Orthogonal Matrix

From Steve:

After the messages are presented live each month, they are transcribed by the transcription team headed by Becky Hannah. Becky usually translates the Beacons herself and I tell her that she is one of the few people that probably knows the Group as well as I do. Becky sent this month's message out to several of her friends along with a personal note about what it is and the exercise the Group gave us. I share it with you here as it describes perfectly what you are about to read.

From Becky:

The Group's latest Beacons introduced the word orthogonal to me and explained that all experience on Planet Earth is made up of threes. Everything can be brought down to its purest essence with a 3, and 3 threes make 9. It is the 90-degree turn that ties all of them together. Makes sense to me. After all, Jimmy Buffet once sang, “The whole world lies waiting behind door number 3” . Okay, I'm curious.

Steve then explained to me that in mathematics, orthogonal is synonymous with perpendicular when used as a simple adjective that is not part of any longer phrase with a standard definition. It means at right angles. It comes from the Greek ortho, meaning right, and gonia, meaning angle. Two streets that cross each other at a right angle are orthogonal to one another. Okay. Good to know. Now what?

The Group then stated that with practice, your energetic soul reacts and builds a matrix, almost like a new set of wiring that you have not had before. Through this exercise not only are you honoring the matrix you are building, but also honoring the illusion of the Game of Planet Earth that you have created to have this experience. Okay. Now I want to play.

The following exercise will build and strengthen your own orthogonal matrix so that you'll be able to gain a higher perspective of where you are in the moment. The Group has often given the analogy that we are driving our own double-decker bus. Being on the top deck, they can see a bit further down the road and can clue us in as to where we're headed, but we are always in control of whether or not to turn or if we turn at all. While we may not have been born with the ability to be in two places at the same time, we have arrived at a juncture of time and space where it is fully supported. We have gifted ourselves with this new energy tool and I know it's a big piece for me—although I don't understand it very well right now—but perhaps it will benefit you as well. The bonus is that it allows you to step into another experience—like driving the double-decker bus and also being on the top deck. Gotta love that magic bus! Enjoy the ride.

Please do not become discouraged if you don't notice anything the first few times you try this because your mind doesn't necessarily have a frame of reference (my take on it anyway). Yesterday the quote I got when I pulled up the Lightworker home page was: Practice makes perfect so be careful what you practice. How about that for a cosmic wink?

Re-member that it is not about you. It is about all of us.

Let's Get Orthogonal

Set aside about 15 minutes when you'll be uninterrupted—at least the first time you try this. Stand or lie down—whichever is more comfortable for you. Release all expectations that you have even the slightest clue of what you will experience. Allow and be mindful of your breath. Allow for any potential and/or possibility.

Visualize a 90-degree angle to the flow just above you. I see it more as a flowing river just above my head. Feel the energy and the life force—which is actually another timeline complete with another you in another version of the Game.

  • Relax and visualize another dimension or a flow of timeline energy moving in a tunnel just above your head.
  • Reach up and connect with the energy flowing past you.
  • Bend the energy 90 degrees in a right turn and direct it onto your spine, letting it gather in the center of your being at your solar plexus.
  • Pause and allow the energy to fill you and take 3 very deep breaths.
  • Bend the energy down in another 90-degree turn and direct it to one or both of your hips. Take three deep breaths and allow the energy to build.
  • Now turn the energy in yet another 90-degree turn and direct it to one or both of your legs flowing it into the Earth.
  • Pause and feel the pull of the Earth as and take 3 very deep breaths as you connect with Gaia.
  • Relax and allow yourself to experience being in two places at one time.

Greetings from Home

We greet you with the warmest of greetings for we are once again in the presence of masters. You, dear ones are the masters of the Game of Free Choice and we revere you more than you will ever know. You have created miracles in your daily life that has changed the course of All That Is. Even this day you are making choices that will project you far beyond the greatest hope of humanity. These are exciting times.

Dimensional Shifting - The Next Evolution 

Humans playing the Game of free choice are currently experiencing a state of evolution unmatched throughout all of eternity. Never before has such a game anywhere evolved at the rate that you are right now. The children being born into your world now are entering with attributes that humans have not held before. As we described the entrance of the Crystal Children, one of the signs we said to watch for was that they were interdimensional beings capable of existing in two places at one time and crossing what you believe to be the boundaries of time and space. It was easy for you to accept that these children had new and improved attributes, but we also tell you that you will evolve to possess these same gifts that they were born with. You are becoming interdimensional beings as you raise your vibrational level. 

The Game of Three's

When you wake up in the morning, you actually enter a dimension of time and space that is a narrow vibrational range in which you spend most of your waking hours. The illusion of reality that exists within that narrow band was created for you to have an experience as souls pretending to be human. Your natural state as a soul allows you to move and experience a much wider band of vibration than that to which you are accustomed. That is now changing.

Your entire world is made up of three's. The cosmos is based on a mathematical base system of twelve, yet the Game of free choice is a fraction of that vibration based on three. All of your world and everything in it can be reduced to the number three. The cosmic joke on this side of the veil is that you have called it the third dimension. Now that range is expanding. As you begin to experience other dimensions it will be helpful to have tools that help you cross from one dimensional level to the next. This is not new information on Earth, as it has been known by many as far back as ancient Egypt . It was believed even then that the world was made up of three's and that the door between dimensions was accessed through a 90-degree turn. This is known to science today as the Orthogonal Theory.

Leaving the Linear Hallway of Time

You are infinite spirits pretending to exist within a finite world and a finite body. The bubble of biology that houses your spirit has a beginning and an end. This allows you to experience life within a framework of linear time. That is to say that you experience life in the past, present or the future. Imagine that you experience life in a narrow hallway. You travel down that hallway backwards. You can see your past and the present can be seen if you are observant, but the future cannot be seen at all. The reason your reality looks like a narrow hallway is that you are limited to the vibrational range that you can see and live in. Imagine that you have blinders on that keep your vision focused in the linear hallway of time. Now you are expanding those blinders to include a wider range of vision, which gives you the chance to see and move into other hallways. Each of these hallways intersects yours at a 90-degree angle.

This is the secret of removing the illusion of linear time. As your vision expands you will see and begin to use these doorways to other dimensions of time. We tell you that even what you think of as time travel is not what you believe it to be. The reality is that it is much easier than you are imagining. When you understand the relationship of the Orthogonal reality to the golden mean you will uncover the illusion of linear time. For now let us begin to show you practical uses of being a multidimensional spirit.We have spoken often that your reality is a direct relationship to the point from which you view it. In other words, your perception determines your reality. Change your point of perception and you automatically change your reality. We have also given you exercises to shift your reality by changing the camera angle through which you view it. Now we take that one step further and ask you to begin viewing your reality from multiple locations at the same time. It is the illusion of linear time that makes you think you are limited to one existence. In reality you are multidimensional beings and, therefore, can easily exist in multiple locations at one time. Imagine having a life experience that you can see clearly from multiple camera angles. That is a direct step of carrying your divinity into human form, and it is available to each and every one of you this day.

The Orthogonal Matrix

As spirits pretending to be human you exist within an energy matrix. The matrix you inhabit determines the way you are wired for energy and life experiences. Your energy matrix determines the first effect of everything that you experience as a human. When you are in the first stage of life as a soul getting ready for an incarnation, you choose life lessons and choose the way you will carry those life lessons. You either carry these lessons through an energy matrix (the way you will be wired for energy), or through an energy stamp (energy which is stamped upon you by a life experience or event). As you master the life lesson you can rewrite an energy stamp, but you can never change or alter an energy matrix. You can only master the matrix for it is a part of you. What we tell you now is that as you evolve you will find ways of building new energy matrices that overlay your original matrix. Much the way we told you that the hologram of the Third Earth will overlay the original hologram that first began Earth, you as an individual can also overlay your original matrix as long as that overlay is in harmony with the original matrix. Here is where we ask you to begin building an Orthogonal Matrix that will allow you to experience and stretch out into the many dimensions of time and space that exist all around you. Your personal Orthogonal Matrix will allow you to become multidimensional beings today.

Much of what we say at this point may seem on the far out edge, yet in the very near future earth science will support what we speak of today. It will most likely be the development of artificial intelligence that uncovers the secrets of what really holds your world together. You are on the edge of great advances in science and technology that will lead you into the new era of empowered man.


Now, if you wish to understand a little more about dimensionality, here are a couple of simple exercises that you can do. If you would like to know the difference between one dimension and the next, hold your nose and take a deep breath, then stick your head under water. Under water you are in a different dimension of time and space. Light is refracted differently and sound travels differently. Actually, time is experienced differently under water but you have not discovered that part yet. We tell you that everything acts differently in that other dimension. Many of you have experienced this personally. It is as simple as getting on an airplane and getting off in a different city far away. Your cell phone rings and it is a person back home calling to talk to you. You can talk with them as if they are standing in the next room, yet there is a dimensional shift that happens. When you talk to them from such a distance, it is not the same as talking to them on that same cell phone within the same city because there was a dimensional shift that happened when you got on that airplane.

There is a dimensional time shift that often happens , even though you are not aware of it. These shifts are so simple that most of the time you do not notice them as differences. Even if you do notice them, you do not feel that they are something you need to adjust to–and they are not. What we tell you is that as you walk down this hallway with this increased range of vibration that you now perceive, you will start to see things off to the side that you have never noticed before. Some of those will actually be hallways of linear time and space that go at a right angle to yours. Since your world is made up of threes,90 degrees holds great significance when moving between worlds. Those are called orthogonal relationships. What we will give you this day is an opportunity to create and live in an Orthogonal Matrix, which houses your spirit and allows you to shift from one dimensional reality to another. It will take some getting used to, and it will take making what you call mistakes. It will take some practice, but today we will give you the essence of building an intentional Orthogonal Matrix which allows you to shift dimensions readily and bi-locate. Where you go with that from here is up to you, but we will give you the seeds and ask you to expound on it.

Bi-Locating your Life Camera

So, here you are living in this world and having your challenges. Oh we love your challenges, for you have set them up with such great care. Know that it was so important for you to wake up one morning and hit that brick wall, so that you could then learn something that was very important to your soul's advancement. But then you would say, “What am I doing wrong?” Know that you are not doing anything wrong. You have simply set that lesson up for yourself. The challenge is that you are only looking at it from a one-dimensional perspective. If instead you were able to take a right turn at that point, bi-locate in two dimensions of time and space at once and then look back at any problem, situation, challenge or any point in time, you would have the understanding of Home on your side. That is the process of bringing Heaven to Earth this day, and that is a gift that the children of higher vibration—the Children of the New Earth—are born with. They still do not know how to use it, nor do you, but it is time to begin using it.

The Exercise of Building an Orthogonal Matrix

Imagine that you are living in a timeframe much like a hallway or tube with energy flowing through it. You have simply been moving with the flow of energy. Now imagine that there is another dimension of time and space flowing directly above your head. Connect to the flow of energy directly above your head, tapping into it with a 90-degree angle. Simply visualize that 90-degree angle and feel the energy making a turn and entering your body. Breathe that energy into your being, and allow it to settle in the center of your being. Once there you will breathe it into another 90-degree turnsending it out into your hips, then followed by a third 90-degree turn down your legs to connect the energy with the Earth. That gives you three 90-degree turns and honors both the 90-degree doorway and the world of three's. By doing that, your energetic soul reacts and builds a matrix almost like a new set of wiring. That new wiring must be reinforced in order to build the matrix. The more that you do this exercise, the easier it becomes to connect with other dimensions. Soon it will become a part of who you are, and you will walk inside of the Orthogonal Matrix all of the time.

The Orthogonal Matrix allows you to see things that you have not seen before. Sometimes you can even see the higher purpose of who you are and what the experience is that you are receiving. Is that not a gift? Perhaps in one dimension you may see a challenge, but from the view of another dimension that challenge is actually a gift. Would it not be grand for you to re-member what you had in mind before you came here on Earth? Would it not be wonderful to know why bad things happen to good people and vice versa? When you understand the multidimensionality, the ideas of good and bad seem less important. Would it not be wonderful if you had the higher concepts of Home that you could carry with you every day? Building an Orthogonal Matrix is one of the first steps in achieving that, and in existing in two places simultaneously while retaining full perception.

The other exercise we will ask you to do is a series of three breaths. As you bend the energy to tap into the first energy at the first 90-degree turn, take three very deep breaths. Pause for a moment as the energy comes and connects into the center of your being. At the center of your being, take three more very deep breaths and bend the energy into one or both of your hips. Pause for a moment taking another set of three breaths. You are honoring the Orthogonal Matrix you are building. You are honoring the set-up of the world and the illusion of the Game of Planet Earth that you have created to have this experience. At the same time, it allows you to step into a higher reality.

The first couple of times you do it you will say, “That felt nice, but I did not see anything. I did not feel anything.” Please understand that in the very beginning it will happen so fast that your soul will gain a second perception even though you felt like you did not feel anything. The more you practice andwork with building and strengthening your Orthogonal Matrix , the more time you will spend existing in a higher dimension of time and space, and being able to walk in that gift every single day. You are empowered humans. You are stepping into the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth and you are bringing these beautiful dense bubbles of biology with you. You are learning to live as angels playing a Game of being human—and you are doing more than you could possibly ever know. It is not about you. It is about all of us.

Your Game has gone far beyond what you have ever hoped to create as a collective in the Game of Free Choice. Now with that free choice firmly in place, you are stepping into creating something magical. The human race is evolving. You are re-turning Home. Wow! You are still here. That is magical indeed. That was the highest possibility that could ever come of any Game. We tell you there is no grand plan in place. There is nothing you must do to activate. What we have given you today as the Orthogonal Matrix is a simple exercise for you to understand that you are already multidimensional, and for you to be able to see it and use it. Your heart energy wishes to grow. That is why you are here. That is why you come to these meetings. That is why you wish to read and watch these messages. We give you the tools to step out of yourself into another experience, even for just a moment.

Play with the Orthogonal Matrix. Create something magical for you. Allow yourself not only to step into another dimension of time and space, but to live in both places simultaneously. If it brings you joy, then we have been successful in our journey for we want nothing more than to spread our wings and show you your own magnificence. You are the masters of the Game Board. You are changing the Game every second of every day and we applaud you from this side of the veil, like you have never known before.

Carry it well, dear ones. Play with it. Enjoy the ride and we leave you with three simple re-minders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for you are looking into the eyes of God. Nurture one another at every opportunity for you are nurturing yourself. Re-member that it is a Game, and play well together.


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