Lightening the Load

Greetings from Home.

Dear ones, you have made an important move as you have stepped into your personal realities and gone through some very difficult situations, but you are still here. Here you are, looking around, trying to figure out where the next step is going to be, trying to figure out what is happening, what your energy is going to do next. We tell you that you cannot imagine the applause on this side of the veil that you are still there on Earth. Many times you have had the opportunities to go Home. Many times you have had the opportunities to call it quits. And we tell you, if you had done that, you would have been welcomed with open arms. But here you are asking, “What can I do next? How can I help? How can I find my passion?” Many of you still think that it is selfish to think about your passion yet, we tell you this is when you become the highest use to the Universe that you can be. Find that passion. Find any way you can to move into that and create that passion even this day.

Dear ones, there is a polarity integration that is happening every day from this point forward for it will lead to the next step in your own evolution. It is important beyond your understanding so that is what we wish to speak of this day: how you can integrate the polarity. Polarity is the illusion in which you have lived your lives. You have always understood that there is black and white, up and down, love and fear, right and wrong. Yet we tell you that is simply an illusion of polarity, for it is not real. The only thing that is real is the integration of all of it. There is neither black nor white. It is all shades of gray. There is neither love nor fear. There is only the energy, the base energy that you call love.

The Roller Coaster of Personal Dramas

As you balance your own male and female parts of yourselves you can adapt to this energy much more quickly. But in the meantime, there is emotional strife, for many of you have felt emotional stress over the past four to six weeks. It has been very intense. You feel as if you are on the roller coaster ride. We tell you, yes you are. But there is a secret about the roller coaster ride, for it is not grasping the bar a little harder so that you can hang on even tighter, it is that you can learn to enjoy the ride. It is that you can learn to be thrilled when you go over the next bump, that you can learn to accept all the opportunities. More than anything else, in the time that you have here in the next weeks and months that lie ahead, the easiest way for you to acclimate to this roller coaster ride is to lighten the load.

We spoke of it the last time we spoke here and asked you to please carefully watch your personal dramas, for they hold keys to this load that you carry with you. Your own personal dramas are the part of you that you love playing. Now, we use the word drama differently from how most of you understand it. Most of you think dramas are a horrible thing, saying, “We do not need dramas in our life.” But we tell you, humans are greatly attracted to drama. And why should you not be attracted to drama, for after all you are playing the Game of Hide and Seek? You are on the grand stage. All we ask you to do is understand that dramas can be changed and that you can change the drama to one of your own choosing, for that is the more important part. And in this time, there are opportunities for you to lighten your load. For you will understand that as you are going around a corner on this roller coaster you call life, as you are going over the ups and the downs, it is actually the physical mass that creates the thrill that pulls at your emotions. So if there is a way to lighten that mass, the ride can be more comfortable. So now we ask you to please look unwaveringly at all your dramas. Look at all the things that play over and over again in your life and see what serves you and see what actually takes away from you. For now is an opportunity to lighten the load like never before. This can be a time where you take charge as creators, for not only are you in charge of your own reality, but you set the energy around you that helps to create the reality of others. You are not alone. You are part of a greater whole. You are part of Unity Consciousness and as everyone connects to everyone else, every thought that you have ever had is felt by everyone else on the planet at some point, for it falls into the Universal Subconscious Mind and works its way throughout the Universal Energy. So when you experience emotional stress, it is because you are tapped into this energy too tightly sometimes. You are hanging onto the bar of the roller coaster so tightly that it gets difficult. It does not need to be difficult, dear ones.

Higher Truths to Support Higher Vibrations

We tell you many times that as you move from one level to the other, there are times when you will experience pain. You are aware of that. But please know, dear ones, that misery is an optional experience. You do not need to get stuck in a drama that supports the repetition of that pain over and over and over again. Releasing that part of your dramas becomes one of the most important things that you can do as you integrate polarity. That is the balance of the male and female energies that are so helpful as you walk into the next stage of life. That is the one thing that you can do above all else that can make life more comfortable and allow you to move into your passion more freely. You know that there are belief systems that will keep you from moving into new creations, but you are getting very good at re-evaluating the belief systems. As you raise your vibration, several things happen and one of them is that you start reaching for higher truths to support your higher vibration. As you do, you make choices. You create your reality just before your foot hits the pavement and just before your foot hits that next step, you create the pavement in front of you. It is magical to watch from this side of the veil. If only you knew how much you were in charge, you would change everything about the way you do things. But in order for you to play the Game comfortably, it is necessary for there to be a time lag. It is necessary that you do not see your own creations in each moment. So in order for that to happen, it is very common for you to get wrapped up in the personal dramas. That is when it becomes your creation over and over and over again. The challenge about the whole thing is that you do not believe it is your creation. You do not see that you are the ones creating your own reality. You do not understand and therefore you think something is happening to you and you call your friends, you call your neighbors saying: “Why are the energies so difficult right now?” Ahh, but are they? Is the fact that you wish to create drama actually creating reality? Ahh, yes. Not creating drama is the easy part to say and the hard part to do. But what we offer you here is not to try and pick everything apart so that you understand every little piece, for that is not important. What is the important part is to know that you are in charge and that at any moment if you are not happy with your reality that you can choose again. It is the integration of spirit within each one of you that helps polarity integrate within you and that is what is happening now. It is changing very quickly.

Right Turns of the Phantom Death

It is a human nature for you to look at your own patterns in your lives and to try to figure out ways to change as you look for the 180-degree shifts. You say: “How can I change this? How can I shift the energy? How can I turn around and change everything in my life?” It is here that many of you have gone through the Phantom Death experience. These are opportunities where you had the chance to leave the planet. These were exit points for you. And as you look back on those experiences, you will see that they offered you very ample opportunity to turn 90 degrees and change your reality very quickly. Yes, dear ones, you have that opportunity. And you look back and you see how easy it was and how comfortable it was, but at the time it seemed so difficult. At the time, it seemed so stressful. Everybody thought you were going crazy. All of your friends wondered what was happening to the person that they knew and loved. The funny part is, after you made the right turns, many of those people are not your friends anymore. They have simply drifted into another reality very close to yours, but a reality that no longer intersects with yours on a regular basis. You are a changed person. You are different.

Your entire energy has shifted as you have jumped from one vibrational level to the next. Ahh, but it is not just that, for you do not jump one vibrational level at a time, you jump eight at a time and that is exactly what you have just done. You have created an opportunity to jump eight levels in one fell swoop. It has happened. And now you are trying to look around and stand up and function in the same world that you did before. But you are not the same and that is why you can no longer see yourself, why you cannot feel it and why it is so intense emotionally.

Please remember that you have asked to be here at this time. Many of you are Aboriginal healers that insist on sitting in the front of the class. You are the ones who insist on being the first ones through the door so that you can hold the door open for everyone else. You are the grandest healers, for you have created the opportunity for Planet Earth to take this step through your own dedication, and focused intent. And you are to be applauded, dear ones. You have no idea what you have done. But by creating that opportunity for you to be the first ones through, holding the door for everyone else, you also create more of a roller coaster ride for yourself. So know that the whole key to the entire process is learning to enjoy the ride. That is what we will call “grounding the miracle.”

Touch of an Angel

We have talked about grounding many times before but let us speak of it this day. There is a tube that runs through your body. It goes from the very top of your head, right in front of your spinal cord and ends up in the Earth itself. Your greatest use of this tube, your overall purpose on Earth, is to take things from the ethers and run them through that tube, bringing them into the Earth. That is the process of creation from a human perspective. Now imagine that things that exist in the ethereal realm have no substance. When you bring things into the Earth through this tube, you give them substance. So perhaps you can understand that grounding the miracle is actually taking things that have no substance and giving them substance.

You are infinite beings in a finite physical form. Your spirit is infinite and you know that, but please understand that your real gift and your real beauty is that your bodies are finite. They are physical and they have a beginning and they have an end and they have substance. Even though many of you are lightening the load in the area of the physical body as well, we tell you that the physical body is beautiful beyond description. It is a manifestation of spirit in physical form that can do things that spirit by itself cannot. So please understand that you have gifts that even we, in the angelic realm, do not. All we ask you to do is to use those gifts to the highest of your purpose, to find your passion and to figure out ways of working with that energy.

Polarity integration is how you will move higher into the angelic realm. That is how you ascend. No, it is not about leaving the body behind. It is not about abandoning the physical form and moving straight into what you call Lightbody. You are aware that this is the direction in which you are moving, but if you jumped in there tomorrow, the Game would cease. You would not be able to achieve the next levels of definition that you are now working on. So you have gifts, humans. You have the most beautiful ability to touch one another, not only through your words, not only through your love, but through physical touch. Being able to reach out and take someone’s hand is an important part of human communication. To touch someone on the back of the heart chakra with the Touch of an Angel is very magical and you have that ability. We do not.

The Energy Tube is the Seat of your Emotions

Understand that the ethers are up here. They have no mass, they have neither substance nor physical form. To bring things from the ethereal realm through this tube and give them form is how you create. Bringing ethereal items through the energy tube integrates substance into them. Now the tube has an interesting job, for it has to span the gap between the infinite spiritual self and the finite physical self. It has to span the gap and exist both in the ethereal realm and the physical realm simultaneously. The only way to do that is through energy. It holds an energetic place in your being for that is where the connection is. So let us just say for a moment that this ethereal part is your higher self and that this lower part is your lower, or your physical self. It is easy to see that there has to be a connection point between your higher self and your lower self. There must be something that spans the gap between both of them. That is the energy tube itself and that tube is also the seat of your emotions. The reality is, the tube is your emotional expression in humanity. Therefore, any changes in your own vibration of either your lower self or your higher self will trigger emotional release. In the last few months you have changed that entire structure. It has been important for you to do. But now we tell you these recent changes go far beyond your understanding. Many of you have known that you bring things from the ethereal realm through this tube and create them into your reality. An easy way to describe this is to simply understand that everything man-made started first as a thought form. A thought form is in the ethereal realm, and has no substance. When you bring it through the tube, you create something that has substance and mass.

Now we ask you to understand that energy stamps are human experiences that stamp energy upon you. Those experiences are actually stamped and carried through life on the outside of the energy tube. So many times when you have life experiences that help you facilitate primary life lessons, they are stamped on the outside of the energy tube. When you have an important contract play out that is put in place by you in the first stage of life, or the planning stage, it helps you to facilitate your primary life lesson. It is sometimes acted out through an actual experience and especially if that experience happens to be negative in nature, you carry it throughout life as an energy stamp on the outside of that tube. Please know that you move energy through this tube every second of every day. Now imagine that all of a sudden, you have an energy stamp that is stamped on the outside of your tube. It is almost like stepping on a garden hose as it restricts the flow of energy through the tube. And every time you push the energy through, it hurts a little bit. And of course, with the energy tube being the seat of the emotional body, you feel it in your emotions.

Ahh, there are many ways that you have dealt with this in the past. Many of you simply deny it and look the other way. You may choose not to run energy through that tube or even create little magical tubes on the outside to run the energy through to re-route it so you do not have to deal with it. Then some of you bravely step in there and do whatever work is necessary to heal. That is the gift. That is the act of the grandest creators. It is here that you have done so well. Do you understand who you are and what you have done? When you find yourself crying alone in your room thinking you are all by yourself and that nobody cares, do you understand the entire angelic realm is looking upon you, flapping their wings in applause? Do you know that they are all touching the back of your heart chakra with the Touch of an Angel? Generally, you do not see it in that fashion. It is much more difficult for you to look beyond the veil when it comes to your personal experiences. But if you understand that the process of the tube itself is going to trigger an emotional release, you welcome it. You look for opportunities to do it safely. You share with others how you got through so that they can get through more comfortably. That is where the magic is. That is when you find your passion. That is when you find the things that you came and love to do. That is your charge, now.

Grounding the Miracle

There is a time directly ahead that will create an opportunity for you to integrate polarity in your own life. Things will now pop up for you and you will wonder why they are happening. If you will simply look at both sides and ask, “Where am I into duality? Where am I into polarity consciousness? And where can I integrate both sides into one?” then this time will be very powerful. The energy has been set into motion, for the changes with the Earth and the cosmos have already started. Now you are integrating all of these changes within yourselves. All of these things are grounding the miracle that is happening. If the miracle happened in the cosmos and you would go through the entire Harmonic Concordance all over again and no one bothered to ground the energy, it would not take. You are the magicians, dear ones. You are the ones creating Home where you now are. Now each one of you has the opportunity to take this and ground this information yourself and bring all of this wonderful energy through that tube into your own life.

Oh yes, it is going to upset your emotions—we will tell you right now. Some of you are going to get very scared. Some of you are going to get very concerned. Some of you are going to feel unsupported. Some of you are going to feel completely alone. And we simply tell you, do what you can to look honestly at all the dramas going on in your life. Look honestly and figure out ways to lighten your load emotionally and physically, for those opportunities will move much faster now. What has happened is that as you have gone through your life you have figured out ways to move the energy through this tube without pain and emotional difficulties. Here you have healed your energy stamps. The interesting thing about an energy stamp is when you do that, the healing goes forward and backward in the timeline. You not only heal yourself, you heal your father and his father; you heal your sons and daughters as well. But the nice part about the process is that after you bring energy through the tube at that point, it does not hurt. There is no longer a restriction at that point. There will always be a little bit of a trigger there because even when you heal something on yourself, there is always a little bit of scar tissue left. Please do not look at that scar tissue as a difficulty. Understand that the scar tissue itself is the re-minder of the experience and the gift that is given to you to keep.

Vibrational Leapfrog Stretching the Energy Tube

But now, something magical is happening, for you are jumping many vibrational levels at once. And as you leapfrog these vibrational levels, as you move through many levels simultaneously, the energy tube begins carrying a whole lot more energy than it ever carried before. Here it is necessary for that tube to actually stretch and as it does, you begin feeling that scar tissue because the scar tissue does not stretch at the same rate as your normal structure. Many of your old issues start coming up at times when you thought you had dealt with all of this. “Yes, I made a commitment to be a Lightworker. Yes, I have exploded into this energy. . . so why is all my old junk coming up? How come I have to deal with that again?” Oh, dear ones, do you know who you are? Do you know the magic that is happening?

Opening to Channel

We tell you it will not take years of therapy to do this any more. It will not take the same energy that it once took to run energy smoothly through your own being. Now it is different. Now you are the ones who have the opportunity to create it and to integrate this polarity consciousness, for that is what will change the energy tube itself. The connection between higher and lower self is quickening. Many more of you are beginning to channel, to connect to your own higher self, to bring information through your own intuition. And that will continue to happen because of the stretching of this energy tube. So when you have these old issues come up, when you have this stuff that you thought was well dealt with and you have an opportunity to go back and re-work the scar tissue, please welcome it with open arms. Please look at it as an opportunity to move all of you to the next level. You are here in physical form. You are the most beautiful beings able to dance in density as spiritual family. Hold each other’s hands. Help each other, one unto the other. Figure out ways to make it easier for the next person and help yourself by putting yourself first and you will begin integrating polarity very quickly.

During the time ahead, many of you will find opportunities to change your lifestyles. Some of you will change physical lifestyles. Some of you will change your relationship to the Earth herself by changing your relationship to the magnetic structure of the Earth and even to gravity. Please understand, dear ones, that as you experience these things they may seem very mundane at first. But they will trigger a whole set of emotions and if you will welcome these emotions with open arms and understand they are not a setback, it will be easier to move forward. It is an opportunity to move even more forward than you were before. Embrace it. Ahh, yes, we know there are difficulties with this process. If being human were easy, everyone would do it. Know that many of these emotions will surface only to be aimed at those who are safe around you, even though it is not your intention. Make it clear through increased communication what is happening. Understand and listen to your own self, for you will see much of the opportunity that lies ahead.

Cosmic DSL

The magic of being able to connect through your own higher self is stronger today than it has ever been. Now you will see a triggering of events that will open the door for even more than before. Now the connection between higher and lower self will put you into a direct connection with the Universal Energy. A way that you can imagine this is your own computers—since the Keeper thinks in that manner we will put it in a similar analogy—for many of you have computers and you have a lot of fun there. Then comes the day that you realize you can get a faster connection. Well, you have just moved from a 14.4 modem to high-speed DSL. For that is your connection to your own higher self. The new connection is there. How you use it at this point is up to you.

You have the cosmic connection through your own higher self and the first thing that is going to happen is that the emotional energies are going to stretch as that energy tube opens. You will feel it over the weeks and months ahead, even more than you have previously. You are right in the middle and the good part is that you are still here. Ah, yes, dear ones, you are at the top of the roller coaster. Do not grip the bar harder, just sit back and enjoy the ride, because we have got you. You could not fall if you tried. Yes, and some of you still try pretty hard. But know that what is happening here is not happening to you alone, it is not going only through you. You are opening the door for all that is to follow, and as each one of you works consciously to integrate the higher self, to integrate that part into yourself and to integrate your male and female presence, you will let the energy flow. You will see the connection of all things very quickly, for that tube is getting wider. It is getting shorter and the connection distance between your higher self and your lower self is now diminishing. It is happening very fast. So figure out ways to use it. Ground the miracle, for even if the miracle is up here in the ethereal realm, if you do not intentionally bring it through that grounding tube to give it substance, it will remain in the ethereal realm.

Oh, yes. Many of you listen to channels, as the Keeper calls them, many of you read the books and say, “I wish I had the Group on my shoulder. I wish I could talk to my guides like that.” And you have no idea how close you really are. You have no idea that we are standing right next to you. All of you have connections and even though most of you will not channel the Group, as the Keeper calls us, each and every one of you has connections to the Universal Energy. This is the matrix which runs throughout all things and when you tap into that, you come out with your special blend of magic. Each one of you will bring out a different flavor of the truth as you tap into that energy. Yet, if you do not tap into that energy, even though it sits there waiting for you, eventually it will fade away. Know that you are the magicians, dear ones, you are the ones who have the capability of reaching up and grasping that energy and creating it in your own life. But if you do not reach up and grasp it, it will eventually go away. Figure out a way to bring that through the tube. Figure out a way, even though it may cause restriction for you, even though it may cause some emotional changes or alterations for you, do so willingly. Do so bravely. And allow yourself to step to the next level because we are here, waiting for you with the grandest of hugs that you can only imagine.

The magic lies within you. The miracle is here, waiting in the ethereal realm, just above your reach. And now you find you have a ladder right in front of you. Reach up. Pull it down from the ethereal realm. Bring it through. Dare to create your highest reality and lean into it. Dare to create the things in your life that give you a better reality and a higher existence on your planet, for only when you place yourself first will you have full integration of polarity. Putting yourself in that energy will allow all things to balance comfortably and magically. The weeks ahead will be key, dear ones. Yes, it may be stressful, but it also may be joyous beyond your greatest imagination. You are entering a time of celebration. We ask you to pull yourself out of your dramas, to look at a higher perspective of your own lives, to choose carefully which dramas you allow to play out and which ones you allow to release. Lighten the load as you get started on this downhill slope of the roller coaster. Instead of grasping and preparing for the most difficult ride of your life, figure out how you are going to enjoy it; how you are going to tell your friends, and tell your neighbors, and tell your children about the most joyous ride you have ever experienced. You are the magicians of the Game Board. You are the greatest angels who have ever lived and you are moving at the speed of love right now. Let it happen. Share it with yourself and others. Open the door, but go through first and then hold the door for the others, for that is where the magic is.

Dear ones, if it were possible for us to pull the veil aside for even a short time to show you the magic of who you are, we would. The challenge is that if we did that you would all go Home and that is not what you have designed for yourselves. So instead we will touch you on the heart chakra with the touch of an angel, we will touch you from time to time to re-mind you and we will give you these re-minders from Home. Not for you to follow each word implicitly but only to re-mind you from whence you came and where you are going. You are creating Home on your side of the veil. That is only possible through the magic of who you are and the tubes that you carry, so welcome it. Bring it on. We charge you to find passion even if it is only for a brief moment, for that is where your easiest transitions will begin. You are magic beyond your understanding and when we get you Home, we will hug you for the longest time and bring you back into the family.

It is with the greatest honor that we speak to you this day. You gather before us to listen to words to help re-member the energy of Home and to help re-member who you are, but you do not understand that we also gather. For we gather to watch the magicians of the Game Board. You are not just changing your reality, you are changing realities in all dimensional levels at one time. Take your power and use it. Fear not the making of mistakes. Make lots of mistakes and make good ones, for only then will you understand that there are no mistakes. Step forward. Take your power and create this day. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you only to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


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The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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