From Steve:

We are proud to be celebrating the seventh anniversary of the Beacons of Light. I am really honored to get to play this wonderful role. Recently Barbara and I started our travel schedule for 2003. Both of us enjoy connecting with Lightworkers all over the globe and really love what we do. After our first trip to Massachusetts, we stopped in Atlanta for a book signing and a TV interview; then we went back home for a few days before heading out to Atlanta for a seminar.

Upon returning home, I took ill with the worst case of the vibrational flu I have ever experienced. It was the “vibrational flu plus,” as I call it, because I also had a high fever and was really out of it. I rarely get sick, so this was very unusual for me. Lying in bed, unable to either work or sleep, I found that I had ample time to reflect on just how I got into this position. As a metaphysician, I tend to look for the deeper meaning of all things. Usually, this is where the Group just laughs at me and says, “Sometimes a cup of coffee is just a cup of coffee!” I was expecting this response from them, but this time the Group obliged by showing me the origins of this illness. They took me back only a few days, to the seminar we presented in Attleboro, Massachusetts, where I was talking about the 5th dimension and our new relationship to time and space. One of the points I was making was that the time lag in our creations is very short. Things come into our reality very quickly after the first thought, and we really must be mindful of what we allow to reside in our thoughts.

Shortly after that, they reminded me of another brief moment, when I was explaining one of the twelve paradigms of facilitation. It was the fourth paradigm, that reads: “As healers, you must understand that illness is not always a sign that something is wrong. There are times when illness facilitates change, and your role is one of facilitating that process. See also that illness is only one state of health. Work with all states to create environments where health is possible if chosen.” While talking about this point, a brief memory had flown through my mind of a time many years ago when I had had the flu and spent two days in bed, resting and catching up on movies. Even though that thought was never expressed in words, they said that the illness was set into motion that very instant in the ethereal realm. The thought of that experience, mixed with the pleasant emotion of a fond memory, had been placed in the queue of creation at that very moment. That was the ethereal part of the illness, placed in the ethers by my thoughts.

The day after the seminar, we had a day off and decided to do some sight-seeing. Our dear friend Nancy Mott took us to see one of the New England mansions in Newport, Rhode Island, and we wandered through that stately mansion with a group of several tourists. With the help of the Group, I remembered becoming aware of a small girl about 7 years old, with an incredibly deep and raspy cough, and thinking how unusual it was that such a deep cough could come from such a small child. Illustrating that, having planted the thought in the ethers, I was then primed, the Group showed me how I had followed that young girl down the grand staircase and we had both dragged our hands down the banister, giving me the opportunity to pick up physically the germs that would accommodate my creation. At that instant, the creation had passed from the ethers to the physical, as the seeds of my illness were now firmly planted in my biology.

After returning home, I then came down with a virus so powerful that I could not even watch television. In the five years that I have been doing private sessions, this was the first time I had to cancel and reschedule sessions. Barbara called the people involved and rescheduled them for three days later. Once again, working in the metaphysical community has special benefits, and I was overwhelmed with the offers of healing in many modalities. I was honored but knew that I was on the mend. I did notice how the master healers came out of the woodwork when there was an “opportunity” to offer their healing. I also noticed that almost all of them assumed there was something wrong and looked for the deeper meaning, as I had originally. Funny how we humans think.

Within two days I began to feel like myself again, and the loving, generous partner that I am, I selflessly shared my germs with Barbara, who in a short time was herself in bed sounding much like the seven-year-old girl we met in the mansion. I went to my office for the first time in two days and ran through my e-mail. (Those of you who know me well now know how sick I really must have been!) I was overjoyed at all the e-mail I had received from people wishing me well, sending me healing thoughts and offering their services as healers. I was also a little surprised at how the word got out so quickly! Then I ran across an e-mail from friends in Holland, whose subject line said only “Sickness.” It was short and sweet. It simply said:

Dear Steve,

I heard you were ill.

Enjoy the time of being sick, usually that is the time to think about things.
Do not worry about the activities today or tomorrow, simply enjoy the time.
(although endurance of symptoms might demand some patience)

But of course we wish you speed and grace in recovering,

Love & Light,

Fokje & Peter

Somehow, when I read those words, it gave me a deeper understanding that, in fact, the cup of coffee was just a cup of coffee. Although I was clearly on the mend, I did enjoy the rest of the days that I had, recovering from the cough and cold symptoms that were remnants of the vibrational flu. For the first time, I enjoyed the experience of just being, without judgment; and as far as a “deeper” meaning, I never found one other than the fact that I needed more rest and it gave the Group an opportunity to once again illustrate the two-step process of how we bring things into a physical reality. Below you will find how they take this process and apply it to other areas of creating our reality.

the Group:

Greetings from Home

We greet you with the memories of Home, for it is our highest potential to help you re-member your magnificence and take your power. The ascension grid is now taking its final form as the final connections are being made. This is being felt by all of you at this very moment and will be clearly seen as you look back at this time from the overall history of mankind. Please understand also that some who believe they are in charge feel themselves losing their grip and can easily overreact. Please do not judge them, or you, as they all are simply working under a belief system of the lower vibrational realities from which you are evolving. Instead, we ask you to take this opportunity to examine and clear your own house and your own heart of the illusions of three-dimensional thinking.

5th Dimensional Attributes

The reality is that you are fully in charge of your own reality in every moment. If you watch the daily news and think you are a part of what you see, your power as a creator instantly creates that very reality. In the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension, all of your powers of creativity have drastically increased. Even as the ascension grid now connects and moves into its new location, it does so only to help you hold your true power as creators while still in the bubbles of biology that you inhabit. Please be aware that all of your powers of creation have been enhanced in recent days. Please also be aware that all powers of creation of all humans have been raised as well, for it is not possible for one to move without the others. It is, therefore, that we tell you that your intentional use of your abilities as creators is needed now. This is your call to Light. As Lightworkers, you have intent to intentionally spread the light of Home at every opportunity. That opportunity is now before you in a big way.

We ask that you create first the reality of your own heart within your own heart and radiate it outward into the world around you. Start first by creating the highest and best for yourselves, for it is then that you become of highest use to the Universe.

Blending Realities

Please know that now is a time like never before to understand the flow of the Universal Energy. The Universal Energy is the energy that permeates all things and is even present when all forms of energy are removed from a vacuum. Being energy, the Universal Energy is by nature in constant motion. By observing the motion, you will realize that in all things you have choice as to when you place yourself in the flow of Universal Energy and when you oppose it. In the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension, the flow of Universal Energy and your alignment with it will become more important than you now know. We ask, therefore, that you begin to observe it and compare all of your actions, personally and in collectives, to the Universal Energy.

The Universal Energy is infinite; therefore, since you are in finite form, it is not possible for you to fully comprehend something as simple as Universal Energy. It is because of this fact that we will complicate it just enough for you to understand. The Universal Energy is the base of all things in your world and your game. It is similar to a sheet hanging on a line: if you poke your finger into one side of the sheet, there will be an equal and opposite effect, seen simply as a bulge on the other side of the sheet. This is the mechanics of what you call the “Law of Cause and Effect.” The cause was that you poked your finger into the sheet, and the effect was the bulge or protrusion on the other side. Likewise, when your game was created, you, as Infinite Beings, took form in finite bodies. This caused a reaction in the Universal Energy that will be in effect as long as your game is in existence. The Universal Energy is, therefore, always in a motion to blend together that which was separated in order to play your game in a field of polarity. Therefore, from your perspective, the action of the Universal Energy is the action of blending.

In the field of polarity or duality in which you play your game, you see yourselves as separate from one another, when, in fact, you are not. Every action of every person on the entire planet has an effect on every other person. You are actually one Being acting as individuals. This is the nature of the game, for it is this individuality that allows for God in infinite form to see itself. It is this individuality that gives what you call “God” definition.

Please understand that you have a problem with reality: you think it is real. You are, in fact, all part of each other and not separate, as your eyes tell you. As you have now moved into the 5th dimension, that is becoming more evident that ever before. Therefore, actions that flow against the blending motion of the Universal Energy will cause more of a bulge or reaction than even those same actions only ten years ago. There is less tolerance for misdirection of energy because of your evolution. We tell you that right now, more than ever, the thoughts held within your own heart make more of a difference in the collective consciousness than anyone can foresee.

The Crystal Energy has been infiltrating your reality for the last two years. It has helped to provide a base for you to move into higher vibrational status. To many of you, it has helped a lot. It has also threatened some who desperately try to cling to the old ways. Currently some are showing resistance in very public ways. Please understand that even though this is going on around you, you do not have to play this part of the game.

Harmonic Resonance

Hold the connection to all others first and foremost in your personal reality, and your individual actions will place you firmly in the flow of Universal Energy. This we call the “Art of Harmonics.” People in accord with your thinking are vibrating at the same rate as you. To put it another way, they are on the same level. Those who are not on your level are different than you, and a human’s first reaction is to find fault with them so that you have a reference for the experience of being on different levels. This also serves to justify ones own level. Rather than attempting to change their vibration or yours, it is much easier to find a harmonic resonance between the different levels. Once this single strand is in place that connects your level of vibration with theirs, you both begin to see the similarities rather than the differences.

Placing yourself in harmonic resonance with other people places you in the flow of Universal Energy. Then, even if the world seems to crumble and fall, it will not touch you. You will walk through the falling debris and not be touched because it will not be a part of your reality. We therefore ask you not to believe all that you read, see or hear. Create your highest reality by working with harmonics, and it will spread to all those around you.

In recent days many of you have been coming together to pray for peace. We tell you that this is admirable and that, any time you come together in combined intent, you make a difference in your world. We will offer you some suggestions for doing this in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension. Please understand, the universe does not understand negatives. That is an illusion created by the veil, useful for living within a field of polarity. Negatives do not exist outside of duality. As much as you love the word, we tell you that in some ways Peace itself is a negative concept. Peace is a lack of discord or a lack of war. Lack itself is an illusion of polarity, and inside the 5th dimension, where you now reside, the concept of Harmony could be more useful.

The concept of Harmony is honoring the connection to all things and all people. This relates to the highest primary life lesson of Grace. When one masters the life lesson of Grace, it means that they walk in full harmony with all things around them. These are powerful people indeed, for they draw from the harmony of everything and everyone they encounter. Practicing harmony and grace also places you firmly in the flow, as you honor and emulate the blending motion of the Universal Energy.

Action Activating Intent

The other challenge is that, when you pray for peace and demonstrate for peace, there is no action behind it that keeps that commitment in motion after the initial action. Therefore, in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth, a peace movement will never seem to gain momentum the way it did only a few years earlier. To demonstrate and stand and be counted for peace will not have the same effect as it had in the past. We ask you, therefore, to practice the art of harmonics on an individual level by intentionally finding ways to achieve harmonic resonance with those you are having difficulties with. If there is discord in your world in any area, take it upon yourself to study the ways and lifestyles of those who seem to be in discord with you. Study them and gain an understanding of their beliefs. Even if your level is different and your beliefs are different, this harmonic strand can bridge a very wide gap. By adopting a global attitude towards humanity, you will quickly understand that you are, in fact, much closer than you know.

The joke is actually on you. With as much war as you have experienced during your game, we tell you that if contact were made by what you call an alien race of beings from another game, the humans of planet Earth would instantly bond together as one and readily erase all of the imaginary lines you have placed in the sand that you so proudly defend. Then, proud earthlings would stand tall, shoulder to shoulder, brother next to brother, and the lines would dissolve.

Practice the art of harmonics and study those on the Earth whom you do not understand. By educating yourselves, you will raise the vibration. As the Lightworker named Einstein once channeled: “It is not possible to solve a problem on the same level on which it was created.” First raise your own vibration, making better use of the 5th dimensional attributes that currently surround you. Do this by educating yourselves on the beliefs, habits and needs of those who seem to oppose you. Then you will find the resonant harmonics and you will find the strands of Light that connect you to them. Once these harmonic strands connect, everyone will begin to see the beginnings of true unity-consciousness develop on planet Earth. As this progresses, there will be no place for war ever again.

The work of Lightworkers is more important now than ever before. Many of you have gone through great difficulty and tribulation just to place yourselves here at exactly this intersection of time and space. You are here to make a difference on this planet. We remind you that the best way to begin is by creating harmony within your own heart and your own reality. It is in our greatest reality to remind you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together.


the Group

Big Hugs and gentle nudges

Steve Rother



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