Gamus Interruptus

Last month we did the Web of Love experiment and it was more powerful than even I had imagined it could be. We estimated 200,000 Lightworkers globally connected hearts to open a new form of communication. The scientific results along with the announcement of the next time we will repeat this global connection will be posted on the Web of Love section of as soon as it is available. Thanks for your support and participation. As the Group was fond of saying in the early days of the Beacons of Light messages, “When you hold hands together in focused intent, you change your world.” All of the hosting partners, Barbara, myself and the entire staff at Lightworker thank you for holding our hands as we all walk into the future together.

Following the experiment, the Group presented a live message, which they said was the first in a new series of channels called the Practical Magic series. I was very excited about the first message they gave and was going to publish it as this month’s Beacons of Light - Reminders from Home. All of that changed one morning in Vancouver, Canada when they woke me up early in the morning the day before we were to present our seminar. They told me that the Practical Magic series would start next month, as they wanted an important message to go out. With Barbara still asleep, I got up and went in the other room to my laptop and wrote the following. I am honored to present it now with the greatest of love.

Greetings from Home

Dear ones, we watch with great pride as the Game you are playing takes you further toward becoming fully empowered humans. Yet, there are several crossroads just ahead that you will be well advised to consider carefully. As we have told you many times, there are no wrong turns on the path ahead. Yet, as intentional creators and empowered humans, it is more important than ever before that you take responsibility for your reality by choosing your own path rather than having one given to you by default. Therefore, we wish to interrupt the normal structure of these messages to bring some important points clearly into your focus. As always, we would never attempt to tell you which way to turn or what to think, as that would only serve to take your power from you. Yet, as we watch the developments on your Gameboard, we find that it might be helpful for us to share our views on some of the events that are currently unfolding.

Once again, it is important to remind you that it is not possible to tell the future, as you have yet to write it. What we offer you here is a view of the direction that you are heading as the collective of humanity. If you wish to change course, take heed now. Or, if you choose to stay the course, do so intentionally as the creators that you are.

Enter the Crystal Children

The new children being born on planet Earth are demanding more of your attention than ever before. As the older of the new children are firmly moving into adulthood, new overviews are now needed to gain appropriate perspective. In the very first message about these children and other messages that have followed, we have included an important warning about these highly evolved souls. There is one attribute of humanity that can and will be very destructive for all new humans in the days ahead. That is your natural human attraction to spiritual competition. Spiritual competition is the basic belief that one vibrational level is better than another. Human evolution over the last 10,000 years has been moving from lower to higher vibrations. What you do not remember is that for eons prior, you as spirits were in a constant evolution to intentionally lower your vibration in order to play the game you are now playing. Still, this long movement toward rising vibrations has instilled a base belief that higher vibration is somehow better than lower vibration. With that base belief firmly in place, you have been able to raise your vibrational level at an astounding rate.

Now comes a time in your own evolution when you will once again find your truth changing. Now is the time when that base belief which helped you in the past can actually hold back your evolution. You may have noticed that we have been very vocal about the Crystal children and what that has meant to humanity since we first introduced them several years ago. We intentionally used the words Crystal children to differentiate them from children with other attributes, including the Indigo children. We have also said that none of the Crystal children have incarnated on Earth with all of the attributes. That is now changing. As it stands at this moment, some of the first Crystal children carrying all of the crystal attributes will enter your game toward the end of 2005. They will be hidden from view by their loving parents, as many of those children already on earth with partial crystal attributes have been.

Now is a time when it becomes imperative that we remind you of our initial warning. You may have noticed that we have spoken very little about the Crystal children over the last two years. That is due to the fact that so many others have taken the call and opened their own channels, bringing in valuable information to open the understanding of human evolution as a whole. Now, we once again speak up to tell you of the first children entering with full Crystal attributes. As we do so we must also now speak of the increased importance of dissolving the very same labels that have heralded their entrance. All of the labels served well to distinguish that the spiritual envelope known as the human life form is evolving, and the entrance of new children is an important by-product of that evolution. Over recent years you have seen a blending of these attributes, and the children themselves now carry mixed attributes. Such is the real beauty of humanity, as it reflects the natural blending of the Universal Energy itself. Additionally, those of you born prior to the entrance of the first Indigo children are also evolving with indigo and crystal attributes. It is for this reason that we will begin to refer to the children of the new earth as simply the ‘New Humanity.’ It is time to return to a time when you call children nothing more than children. It is important to keep in mind that they are children first. No matter what attributes they carry, they need your love, support, guidance, discipline and values. Teach them with open hearts for all the wondrous attributes that they carry and do your best to make space for all of them. Respect them, yet do not place them on a pedestal. Find ways to empower them at every opportunity and encourage them to take their own power and use it. Your own world will be enhanced as a result as you see humanity as a whole take giant leaps in consciousness in the days ahead.

The Web of Love, which you have just opened, will be an important part of making the planet a thriving haven of empowerment for all New Humanity. Learn to use this tool and connect the hearts to each other often. Know that we smile with the greatest pride and love every time you touch another heart. Our definition of a ‘good day’ is any day that you touch or are touched by another heart.


You are at an important time in the United States with the elections ahead. Many other parts of the world will experience similar opportunities soon. First let us remind you that you are not restricted by the leaders you elect to ‘run’ your countries. Your reality is determined by your own perspective and the actions you choose. We would never enter your game and tell you to vote for this person or that person. What we are here to say is that in making your choice, please use the higher perspective and keep in mind the larger picture we have shared with you.

The Third Earth is a collector of thoughts and hopes for your highest visions of the new earth. All choices made from this point forward will be stored in that hologram and used to overwrite the original hologram of earth, thus ushering in a new reality. Choose well, dear ones, and know that it is not the result but your own individual choices that are recorded. In making those choices we remind you that the Universal Energy is in a constant blending motion. All things resisting that blending will be out of alignment and will find resistance. All things promoting unity and the overall blending will be supported.

In making choices for the United States, know that you are not alone on this planet. The actions and ideals of the founding fathers, which made your country a powerful nation, are now being taken in a reverse direction. Every day you take more of a posture toward segregation. Your nation was built on the blending of all beings and an overall direction of inclusion. That direction has now changed as you have chosen to become more excluded from those around you. The future of your nation over the next eight years as an economic leading force on earth may be determined in the elections that now face you. The balance of power is responsibility, and that includes all nations…for you have choice. You may act out of fear and segregation, or you may act out of love and unity. As you evaluate a candidate for any position, use this as an overall guide. At this time, humans in general are more attracted to the fear than they are to love. Therefore they will be more motivated to keep themselves from harm’s way than they will be to find lasting solutions through unifying consciousness. By its very nature Fear is more vocal than Love. This factor has been the downfall of many great civilizations. All that one has needed to be elected is to establish a strong fear and then offer a strong solution. In making your choices we ask you to listen to the love rather than the fear. In this election there is no one right and no one wrong, yet you must decide your own reality and the direction of a great nation. Will that direction be fear or love, segregation or unity? That is the yardstick we ask you to measure by when casting your vote. Exercise your right to be a player and let the voice of love be heard.

Hurricanes and Volcanoes:
The Vortices of Earth

The vortices on earth known as hurricanes and volcanoes are rapidly changing the energetic structure of earth as we speak. These are vortices that form within a larger vortex that are held within an even larger vortex. This triple vortex is what causes this to take place. Your changing weather and earth patterns tell you that they will occur in specific places and time frames. The intensity of the inner vortices has recently increased. This is largely due to the solar activity that has strengthened the vortex activity on earth over the last three years. The vortices formed on the sun that have erupted into solar flares over the last three years have set up a sympathetic vibration on earth that has resulted in these patterns. As you learn to live in harmony with the earth you will make adjustments that will make this process easier to work with. Yet, in the beginning of these changes you will see the destruction and difficulties that many have endured in recent months. More is still to come, yet the way you deal with it will change in the years ahead. What you will find in the long term is that these seemingly destructive vortices are actually re-patterning the energetic structure of earth itself.

We have said that the earth began as a thought of God, which you know to be a hologram of light. As mentioned earlier, you are in the process of creating the Third Earth at this very moment. It is a new hologram carrying the highest intent of the evolved earth and the new humanity. Once that hologram is complete, it will overlay the original hologram of earth and slowly reprogram it. The current re-patterning of the earth with what you know to be hurricanes and volcanoes is in preparation for that to take place. In fact, the first connection points will be in the areas most affected by these catastrophic events. It is for that very reason that most of the people who lost their homes will choose to stay and rebuild rather than move to safer ground. Knowing that they may face similar situations in the coming years will not daunt them as it has in years past. They will feel the strong pull that they are there for a reason. In fact, they are holding the imprints of humanity in the midst of the vortex. Bless them and hold them high for the work they do. Send them love and support as the gifts of humanity spring into action with each event.

One of the most effective ways to work with the acclimation of this energy is to send your love and energy to the vortex itself. We love the way you have humanized the hurricanes, giving them names and human attributes. We ask you to take this a step further, as at least two more are to come to complete the re-patterning process. We ask you to send the people in these areas love and bless them as well as the hurricanes for the work they are doing. Over the next two years you will see further earth changes. Fear them not. They represent the evolution of humanity, as the earth herself must now also change to hold a higher vibration.

Human Angels Emerge

Dear ones. Know that we watch with excitement each day as you are in the process of creating Heaven on Earth. We know it is not easy to remember that this is a wonderful game of your own device.

We will tell you that over the next year the stress now being felt by the earth will result in equal human stress. The increase in terrorism the earth is now experiencing is a direct result of this stress. These are people who have lost hope and think they have found it again by exercising any power they can.

Although most of you will not take this stress to this extreme, you will feel it. In the days ahead this will show up first as relationship challenges. Relationships will change and will be evaluated more than ever before as great change in all humans takes place. Know that all relationships are but a reflection. As you change and stretch, so will the relationships with those around you. Make space for them to grow or allow them to move aside and release the budding flower inside.

There are many times when it seems so cruel and difficult to be human. The veil you have created is stronger than you will ever know. It is strong for a reason. Know that these difficulties and low spots are often the times when the greatest human advancement is made. The biggest challenge comes when a soul experiences so much despair that they lose sight of the light. They lose hope.

Now, more than ever before, we remind the Human Angel: when you see an angel falling ... stop and help them up. The task of a Human Angel in the days ahead will be to offer reminders of the light. Do not take it upon yourselves to solve problems or heal people. Rather, touch them with your light and help them to touch others if they so choose. You are an angel-in-training even when you are in despair. Know that it is necessary to experience the lows to know the highs. One must know darkness to define the light. Bless the darkness and use it to see the light. Light is contagious and it is your choices that spread it far and wide. You are the Lightworkers of the New Humanity and we are so proud of the light you shine.

We now return you to the game already in progress with three simple reminders: Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


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