Releasing old Tools

From Steve:

Stepping into a new reality with a new year also means making adjustments in our habits and many areas of our personal lives. Moving into higher evolutionary status means carrying our true power as creators even though we are still firmly rooted in a physical experience. This is not always easy. We are all beginning to see that the time lag in our own creations is now very short. We really do need to pay attention to what thoughts we allow to reside in our heads as they now become our next reality in record time. This new power also comes with new responsibilities. From the Group’s point of view, they understand why we are lost and cannot see where we are going. They say we designed it exactly that way, as it was our greatest desire to be born into physical experience and be totally confused. As they love to say, “You have been wildly successful!”

Now that we are determining our next step, it is helpful to rethink many of our old habits. Even truth, which we cling to in lower vibration, can hold us back as we now move forward. In my life, the Group made sure that I had a very personal example. When I first stepped into this work, they showed me the tools I would use. They gave me an ”Excalibur” sword, which I used to show people their empowerment. Barbara and I traveled with that sword all over the globe, sharing it with people everywhere we went. It became a very personal part of my life and my connection with spirit.

Last year they told me I would say farewell to the sword and release it forever. At the Espavo conference in 2001, they told me that I would use it twice more and then release it. We were scheduled to take it a few days later to a week-long seminar we were presenting in France. It was then that I knew we would return the sword to Mt. Shasta and leave it in the woods on the mountain. This was not only a physical parting but a symbolic release, as even the tools that had helped me to move into my power now had the possibility of holding me back as I stepped further into higher vibrations. They pointed out that being willing to let go of the tools enables us to see our true reality as creators. Then, even if we choose to keep using the tools, they no longer have power over us.

The channeling you are about to experience was given at the Espavo conference on September 18, 2002. This was presented on Mt. Shasta, in what the Group calls ”the Meadow of Creation” (a part of Panther Meadows). After the message, all of us who chose to, stepped forward, pulled the sword from the stone and knighted each other. With that, I placed the sword back in the stone and we all walked out of the meadow, leaving an old friend behind. We share with you now the words from the Group that day in the meadow as we all took a step up.

the Group:

Greetings from Home

You have created Home this very day in your own hearts, and you have blended it with the Mother. You will continue to do so now, for you have no idea how many followed you into this meadow. You have no idea how full this meadow really is. The excitement on this side of the veil, as the humans begin taking their power, is beyond belief.

There were many who were with us at the beginning of the Game, and as we created this special Game, we said, “Let us take all the rules off. Let us let it go wild, with no direction whatsoever. Let us see if you can find Home just by carrying the spark of the Creator within you.” The whole idea was to find your own spark. The whole idea was to reach that part of you internally within yourselves, and then*, when you found it, you would use that to light the candle of each other. And here you are, taking your power, holding your own energy, and holding the responsibility for your own power. And we have but one word to say to you, dear ones: Espavo. From the heart of the family of Michael: Espavo. When you hold your energy, you become the creators. You become those who hold the energy in your hearts. It is here that you connect to a very large Family of Light. You are the segment of our family that has taken form in physical biology.

As you rise in vibration, the bubbles of biology can be difficult for some of you. You find tears coming and you do not know why. You say, “When will this end? When will I feel my power without the tears?” And we say that we hope it never ends. As you first experience the thinning veil, you begin to feel Home. You have been so looking forward to this, and now that it is here, all you can do is cry. That can be very overwhelming when it first begins to happen.

Re-membering the real beauty of Home, knowing that you are still in physical form, can be frustrating at best. That feeling is the part of us that goes straight to the heart. Many of you have even found yourselves falling into depression after experiencing Home. Do not judge yourselves for this, as it is a normal process and is experienced by many more of you than any of you know. Please understand that as you continue to experience Home, you will become accustomed to these vibrations and it will no longer overwhelm you but, instead, will inspire you. Take your time and lean on each other in the interim. Be the Human Angel to each other during these times.

Now we will ask the Keeper to share his sight with you. [Steve’s eyes opened at this point.] As you hear the breeze blow through the trees, dear ones, know that this same breeze is cleansing your very Souls. It is taking that part of you that holds the energy of Home and blending it with our hearts. The magic is here this day because you have created it. You walked into this meadow with great expectations, and the magic is beginning because you have set it into motion with your expectations. Now, through the Keeper, we open our eyes and share our energy directly.

Now we ask you to do something we have not before. Begin with a deep breath. As the Keeper keeps his eyes open, we ask you to now close your eyes. Allow yourself to travel without your body and place yourself energetically on the Keeper’s shoulder. You are now sitting in a very similar position to how we usually sit when we speak to you in this fashion. Look at yourself through the eyes of the Keeper and see yourself from the perspective of Home. Now you will begin to see the beauty that we see as we look at you. For just a moment, place yourself in his physical bubble of biology and look at the beauty of each one of you. It is beyond description. When you see the colors, when you see the glory, when each and every one of you takes a moment to feel what it is like for you, you will re-member Home. In doing so, you will have opened your heart fully.

We tell you, you open it so far that it hurts sometimes, and we are just going to stretch it a little farther, so get used to it, because that is when you carry Home with you. That is who you are. When you see yourselves through the eyes of the Keeper, you see yourselves the way we see you and the way you really are. It is helpful to know that when you are in physical form you can see others, yet you can never see yourselves. Now you know what God feels like. The entire purpose of the Game was to see if God could find definition in physical form and, therefore, could see itself. As you now return to your own bodies, re-member this experience and dare to look for that same beauty each time you look at yourselves through your own eyes.

Breathe deep and feel the love that you have this day created within your own hearts. As you leave this meadow, carry this energy with you. It is the sacred energy of Home, and carrying it is your highest duty. Re-member that energy the next time you look for the latest and greatest spiritual experience that you believe will somehow complete your life and make you whole.

Our favorite time is when one of you asks, “What is the meaning of life?” You have no idea of the laughter on this side of the veil when you ask that question. But we tell you something you may not have known before. It was not everyone that could come to play the Planet of Free Choice. The Game of Free Choice was set into motion only as an unusual attempt to see the nature of God. It came into being as a big experiment, after many experiments had not found results. What we tell you about that is only the highest echelons of evolved souls were willing to come in and place the veil on. In all of eternity and all of what you see out there as other worlds, we tell you the best of the best is right here. This is why we call you the Masters of the Game Board, for you indeed are the masters that have created this within yourselves. Through your own choices to remove your knowledge of who you were and to come in and bump into each other, you have changed All That Is. For you have changed the paradigm of All That Is by your choices, prompted by bumping into each other. Now you are beginning to get glimpses of your true reality, are you not?

We have begun to see a huge shift in humanity during the last six months. You are beginning to understand. You are beginning to get the cosmic joke. As you do, you will change some of the habits that have helped you to give away your power. The Masters of the Game Board are beginning to hold their power in a way that has never happened before and was never foreseen. In your reality, you see writings of the doom and gloom prophesies that have kept you from going in that direction, yet you rarely see stories of what life is like in the next stage of evolution. That is about to change, for the Children of Crystal Vibration will open these doors with their very presence.

This will now get very exciting, for it was only the top echelon of the evolved spirits that were allowed to come and play your game. This was a difficult game indeed. You have no direction. There is no predetermination of where you go or what you do. You have total choice and can even choose to not play the game at all. Still, here you are, not only playing the game and going to its highest conclusion possible but here you sit, saying, “What can I do now? How can I help? Where is my passion, so that I can be the highest use to others here in this Universe?” We tell you the joy that we feel on this side of the veil, for you are earning the title of Human Angels as you do that. And we bestow it on you proudly.

Take the sword as the symbol of Michael. We knight each and every one of you that has asked for it. You have no idea what you have just set into motion. You have no idea the joy that is felt upon this side of the veil as you see yourselves in the reflections of the beautiful tools that you have used for so long. We say “Thank you,” for you have helped each other immensely. With your caring and your love, each and every one of you has made a difference on this planet. But it does not stop there. Now you can release the tools if you so choose. You carry them within and that is the important part.

You have moved many levels of vibration just in the time that you have experienced our words this day. You walk from this experience different people. If you choose to walk further with tools, they will now have a different meaning and you will not rely upon them. It is no longer necessary for you to find the newest seer or find the great healer who will give your life meaning. That person is you. Many of you here have felt the connection. What you do not know is that you are the Sword of Truth. That is why you are so attracted to it. That is why you feel the connection. You are the Sword of Michael and you always have been. Carry it well. Take it with you this day and always. Re-member Home as you walk from this sacred meadow. The energies of all energetic matrices are beginning to blend together. The grids are coming together as one in a Unity Consciousness like never before. And as that happens, each and every one of you has the ability to tap into your higher selves. Now it will become easier for each one of you to carry your power.

Within this wonderful game, you have surpassed even the days of Atlantis. Re-member those days, dear ones. Re-member the misdirections, for they are still possibilities for you. The two primary misdirections are very simple:

1. You failed to take your power as creators and responsibility for using that power. You failed to understand that you, as individuals, have a say in what happens on your planet.

2. You fell into spiritual competition, thinking that one level of vibration is better than another.

We tell you now you have that same situation again on Planet Earth in the days ahead. Even though you have surpassed the same level of vibration as in the later days of Atlantis, with your limited vision you are still prone to these misdirections. Therefore, it is very appropriate that we ask the Keeper to release the sword at this time. That symbol of empowerment came from a time when the sword meant personal power. Place the sword back in the stone, for you no longer need it to claim your power. In doing so, you begin a new cycle in alternate realities.

Upon this act, the sword can only be removed by those of pure heart. We will ask you to each one come up and pull the sword from the stone, if you dare. Then state your intent and release it, placing it back in the stone again. Finally, you will leave this meadow. The sword will remain. Choose your life consciously, and exercise your power as you walk forward out of this place, for each and every one of you now has the direct connection to the heart of Michael.

And as it becomes easier, please make space in your life not only for your creation abilities but for those around you to exercise their powers of creation, for that was the second misdirection of Atlantis. Yes, dear ones, the joke is on you. You look outside of yourselves. You ask what the meaning of life is. You ask to see God. We tell you, look in the mirror. Just re-member: you are not the only God. Then you will create Home right where you are this day.

We cannot tell you how overjoyed we are to be playing the part to spread the wings of your own, for the angelic wings of Michael are only to reflect the magnificence of humans. Did you feel it? That was not our energy; that was yours. You have been touched by the greatest of angels. Tag; you are it. Pass it on.

It is with the greatest of honor that we sit with you this day as you connect hearts in a way never before done. We ask that you treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

the Group
from the very Heart of the Family of Michael



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