Magic Hugs

From Steve:

Barbara and I are in Zeist, Holland at the moment and have just finished a wonderful three day workshop with 144 Human Angels in our spiritual family. Our hearts are open and today my arms are actually sore from hugging so much. Even though it is a physical pain, it’s a most wonderful feeling. Yesterday the Group spoke a lot about touch and how the physical body carries and shares the energy of Home. What follows is not the channel from yesterday. We will make that available when the Lightworker transcription team finishes with it. In the interim they wanted this information to reach you as soon as possible so I brought this in this morning in place of what I had planned for the Beacons this month. In fact, it’s so new that I must ask you to please excuse misspellings and typos, as this message has not even been sent to our proof readers. We offer it in love.

the Group:

Greetings from Home

We have been teasing with you all the last few days attempting to get you to enlighten up. We have been touching you with our wings, grasping you from behind and holding our hands over your face so that you cannot see who you are or who is touching you. We have been attempting to play your game from our side of the veil. In this time that we now spending together we have created an inter-dimensional time hole. While you are in these vibrations, whether you are reading or hearing these words, you will be fully immersed in the vibrations of Home. Welcome Home. Welcome Home. Welcome Home.

In our time together we wish to tell you the next step as Human Angels for you are now taking the process for yourselves. We have told you there is a second planet of free choice that has already begun. You have moved to graduate status and that the Planet of Free Choice is no longer in the same collective lesson it was only a short time ago. You have stepped firmly in the fifth dimension. You have seen the rules have changed. You have changed them yourselves. You are becoming accustomed to carrying the power within yourselves; still this is a new attribute. Each and every one of you is learning how to carry that power, yet the veils remain firmly in place. You wonder if you are you doing it right. You wonder if you are making mistakes, and we say yes, you are doing all of those things. Fear not the mistakes you make. We ask you to get good at making mistakes for those mistakes will lead you Home.

Steps into Human Angel

We wish to take you back to the time that you were one year old. From the time you were born as an infant to the first graduation period of your first anniversary on the planet. That is the second stage of life and is a very important time for in that time you learned lessons that you will remain with you always. In that time you pick up attributes and energy stamps that you can carry with you from lifetime to lifetime. For each time that you do, your own energy is stamped. Each time that you do, you carry the energy of that stamp with you evermore. We tell you that if ever there was a human on planet Earth that got through the first year without being touched, they left very shortly after that for it is a necessity of life to be touched by other human beings. And now you are learning to stamp each other intentionally with the vibrations of Home through your touch. A baby is born into the world and a very wise person looks that newborn in the eye and says with an open heart:

“Welcome to Earth, there is no players’ manual to read for this game and even your parents will not have all of the answers. The secret of the game you have just begun is to trust yourself for all of the answers are within. Enjoy your stay, make lots of good mistakes and know that you are never alone”. This is followed with a simple but magical hug.

Can you see our excitement? Can you feel the joy we feel as we see you understanding a concept that we have tried to share with you for so long? You are learning to do what we do. Like parents watching their children mastering a life attribute, we watch with excitement as you take the next step forward in your own evolution.

We are in such honor to be in your presence for you are truly the masters of the Gameboard. Walk tall in that power. Walk tall in that knowledge and make room for the other masters. Side by side each one of you carries the power within and the inner guidance. Ahh, we love it so much that when you make a mistake and you go, “I knew that. Why did I do that? I knew I felt it in my heart.” And we say, yes you did. Learning to trust that gentle nudge within your own heart is the hard part for humans. You have agreed to wear the veils of forgetfulness and that makes it difficult to trust the whisper of spirit as it passes ever so quietly through your own imagination. If you believe a voice to be from the highest of high you will trust it implicitly and shout it from the roof tops. Yet if you believe it to be your own imagination then you will disregard the messages as something less than perfect. You can now see our frustration as we most often speak to you through your own imagination. Learning to trust that gentle nudge within you and then helping each other to trust that with themselves is the role of the Human Angel.

We sit in Heaven and we try to reach you with our message. Yet most of the time that message is cast aside. Yet we cannot enter your world and interact in the way we once could as in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth that would take your power from you. So we will not do that any longer as you now hold the full power of your own divinity and we are teaching you to use it. We are telling you these things because you are learning to what we do and now you are doing it with each other. That is the secret of the ages for you are learning to become Human Angels for each other and when you see an angel falling you rush to help them up. You are needed more than you can possibly imagine at this time. There is much that is happening for as more people move into the fifth dimension and experience the new attributes of the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth there will be much fear on Planet Earth. You have seen a lot of it already. And yet you in the front of the class will be very quietly holding your vibration and holding your light and when you are asked, you have the opportunity to reach a hand out and be the Human Angel to someone else. You look to us for guidance for we have been the angels that have been working with the humans on Planet Earth all along. And we tell you, never before has this happened. You are writing the books in your minds as you read these words for we are planting seeds of Light in this message. There are many of you who will write the books. There are many of you who will help to be the Human Angels to help others touch each other. We ask you to find each other and share your experiences and resources with each other for that will speed the evolution of the Human Angels more than any other act. We are going to give you one important suggestion for being Human Angels this day.

Magic Hugs

We tell you there is an action that you do that is magical beyond your understanding. You do not understand the power of a simple hug. This is the magic of angels that can only be expressed in human form. When you can come together with physical touch, you have the ability to activate and awaken other human angels. Try as we might, there are times that we wrap you in our wings and we hold you and hold the energy of who you are, and we cannot have the physical touch that you have. With all the might in Heaven it is not possible for us to touch you the way that each of you can touch each other. We reach into your world and we try to help you re-member who you are and we give you the cosmic winks, and we brush your face with our wings. We hold you in our embrace when you cannot re-member who you are. Even with all of our power, all you feel is the hair rising on your arms or a gentle breeze against your cheek. We can not touch you the wonderful way that you can touch each other. That is the first and most magical tool of the Human Angel.

Touch of an Angel

You have the ability as Human Angels in physical form at this stage in your development to make a difference and to plant the seeds of peace on a physical level through your own physical bubble of biology. You do so through touch. We have given you the touch of the angel and we will re-iterate it here because this means more than you can possibly imagine. Hold the middle two fingers on your hand together straight with the outer two fingers raised slightly. Touch another’s heart with the middle two fingers and you are using the touch of an angel. This act calls the angels of Heaven into action and their energy is then funneled through your fingers into the person’s heart. The touch of an angel is a way for the angels to interact with you on a more personal basis.

The real magic happens when you combine the touch of an angel with a magic hug. While in the embrace of a hug, reach around and touch their heart chakra on their back with the touch of an angel. The Keeper uses this technique with every hug for it is a very unobtrusive way to give the touch of an angel. Because of this he is now known as the “Keeper of the Hugs”.

The Second Planet of Free Choice

For you to intentionally touch someone, to find a way to empower them, to give them the gift of their own energy reflected back to them is powerful beyond your belief. That is the true essence of the Human Angels, and you are doing so well. There are also many of you that are saying, “They cannot be talking about me. They cannot be speaking about me for I am not a facilitator.” We tell you that every one of you reading receiving this message has done work to touch people as a Human Angel in some way. Every one of you has a contract as an awakening master healer if you so choose it. You have been doing it so long you are wondering if there is something else in store for you. Where is it going? What is the purpose of this? Are we going to now only help other humans on the planet? Ahh, not quite. You are in training, dear ones. For as you see an angel falling, help them up. You will work with other humans to become the Human Angels, but that is not where it stops. For there is a Second Planet of Free Choice. You will now become angels to the Second Planet of Free Choice. And that has been the intention of the portals all along for they will become the pathways for the Second Planet of Free Choice that you will use and you will experience the same frustrations that we do as we try to brush your face with our wings or wrap you in our embrace.

There are some of you here that wonder how you are going to take this energy and take it to work with you tomorrow when you go back to work. Oh, it is so easy being amongst the Lightworkers. “But how am I going to do that with a problem boss that I have? How am I going to do that with someone who pushes all of my buttons?” We tell you, start small. If you work from the heart, in that area, holding the energy of who you are, you can do it first with a smile. You can plant the energy of the Angels in front of you before you walk into the room, by touching yourself with the touch of an angel. You can plant the energy of the Angels in the path for yourself before you pick up the phone, before you type the e-mail in the same manner. Please re-member the call of a Human Angel: “There Before the Grace of You Go I”. Place yourself first in the energy flow and re-member that you are here also to help other people. As you pass someone in the hall, if you cannot hug them, put your hand on them. If you are talking to someone reach out and take their hand. If you have the opportunity, touch them with the touch of an angel you will leave a lasting impression. Some of your attorneys will argue with us and yet we tell you to do it anyway. Understand that you are not taking their power from them nor creating something for them or changing them in any way. With this act you are creating a space of pure energy for them to walk into if they choose. You are creating the space of Home which is something you all share with us and in doing so they then have the choice of whether they wish to use that or whether they wish to simply let it flow through them unhampered.

Sharing the Touch

Is a truth unshared really a truth? No, it is not, for you are an integral part of each other. Share your energy with others. Share your heart. Share your hugs. Share your touch. There are so many of you on the planet that are tactile in nature and do not get enough touch. You may have energy stamps that make you hide. Many have frail angelic energy structures, much like the crystal children that make them vulnerable and sensitive. For some physical touch may be difficult.

You may have beliefs about your physical body that make you think you are untouchable in some fashion. Ahh, we love your ingenuity. You come up with some wonderful excuses. Do it anyway. Reach inside and stretch your boundaries. Touch each other with the touch of an angel whenever you can. Hug each other in our name. Take yourselves back to the day that you were born and you cried until you were touched. We have all the might in heaven but it is not something we are able to give you. Take your unique gift and use it. Touch one another often. Re-member us when you do for we will be with you experiencing your touch. Whenever two or more come together with angelic touch, we are there. We are part of your energy. We are pulling you together so that you may blend your energy through touch.

There is much work to do, dear ones, for it is not easy being an angel. There is a reason you have been sitting at the front of the class. There is a reason that you chose to be here in exactly this time and many of you have jumped in without ample rest in between incarnations just so you could be here. Some of you have been carrying the energy so much that you feel like you have been grasping for every breath, that everything has been a struggle. And some of you have had energy disorders and reverse polarity situations because of that. And to you we say thank you. For you have dared to be here at exactly the right moment in time to make a difference on Planet Earth. To become the Human Angels. To change the outcome of the Game sometimes even through your own healing. You have stepped into the fifth dimension. Welcome Home. Welcome Home. Welcome Home.

You are the magical masters of the Gameboard. You are the Human Angels that are now moving to the next level. We are so honored to be in your presence. All eyes are upon you, dear ones. They watch with such love. We watch with such support. Support each other now. Find ways of helping each other move to the next level without taking their power from them. What can you do to make space on this planet for the Crystal Children? You can make space for yourselves to be empowered. That is what we need the most. Take your place as a Human Angel. Stand up proudly. Hold your light high and then there will be no more shadows on Planet Earth.

It is with the greatest of honor that we have spent time with you. We tell you during this time you have not aged. We tell you that during this time you have felt the vibrations of Home as they are reflected through biology. Take the energy of that. Take the heart of that and create it in every area that you can and you will make space not only for yourselves but for all those to come. And we thank you for having the courage to do it. Your work and training has begun. Please re-member the magic of a hug for when you were one year old and prior, that first year of life was incredibly important for touch. The touch of an angel is incredible especially if it is applied to the heart chakra of a human. Reach out and touch someone with that. Touch an infant with the touch of an angel and watch the magic happen. We ask you to reach out and touch someone with that touch for it honors us and the entire angelic realm every time you do. Oh yes, you get so hung up in where you believe you are in a particular moment that you do not understand that in order to take twelve steps forward there are times when you may take four steps back. Bless those steps knowing that they lead you forward eventually. Dare to take other steps forward placing one foot in front of the other. Dare to hold your power within for that is where you will find us. That is where we live, in the gentle nudges that you feel every day. That is where Home is. Welcome Home. Welcome Home. Welcome Home.

Dear ones, it is with the greatest honor that we ask you to re-member these three simple tools: Treat each other with respect, all of you are one unto another. Nurture one another and find ways to make space for the empowered human and re-member the “E” factor. And most important Play well together.


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