Halors, Millinors, Shellinets & Duonites

From Steve:

This month we celebrate Ten Years of the Beacons of Light messages from the Group.  I am truely honored to play a part in bringing these empowering messages to Masters of the Gameboard.

Since last months message about the Orthogonal Matrix and becoming multidimensional, the Group has been talking about other races that are watching and helping us. Even in the first message they said it was important to bi-locate (exist in two places at one time) in order to fully see our own reality. I think this is a way that the Group is helping us to do exactly that. They are helping us to see ourselves through the eyes of these races they are describing.

The names they use to identify these races are not important as they say in this message. I was real glad they said that as the Halors, Millinors, Shellinets & Duonites sound a little like Motown recording artists to me.

I will tell you all a story here about the channel that gave us the Millinors. It was in Genk , Belgium and we were giving a six day Spiritual Psychology training. On our day out we went to a planetarium and watched the show about our planets before going into a large auditorium for the channel. This was the channel about the Millinors where they described them as short and stout beings that we had interpreted as Cherubs. After the channel we all returned to the hotel to find that while we were out the hotel had brought in new art work in the form of sculptures. They were everywhere we looked and yes . . . the statues were all of short and stout beings just like Cherubs without the wings. I could almost hear the Group laughing. And yes just the other day they even gave another channel called Multidimensional Laughter.

Enjoy the ride.


Greetings from Home

Multidimensional Orgasms and More

Once again you step into the magic of your creation. You step into the opportunity to change your world and we are so very proud of you. The heart connection that you have helped each other to attain is astounding and attracting attention throughout All That Is. As you become interdimensional and practice the little games that we suggest to allow you to see your own magic, (See last month's message “The Orthogonal Matrix”) what we see from our side of the veil is beautiful beyond description. And showing you that view is what we ultimately hope to offer you as you step into becoming multidimensional. Offering not just the opportunity to shift dimensions and bi-locate, but the ability to see yourselves from our perspective. The ultimate in bi-location is when you can remain within your physical bubble of biology, still perceiving things from the inside out, while at the same time being able to observe your higher self and recognizing God in your own eyes. That is what is happening ultimately as you step into other dimensions of time and space and become multidimensional.

It is exciting beyond your understanding. You already hold ideas of what being multidimensional is in a metaphysical world, but we tell you it will be exciting on all levels of dimension, including the physical. Wait until you have your first multidimensional orgasm and watch how interested you become then! This will be an awakening to new heights on all levels including the physical. There are those who are helping you to prepare for the physical multidimensional adjustments at this very moment and we will speak of them this day.

Intersecting Time Lines

As you walk the path of your every day life, you are now attracting the attention of other beings that are also multidimensional. So first, let us explain the concept of multiple dimensions. It will be helpful for you to understand what you perceive as your own timeline and how it interacts with other timelines.

Imagine there is a timeline that contains your life as you see it. It is arranged as a past, present and future for that is how you experience life at this moment. We tell you that this time line is only a portion of your existence. There are several other timelines moving along side this one, but not exactly parallel. It is important to understand that timelines are never completely parallel to each other and, in fact, they never run exactly in straight lines. Imagine two or more timelines next to each other, moving back and forth in different vibrational patterns coming very close to each other at times, and far apart from each other at other times, even though they move in the same general direction they are not in phase. We remind you that you exist in several dimensions simultaneously and this is how those dimensions exist. Now imagine these timelines weaving back and forth in this fashion, each one containing it's own separate and unique experience of your soul, almost as if several of ‘you' existed side by side at the same time. With this understanding we can tell you of a magical event that happens from time to time. Every once in a while these timelines cross each other, and when that happens they leave permanent imprints on each other—both timelines are forever changed. Since linear time is actually an illusion, when these timelines do cross each other they leave permanent imprints in ‘Now' time. This gives you the illusion that it instantly goes forward and backward in your timeline. In that very moment your history is rewritten to match a new future that is then set into your reality; these imprints affect the timeline forward and backward the instant it happens.

Tools for Spirits Pretending to be Human

Please keep in mind that the whole idea of linear time is an illusion that is needed for you to play the Game of a spirit pretending to be human. What we are doing at this time is preparing you with the concepts and practical tools you will need to walk as fully empowered humans. Simply to understand that it is possible to rewrite both your history and your future will allow you to experience a more empowered present. Currently, humans only see only a small spectrum of the actual reality of what we call Now time. Now time is a circle—past, present, and future all together. Those of us who live on this side of the veil in Now time can choose to jump in at any moment at any space, for it is all compressed as one. We see the larger picture instead of the small spectrum of vibration available to humans at this time. But humans are now expanding their spectrum of perception. You are starting to see possibilities that will stretch your experience like never before and that is gaining attention throughout All That Is.

The Halors 

We told you about the Halors that came to you to see what was happening and even though their timeline has never crossed yours up to this point, they are fascinated by the human experience. They live in a vibrational pattern that mimics your own. They are watching very carefully at how you have done things and how you perceive your world. They are trying to understand some of your customs, belief systems and ideas. They are particularly fascinated with the sayings, that you use in daily life. Humans have strange sayings. For instance they want to know if a person is a ‘Son of a Gun' who are their ancestors? What is a frog in your throat, and how did it get there? Why does everyone want to sleep tight instead of loose, and what exactly happens if you do look a gift horse in the mouth? You can not imagine the images they conjure up when first tying to understand terms like ‘Tounge in Cheek', ‘Scapegoat' and ‘Drag Race.' They watch you use these sayings and actually create your world with them. (See channel #70 Mt. Charleston NV Feb. 2006 ‘The Halors ~ Holly Shit') They are now beginning to use these sayings in their world, much the same way that you do even though they still do not fully understand them. They are trying on the human experience and giving us all a reflection of humanity filled with humor. 

The Millinors

Also, we have spoken of beings who have already crossed your timeline. The Millinors have left a permanent imprint in your early timeline. (See channel #73 ‘The Millinors' Genk , Belgium Feb. 2006.) They are what is known in your world as Cherubs. These are the small beings, the chubby ones, that connect the heart energy. You can see them on your expressions of Valentine's Day, for they are the ones who are flying around, shooting their little arrows at one another and trying to help you connect your heart energy. We must tell you that the Millinors did not give you the idea of the wings or the arrows. Nobody has quite figured out where that whole thing came from, although the Halors are looking into it. We will tell you this: the Millinors are here to help you re-member how to connect your heart energy. They are here to help you strengthen that part of yourself which you have always perceived as being separate. That heart connection is the center of your being. Now you have help from these dear beings who have already crossed your timeline and left permanent imprints that are familiar to you.

Magic is About to Happen!

There are many more races of beings that are studying humanity right now, although we will tell you only about two of them today. You visited by many different races throughout the Universe at this time and that is , but something magic is about to happen in that regard. We will tell you more about that, for there are many timelines that are about to converge. A miracle is about to take place in your world, for you created it—you set it up and there are a lot of beings around each and every one of you as a result. This room is jam-packed on all dimensional levels for they are watching the masters of the Game Board as they walk into light, as you walk into your creations. It is a magical event. You are creating the path with every step, and just before your foot hits the ground you create the new path before you. You create the highest opportunity and possibilities for yourself. It is happening more and more every day. We tell you there is no grand plan in place.

The Shellinets

Let us tell you, let us speak to you about some early imprints in your own timeline and some of the beings that we have envisioned. We can also tell you that there are some beings who have been around you a very long time. One of them you know as a being that was around in the very beginning of humanity. His name was Thoth. There are many interpretations of who he was and his origins. Most of them are true to some degree as he existed in many time lines. Thoth was one of the early beings of another race that came here to help plant the seeds to create humanity. There are six original parental races of the human race. They are very proud at this moment. They are taking great pride in the fact that you were the only Game of Free Choice and here you are leading the way vibrationally. Here you are changing All That Is. Let us speak to you of the Shellinets . . . and please do not get confused with the words we use when we give names you have never heard. What we try to do when we give you these names is to give you a vibration that comes as close to the original vibration. Others may even use quite different words to describe the same beings. It matters not. We offer it, not as a definitive identity, but as a familiar vibration that your soul will recognize. The Shellinets are a race of beings that were here in the very beginning. They helped you make minute adjustments to your biology to help hold the essence of a spirit in a bubble of biology. The interesting part here is that there is a heated debate on Planet Earth about whether it was evolution or creationism that started mankind. The Halors will now tell you that when humans have long lasting debates it is usually because both sides hold part of the truth. It is usually the entire concept that needs to broaden to make room for both truths.

Did these humans sitting in front of us now actually walk out of the ocean and grow legs? No, but their physical bubbles of biology did exactly that. So your physical biology was on its own evolutionary timeline and there came a point where the race that you know today as apes was adapted to house the human spirit. Those that helped in that process to make those physical adjustments were called the Shellinets. The Shellinets were there in the very beginning to help make the necessary adjustments. In the beginning of humanity, you were on a very rapid evolutionary scale and constant adjustments to the biology were very helpful to your evolution. A lot of adjustments were made very, very rapidly and they were successful, for here you sit, hundreds of thousands of years later. So, the Shellinets were some of the beings that originally came in to make those physical adjustments for you, and here they are again. Does that tell you something? You are stepping into a higher vibration and your physical bubbles of biology will now begin to change again. The Shellinets are again here to help you do make those necessary adjustments. As you begin experiencing changes in the physical bubble of biology, know that there is help. These are beings working with you that were here at the beginning of your evolutionary cycle, that are here once again to help you tweak the bubbles of biology to house a higher vibration of creative spirit within God pretending to be human.

During these cycles of change there may come times when you take life way too seriously or allow yourselves to fall into the dramas you create. That is when the Millinors jump into action. They will pluck your heart strings to help you remember what is real and what is important.

The Duonites and the Veil of Duality

As you have chosen to make these evolutionary steps there are many watching, waiting to be of help when it is possible. Here is where a race of being we will call the Duonites cross into your reality. The Duonites are the ones that in the very beginning were also here to cross your timeline. They left permanent imprints intentionally to give you the illusion of being in duality—to give you the illusion of contrast—for your Game was all about being here, searching for God. You separated yourself from the whole. You allowed yourself to take off your wings for a short time and come to Earth and pretend to be human. You are infinite beings pretending to be finite with a beginning and an end. Your cycle continues from one life to another, because energy never dies. It simply moves in a circle constantly. Energy is infinite. All energy is infinite and you are energy. What would make you think that you actually have a beginning and an end? Of course, you do not. You are God. You are that part of God that agreed to be separate for a short time, to play the Game of being human. The idea was to play the Game of being finite to pretend to be separate from each other just long enough to turn and look into each other's eyes to see who God really is. And you are doing an astounding job. The search for God has helped all the races throughout and all the beings everywhere to evolve very rapidly, and that is exciting for that has never happened before. When you understand the next miracle that is in your path directly ahead and you begin to see it, you will understand why all these beings are around you to help.

The Duonites are here to help you make adjustments to the veil. And we warn you, most of you are ready to toss aside the veil and to look through to the other side as quickly as you can. You are so fun to watch. What typically happens is as you start peering behind the veil, you instantly reconnect to the heart of God and that is the reason the Millinors are here—to help make that adjustment smoothly. If you were to pull the veil away today for no less than one minute, it would not be possible for you to stay in this bubble of biology any longer. This is because the love and the energy that you would then feel would give you such a great sadness of being separate from the whole, that you would return Home. So the first thing we ask you to do is to honor the veil. It was your creation anyway and you did a marvelous job with it. So understand that there are blind spots in front of you that you cannot see, particularly when looking into the mirror trying to see God in your own eyes. We ask you to look in the mirrors around you, for it is much easier for you to perceive God through the hearts of others than it is for you to see yourself. Even having the warnings that we have just placed into effect, we tell you that the veil is thinning because you have chosen for it to. You have chosen to be on the path to live with a thinner veil, and with that thinner veil comes a level of responsibility that you are unaccustomed to. No, it does not mean you need to walk on water. No, it does not mean you need to stop eating meat. It does not mean you need to try and grasp new belief systems about where you are going. What it means is that you have a new responsibility to be in your passion, to be of the use to the Universe that you are intended to be, which simply means to be who you are, with purpose and integrity. You are to step forward, not hoping to never make a mistake or to walk on water, but rather allowing yourself to be human and to make the mistakes with joy in your heart. That is the adjustment that the Duonites are here to help you make.

Step into these changes and know there is no right or wrong. The whole illusion of up and down, black and white, love and fear, and good and bad is beginning to thin. That is the part of the veil that the Duonites are working on today because of your choice to evolve. We repeat: A miracle is about to happen. The Halors, the Millinors, the Shellinets and the Duonites are here to help you keep balance and to help you hold the energy of your higher vibration for its highest use. This is exciting beyond your understanding. Every Game everywhere has eyes on Planet Earth and is watching on some level what you are doing, for the excitement is what you have created through your own choices. Up to this point you have been the only Planet of Free Choice, but you are no longer the only Planet of Free Choice. The Second Planet of Free Choice has already begun and is on an evolutionary cycle that is moving forward very quickly because of your success.

We will ask you to watch one other point as you move forward. You may see conflicting events as this veil begins to thin and the Duonites begin making adjustments to what you perceive as duality, for you will see expressions of duality. You will see a lot of love and fear and what shows up on your news stations will mostly be in the fear category. The Halors can tell you that currently fear sells better than love. It is very simple. As long as you do not buy into it, you will create your own reality and not what you perceive it to be from watching television. So even if you watch those things, send love, send your connection and hold your energy of who you are and expect a miracle because you are creating it right now. All these races of beings are not here because you are becoming multidimensional, they are here because you are evolving so fast and they cannot wait to help you. They cannot wait to become a part of your energy and to work with you whenever possible, because many of them were here at the very beginning and crossed your timeline.

Observe the Flow of Energy – NO MORE SECRETS

There is so much magic that is about to be bestowed on Planet Earth that it is literally beyond description. So, we will simply tell you that the veil is beginning to thin. As the veil thins one of the jobs of the Duonites is to help you make sense of energy, for that is part of your veil. You have not been able to see full energy flows up to this point, but that will soon change. Any circumstance that you have in your life, any time someone tells you something, any time your boss walks into the room and gives you an order that you do not understand or agree with, any time you pick up the phone and hear something that you did not want to hear, or turn on the television and watch world events unfolding very poorly, we ask you to now watch the flow of energy. . . for energy never lies. And the flow of energy can never be hidden from empowered beings. Simply notice where the energy moves and follow the flow. Who benefits by these events? Not only will you now be able to see for the first time clearly where the energy is going, but you will also be able to see the intent of where it began and why.

There is coming a time on Planet Earth where there will be no more secrets, and that is beginning with you today. The Duonites are here to work with you in that area, to sharpen your senses right now. So what do you need to do? Do you need to go into lengthy meditation? Do you need to honor these beings or worship them? Do you need to say hello? You can do all of these things if you wish, but none of them are needed. These beings are here to honor and assist you. They are here to help you in your next stage of evolution because a miracle is about to happen. It is closer than you think and we are very, very honored to be a part of it, to watch as humans change All That Is.

It is with the greatest honor and the most love that we can express to you that we leave you with three reminders of playing the Game. Re-member to treat each other with respect for you are looking in the eyes of God. Nurture one another at every opportunity for you are nurturing yourselves. Re-member that it is a Game and play well together.


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