent all the possibilities, the excitement of what lies ahead, and you look at the road ahead, we re-mind you to simply enjoy the ride. It is not about where you are going. It is not about what is at the bottom of the hill, nor what you will do when you get there. It is about enjoying the journey. That journey starts with the divine discontent that you are feeling this day. Enjoy it. Step into it. Embrace it. Let it be yours.

It is with the greatest of honor that we share these messages with you in the hopes that you take one jewel from among them and apply it somewhere in your daily lives. Use them to make your life better in some way; to make you more passionate; to make you happier as you walk in those physical bubbles of biology; to make you yearn less for Home, for you are Home and we thank you for being here. Feel the honor of who you are, walk proudly every day and re-member to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Re-member that it is a Game and you are supposed to be having fun. . . and play well together.


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