Farewell to the Sword

From Steve:

A flash of lightening followed by the crack of thunder woke me from the first deep sleep I had all week. 6:30 am and all I could think of were the plans we had made to take all the Lightworkers to the meadow half way up Mt Shasta. As I took a deep breath I realized that this entire week had been an exercise in flexibility for me. The first day of the Espavo conference was 911, the day the terrorists hit the World Trade Center towers. From the moment I got the call and was told that we would not be flying anywhere, the entire experience took on a new importance. The Group immediately wanted me to put a message on the site. I did and then we decided to drive the 14 hours to get to Mt Shasta. From the moment we left it was as if we had taken on an important mission. The week long event was very powerful and all but 11 people made it. Those 11 people, many stuck in airports for several days, were also a part of the energy. Some even called at regular intervals to tell us they were still attempting to come. Only one made it.

Before we left, I had sent off the next Beacons of Light to Peter our Beacons editor. He had it waiting in the e-mail as we returned home yesterday. In taking a moment to reflect on the events of the last week I realized that even though the message I was going to send out is very timely and ties in with what happened, it was more important to share with you what actually happened up on the mountain that day. Yes, we did go up to the meadow, and it rained all around us but left us dry and in the perfect energy to create the New Game. This New Game is also reflected in the global events that are unfolding now. The book Re-member begins with a chapter called the Grand Game of Hide and Seek. That chapter begins: "All of us are gathered in a meadow at the base of a mountain. We are Home and playing together in perfect love." We returned to that meadow this day and began to write the New Game.

As I walked out of my cabin I grabbed the Sword. The Group calls me the Keeper of the Sword. This is the sword of truth, the sword of Michael and the sword of empowerment. This is Excalibur. They once told me a beautiful story of who I was in the days of Camelot. They said I was a cross between a jeweler and a blacksmith. I made special ceremonial swords. These swords were never used in battle but only used to take people to their next levels of existence as in knighting. Not only did I make these swords but it seems that I was entrusted with their care between ceremonies and was therefore known as the Keeper of the Sword. Today we had yet another chance to use this sword to take people to their next levels. Today we would use the ceremony of the sword to set into motion the New Game in the meadow up on the mountain.

Driving up the mountain I was listening for any indication of what the Group would talk about. There was reverent silence. As the caravan pulled into a parking area I looked up at the mountain and saw what the Group calls the guardian of the mount. This is an outcropping of rocks energetically in charge of the valley below. We stopped, held hands and asked the guardian permission to proceed. Little did we know that when we finally found our way to the meadow that the same guardian was directly in front of us, looking down with a hint of a smile.

There were a lot of firsts in this channel and we think it is appropriate to share this with you now. We proudly present the live channel that the Group gave us that day in the meadow at the base of the mountain as we began the New Game.

The Group:

Greetings from Home:

We tell you we are not over there where you look for us, we are here with you. We are a part of your energy. You are a part of us and we honor so much your willingness to sacrifice, to be apart of making the new world. We can not tell you the honor we have for you, for you are the ones that are changing the paradigms of all that is. You are the ones who are changing the energy and making it possible to create the New Planet Earth. We tell you that in the New Earth things are different. We tell you for the first time we ask the Keeper to open his eyes. (Keeper (Steve) opened his eyes and was overwhelmed by tears. For the first time this entire channel was given with eyes open as he looked from one person to the next.) Much is going on here and each one of you can see the brilliance in each other as you look in each others hearts. As you look past each others souls, as you look past the bubbles of biology that you wear while you are here, we tell you things are different. The New Planet Earth is at hand. You have created it through your own love and your choices and we thank you. We honor you beyond your understanding for what you have created. We tell you, you are the ones that have set it into motion and you are the ones that will take each piece of this new energy and make the beauty that is here even more beautiful. As you leave this place today you take a piece of this with you, as you leave today you take a connection to the planet that is beyond your understanding for you are creating this every moment of every day. You connect your hearts. You connect your energies. You take these crystals with you. You incorporate them into your own being. You incorporate them into your own self and you take it with you for the New Planet Earth is your choice. You have chosen to stay even after completing the Game. You have chosen to stay and watch as the turmoil and the resistance to the New Energy plays out. We thank you for that for you have asked to be there to open the door to the Light in times of apparent darkness. It is only possible to do this from your own vantage point and therefore we are in the greatest awe of you, for we are in the presence of the masters of the Grand Game.

We tell you, you do not see who you are. You can not see the rest of the energy and yet you will, for the veil is thinning dear ones. You are redefining everything about yourselves and everything about what you are doing. We tell you there will come a time when you will no longer need swords on the New Planet Earth. That day is coming very soon. We tell you if you use the sword of empowerment the way it was truly meant to be used. You will no longer have need for it in physical form. It was only meant to knight and to take you to the next level of awareness and to awaken you to your own empowerment. The days of the use of the sword are gone. Find another use for it dear ones and you will be in the creation of Heaven on Earth. The days for the sword to return to the stone are here and you will see it within your lifetimes.

Take your power, dear ones, take your power and find that energy which is yours. Find that center of your own energy and become the greatest Beacon of Light that you can be. Now is the time to shed the Light of the New Earth. For we tell you that there are two ways to deal with Light. We ask you to do both. One is to reflect the Light. Take the Light of Home within your prisms of who you are much the ways the crystals do and allow it to dance within your own being and to send it back out with the proud reflection of who you are. The second is to be the Light. For you have the Light within your own souls each one of you. You have the Light of Home that you carry within yourselves. Let everyone see it proudly at this time. Let everyone feel it, whether you are in the grocery store, in your church, or up here in the mountains. Even as you are passing each other in the street let your light shine. You are the chosen ones dear ones. (thunder in the background). No, it is not us that have chosen you. It is you who have chosen you. (thunder) You have chosen to be the forbearers of the Light. You have chosen to take the awesome responsibility and in the greatest times of turmoil in your own planet as the old Game leaves and the New Game begins. You have chosen to be the ones to make the transition between the two energies. You have chosen to be the Light and to hold the door open.

You are the greatest presence on this planet that has ever been. You look to those in the past called Jesus and called Buddha and called Merlin. You look to the ones that many have named as the great masters and we tell you there are none greater that sit in front of us right at this moment. For you hold the energy of Home. You have dared to be here at exactly this moment to help hold the energy of the Light at times of darkness. All those who sit here this day and all those who choose to hear these words, whether they are read or weather they are listened to, you are the ones that are choosing to claim the title of crystal vibration. ( a strong breeze blows by) This is the Christed energy.

The New Earth is right in front of you for you have created it even with the words you have spoken just now. You have set it into motion this day through your intent and by gathering together to create the vortex, we tell you, you have no idea what you have set into motion. Every moment that you feel the breeze rising up, it is that breeze which is taking your crystalline intent and incorporating into the magic of what you call Mt. Shasta. For the vortex here is real. The vortex here has been created by you the first time you came. That vortex is your own creation to which you are now reconnecting. To have you stand here in the same meadow that you started the Game in is beyond description to us. See the beauty as you look out onto the mountains and the trees. . See the beauty of the vibrant colors of the moss and the flowers that are all in bloom just for you. We tell you that it does not compare to the beauty in this meadow right now as we look at each of you. Your own energy is beautiful beyond description. Dare to be those vibrant colors. Dare to take yourself to the next level. Dare to allow yourself to be the Light. For that is what you have come here to do. (Thunder) That is why you are back right now.

Many of you know the connection you have had here before. Some of you think it odd that you were drawn here. We tell you, you have placed lifetime after lifetime to be here at exactly this moment. There are many of you out there that will be connecting soon. Please find them. Please help them to understand who they are for you are now the Human Angels. We will take this opportunity to do something we have only done once before, that is to spread our wings. ( the Keeper spreads his arms out to each side. Everyone in attendance also spreads their arms out at this moment.) For our wings are not for flight, our wings are to reflect the magnificence of humans. For you are our greatest hope dear ones. We are your hope and we will hold the Light for you when you can not re-member it. When you find yourselves in the darkness we are there spreading our wings helping to light your way. Now we ask you to spread your wings and help the others, for it is time. What you have come here to do is at hand. It is not only the creation of Heaven on Earth but it is the creation of the angelic realm on the first planet of free choice. (Thunder)

Yes, we tell you there is a second planet of free choice which has already begun as a result of your own actions and choice. It is very closely tied in with your own energies, with your own game. (thunder) We tell you the energy must follow its path and let you experience sadness. The other day on the Gameboard of free choice (Thunder) there was a pull into polarity. This will enable those that could not see before, to see Light. Please we ask you to begin the creation and incorporate the rules that you have set into motion for yourself this very day. Find the ways of treating your greatest enemies on the New Planet Earth with the same respect and love that you set into motion for yourself as you stood there and held this mighty crystal. (Thunder) Then you will create Home right where you are, right now.

In this action there will be backlashes for you are still within a field of polarity. You still see things as up and down, black and white, right or wrong, love and fear. We tell you please understand that even though your first reaction is to fall into the field of polarity that it is an illusion that you have created to see the Light while you are in the Gameboard. That illusion is thinning. You will find the magic within each one of you as you now become the Light. For it is no longer necessary to have the darkness to see the Light. The New Planet Earth is different and the energy is changing. Find the way to be the Light and you no longer will be the darkness. You will find support not only with others of like-mind but even with those that you have called enemies. You found yourselves seeking to have an experience of spirit in human form. That has confused you so. You woke up one day and you did not know what to do with these bubbles of biology. You were not able to travel around the same way you did in the ethereal. You looked for ways to define yourself and you found a tool that you called judgment and although it worked well for the lower vibrations of who you were, we tell you that tool is no longer valid. Find the use of discernment instead and you will become higher vibrational beings. That has already begun. Discern that part which is for you in all things and leave the rest without judgment.

You will feel support also in direct relationship to the support that you give Mother Earth. That is the reason that you began this journey on the Gameboard of Free Choice in that meadow right over there. That is the reason that you are back here with these wonderful dense bodies of yours to begin the second game right now. The connection with the Mother is important for you, for you are a part of her and she is a part of you. We talked about her as a she only because it is a way you understand her. There is no polarity of male and female energy within the planet. Earth is a divine essence of all the energy of what you call God in physical form. The Earth is a sentient living being who is self aware. The earth herself is now beginning to shift. The earth herself is now incorporating the male and female aspects that were necessary to distribute and to segregate from one another so that you could see who you were here. We tell you now that is changing. In the days, and months, and years ahead you will see some of your vortices changing direction. You will see some of the rocks that sit in front of you, (Crystals) as well as some of the rocks you are actually seated upon, changing density. It will happen first on the very inner core and work its way out. For the mineral kingdom is in the process of shifting to the next level of vibration. You will see this very rapidly. In the beauty of the life forms you know to be crystals, you will see inclusions beginning. You will see things that were there disappearing. You were see crystals that have been fogged over beginning to clear and clear ones beginning to fog over. Fear not these changes simply celebrate them for they indicate that you are now beginning to move. You will find also the opportunity to include the beauty of the natural crystals with the man-hanced, for there is magic. You are seeing the blend of what you call nature and the creative abilities of man beginning to blend for we do not see that as separate we see that as one.

We tell you dear ones in the new earth do not neglect the humor and if we find you getting too serious we will tickle your funny bone to remind you it is a Game. For you are not the humans that we see with tears in your eyes, you are spirits greater than you can possibly imagine and the badges of color that you already wear will be with you for an eternity. The badges of color and honor will indicate you as being one of the players of the first Game of Free Choice. You are the third graders that have changed the universe. Your honor will be known for wherever you go in the universe, whatever you decide to do, whatever games you decide to devise and play, you will be known as the chosen ones that shifted the paradigms of all that is. We tell you that it is not by accident that the Keeper saw the guardian of the gate up there on the mount. It is not by accident that you have chosen the one meadow that the guardian overlooks. We tell you that there are more entities on that peak watching what is happening right here right now than you can possibly imagine. We tell you they will leave their mark. We tell you, you have altered so many inter-dimentional realities with your choices, with your searching, your work, (thunder) and your sacrifice. We tell you that was the reason that the rains came this morning. It was to make space for all the entities that are now here with you. You will feel them with you. You will feel them over your shoulder, no, they are not your guides, no, they are not your angels. They are visitors watching. They are looking only at how you are changing the reality of your Game. For it is not about them, it is about you. Stay centered dear ones. We tell you in fact it is not ego that prompts us to tell you this, it is simply fact that you are each the individual center of your own universe. If you will treat yourself accordingly you will find all things falling into place. Please understand you are not the only universe, for there are many. If you make space for the many universes that walk around you, if you make space for the many belief systems even on your own planet earth, if you make space for Light in all of its forms you will have created Home in that (snap) of a moment.

You have already made a difference on the Gameboard of free choice. You have already shifted your energy to the next level and we tell you now you have chosen to stay. You have chosen to take this to the next level and actually stay and make something more and for that we and all the entities on this mountain are in your debt of gratitude. As we began this channel, a dear one here, decided to ground the Keeper by putting dirt on top of his feet and we tell you it is our greatest honor to sit at your feet and wash your feet with the crystals of the earth, to help you re-member who you are. (Michele placed dirt on my bare feet to ground me) Take the challenge dear ones (Thunder) for the challenge is not only about you but it is about everyone you touch. It is about taking this life and doing the work within so that you may clear your own energy tubes, so that you may smile at someone in the grocery store, (thunder) so that you may meet someone on the street, so that you may pass someone getting on a bus and as you smile you touch their soul for as you smile you are the Light.

We deeply honor you dear ones. You have no idea who you are and yet we tell you, you are here on purpose with the greatest of intent. You are here through the struggles of not being able to re-member who you are and now that veil is beginning to thin. Watch as the Mother helps in this shift. Reach for her. Be a part of that energy. And as those get scared around you of the changes that are happening, we ask you to be the center of Light. You be the one that stands up and says "I am not your leader yet I am here to lend a hand. I am here to be here to help you find your balance for the paradigms have changed ". The role of leadership on planet earth is beginning to sift and that is what is now playing out. That is what has been playing for you will find that in your own direction you have an opportunity in the months and days ahead to redefine the role of leadership on your own planet. Work from the heart as one dear ones. Work as a unity consciousness. Take the guidelines that you have suggested for your own new Game for you are the ones that created it the first time. Take your power. Hold your love and know we are here applauding you. We are opening the doors whenever we can at those moments when you can not re-member who you are. We are here to help you. We are here with the touch of an angel! It is ours to reach over and touch you on the heart charka for just a brief moment so that you can carry those seeds with you. We ask that you do this for one another. Reach out dear ones and touch one another for you are the greatest of the Human Angels that will be on planet Earth. The new Game has begun. You have made it so.

We tell you we have a gift this day for we tell you this day we will no longer call the Keeper of the Sword by that name. He will become the Keeper of the Flame for the sword is no longer needed on the New Planet Earth.

It is with the greatest of honor dear ones that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Re-member who you are. Nurture one another as you help them re-member. Play well together. And so it is.

the Group

We then held the ceremony of the sword where each person set into motion their intent for the New Game. Our work began several years ago with the Sword of Truth ceremony which we did around the Kryon seminars. There was a tinge of sadness in the fact that we are to put away the sword and yet, I knew in my heart the moment it was spoken that this was in perfect order. The Group showed me that we will use the sword only three more times. The first was that day immediately following this channel. The pictures of this day can be seen on a special page here. The Second of these is next month in France at the Week to Re-member. The final time we will have ceremony with the sword is when we return to Mt Shasta for the Espavo conference next year. Here we will hold the very last ceremony of the sword. It is time to claim the tools of the higher vibrations and release the old. I can't think of a better time to say goodbye. Big Hugs and gentle nudges




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