Return from Atlantis - What Went Wrong

From Steve

Being in touch with the Group these past years has given me a different perspective on just about everything in my life. They constantly re-mind me that I have choice about my reality in every moment. That is the true power to create our own version of Heaven here on Earth. Furthermore we are responsible for that power and for using it to the highest and best use.

The other morning I awoke very early and found myself in a very unusual place….in front of the television. I was watching news at 5:30am. I am very aware that this can easily rob me of my power so I don't do this very often. Still, here I was watching intently as I found myself getting depressed. I could have just left but I was also aware that the Group wanted me to watch for some reason. As usual they were planting seeds. That morning I watched as the news covered story after story about how people were giving away their power and falling into fear. When I started work two hours later I remember thinking "what's the use?" From the evidence I saw this morning it was obvious that we (humans) were going backwards not forward. I do watch the news from time to time, especially when we travel but I do not re-member seeing so many stories that indicated we as humans were so afraid of our power.

You guess it, the Group was setting me up. In fact it was this experience that set the stage for the following message from the Group

The Group:

Greetings from Home:

It is our greatest honor to be in the presence of you, the "Chosen Ones." You are the ones who have changed the direction of the big game. You are now in a new reality and a new game. Like the first one, this too is a reality of your own creation. Living with the responsibility of holding your own power is changing even the smallest aspects of your daily life. We tell you that you are the ones who are making this change possible. It is your willingness to walk blindly, with the veils firmly in place, that gives you the greatest possibility to set into motion your own evolutionary process. Even with all the might in Heaven, it was not possible for us to do what you have done. The love we have for you stretches beyond the distances that you believe separate Heaven and Earth. All of the beings of origin now watch expectantly to see what you will do next. We are truly honored to be in your presence. You are the expression of God known as human. You are just now coming to understand your true origins and your true power. You are the Chosen Ones who are writing the scripts for the New Planet Earth.

Collective Vibration

Our time together in this session will be focused on the changes that are now in motion and the possible reactions to that change. Your individual choices have brought you thus far as you now move quickly into the New Light. We tell you that you do not move alone. It is the collective vibration of humanity as a whole that has enabled the advances you are now experiencing. You are not separate from one another, you are one. The New Game will allow you to find expressions and an understanding of that oneness.

With the higher vibrations the intensity of the Game you are playing has increased in the last few months to make possible the changes that now lay directly in your path. The time you are experiencing at the moment is a resting time and a time for assimilation of the new energy. This will not continue so we ask you to enjoy your rest period. There is work to do and you are feeling the strong push to get into action and on with your real purpose. You know you came in with a specific purpose although it eludes you consciously. We tell you that you will soon see more of your true purpose. You often feel that you must step into your work in a very public manner to make your mark and be in your passion. Some of you will certainly do that but we tell you that all of you can make the biggest difference by becoming accustomed to using your own power in your daily life. This is the manner that most effectively raises the collective vibration of humanity.

May you Live in Interesting Times

You are at a crossroads. You have been here before yet this time it looks like you will take a new road. You are in very interesting times on the New Planet Earth. There is a lot being asked of humans right now. You are faced with restrictions. You feel these restrictions and think you are stuck. We tell you that you face these so that you do not move more quickly than you can assimilate. In the field of polarity in which you live, you can only see the past with clarity. The present is fuzzy at best and the future is concealed from you completely. Because of this view, even though you are moving at the speed of Love, you feel like you are stuck and not moving at all. From your perspective nothing is happening, from the cosmic perspective you are evolving in the blink of an eye.

The Atlantis Connection

In working with this wonderful family of Lightworkers the Keeper is very much aware that the people that are reading this communication are those who chose to move at the fastest possible rate. You are so anxious to get into the next stage that you do not see that you create many of your own restrictions. You are the ones who insisted in sitting in the front of the class. Many of you are here from the days of Atlantis. You have waited eleven thousand years for the chance to be here at exactly this juncture of time, space and alternate realities. Most of you reading this material were in Atlantis for at least one life time and some of you had decisive roles that you played during these special times. You are seeing that Atlantis is now in your collective consciousness. You are seeing movies, stories and discoveries about Atlantis on a daily basis. This is because you are at the same vibrational level as you were then. After the fall, each of you made a commitment to return and make different choices if the collective vibrations of humanity ever reached that level again. Guess what. . . you have made it. Atlantis has returned.

The Two Problems that Sank Atlantis

Your goal is the creation of Home on your side of the veil. We tell you that at this stage of your development there are two potential restrictions that can derail your advances and allow you to fall into the same problems that led to the eventual destruction of Atlantis. Please re-member that Atlantis was a technological wonder blended with a spiritual base that opened the possibilities of being in true power No one set out to purposely misdirect the energy in such a way as to cause the destruction of this great land. Much like the times you live in today, in those times your personal power was radically increased. It was your reluctance to take responsibility for using that power to create your world that caused the problem. This can be seen in your lives today in two areas:

1. Fear of Power.
This is a basic fear that causes people to move into a back lash of old energy. It is caused by the fear of moving forward. This is the fear that causes people to give their power to others. The responsibility of using your power to create your reality rests only within you. You can not give it to another be they spiritual or governmental leaders. Signs of this can now be seen on your news everyday. This is also the backlash that has caused some of your world leaders to desperately attempt some of the old energy ways. [Kosovo, Afghanistan etc] As your collective vibrations of humanity rise your knowledge will advance. This will be in all areas from science, to humanistic studies to medicine. The advances of knowledge will be resisted by most humans as a natural resistance to taking your power. In your history even as the cavemen discovered fire, it was seen as something to be feared. Even today humans do not tend to lend credence to anything unless they surround it first with mystique. This has been only to disguise your own power from yourself. The caveman finally accepted the fire when they thought it was a gift from God.

The properties of the veil you are wearing effectively keep you from seeing your true power. This does not mean that you do not have power. . . only that you can not see it. You can see great power in others yet you can not see it in yourself. The cosmic joke is that you are the 'God' that you seek so desperately. Use that power safely to create your own reality and watch as the magic begins. Humans have an ingrained fear of taking that power. Instead of taking your power you would rather give it to others. You are still fighting wars over your choices of who to give your power to. Now you have a recent increase in power. Add to this mix an increase in pressure because of a repositioning of economies and you have the perfect medium for this fear to take root. In your recent history these were the exact conditions where Hitler and those like him found opportunities to take your power from you in the name of leadership. You gave them responsibility for your reality and therefore you gave them your power.

2. Spiritual Competition.
The second is even more dangerous and will most likely be seen among those who "sit in the front of the class." To describe spiritual competition it is first necessary to define the word "spiritual." Contrary to popular human belief we define spirituality as everything that is not in the physical. These include belief systems, ideas and that part of yourself [higher self] that does not fit in the physical bubble of biology. Spiritual competition that has retarded your advances has been in many areas including your honest attempts to reach into higher vibrations. Your humanness would tell you that higher vibrations are better than lower vibrations. We re-mind you that one is not better than another, they are only different.

To illustrate this point let us use our own vibrational status. The Angelic realm which we inhabit is of a much higher vibrational level than that in which you reside. However, if you re-member our opening statements we told you that even with all the might in Heaven we could not accomplish what you have done. We tell you often that it is us who are deeply honored to be in the presence of the masters of the Gameboard. The truth is that we, Angels and Humans, are both different expressions of the energy which you call God. One is not better than the other. We are simply different and have different purposes.

In the days of Atlantis you found yourselves in a situation where you felt you needed to form classes of citizens. This is a direct form of governmental enforced spiritual competition and was a main contributing factor to the fall of a great land. Use your powers of discernment in all that enters your field. Be cautious of anything that designates classes or holds one vibration to be better than another. We ask you to be extremely cautious to anyone or anything that claims to have the only way. There are many paths to the truth. Each one is a different flavor of the truth. None of them are all of the truth. Take responsibility to find your own flavor and take only that which resonates with you. This is your true power and the reason you have placed yourself at the front of the class at this time.

We have spoken many times of the Universal Energy. This is the base energy that permeates all things and from which all things are created. The increase in power will bring a clearer understanding of this basic truth and all of its applications. The motion of this energy is blending and self regulating. All things that are in accord with this energy will find support and all things that resist it will meet with resistance and eventually fade away. Look back in your own history to see the events that have shaped your Game and how they aligned to the Universal Energy. When checking for spiritual competition it is helpful to check the alignment to the Universal Energy. Is what you are doing encouraging the blending and self regulation of energy or is it promoting segregation and separateness?


The times ahead are full of possibilities. You are creating the New Game. This is the most exciting time on the Gameboard of Free Choice. Human evolution is at hand. Re-member Atlantis proudly. You are here to make a difference both individually and collectively and that you will accomplish. The days ahead will give you ample opportunity to get comfortable with your power. In the interim we ask you to re-member two simple points:

1. You are God and have a responsibility to use your powers of creation.
2. You are not the only God.

We hear your laughter and we hope you hear ours. It is with the most sincere honor and deepest love that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

the Group



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