Reverse Crop Circles

From Steve:

I woke up looking out over the ocean from our balcony.  I had a lot to be thankful for as we had just presented two days of a new healing modality that I am really excited about and it was going beter than I had expected.  Plus we were in the beauty and magic of Hawaii.  Then I turned on the TV and watched a bit of news.  They were interviewing the mayor of a city by the name of Hell, Michigan.  It was their favorite day and all eyes were on that small town of 75 people. They were telling everyone that they should go to Hell and were of course selling T shirts with that slogan.  It was 060606 and the news was filled with all the stories of superstition about the 060606.  Even the movie "The Omen" was remade and released ion that day.   The Group just laughed and said to celebrate the 060606 as it is the half way mark in the countdown to ascension.  AS an interesting point in polarity the 0606 was to be the nagitive and next year we gather in Hawaii for the 070707.  As someone from Las Vegas I can tell you that those are the luckiest number in the countdown ahead.  Next year on the 070707 we will present the Relationshifts seminar OverLight 5 so I guess that means we can all get lucky in love.  I can really hear the Group laughing now.

Greetings from Home.

Dear Ones, this is a magical time in your evolution. If you could see yourselves for just a moment the way that we do, you would understand why we say it is exciting beyond your imagination. Before us are the Humans that began the evolution that changed All That Is. That evolution is now moving at an astounding rate and that growth is exponential. It is no longer adding 1 to 2 to 3 to 4; it is now moving from 1 to 10 to100 to one thousand to ten thousand for you have set passion into motion as evolution. You have dared to step out of the limitations of belief systems that restrict who you truly are.

Healing the Rift in the Time-Space Continuum

As the collective vibration of humanity evolves, major changes are taking place that is being seen everywhere. It is being seen it in the children that are being born with different attributes. You are seeing it in your school systems and in the religions of Earth. Soon it will be seen in all of the world’s governments, for they too must change to continue to exist. Yes, they too are coming along as there are many Lightworkers working within governments. They have been intentionally placed there to help enable these shifts to happen ,as they are in the process doing now.

As we have spoken prior, Lemuria did not sink. It ascended. You went ahead to open the doors for others that followed. However, that separation caused a rift in time and space, resulting in a huge energy bubble in the Universal Energy which led to the final sinking of Atlantis. The time-space continuum has brought that bubble forward to this very day. As a result, it has been decided that no one goes unless all of you go. That is beautiful and we did not make that up, you did. You are the ones that stopped time and said, “We are going to start with a different set of rules. We are going to change things, going forward and doing things differently this time.” One of the things you did at this point was to hide the crystal energy that you used in the days of Atlantis from yourselves. The closest that you come with working with the crystal energy is what you call electricity, but it does not come close to the capabilities that you had in the crystal energy which could amplify heart energy. But that is where you are today, and it is one of the choices that you have in front of you.

It was recently that your scientists announced that the upcoming hurricane season on the East Coast of the United States will be one of the worst that has ever hit Planet Earth. It is the crystalline energy coming up out of the Earth at the place where the Atlantean crystals were held that is causing that energy in the first place. There is a place that you know as the Bermuda Triangle which safely housed the Atlantean power crystals all this time, but now that the collective vibration of humanity is reaching a stage where you can use it, they have been re-activated. Now imagine energy coming straight out of the Earth. It would have a tendency to stay in a beam with the exception of one thing: the rotation of the Earth. That rotation spins the beam emanating from the Earth. If you do not use the energy of the Atlantean power crystals, that energy will spin and turn into hurricanes. You now have the opportunity to take that energy of your heart and touch other human beings. Stitch the energy of Atlantis and Lemuria together, one heart to another. That will make all the difference in the world and you will change the outcome of what your greatest scientists have just predicted, for they do not hold your reality in their science. You hold your reality. You are the creators. We challenge you to purposefully start a creation right now of connecting that heart energy of the Atlantean days and coming back into who you were and your magnificence by removing your own seed fear intentionally. By doing so, you are removing the last vestiges that would block you from stepping into your power. These actions will begin to heal the rift in time and space that began in the final days of Lemuria.

Applying the Crystal Energy in Multiple Dimensions

We are going to show you some fun things you can do with the crystal energy for we have been working with you on multidimensionality and becoming multidimensional on many levels. The children being born onto this planet now are entering with full multidimensional abilities. They are being born with the ability to see in more than one dimension of time and space. First, understand that there are 12 dimensions, including the point of perception. Secondly, know that there are different opportunities for you to make slightly different choices in the same concurrent lifetime sharing one soul. This is essentially one soul having 12 different experiences on Planet Earth.

We tell you that it is now possible to step out of that one lifetime to come over here, pick things up and come back. In the beginning you will pick up small items. You will pick up ideas and concepts. You will pick up opportunities, possibilities, dreams, and thoughts. Over a short period of time, you will actually pick up physical things because there is no stopping the humans. You are so imaginative. We are going to share with you a secret, too, as you have been searching for the secret of time travel for a very long time. The interesting part is that we can help you to discover a formula that will allow you to understand time travel, and we have told it to you before. The formula is simply to apply the process that makes up the Fibonacci curve, known in your world as a mathematical formula called the Golden Mean. The relationship of the Orthogonal Matrix to the Golden Mean holds the key to the illusion of linear time. Know also that the speed of what you call light is not a constant but a demarcation point, and you will start to understand how time is really marked in the illusion of the Game you are playing. Time is an illusion. Here is the interesting part. When you start shifting dimensions and having the experience of moving between dimensions, you will no longer have the desire to time travel because it will seem unimportant. You will understand that time is simply an illusion that you enjoy during this Game. Time has nothing to do with anything else other than providing you an opportunity to play a Game in a linear timeframe with a past, present and future—or the illusion of a past, present and future.

A Multidimensional Exercise using Crop Circles

We tell you that as you become comfortable traveling between dimensions you will make friendships in other dimensions of time and space. Sometimes it is simply a matter of closing your eyes. It is entirely up to you as to how you express this energy, and whether you bring this forward for your empowerment or the empowerment of others, or maybe even your own personal joy. What a concept, huh? Not many of you are used to looking for that, but we tell you that what holds the secret to your becoming the highest person that you can be on this planet is through experiencing your own personal joy. Your own personal Heaven on Earth begins here, today. Your work becoming multidimensional is one of the greatest uses of the crystal energy.

As you step forward you are going to perceive life in a new way. We are going to give you a fun little multidimensional exercise to show you how powerful you are and to help you to use the crystal energy from the Atlantean Crystals. No, the scientists among you are not going to be able to write this down and prove whether it exists or does not, for we tell you that love does not exist in the same field as science. It is as simple as that. Prove it? You cannot. What we will do is give you an exercise that you will know in your heart whether it works or not. It is a multidimensional exercise and it is one that has been used on Plant Earth. Many times this exercise has been on the receiving end and not on the giving end, so we will reverse it for you here today.

We are going to take you to the phenomenon known as crop circles. Do you know what a crop circle is? A crop circle is a multidimensional time imprint. That is all it is. It is someone in another dimension of time and space sending a thought pattern to be able to imprint your reality with a signal that says, “Hey! We are here! Do not forget me.” Are they codes? Of course, there are many different codes. There are mathematical codes, as well as energy imprints that only ignite your heart. Many of them hit your DNA and say, “Okay. It is time to move forward. Now that I have seen that, it is time to move forward.” They are gifts from whom? Are they gifts from the angels? Yes. Are they gifts from God? Yes. Are they gifts from you in another dimension of time and space? Yes to all of those questions. You encompass all of these, because your multidimensional self carries the full impact and the full power of God within you. But you wear a veil that keeps you from seeing it, and you think you are affected by everything else outside of yourself. Well, we are going to give you an opportunity to be on the other end of an interdimensional exercise.

Reverse Crop Circles

We are going to ask you to focus for at least 30 days on a symbol; carry that symbol with you and look at it often. Think of that symbol every moment you can and hold it in your thoughts and your heart.

Then with the help from the Crystal Energy you will make a crop circle in another reality. It can be any symbol that means something to you, for it is the meaning in your heart that will carry the symbol into another dimension as a crop circle. If you do not have a favorite symbol, we will ask you to use the sign of the Human Angel.

That symbol is our expression of who you are becoming every day. Instead of receiving crop circles, you will send them and be the originators of the energy imprint that you call crop circles. You are really making an interdimensional statement: “We are here! Do not forget about us!” It is a cosmic wink. We will even tell you that on August 26, 2006 we will help you apply the crystal energy to your vision that will set the crop circle into another dimension of time and space. On that date we will come together and help you push all that energy into another dimension. On that date there will be a huge imprint of crop circles, not only on your planet, but on theirs. All the exercises that you do individually will culminate into one huge imprint on July 29th. We will ask you to be a part of it, if you so dare. We will ask you to play interdimensionally, to start exercising your multidimensional self and to make an energy imprint of your own design in another area. You never would have thought that stopping hurricanes could be so much fun.

Awakening from the Dream

Humans are awakening from the dream. You have been placed here by your own design, to be here and to put a veil on to keep you from seeing who you really are. Your greatest joy, your greatest desire in the very beginning was to come in and put this veil on, bump into each other and not be able to re-member who you were. You have been wildly successful. Now that is beginning to change. We tell you, dear ones, as angels in heaven, our greatest desire is to watch as you open your eyes, wiping the sleep away as you start to awaken from the dream. That has been our greatest desire since we have been in existence and here you are, doing it. It will not be long before you turn around and play the Human Angels to each other. For this, Human Angel, is a Game of Tag. Tag. You are it! And we will be there with the greatest of love, to gaze into your eyes and look into your heart, helping you re-member who you are as you awaken from this dream. Then we will ask you to go out and help the others awaken, for that is what you came here to do. That was your greatest desire when you scripted to be here at this point in time.

Line-Up in Heaven

We wish to tell you one other thing about the original scripting of your role in this lifetime. There came a time at Home at which souls knew they could hit a timeline where the great evolution could take place and complete what began in Lemuria and Atlantis. A call was sent out to everyone so that you would have the opportunities to re-create the same vibrations that you had in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, so that you could change it and do it differently this time. A call went out to every soul everywhere in all dimensions of time and space and a great line formed. We have spoken of this line before but it is time to re-mind you of it. It is a very unusual thing that happened, at least unusual for Earth. When you are at Home in Heaven you are a part of each other so there is no separation. There is no separation between humans either, although you all walk around thinking you are separate from each other. A great line formed of all beings who could enter and take human form to have an experience as a human. The end of the entire Game was drawing near and the line formed of all the souls who wanted to go in and help make the shift. It was then that it happened: The person at the front of line turned around to the person behind him and said, “You have a better chance of making a difference than I do, and since we are part of each other, please go ahead of me in this line and take my place.” With that the person in front of the line stepped aside and let the person behind them step to the front. A huge shuffling of the entire line followed, as this took place all along the line of billions of souls waiting to re-enter the Game. All the souls with the greatest opportunity to make a difference on this planet came to the front of the line with the support of everyone behind them. And so it was. It was with great joy that they stepped aside so that the greatest souls could be here to make a difference. . . and here you sit. You are the chosen ones, dear ones. You are the ones they stepped aside for to be here at exactly this moment in time so that you could make a difference. They stepped aside, as they knew you had the best chance to reunite Lemuria and Atlantis.

We ask you to take your power now. And if at any time you forget who you are, if at any time you doubt yourself, we just ask you to take a deep breath and tap into all those souls that stepped aside so that you could go to the front of the line. They are back there cheering you on, like you would never believe. If you could hear one-tenth of the reverberation of their applause and their joy, you would never doubt yourself again. You came here to make a difference. Take that opportunity. Do it now in all dimensions of time and space in which you exist. Humanity is evolving. 2012 is here today and it is your job to bring it Home. Know that we will greet you with open arms as you awaken from the dream with the beautiful smiles that you carry and the love that fills your heart. Re-member, tag. You are it!

It is with the greatest joy we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another as the part of God that you are. Re-member that it is a Game and Play well together.


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The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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