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From Steve

People often ask "what does the Group have to say about this?" Then they go on to explain what they have just read or heard from another source. Most often they ask the question because they are not settled with the information they are attempting to assimilate. They are looking for validation from the Group. Be it Planet X, the upcoming Polar Shift or the redistribution of the worlds wealth, the question comes up in some form. In these situations the Group generally does not take sides. In most cases they simply say check with the person who gave you that information in the first place. Here they make an exception. They have done so to illustrate a point that we have new tools within where we can get all the answers we desire. Once again they say that those who do not go within. . . go without.

the Group

Greetings from Home

We greet you this day with a special message about upcoming events. As you know it is a rarity for us to speak of events in your future. Our work is designed to re-mind you of your power and to predict future events will encourage the human practice of looking outside of yourselves for answers. We do so today for the express purpose of explaining your ability to create your own reality.

The Impetus of Change

Many on Earth would not consider any explanation without scientific data behind it. That is somewhat of an enigma in these times. For in the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth, you create reality with your thoughts. Therefore we tell you that even the most controlled scientific experiment is tainted from the beginning by the intent and beliefs of those conducting the experiment. Some of you love to blend scientific validation with what you feel in your heart to be correct. Please understand that at this stage in your evolution there is a balance that must be maintained between the two. You are stepping from a cold hard factual world into the 5th dimension where, for a time, some things must be felt rather than thought. Therefore the divisions are beginning to close between feelings, thoughts and reality. But where are you exactly when you are between your emotions, thoughts and reality? Here, you are in a heightened state of creation where all is potential. In this heightened state, a balance must be maintained between the emotions and the thoughts. In the 5th dimension, when one falls out of balance on either side, a vacuum is created that must be filled. More often than not, that vacuum is filled with some form of drama.

Your human attraction to drama is unsurpassed throughout the Universe. It is for this reason that we can hardly wait to see what you will do next. From our perspective humans put on such a wondrous performance. In the beginning of your game art imitated reality, only to have those roles reversed as you grew into higher vibrational status. You must understand that never before have humans reached the levels of vibration that you now hold.

The End of the Game?

Many times we have spoken of the doom and gloom prophecies around the year 2000 that helped motivate humanity to awaken. Those predictions of the end of reality and the first planet of free choice were real. Yet, here you now are on the other side of these prophecies. The reality they held has now changed as through your own power of choice you have changed these events. Yet in some small way you miss the drama and excitement associated with these stories. The need for drama even pulls you to fear based predictions. If there had been even some cataclysmic events that would have allowed you to start over it would have fulfilled the need you are now experiencing. As a collective of humanity, you are looking for a fresh start. This is what you are now seeing as a resurgence of end time predictions. What you see now is more stories of the end of Life on Planet Earth. We tell you that this is anticipation of change that has made the space for this to surface. Time and again you have looked to drama to supply you with a reason to change. You now have another one in front of you. We tell you that as you look to the sky to watch the mysterious hidden planet that is to return from its elliptical orbit to turn your planet on its side, that this is actually a replay of a very old event. It is reminiscent of the day when you saw the waters entering the city from the hilltops to which you had retreated. It is reminiscent of the final days of Atlantis. So the question has been put to us: Will the world end in March of 2003? Very simply put: No, it will not. In fact we can see that there will be many who watch the night skies in anticipation of the return of a long lost planet, only to watch a beautiful but empty sky.

Redistribution of Wealth

The pull toward drama is a clear indication that you are at a stage where you are ready to reset the energy. Here you are also looking for a revolution only in the area of economics. You can imagine a redistribution of wealth where all share equally. In fact, you are seeing the desire for this change reflected in your global economies at this very moment. Through your own desire to affect change, you are creating a restructuring of this system even now. Currently on planet Earth you are seeing a repositioning of the worlds wealth. This reset has been in motion for several years and is now reaching new levels. Only when you see it from the perfect vision of hindsight will you see that the greatest of opportunities are at this very moment. From our perspective, the voice of all people is being heard for the first time. The caution is that it will be easy for you to get caught up in the drama and feel the need to tear everything to its base before you begin to rebuild. Your own history has told you that all great change as a collective is preceded by revolution. We tell you that in recent years the Human race has risen to a collective vibration that no longer needs that same scenario to accomplish the changes needed.

The Balance of Emotional Intuition

Can you see the patterns re-emerging that we see from here? First you must be supported in your work. You see a restriction in the money flow as you move into your passion and can not see that it is a direct result of the changes that have been set into motion on a larger scale. You feel that the changes are needed for you to move forward with what you came here to do. Yet, you feel blocked and not supported by the systems in place. Let us tell you that the need to be supported is real, and if it is not addressed you will eventually fill that void with drama. You see that as more people fall into the same drama that it becomes more real. The challenge is, that as creators, you have the natural inclination to create that which you think about. Now in the 5th dimension this is truer than ever before. In the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth you no longer have the tolerance for lower vibrational through patterns that you had only a short time ago.

So how do you know what to trust and what to believe? The reality is that there will never be a single source that will be a direct match for you at all times. Truth is not stationary but rather, an evolutionary process. We ask you to take in many flavors of the truth and watch for the sparks of passion. At the center of this process is what we have labeled Emotional Intuition. Your emotional state has also evolved as you step even further into the 5th dimension. Mental intuition has been a part of your growth for some time. Empathic connections with souls who have passed, and the basic intuition connection is a form of this mental intuition. The connection you experience with spirit and your own higher self is actually a form of Emotional Intuition. As the human evolution continues, the differences will become more apparent. For now, know that it is this inner emotion or knowingness that is at the center of your being as creators on the New Planet Earth. Becoming comfortable with this inner emotion is the next important step in human evolution.

Emotional Intuition is when one takes in all the information from outside sources, blends it with inner guidance and distills all the input down to an emotion. The singular base emotion is Love. It is the highest vibration and all other emotions are experienced only against their relationship to Love. Fear is the opposite of Love and is actually not an emotion but simply a lack of Love. All emotions fall between the spectrum of Love and Fear. Here is where your actions as creators become more discriminating. Using Emotional Intuition to see where things fall on that scale between Love and Fear is an important tool for the higher vibrations. This will help you determine what you choose into your thoughts as your inner truth will allow you to create your highest reality.

Practice employing Emotional Intuition in your own life and see the inner peace it brings. You do not have control over what enters your thoughts as you are part of a Universal stream of consciousness. You do, however, have complete control over what stays in your thoughts and therefore, what you create. Please understand that in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension there are no longer the polarity concepts of right and wrong. Please understand that Love is not good, nor is fear bad. As you fall away from a polarity consciousness you will see that they exist simply as one. Therefore, it is a matter of choice. Choose the vibration which allows you to feel the most inner peace. In the state of inner peace you are the Love vibration expressed in human form. You deserve to feel good, to be fully supported and to experience Love. This is your divine right and necessary for you to move into your true work on the New Earth. This is underway.

Know that in the human experience there is an innate desire for drama in your reality. Make space for that experience. Dramas entertain you and actually have a part to play in the Game. Play out those dramas well and enjoy those which you choose to experience. Enjoy being scared if you like, for fear allows you to feel more human and therefore, more Love. Yet, when the lights come back up as the credits roll on the screen, pay close attention to your own Emotional Intuition. Do you feel the inner peace? If not, please have the courage to choose another script.

Know that you are never alone. The connection to your own higher self is getting stronger each day. That connection is your own direct link to Home. We are all here watching in amazement as you strengthen these connections daily. Even though you can not hear it, the applauds from this side of the veil is deafening. We are here in the greatest of love, holding the energy for you, helping you to re-member your magnificence, helping you to re-member who you are. It is with the greatest honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

the Group.



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