Magnetic Whip

From Steve:  In this channel the group talked once again about the Chilean Earthquake of last summer. At the time they said that it changed the tilt and the rotation of the planet more than we knew. The group continued messages the next month that talked about the Magnetosphere of Earth and how that cosmic event altered the magnetosphere. Now the group says we have been in the midst of an energy movement that originated with that event. The Magnetosphere of Earth is basically the magnetic field of earth extending far out into space. When this earthquake happened it shifted earth within a few hours but the magnetosphere whipped behind the event and is just now catching up. They said that much of what people are feeling right now is a result of that whip. The good news is that the pace should be slowing down a bit over the next few months. They also talked about the solar flare activity just warming up now and how we can use this rather than be overwhelmed by it.

There was one point in this channel that I will always remember. They have consistently said that we are god and that the collective of humanity determines the overall direction of an event. What they are talking about it 2012. They said there will still be a lot of negativity and fear. There will be messages of fear and there will be messages full of hope and love. What they say is that it our own choice as individuals what we experience. But what they said for the first time in this channel was that the collective of humanity has just reached a new balance of love over fear on the subject of 2012. Nice work everyone!

As a note of celebration we are pleased to find that recently we passed our first million views in YouTube on the VirtualLight Broadcast and this months message marks the 15th year anniversary of the Beacons of Light Reminders from Home.

Very Big Hugs from all of us,

Steve Rother

Note: The following message has been rechanneled and edited with the groups guidance for clarity in this format.

(You can also watch the video version of this channeling here)

Greetings from Home

We have much to tell you this day. We wish to share with you some ideas and concepts of your own world, of your own past and what is taking place through all of humanity at this time. Those of you who have chosen to lead the way vibrationally may use this to open the doors to be there as the teachers and healers, and to help others into the next levels.

Critical Mass – The Choice

We wish to share with you today an extension of a message we gave several months back. (The Magnetosphere May 2010) There have been numerous triggered events that took place this last year and these will continue well into 2011. We count our years a little bit differently than humans because we count it from 10/10/10 to 11/11/11. It is just the way we see energy flowing on Earth.

What is taking place is that humanity has now reached a level where you cannot go back; you have reached a critical mass level. Let us equate it with something you will all understand…the year 2012. Very simply, there will be many people who fall into fear around the year 2012. There are many people who have made a lot of money and gained fame from the fear surrounding 2012, as those have been huge motivating factors on Earth. Although this is a common human reaction to change, unfortunately it makes that change much more difficult than it needs to be. We tell you that just recently the critical mass of humanity has now shifted in favor of love over fear.

You did it. Good job! Yes, there will still be fear. Yes, there will be some preaching fear, though not all are doing so simply because they seek money or fame; many are doing it from the heart. But we tell you that your choice is yours, and each of you will make this shift. Do you wish to make it in fear or in love? Where you want to be in that relationship and where you want to be in this shift is entirely up to you. Re-member, what you choose to perceive will be your reality. This has been the way since day one in physical form.

Blind Creator Beings

Humans are creators. You are all master beings that create everything in your energy field, but you have never known it consciously. You do not know that you create those difficulties so that you can learn or experience something. You do not know that you get yourself into a car accident so that something can happen later and youcan elevate yourself. You do not know that you plan many of these things even before you come into this planet. Then they happen and you fall into your drama, “Oh, why me? Why did that happen to me? It is not happening to anyone else.” You are such wonderful humans. You play the game so well pretending to be humans, when in fact you are master guide spirits that have gone through this many times before. Now we ask you to draw upon your strength, for the time is coming., Although the fear continues to build, you have already shifted the critical mass. Now the further you can take it into the love energy, the easier it is going to be not only for you but for every person around you. This shift can be a joy. It can be beautiful. It can be wonderful, if you so choose. That is what we are hoping you will choose for yourself—your being, your guides, your own energies around you waiting to fulfill whatever is in that brain of yours.

Mastery of Conscious Thought

It is now time to become masters of your thought. Masters of thought does not mean that you hold only positive thoughts. You are not in control of thoughts that travel through your head, but you are in control of the ones that stay there so choose those thoughts carefully. Do not ridicule yourselves for having bad thoughts or for having a bad day. Understand it. Know that it is your vibration re-flecting back to you in some way and figure out a way to make your life more comfortable, more joyous, filled with more light than you ever have been before.

Magnetosphere Whiplash

Now we wish to return to the message previously mentioned about the Magnetosphere. We shared that message shortly after the earthquake in Chile, when we told you that the Earth has actually changed its spinning axis. It still has taken science a long time to figure out how much because it is not an easy calculation. The world was spinning about 16º and has now shifted as a result of the earthquake. Of course, it is a preparation for what is to come. Have you noticed that many of you have been uprooted from your jobs? Uprooted from relationships or sometimes even moved to a new city? Why? Sometimes, to be in preparation for what is coming. This is taking place not only with Earth, but also with the magnetosphere around Earth.

The Earth, just like any sentient being, has energy running through it all the time; therefore, it has a magnetic field. If you were to take a magnet, place it under a table and then sprinkle iron filings all over the table, you could see how large of a field a little tiny magnet has. The Earth is the same way, with a huge magnetosphere around it moving energy throughout. What happens when that suddenly shifts? The whole magnetosphere moves as well but it takes time, almost as if it is whipping into shape later. Over these last months, you have been feeling the stress of this magnetosphere finally arriving at its destination. It has swept the world from under your feet in many ways, because it affected many of you on an emotional level triggering insecurities on such a deep level that you instantly forget who you are. You forget you are magnificent, you forget everything you have worked for, who you are, and what you have done in the world. You fall to to your deepest insecurities, which is a natural, human reaction.

First, we ask you do not to be discouraged with yourself, for that feeling of insecurity is natural. Humans will bounce from positive to negative thoughts just as often as you can, but we also tell you that is ending. The final whip of this energy moving into its normal position will be happening over the next two months. Because of that, many of you who have felt like you have been in an incredible transition will suddenly find opportunities to anchor. You will find opportunities to bring the light, whether that is a new business, relationship or an opportunity for you to go to different levels in a relationship you are in or change where you are living. Whatever it is, whatever has happened to you, you will start to find those opportunities of light and the reason you moved there in the first place. Because of this energy finding its home and arriving at its normal space, as magnetic beings you will start to feel that confidence and anchoring.

Even if you feel more confident and less insecure at these times of transition, it is still a personal choice where you place your energy. Each and every one of you has a responsibility to yourself, not to us, the rest of the world, or even the person sitting next to you. When you find your greatest expression of light which you brought from Home—whatever that is—whether it is in artwork, music, speaking through spirit, you can start finding a place to anchor that now. It will not only help you to ground your energy in this new world and anchor it in a way that it will be more flexible as you move forward, but it will also begin helping all the people around you because it is a collective action.

That is probably the most important thing we can share with you today. You are not alone. You could not be alone if you tried, and we really wish you would stop trying so hard. You have outdone yourselves so many times in trying to be separate from each other. You are a part of each other in every single way but you do not see it—the same way you do not see that this hand does not always know that hand is part of the same body. As this next year progresses, you will have opportunities to anchor your own part from Home, that piece which is your part of heaven to create on Earth. Whatever brings you joy is what you brought from Home. Now you will find that anchor, even though you are wondering, “Oh, who am I?” Or even though you are feeling, “I was a failure because I lost my job. I was a failure because I ended my relationship…” Whatever you have thought about yourself start releasing it and begin looking for these unique opportunities, for your spirit has been working very hard to present them right in front of you.

Now, you have opportunities. These past several months have been turmoil for many people. We tell you, dear ones, that change is absolutely immanent in this transition. You know that. You have been unhappy with what you have had, which is what caused the change in the first place. The human animal, the physical being which your spirit inhabits, is basically a limited being that was allowed to carry only a small portion of your light and now that is changing. It is an evolutionary step like none before, but you are not clearing off planet Earth and starting over again with a higher vibrational body; you are changing the bodies you have. You do not have to go Home. You do not have to change or go through the entire cycle that you have before. Never in history of the universe has this happened, where beings have taken this big of a step into evolution consciously.

So, open your eyes and walk with every step conscious of your choosing. Do not judge yourself if you choose to have a little drama, that is fine but balance it with fun. Balance it with things that are a part of you and know that whatever it is, you have created it and that there is a reason for it. Even if there is the smallest perception change from negative to positive, you can either let it go or you can benefit from it. There is a reason your spirit has been working with you to go through the things that you are experiencing. Now more than ever before, many of you who have been in drastic transition will find a way to anchor that energy over the next few months.

The Keeper has been working with what he calls Social Networking. He has been trying Twitter and Facebook, starting to be part of the communities in many ways. The other day the Keeper read a post from someone and this person was giving up his car; he had gone through a financial struggle, had not won the struggle, and decided he no longer needed the car. He was in love with the car and hated to let go of it, but then he found the positive. He said that since he lived in Holland, he would ride his bike more: “I am going to get more in shape and take public transportation.” Even though it was hurting his heart, he turned the emotions around and found a positive use for it. The moment you do that, you take control of your life. You are in charge and responsible only for your point of perception. If you wish to change your reality, change that point of perception.

Your Camera of Life

You have cameras here that are shooting from three different angles. If, for some reason, I am blocking my face, they can simply choose another camera to get a better angle to present me. You can do the same thing, but rarely do you move your own camera because you have been taught that it does not move. Once you anchor your camera in one place, you are not aware that it moves. Not only can you pick up your camera and move it to another location, but you can also develop the habit of first positioning. What is the highest position that I can take at this point? What is the highest position that I can see? Even before I open this envelope which I think is bad news or whatever it is, what is the highest position that I can take before the event happens? That is the highest positioning and there are these little tricks to get there. What is the difference between these little tricks and what you have always called positive thinking? Positive thinking works, but it is very simple. We constantly have to come up with new tricks to show you that it works, because you become involved with these and easily dismiss it once it works. Then you want to try something else. Literally, you are creators. You are god, so everything you hold in your being is going to manifest in your world. This has always been the case but now you are becoming conscious of it. As you step into these bodies with a conscious spirit and your bodies start changing to hold more of your light, the universe is watching planet Earth because of the incredible job each one of you has done.

There is so much more that will be working and coming to each of you. We will not have all of your answers. We speak through many different people at many different times. We speak to you, but you do not need to call it the group. These are the stories we give you, dear ones, so that you can anchor the energy of Home on your planet, so that you can anchor this energy in your life in some way. The most powerful stories are the ones that you will come up with yourself. We do not wish to answer your questions. We wish only to help you re-member your questions, for you already know the answers.

From the Sun

It is the greatest honor to sit and speak with you this way. We made a deal with the Keeper that we will not calm him down like we did last month. But you understand the love. You feel it when we talk to you because you are a part of us the same way that you are part of each and every person sitting next to you, and that unity is now starting to change planet Earth to the New Earth. We also have told you one other piece which we will share again. We gave you a number, since humans are always interested in details and numbers. We told you the year 2012 will include a tremendous amount of solar flares and coronal mass ejections coming from the sun to charge up the Earth for the next shift. It occurred between the years 2001and 2006, and it is about to happen with a huge crescendo in 2012. We also told you that anytime you saw a solar flare, it will be felt in your own magnetic, emotional structure on planet Earth roughly 76 hours later. Many people will be able to go through emotional shifts—some positive and some negative—as a result of these almost directly 76 hours afterwards.

The Keeper doubted the 76 hours and even sent out an email saying we were wrong, then finally he found out we were correct so we have one on him. We are telling you this because yesterday there was a big solar flare and it was interesting in that it was not huge. There were two actually, that came out either side of the sun. Neither was pointed directly at planet Earth, but they are twisting. One was an M-3 as the Keeper calls it, and the other was a B-1.They were small class solar flares, but because the energy traveled out both sides and twisted the way they were, you will feel them. It is a perfect warm up to take this energy and instead of blocking yourself or trying to protect yourself from it, feel what it is like in a few hours to let this energy come in and go through you leaving you cleansed instead of upset or in drama. You know it is coming. We tell you right now it is coming and many of you will feel it in just a few hours. Take this opportunity to take responsibility and be in charge of how you are going to channel that energy from Home and from your solar sun. Many of these are coming and you will become good at not only dealing with this yourself, but at teaching other people and opening the doors.

We are so very proud of you. If we could share with you even a small piece of your true magnificence you would understand why we sit here. You would understand what this is about for us, for we are quite selfish in nature and we do this only for us. But you have brought so much joy to our lives to see how a bubble of biology can evolve to make room for more spirit, to see you re-member your true nature. You come to these rooms and you have a tendency to put us on a pedestal. You have no idea of how magnificent you are. That is the reason we are here and when you finally do leave these bodies, you step out and come Home, we will greet you with beautiful, open arms. We will tell you how loved you are and how missed you were at Home. It is our honor to be connected with you in this way.

We leave you with three simple reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for you are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another every chance you get for you are helping yourself when you do so. Re-member that it is a game and play well together.


The group

(You can also watch the video version of this channeling here)


grammanet 17th February 2011 8:20 am

THANK YOU Steve and Many Blessings to all.. Love & Light Grammanet

maniktwin 20th February 2011 1:59 pm

Thank you Steve and The Group, always lovely and comforting--so welcome in these times.

lennyseeker 20th February 2011 4:00 pm

The human animal, the physical being which your spirit inhabits, is basically a limited being that was allowed to carry only a small portion of your light and now that is changing.

The body is not a vessel that the spirit "inhabits". The body is part of you. And "it wasn't allowed..." is a gross distortion. There is no force outside of yourself placing any such constraints on you!


Balance it with things that are a part of you and know that whatever it is, you have created it and that there is a reason for it.---- There is a reason your spirit has been working with you to go through the things that you are experiencing.

Yes, "you have created it" -- very good!

But, "your spirit has been working with you", is a distortion. You and your spirit are not separate things Your spirit is you!!! A big aspect of the Shift is to dispel such unnecessary and distorted ideas of the illusion of separation.

Shift happens :)

Warmly, Otho


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