Earth Wobble - Earths New Vibrational Signature

From Steve: This message talks about what the group expects to see over the next several months.  They told the story about how everything on this side of the veil vibrates, and like snowflakes each one of us has a unique signature vibration. They went on to show us how that signature is beginning to change in each of us and the often emotional consequences.  They said the real immediate problem is that it leads to self-doubt and when a creator has self-doubt it can impede the path.

They also went on to talk about the recent Earth changes and the tragedies in Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and the Ring of Fire in general.  These events they equated to Mother Earth in labor.  They did say that at this moment there were two more “big ones” expected to make the shift complete. They also pointed out that the Earth’s tilt has once again shifted, and that is actually changing the Earth’s signature vibration as She enters a new dimension.  Same as us.

On a personal note: Our hearts go out to all the participants playing out this set of events in their personal lives as the Earth makes these moves. We send our thoughts, our resources and our love to those who have given us this gift.

Big Hugs,

Steve Rother

(You can also watch the video version of this channeling here)

Greetings from Home

Synchronizing Rhythm

This day we would like you to take a moment, right now, and feel your heart beat. Feel your senses as your heart pumps blood throughout your whole body; feel the rhythm and the timing of your body. We tell you that the rate of your heart is not only determined by the body’s need throughout your system, it is also sending out your unique signature into the world. That signature, the unique vibration which is completely you, goes out into the universe and creates the exact duplicate, bringing back that which you desire, create, work with and express. The moment you express something to the universe, the universe manifests it for you and brings it right back. The biggest challenge most of you had was that you were unaware that the mind was actually a creation process. You were not conscious of your thoughts, and that your mind manifested every thought.

What is now taking place is very interesting. First, the time between your thoughts and your creations is almost completely gone now. This is new for humans, because before there was always a safety margin or time delay. It was possible for you to have negative thoughts without always creating them in your world, but that is no longer possible partly because of your own advancements and the collective raising the vibration of humanity. Second, something is taking place now that has never happened on Earth or with any of you before. That is your unique signature—your unique vibrational pattern is changing. It is evolving to allow you to step from one dimension into the next. What is taking place will occur over the next three to five years, and all of you on this planet will be shifting very quickly. Of course, those of you who call yourselves Lightworkers are right at the front of the door waiting for it to open. You are usually the first to rush in and here you are learning how to do this.

Repositioning Planet Earth

Each and every person—much like a personality, a body, a snowflake—is different. Every single piece is needed to create Home. You each are carrying one of the unique pieces that is very critical to the overall puzzle that you are now assembling on the new planet Earth. It is so beautiful to watch, as Earth is adapting for this move of yours. Let us explain on a few other levels, so that you might understand.  Literally, the Earth is changing and evolving to the next level, with the earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity and seismic activity. None of this is new to you, for you have been watching it happen over the last eight years. The Earth is now shifting into a different position, partly because of her repositioning. As we shared with you during the last session, many of you will be repositioned during this year in some way. Some of you are experiencing your jobs ending, while others have had to suddenly move. Perhaps some of you found that you had to be in a different place, then suddenly without planning or thinking much about it you are moving. That move is a repositioning to place you in the highest potential for what is to come in this next step, into the next dimension. A lot of people are resisting these changes, and some of you even think you did something wrong and that’s why it is happening. We love your humanness. You always take everything into polarity, either right or wrong with no gray area. The reality is that it is happening not only with you, but with the Earth as well. This is why you are seeing the birth pangs of the Mother grow stronger and more intense. The birth process has begun.  She is in labor right now. This is what you are witnessing in the evolution of what you call the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is actually on fire; there is no doubt about it. These are the lungs of your planet, for without the Ring of Fire and all the energy that came from the Pacific Ocean, planet Earth would not have had the carbon dioxide needed to make your life on this planet successful. That is where it originated, and now it is adapting to release energy to open up portals to create a new planet Earth for empowered humans.

Your own physiology is beginning to change, as you have seen. Your own effect in the world is starting to change, and we caution you on this because it will happen to everyone at some point. We caution you because sometimes you will think you are doing something wrong. Many times, in this case, there will be something you do all the time, you are very good at it, and you know exactly how it works. You have done it a million times, and then all of the sudden it no longer works and you do not quite know why. You are doing everything exactly the same way, but it is not achieving the same result or it is not connecting in the same way. A challenge can come if you doubt yourself, so we ask you to please refrain from judging yourselves during this time of transition because it greatly impedes your process. Self-doubt greatly sidetracks all the energy that is there for you to move from one level to the next; the energy is gone the very moment you doubt yourself. Do not rely on the outside world for your perception of yourself, because the outside world is changing just as quickly as you are.

So, what is taking place? What would happen if you woke up one morning and opened a book, finding one little paragraph that made sense of your entire life? If those words gave you a key that suddenly provided you with the knowledge to know where you were, and you understood everything about planet Earth in that one moment, what would take place when you walked out into the street? People who know you and see you every day would instantly notice that something was different about you, because you changed your original vibrational signature with that great incredible “aha” moment. It changed everything about who you are. You experience typical evolutionary steps in that way, but now it is being reflected in the Earth as well. That is what is happening here. These connections and adjustments of the energetics of planet Earth will continue. There are at least two more “big ones” as you refer to them that  will occur to make this adjustment final. It is easy to see where on planet Earth they will occur, because most of your activity is around this portal of the Pacific plate. So, what is happening? Let us explain another perspective other than the Ring of Fire, by sharing with you what has happened to the Earth during these most recent earthquakes.

The New Wobble of Earth

The Earth has changed its tilt again because of another earthquake, and the Earth is being repositioned just the same way that you are. Now, what is the effect of the Earth being repositioned? Your planet is spinning obviously, but you have no clue that you are actually traveling approximately 1,000 miles per hour right now on the surface of the Earth. The surface is not only spinning, but it is also on an elliptical orbit around the sun; it is on a wobbling orbit and that wobble has just changed for the second time. The first time was during the Chilean earthquake, and the second was Japan’s. It will take an acclimation process to receive this gift and to use it. The Earth has changed Her vibrational signature to make room for humanity. This is the process that is going on right now and it is part of the adjustment.

All of you knew it was coming, as you have been talking about these events for many years. You did not know it was going to be quite so “in your face,” but here it is. Is it something to worry about? No. It is actually something to celebrate, although we understand that it is very difficult when tragedy strikes. We know it is difficult even for those of you who are not involved in the tragedy to see it happening, because you want to do so much to help. From the larger perspective, this was a gift that was given by those people that lost their lives, their homes, and their way of life. It was a gift for the world to start a new vibrational signature, a new wobble in the rotation of planet Earth. Everything that exists on this side of the veil is in motion. Energy does not exist if it stops moving. You are all energy; in fact, everything that you perceive is energy and only exists in your world because that energy is moving.

Because of the movement, the Earth has a new vibrational signature. You have a piece of carpet that has a unique vibrational signature, even to the rest of the carpet only a few inches away. What is taking place with humanity is that all of you are starting to shift as well as the planet. When the planet sends out this new wobble, it is actually changing dimensions because that wobble is what goes out and interacts with the universal energy to create the illusion of the physical planet. This is how the whole process began. The idea was a thought of god, created as a hologram which you now experience as planet Earth and your very existence. Every part of this is now taking a step forward. How does that happen, what does it look like, and how can we make the path easier for you? Those questions have yet to be answered, for you have not asked them.

Harmonizing Vibrational Signatures

We ask you look for ways to make it easier for every person around you to change their vibrational signature. When you look at a person who is very familiar, you say, “I know you. Come on, and let’s have some fun and do what we used to do.” What we are asking you to do instead is to start looking at everybody in a new way. Consider the potential of who they are beginning to evolve into, rather than simply your concepts of who they were before. Now you will see humanity changing just as rapidly as the Earth has. When you turn on the news, you can watch the changes that are happening on Earth. Although it is not quite as easy to look in the mirror and see those changes happening with you, we tell you that they are. You are sending out a unique signature that you have never sent out before. That is why you often get unusual responses to your signature.  

Sometimes you mean to send out one signal and recipient perceives it to be something else.  You are adjusting to your own magnetics and new energy here, and the easiest way to do that is to open your mouth and share your words with those around you. Tell them about your fears, your anxiety, or simply the difficulties you are having in adjusting to this. If you have found a technique that works really well, share it. You will find many new healers and modalities that will show up on a regular basis from this point forward. Why? Is the Earth really that sick? Are all humans really so sick that you need all these healers? No, that is not why you are here. You are here, dear ones, because you are the ones that have allowed it to get this far. Time after time, you have often struggled with not being heard or able to get your message out, because people did not have a high enough vibration to even listen to it much less comprehend it.

Now you are here and some of you are saying, “Well, I am not a healer. I do not do anything.” We tell you to think again. Think again, dear ones. Look at what you have done not only in this lifetime, but in several other lifetimes behind you. Many of you are here just to watch the miracle happen, for you have helped accumulate all this time in the past.

Shifting Vibrational Signature

Now, what do you do and where do you go from this point? Celebrate the new signature. The next time you watch a beautiful sunset, see the new vibration. See the new colors now coming through that have not been there before. You will receive so much information that it will start coming directly through your heart, not through your head. You will filter it much cleaner that way and you will not have to wonder if something is right or wrong. You will simply take it into your being, assimilating that which is in harmony with you and releasing that which is not. It is simply not a question of good/bad, right/wrong; it is a question of finding the pieces throughout the universe that will nourish you. Love is the one piece.

All energy must move to exist. We tell you there is a universal energy that is the base of all energies in all the forms of what you call energy, and it is felt in the human body as love. That is what we ask you to do: Exercise that love. Love it all. When you are in fear, love it. When you are watching someone’s house float down the street, love it. Send the love and let your heart extend and contract, working so all of humanity can feel that connection. This is the one piece that will anchor the new vibrational signature in every single person. The moment you find your new expression of love, you will understand what this is about. We are not telling you that you are going to release all your old ideas or connections, but what we are telling you is that you will look at them in a new way. Everything will be a little bit new for you.

Do not fear it. Walk into it proudly and above all, do not fear what you call mistakes. There are none, and there are no wrong turns. This has not been written before. We are simply here to watch you, to love you, to encourage you every time you take a new path. The new Earth is at hand, dear ones. You have created it and you will now take it to the next level, expressing your own signature within the new signature of planet Earth. Enjoy this ride and enjoy every part of what you are about to experience, for it has never happened before anywhere. Espavo, dear ones. Well done. Enjoy this journey.

It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest of respect for you are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another and help them along the path every chance you get for you are helping yourself when you do. Re-member that it is a beautiful game and play well together.


The group

(You can also watch the video version of this channeling here)


IC2ITUC 20th April 2011 6:44 am

Thanks again Steve and "the group" for giving us insight and "behind the scenes" information which will help to make the path easier for many of us. :thumbs:

maniktwin 20th April 2011 4:41 pm

You are always my favorite.

eaprin 29th April 2011 8:34 pm

Thank you my friend for all your wisdom and knowledge. This is what I needed to hear at this moment. Again, thank you so much. Sending you and our mother Earth and all Her inhabitants lota of love and healing. :smitten:

cagen 2nd May 2011 7:31 pm

What you call the world and the universe are not real: they are a reflection of our spirit: a place for us to *be*. Naturally, they will reflect our evolution.
As for what you call tragedies and suffer as your own (as only a month ago I would have too), those who died recently are reborn. It is good because they were not open to change in that life (pain, pay, earn, learn). Now they have another chance, just as I have died and been reborn many times and grown; I have recently seen all my deaths (which was scary at first, then gross and then just mostly boring).
I look forward to meeting those few who have already experienced their last rebirth (open to learn, to change) and can walk with me into our destiny.
I'm good: good is better than love; it is the *best* (superlative).


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