Re-positioning - The Cosmic Shuffle

From Steve

The Group says there are some very interesting things happening at this time especially to Lightworkers. They say we are at an important crossroads right now. Lightworkers everywhere have been experiencing a re-positioning in their lives. Many have trouble understanding what they "did wrong" or why their own creations did not unfold as planned. They started heading in one direction only now to find that this direction has been changed. They get confused and feel disoriented by this. Also there are many others who are being disconnected to their attachmentsso that they can be prepared to move. The Group says that this is the call to Light that we asked to hear when we first came into the physical. We get so wrapped up in our own worlds sometimes that we forget there is a higher perspective to our greatest place in this world. Here the Group re-minds us that we are here for a reason, and that we have important Lightwork to do.

Greetings from Home

It is our greatest honor to be sending out this message of hope and love to those of you who hold the Light on planet Earth. Many of you have worked lifetimes to be in exactly the place you are now. The love we hold for you stretches far beyond any word we can use to describe it. The events of your planet are now at a crossroads. Now is a time to carry the Light.

From the Central Sun

When the Earth and humanity reached a specific vibrational status, a series of events began to unfold that started to alter your reality. At the very center of the Universe is the Central Sun. This is the origin of 'all that is' and where all of what you know to be reality began. Your scientists have recently made discoveries about the center of the Universe that they will not understand for years to come. At this moment they believe it to be a giant black hole. It is much more than that and soon they will find that it is crystalline in nature. In fact the reason they are now seeing it in a different manner is because the Crystal Energy emanating from it, travels much faster than the speed of light, therefore it opens a portal that does not behave in the same manner as they are accustomed to seeing. The Crystal Energy emanating from the Central Sun had to be transmuted into a form of energy that you could assimilate. For that reason it had to pass through your own solar sun to be transmuted into the final form of energy that is entering the Earth as we speak.


The energy has been building as you feel things quietly changing all around you. Dear ones, please know that the clearings that many of you have faced in recent days has been in preparation to move you into your next role as Human Angels. You have been the ones that have asked to be here at exactly this time to be placed in the perfect position at the perfect time to make a difference in the evolution of mankind. In recent days many of you have felt that you have been moved out of your comfort zone to find yourself in circumstances that you did not expect. Some of you feel abandoned by spirit as your feelings of being disconnected grow even stronger. Some of you find yourselves displaced or being re-positioned in another geographical area than you thought you were to be. Some of you have suddenly found yourself without the work that you believe supports you, or moving far from friends and family. Please understand that even though these times may be stressful, you are in the most exciting times in the overall evolution of the planet Earth. Now, more than ever, there is a need to balance the Crystal Energy and distribute it throughout the planet. Many of you have asked spirit to find the highest and best use for your work. Do not be surprised when you find your life circumstances changing as a result. Some of you will be called to move temporarily to balance the physical energy of the planet. Many of these moves will be a temporary displacement where you will be used to plant seeds of Light in very strategic places.

A Release of Energy

The Crystal Energy entering your world has set about changes that you will not see clearly for years to come. The Crystal Energy that has been released onto your planet over the last several months has caused to you make adjustments in your daily lives. Some of the changes have been drastic diversions from what you thought your path was to be. We applaud you for the courage to walk though these changes as we know how difficult it is for humans to experience change. Additionally, some of you have made it your intent to hold the Light for others during these dark times. For this we honor you beyond your understanding. This truly is the act of the Human Angels.

At this moment in time you sit at the doorstep to another infusion of this energy. This energy release, together with the current climate of fear and mistrust that is prevalent today, opens the door for much misdirection of this energy and for a step backward of the human race. Allow us to re-mind you that the Crystal Energy now entering Earth was originally destined to begin a series of events culminating in global war know to you as Armageddon. The advances you have made as creators in human form now make it possible to take this same energy and use it to its highest purpose as a tool for evolution. Still, as this energy infuses into your reality, it may cause more reaction from those who cling tightly to the old ways.

We tell you this not for purposes of fear, but because these are the exact reasons that many of you are on the Earth at this time. You have come to help shine the Light, and now you will experience opportunities to shine that Light more than you may ever know. This is the reason we love so the word Lightworker, as it is the chosen title that you carry in these times of transition. Please know that you are the masters of the Gameboard. Please do not feel discouraged that many of you are experiencing unexpected change at this time. These are temporary adjustments to help balance the energy. In fact, you are the ones who will keep your planet from overreacting to the changes it is experiencing.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The window has opened to the spring air, and in blows the cleanest, freshest air you have ever felt. Some will feel wonderful as they breathe deeply and enjoy the new experience. Some will react with coughing spells as the impurities within their own lungs are forced to the surface by the fresh air. Some will keep their windows tightly closed thinking the clean air is somehow evil. What ever reaction, please know that all humans everywhere must acclimate to the fresh air in order for the buds of Spring to take hold and the next step in evolution to take root. Therefore, helping yourself first, and then others to acclimate to the new energy and the new ways, is the greatest work you can do as Lightworkers. This can only be done in one way; holding the light within yourselves. Dare to step boldly into the next stage. Welcome the change and understand that most often when you feel like spirit has not supported you in some way, that it is only spirit and your higher self positioning you to make an even greater difference. Hold the Light of Home deep within your being where it can only be seen by those ready to see it. In the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth all healing must be requested. Therefore hold your truth within and offer it only when asked. Do not take responsibility to end war on Planet Earth. Instead take responsibility to make space for empowered humans in your own field of experience. Take responsibility for peace with your daily reality and allow it to radiate outwards. You are the ones who have chosen to come in wearing the veils of forgetfulness so complete that you do not even re-member your magnificence. Now more than ever we ask you to re-member who you are.

To learn how to enable another person without taking their power from them is where the magic is dear ones. Find ways of doing that now. Do that with your children, do that with your husband, do that with your wife, do that with your boss at work, do that with problem people and with friends. Make space in your life for the empowered human in all areas, and your own life will be enriched beyond your highest dreams. This more than anything else will create Home on your side of the veil.

We spend these times together with you to help you re-member your true nature and your power and also to re-member Home. You have no idea of the wondrous changes you have already set into motion, and yet you are here waiting to take the next step. The family of Light is your true heritage, dear ones. Know that every time you smile that Light can be seen and felt by all. Fear it not. Carry it proud and hold it within your own being. Know that you are never alone as we in this family of Light hold a space within our hearts for you always. It is with the greatest love that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


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Lightworker is a non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading Light through Empowerment. Lightworker is a place to help you re-member who you really are and why you are here.  Our greatest hope is that we may help you to re-member what you planned for yourself before you were born into this life.

The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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